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  1. Really enjoying writing the FanFic of The Son of Bat and Superboy Chronicles. This was very unexpected. I didn't realize I went beyond my target.

  2. Imagine Question For This Week

    Hmm. Based on my personality, I guess my Extra would be the ability to create, remove and manipulate the memories of others to my own liking. That way, I could manipulate people without them knowing it. Yes, I am a very manipulative person and a very awful control freak like my mother. Beware of me.
  3. Imagine Question For This Week

    Given the background that I have, I've always wondered what kind of Extra would I develop if I crossed over to the darkness? Hmm...
  4. Inspirational Quotes

    "Good people will always get themselves involved." -Superman
  5. What did your parents do?

    My dad was very supportive and open about it. He even told me that he might buy me a condo unit since our neighborhood was a bunch of homophobes for the sake of my safety. Since he knew I was Bi, he said that he didn't care if I married a guy or a girl, as long as I was happy then he was fine with it. As for my mom, that was tricky since she was a homophobe. But I think she already felt it beforehand. I didn't out myself though. Someone had told her and she confronted me about it that she knew. She asked because she just wanted to confirm. After that, she hugged me and it wasn't what I was expecting. I thought she was going to throw me out. I guess I am more important to her than my personal preferences. Months down the road, we would find ourselves fangirling at some hot actor at the same time. It was awkward whenever it happens though! Either ways, I already outed myself by the time I was 17 and no one bothered me about it. If anyone asked me, I would say it straight to their face as if I was just describing my eye color. Then I guess they would be so intimidated since I never tried to please them by following what was in the 'norm.' All of my friends know about it and I don't make an effort to hide myself. I'm too fabulous to hide.
  6. There are three secrets I would want to tell you.
  7. Corrupt A Wish

    Granted. But the muffins were really really spicy. I wish I have a new phone.
  8. Ruin A Movie

    Kingsman: The Golden Dildo
  9. Questions, Questions Questions

    How many bones could I break while doing parkour?
  10. Last Post Wins #43

    Me! Me! Me!
  11. A Chance Meeting

    I gulped at the fact that we were pinned down by an international military and I knew that these guys were no joke. The guy before us was calm as he just looked at us if he was expecting us to explode on the spot. He was wearing a complete set of suit and tie plus the shades that he was wearing. His hair was blond which was kept neat and tidy almost similar to how Aiden would comb his. And he was also the tallest from the three. I could say that he was a muscular but agile underneath his clothes. On the far end of the room was the guy whom Genesis called as an Eraser. From the looks of him, he seemed to be an Asian descent and looked Japanese. His hair was shoulder-length long and untidy as if he just woke up from bed. Plus he really seemed bored with the way he was gawking at us. It would look like his eyes were half opened and was about to doze off anytime. Behind us was another man who had his pistols poked on our backs. When I took a good view of him, the guy was wearing a black combat suit. He was wearing the same thing as the Eraser on the far end of the wall. It looked like a skin-tight leather suit complete will all the elbow, shoulder and knee pads. They were also wearing combat boots and tactical gloves complete with an armguard that connects up to their elbow pads. The only difference was that the Eraser was wearing a scarf and the guy behind us had a katana on his back. The weirdest thing I noticed on the guy with pistols was he was wearing a blindfold. It was black and was tied to the back of his head where there was an excess length that dangles down to his upper back. But I can’t assume if he was able to see us or not. His face was stoic and calm. The man looked like he was around mid 20’s and all the three of them had a muscular build. “I see. So the rumors were right.” Aiden started. Then he held his hands up so I did the same. I wasn’t sure of Aiden’s plan and what he was thinking. Following his lead would have been the most logical thing to do. “I’ve heard a few stories about you from here and there but you’re really good at covering yourselves up.” “Oh, so you know a few things. That means we would still have to improve our cover-ups.” The man in the suit simply said. “I don’t usually enter the mission field, but you two are pretty interesting so I’d like to meet you both in person. It just had to be a surprise though. Otherwise, you would have found a way to avoid us.” “What do you want from us?” Aiden demanded. But Genesis was unfazed. “I know what you want, Mr. Aiden Christensen.” The man simply stated. We had no idea who they were and there was no way that Genesis would give more about themselves. “You’re looking for your brother who had been held captive by your very own Helix Corp. We’ve confirmed that he is alive and has been confined somewhere here in the US.” Aiden suddenly dropped to his knees. He suddenly smiled and laughed softly. “I knew it. He is still alive. Everyone thought I was crazy and all.” “Yes, but we are here for another business.” He replied. “The guy over there is called Obliterator and the one behind you is Snake. They are both part of a special division in SIGMA and I would be blunt to the both of you. I want you both to become a part of it.” Obliterator walked and gave us a couple of chairs we could sit on. We had no choice but to submit to what they were doing. Snake already holstered both his weapons and leaned on the door behind us. “Wait, you’re advocating child soldiers.” Aiden started. Even though he was just 14, he was very knowledgeable because of his exposure to a lot of things. “I don’t think that’s allowed. And it would never be allowed. It would most likely go against the International Humanitarian Law.” “But technically, the both of you aren’t really humans.” The two of us gawked at him as if he was some sort of crazy military guy. However, he had a massive point. “Mentals are an evolved species that branched off from homo sapiens. That’s the reason why it created a war in the past because of that undefined line. The International Humanitarian Law hasn’t been revised yet in regards of recruiting Mentals that are younger than 18. That’s also the reason why the US Military was able to find a loophole and use Mentals as test subjects because you can’t really call them as human experiments.” Aiden was silent. And I couldn’t believe it. Because the man was certain. What he said made a huge amount of sense. They weren’t violating Humanitarian Laws because Mentals are not humans at all. And they were abusing that loophole because no one was standing up for the sake of Mentals. No one except for Johan Christensen. Who was a hypocrite because he agreed to experiment on his own son. “But the evolution tree hasn’t stopped.” Genesis added. “That’s what Dr. Anna Festus was telling you. Your species is still evolving and there will be other humanoid beings that have a different kind of abilities. Erasers are like those but they are still closely related to Mentals.” “Wait, how did you know about our meeting with Anna?” Aiden demanded. He began to stand up and was about to use his ability. But nothing happened. Obliterator was too far and if we moved, Snake would have knocked us out. “I had a spy in the banquet you were in.” Genesis revealed. He was slowly showing his cards on the table. But we knew that he had a whole deck in his hands. The man mentioned that he didn’t usually enter the mission field so it would have meant that he was someone from high up in SIGMA. “That’s why we exist in the first place. We make sure that Helix Corporation behaves well or else we would be forced to take actions against it.” “What do you mean?” I asked. “You are not really making sense. What’s with Helix Corp that someone needs to create a whole organization to watch over it? You said that you are a global organization. So it means that Helix Corp itself is a possible threat.” “It’s not just someone, kid.” He replied. “SIGMA was formed by the United Nations out of doubt towards how the Helix Corp was able to exert huge influence on a country as big as the United States of America.” Aiden and I were speechless was from the sudden revelation. “That’s the reason why I came here to personally request you in joining us.” Genesis added. As weird as it may be, it was quite confusing why he was hell-bent on recruiting us. “Helix Corp is gaining a political leverage in the country. It’s not really new to make a cooperation between the government and a private sector for the sake of development. But for it to become influential on a big country, it can have destructive recoils. With the way things stand right now, Helix Corp has already been extending its influences to the far east.” “You make it sound like Helix Corp is about to dominate the world.” I muttered. “If you haven’t noticed, the war between human and Mentals ended because of the help of Helix Corp. It may have a dark side of experimenting on countless Mentals but it was also able to help stabilize peace between the two species.” “True, you have a point. But it was the leverage it needed to boost itself into having influence and political control.” The man countered. “Plus, it is advocating partnership with the military force of the United States. With that much influence, Helix Corp could easily militarize itself and create a powerful army. If that happens then because of its political prowess, it could take over the governments of other third-world countries. It will be a massive invasion.” “You’re assuming too much.” Aiden snapped. “True, a lot of it has been out of assumptions.” Genesis admitted. “But with the pattern it is moving now, it would most likely end up being a reality. And please sit down, I want a peaceful negotiation. However, if you will retaliate, then I will be forced to use certain measures on you.” “So why me?” Aiden asked, sitting down again. He obliged. Otherwise, the room would turn into a big mess. “If you noticed, I’m not close with my father anymore. He doesn’t even know where I am right now.” “I will disclose that once you have agreed to join SIGMA.” The man held out a hand as if he was expecting a handshake. “The offer still stands.” “You’re asking me to betray the corporation I will own in the future.” Aiden coldly stated. “Oh Mr. Aiden Christensen,” Genesis whined. “Helix Corp has already betrayed you when they turned your little brother into an experiment. And now look at you, trying to take control of people with positions within the huge company. You obviously need some help.” Aiden was silent after his claim. I on the other hand knew that it was a way to pin him down with reasoning. Genesis made truthful claims except the ones that were assumptions. And to top it off, the assumptions were educated and weren’t just wild guesses. It even touched Aiden’s drifting relationship with his father. “What’s in it for us?” Aiden’s tone was submissive. I already knew that SIGMA’s offer was very considerable choice with our situation. “If you are against Helix Corp then why the son of its own CEO?” “Again, I am not going to disclose that until you have committed yourself to our organization. We have the upper hand than you when it comes to intel. I know that the both of you are looking for certain individuals that have been experimented on.” My heart almost stopped when I heard it. He was precise when it comes to information and he was not afraid to use it to get an advantage over us. “And for the record, we are not entirely against it. We commend the Helix Corp for being able to stand for the Mentals. But we are not really fond of its political agendas and its would-be implications on the world.” “So you want to control it through me.” Aiden replied. “I highly doubt that. Your father is a smart man. I’m sure he would have a fail-safe plan to further his own plans. Who knows? He might make use of a Mental as powerful as the boy beside you and use his ability to control you.” Genesis suggested. It was another well-thought argument. With all the information being thrown out, I felt so indignant with how big the picture really was. I was so foolish to think that I would be able to make a difference. “But I am offering you the opportunity to vindicate yourselves from the grasps of Helix Corp. As Mentals, you are surely going to be pinned down by the gigantic company without much fight if it so wishes.” “You’re almost asking us to be vigilantes.” I almost growled. “And I’m not sure I could trust you with the amount of information you already have against us! You could pin us the way Helix Corp is pinning us.” But Genesis just snickered. “I’m actually helping you not turn into one.” He said. “With the way you think and the way you move right now, you’re actually on the road to being vigilantes. Spying on key people in the company. Trying to get information. Soon enough you’ll be breaking into their labs to look for your loved ones.” “He’s right.” Aiden suddenly admitted. “We’re turning into vigilantes. Our plans will backfire if evidences are put up against us. And with the way things are like now, we have been very sloppy covering our tracks. SIGMA could take us down any minute.” “Oh I wouldn’t say that.” Genesis smiled. “That’s why I am inviting you both. The two of you could work in-conjunction with us and you won’t be considered as vigilantes since you’re both working for an international military alliance.” “I’m sure there would be benefits.” Aiden muttered. “Yeah, of course.” Genesis affirmed. “I’m sure Mrs. Kelly Klein would need all the protection she needs and she doesn’t really need to know about it.” “You bastard!” I growled. “Don’t you dare touch or hurt a single strand of my mother’s hair!” “Kieran, calm down!” Aiden snapped at me. “You’re letting your emotions get in the way again.” “Show some respect, boy.” Snake spoke. His voice was rough and sounded deeper than what it should have been for his age. “You’re talking to a Brigadier General.” I took a step back when he said that. Genesis was a general and he could blast me to space if he wants to. If Obliterator is a Mental, then it was a huge chance that Snake was also a Mental and with the way he behaved then that person could kill me in an instant. Or at least break my arm. “As you’ve seen, we’re both pretty tired. It wouldn’t be fair for us to make a huge decision on the spot.” Aiden explained. I had to let him take the lead despite the fact that I did not always agree with all his standards. When it comes to experience, he had a lot. All I had to offer for the moment was my sheer strength and potential. “Could you give us time to think things through?” “Fair enough.” Genesis agreed. His lips curled into a small smile. From the looks of it, he was pretty convinced that we will give in. But I didn’t even know for myself on what to do. I also had to think things through. Otherwise, things wouldn’t look so good for my mom and I. “I’ll give you a way to give your answer in a few weeks time. I am quite convinced that you will be both useful in the grand scheme of things.” I didn’t trust his last statement for some reason. But Aiden was considering all the factors that were laid out in front of him to make a rational decision. A few hours ago, he was targeted by certain syndicate groups. Then the next thing was that he was also targeted by an international military alliance. The three of them moved towards the door with Obliterator being the one who first got out. Then he was followed by Snake with Genesis being the last. The blonde man suddenly turned and threw Aiden a red flash drive. “Read them through.” He muttered dryly. As if he was forced to do it.. “It might make you more interested. I’m sure you have a lot of rants to settle with your dear father. But all is good when the timing is perfect. Don’t consider this to be a huge favor. I just want to keep things fair between you and me. It would be so hypocrite of me not to state certain facts that you should know before you join us.” “Why are you so sure that we would join you?” Aiden questioned him. His voice became so provocative. “I am a pawn of no one. And I plan to keep it that way.” “It’s not about being a pawn.” He replied. “This is about being selfless for the sake of everyone here on this planet. I did not offer you this opportunity for you to be controlled. On the contrary, I am offering you this so you could finally be free of your past.” Aiden went silent. His face had a grim expression. And so was I. Because I didn’t have a single idea what they were talking about. The two of them seemed to understand each other even when no word was spoken. Genesis finally walked out of the door. “Think things through carefully, boy.” He said. “Have a good evening, gentlemen.” With that he closed the door. I was about to speak when Aiden suddenly put a finger on my lips. “Not a single word, Kieran. I don’t like to talk about this incident right now. Let’s both process what he has said so far before we make a decision. And we need to think carefully about this. Because there is no turning back when we make a decision.” “Fine.” I replied. My mind was filled with so much revelations that day. New information from Sergeant Snyder. Aiden’s true identity. An encounter with the Triad. A trip to Washington. An encounter with Anna Festus. And an offer by Genesis to join SIGMA. “To be honest with you, I never thought that I would be able to use you as my pawn. And now, it’s the other way around with you taking the lead. It seemed suddenly so ironic that it was I who was clueless all along.” “I never thought you would notice that I would be the one who would be using you as my pawn.” I suddenly felt silent after that claim. He was right. It was I who was used as a pawn and I was clueless on most parts. Aiden Christensen was living a dangerous life. And a whole day with him had dragged me into another world. “Are you still going to use me as a pawn for this huge game of yours? I am confused right now, Aiden. This sudden transition is irreversible. The no going back part you’re talking about has already started.” “Well, you’re right about that. So don’t work under me or for me. You don’t need to be my pawn anymore.” He suddenly said. I was surprised that he would state something like that. With the way that he wants to keep all situations under his control, he would most likely want to keep all people under his control as well. “It’s true that there’s no turning back from this point on. Genesis has already tracked you and will surely keep an eye on you. You have your reasons for fighting this battle and I have mine. We have almost the same objective so it would be best if you will work alongside me.” I was beyond shocked when he made a statement like that. His walls were finally breaking down and he was finally accepting things as they should. It was quite surprising to see that Aiden would work with anyone. And of all people, it was me. “Okay.” I chirped. My tone was happy and contented. “Let’s go change into more comfortable clothes and take a rest.” Aiden agreed and we both took our turns taking a bath. I was too tired and drained to even take a peek at the bulge of his briefs. And from the looks of it, he was too. The two of us laid on our separate beds. Its mattress was beyond comfortable with how action we’ve got from the day. I felt like I was being eaten by how soft it was on my skin. I was about to drift off to sleep when Aiden suddenly laid behind me on the bed I was occupying. It was pretty surprising. But I didn’t move. He suddenly embraced me from behind and it was an action of his that was quite questionable. After a tiresome day, the angelic boy with tattered wings sought comfort and spooned me from behind. “Sorry.” He suddenly apologized. “I’m sure this is weird for you. After all the rejection I have given you for the past few days.” “Sorry, for what?” I asked. My back was still on him. “And what’s with this behavior?” “Nothing.” He quipped. The sadness was in his voice. “It’s been forever since I had another guy on the bed with me. And I really missed Jaden. The two of us used to cuddle a lot before we got separated. It’s been three years since I last cuddled with someone.” “Three years, huh?’ I wondered. They were separated around the same amount of time Damian and I have been separated. So obviously, it must have been painful for him. But Damian and I never cuddled so it was more painful for him in another way. “I’ve been separated from Damian for three years as well.” “Really? I guess this was no coincidence.” He replied. A touched of gentleness was in it. He put his face closer to my neck and I could feel his soft breathing on my nape. The tingle on my stomach went stronger and I could feel myself getting hard. To top it off, both of us weren’t wearing any shirt at all. So I felt his warm skin touched mine. And I never knew it was this awesome to have skin contact with another boy. Plus, I could also feel something hard was poking my butt. Sadly, I was too tired to even care. “Goodnight, Kieran.” “Goodnight.” I said back. Then drifted off to sleep to get a good night’s rest after one of the longest days ever in my whole life.
  12. Hi Ashi, I missed you. Do you still remember me? :)

    1. Ashi


      Hi, I was like, who is this Solus Magus guy, then I found it you're Lanni!  Hello :hug:

    2. Solus Magus

      Solus Magus

      Yepp. Summoned back from the dead. It's hard to catch you online on chat so I thought that I'll try posting here for the meantime. :lol:

  13. What Are Some Of The Best Story-Rich Games?

    Kingdom Hearts is a good game by Square Enix. Sadly, it had made me wait for more than a decade. And I still don't know when the third game will be released because of the good number of spin-offs that they made between KH2 and KH3. Imagine, KH2 was released when I was still in Freshman Year of HS. Now, I am already working and graduated in the Univ, and they still haven't released KH3! I want to cryyyy.

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