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  1. Imagine Magazine Question #10

    The swiping age is like speed dating with use of the latest technology. Personally, I wouldn't count on it. The chances of seeing your happy ever after will be ultimately slim. But I wouldn't say it's impossible since there are dozens of stories out there that would say otherwise. However, there's the easy come - easy go rule. If you're looking for your prince in shining armor, then you might want to check the people who had been with you from the start. Sure, you can start a new one with a guy in Grindr. But at this time, sex is what they're often looking for. Sadly, the value of sex had diminished over the years. It's something that is special between two people. Now it's like a something on your grocery list that you can easily pick through the dating sties. Call me conservative (and preachy!) but sex unifies the soul of two people. How much of your soul would you lose if you go on to a sex spree. No wonder why people still feel empty even after sex and relationships. Sex is more of giving than receiving. If you're looking for love, then sex isn't really the solution. Even if you use a philosophical/psychological perspective (even on a religious one), it still points out the value behind the act. Sure, psych/medical/science perspective would tell you that it's healthy, but there are still prerequisites in our psych/mental being. We're not just physical beings anyway. We have emotions too. So no, I am not into it. But if it works for you, then yehey. I was curious enough to check it out, but didn't try it.
  2. Entry #11

    I suddenly want a real life Vlad. Sometimes, we're having too much fun with fictional characters. But we can't help ourselves to be hurt because they will remain fictional.
  3. Entry #11

    Well, that's the cost of being too friendly. People tend to depend on you. :)))
  4. Entry #11

    November 12th, Sunday Church day again. This time Kobe finally attempted to talk to me. We talked like how we talked in the chat. He was a really lively kid. His features were animated. Even if he told me that he was very shy, his eyes were sparkling with life. He said that he wished he had a big brother like. Kobe was an only child so he had no one to play with at home. The boy even made a side-comment that Max was very blessed to have me. All I felt was pity to the boy. No one was really approaching him because of him being the pastor's kid. There was a holier-than-thou stigma on them. I could feel that he just wanted to be a normal kid. After a few minutes chatting, we had to go. Dad took us somewhere for lunch. Then he told us that we might have to move. That was big shocker for Max and I. We had a lot of friends. But he assured us that he was still not sure. It would depend in the booming business project that they were gonna start in Chicago. If it was a big hit then we would have to leave Indiana. It was not that far but it will be a huge thing for us. Even if it was sure, I felt like there was a big stump in my throat. After that, Vlad gave me a call. He was crying on the phone so I had to take time with him. His voice was husky and he was sobbing because his parents were in a big fight. I could even hear them shouting in the background. Vlad needed someone to be with him during those moments. So I just stayed there for almost an hour trying to ease his pain. We talked about random things to distract him. I read somewhere in the internet that it was an effective form of support. Caleb also had moments like this and being the most to mature person in the squad, I just had to work it out. After he stopped crying, he thanked me. Vlad was a very sweet kid and I can't believe that I misjudged him for that. I had to admit, thinking that he was part of that occultists neighbors was just foul. But it's hard not to! The timing that he entered as a new kid in school was so coincidental with what we saw. Vlad soon said goodnight and asked me if we could talk tomorrow. I guess it should be better to talk in person. It was very tiring. Max and Vlad vented out on me. I feel like I was about to explode any moment now. Rest is just what I wanted right now. Night, Lee - November 13th, Monday Oh Dee. Caleb and Alicia had a fight again. It was a confusing roller coaster for the both and them. I think this was the second fight they had for the past two weeks. It was just not healthy anymore. It was childish and annoying because Alicia was getting jealous over this girl that Caleb had to partner with. There was no way that I would be able to stop myself from screaming at her if she was going to reprimand Caleb for such a small thing. The bitch needs a good smack! But Layla held my arm and caught my attention. She shook her head and that meant that I had to let it go. As usual. It would just be a big scene and Caleb would end up fighting me, too. Good thing that Layla was a quick thinker. But when my emotions get ahold of me. Oh, Dee. Hell would break loose. So after a few more minutes of their constant bickering, they finally stopped with the bitch storming out of the cafeteria. Well, Caleb was silent after that. He was just too frustrated so we just made a few jokes about it. Meanwhile, Tristan sat with me during lunch time. He was speaking about this science project idea that he has for the school's science fair. Every time he's near me or around me, he could really stir up my inner geek. I know I was crushing on him for more than a week now, but I can't help but let out the geek that my squad just can't seem to understand. I was so comfortable telling him about the worst and the best of my imaginations. And when he would listen to me, he was very intent in it. As if he was going to discover something new. I like it. Not because it was Tristan. But I think it's because I feel like that I have the feeling of being wanted. During dismissal, Vlad and I talked. He said that his parents were in the verge of divorce. Because it was due to financial problems and his mom was not handling it properly anymore. If that happens, he might move out again. This time with his dad. I told him that I'll be there for him. Vlad's eyes looked really really hurt at the news of an impeding divorce. Hopefully, things will settle down in their family. We took our own road towards home after that. What do you think will happen? I'm really worried for Vlad. Goodnight, Liam
  5. You will gain more by giving more of yourself to others.

  6. Entry #10

    See? I can't even!!! His face is so smooth. Then the eyelashes. Pouty lips. Pinkish cheeks. Stoic look. He's more of a Barbie than a Ken doll. HAHAHA.
  7. Entry #10

    But I kinda imagine Vlad having more feminine features over cute highlights. Noah's long eyelashes really takes the cake. Plus the boyish face and big puppy dog eyes. Oh Schnapp! Altho I saw this boy named Sebastian Moy showed to me by my sister. He practically looks like a doll. Kinda fits how I would imagine Vlad, too. Try checking him out.
  8. Entry #10

    Who said he didn't last long? Yep. I guess Vlad is indeed something else.
  9. Deeper

    Thank youuuu. But that's an IF statement.
  10. Entry #10

    Vlad is too 'beautiful' that I don't really have a person in mind to be of reference. It can be too subjective. But who do you think would be beautiful enough for a kid? I am pertaining to celebrities of course. The one in my mind currently is Noah Schnapp from Stranger Things. That kid is a future heartthrob I tell ya!
  11. Entry #10

    November 10th, Friday Caleb and Alicia were all PDA. I should’ve hurled in a paper bag and throw it right at them! It was awful and I do not condone such thing. People were looking at us and they were all lovey-dovey. It’s gross and absurd. But to tell you honestly Dee, deep down I was hurt, too. I thought that thing with her was over. And maybe I expected it that Caleb and I would finally have something. Layla talked to me during lunchtime about the two. She also didn’t like how it was turning out to be. We both know that they are together but they didn’t have to gross everyone out. She finds it bad enough. So could you imagine how much it hurts me to see it that way? I think Layla felt my hurt and she rubbed my back. Normally, she wasn’t all that touchy. That out-of-character movement really struck me. I guess she does care as a friend. By the way, Kobe added me on Facebook. There was a friend request when I got home. It was kind weird even if a part of me expected it. After a few minutes, he PM’d me and I thought it would be polite to say something back. We chatted for a few more minutes until he said that he had to go. I didn’t expect that he was such a fun-filled kid. Pastor’s kids were supposed to be all uptight and holy. Or so I thought. Interestingly, Vlad suddenly opened up to me about his life. The boy went to my place since he already knew my address beforehand. Vlad told me he just lived nearby and that perked my interest again. Could it be that He said that there were a few problems at home and he felt it was toxic. I asked what it was about but he didn’t go any further. He was actually asking to stay over. And my parents told us that it was okay since it was a Friday. Vlad and I agreed that he would come over an hour after dismissal time. It was sudden but I prepared myself for a worse case scenario. I brought out my old baseball bat and hid it under my bed just in case he was going to do something I don’t like. When he came over, he was riding a bike. It was a pretty expensive mountain bike. I find it weird because if he lived that cursed house then he wouldn’t be needing it. It was a new piece of information that I could relay to the rest of the squad. There was a slight chance that he wasn’t the kid from that cursed house. And I wanted to believe it already. Vlad and I were starting to be close already. I think it’s gonna hurt if he was the occult kid. But, could it be a decoy? I can’t help but to keep on thinking. Night, Lee - November 11th, Saturday You wouldn’t believe what happened last night, Dee! Vlad scooted really near me. I prepared a cushion for him just below my bed. But then he decided to lay down right beside me. It was awkward at first, but Vlad was a really cute guy. Neither Caleb nor Tristan was a match for him. His emerald green eyes seemed to sparkle whenever I had the chance to stare at him. It allured me so deeply. We talked about a lot of things under the sun. From school, to freaky stuff. But I just had to exclude the information about what happened last week. I don’t think I would give off my cards just yet. Vlad was an interesting kid, like I said. His interests would revolve around a lot of things and he had a lot of questions. He was playful and the way his sarcasm was so brutally honest was just too cute. Added to his boyish looks, you could say he really had an impish behavior. In the end, Vlad didn’t sleep on the cushion and just slept beside me. Thankfully, my mom didn’t check on us. Otherwise, that would be quite tricky to explain. Because he decided to sleep while wrapping his arms around me. Our faces were really really close. Too close that I could feel his breathe on me. I think he got to doze off first and I was able to take a good look at his face that was just beyond beautiful. After we ate lunch together, he immediately left because he still had some homework to do. He thanks me then rode back on his bicycle. Even if we got really close now, I was still doubtful of him. Dad’s binoculars were just hidden in a cabinet near the window. As soon as I closed the front door, I went for it and watched him from afar. It was then I got to confirm that he didn’t go towards the cursed house. Vlad was an innocent guy and Nothing really happened for the rest of the day. That was it. No word or a call from Caleb and the rest of the squad. I just played PS4 after he left. After that, I finished all my homework since Max was busy with something else. Speaking of which, he still wasn’t in his bouncy self. I should really ask about it soon. But I’m kinda scared with how he would react. That quarrel with Clyne was big and I’m sure he would be touchy about it. Oh yeah, one more week to go before the astronomy camp. I can’t wait to take a taste of Tristan’s meat. With Vlad scooting so close to me last night, I was really craving for action. It was going to be a first time, assuming that Tristan was gonna go for it. I don’t think I would be able to sleep unless I released this tension. I guess I gotta go and pop one! Not sure if I was going to fantasize over Tristan or Kobe or Vlad. Those three are just beautiful. Goodnight, Liam
  12. Deeper

    Not sure. I think it may have something to do with the grammatical errors. And the fact that it's not yet finished. Still looking for an editor and a beta reader to further improve the reading experience. Thank you for the support.
  13. Chapter 1

    Loved it!
  14. The Boy of Hope

    That sounds sexy and fun. But we both know that wouldn't happen if it was up to Damian.
  15. Song of the moment

    ...not sure why I am mooning over love songs right now. Am I in love?

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