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  1. Hi any chance you'll be posting more stories on GA?

  2. The Harvest: Taken


    We are not alone. In the year 2050 mankind’s never-ending quest for proof life exists in the universe is answered—in the form of massive space ships that appear without warning above the capitals of all major nations. The name of their planet is Tah’Nar—and is dying. The United States sets up a lottery system, and each young man between the ages of twenty-three and twenty-eight is assigned a number. Once a year, for the next five years, numbers will be drawn and a new set of one thousand males will be collected. The media coined the expression ‘The Harvest’ for when the Tah’Narian’s collect these young men. Captain Keyno Landium Shou is a Tah’Narian starship captain who has been granted the right to take a mate, any mate, he wants during the last harvest on Earth. Dale was seventeen when the aliens first appeared. His parents assumed he’d be safe since the final collection would be done before he turned twenty-three. He didn’t fall within the guidelines established, so they took for granted he had nothing to fear. They were wrong.


  3. Chapter 11

    "Baby Cujo" OMG, I about died. lol. Looks like there might be an addition to the pack too! Shell still cracks me up. And whoa, I'm really liking Miller. He's a badass to the bone. ~M
  4. Chapter 10

    Whoot! Let's go kick some ass!!! Great chapter. Like how you're showing there are, indeed, other gay Alpha's out there. Got a feeling that's going to come in handy at some point. ~M
  5. Chapter 9

    Dammit, Rob! *growls* Talk about left hanging lol. Good show of Buzz's feelings. Showing him how a pack works that's not homophobic was very much needed. He needs to *see* how things are different. Still growling about Shell, though. ~M
  6. Chapter 8

    I don't see Buzz as a coward. Confused, scared, torn... yes. But not a coward. Can't wait for more. Rob.
  7. Chapter 7

    There are some good points above. I don't think the chapter was too dark. If anything, it may not truly show the evilness Buzz is surrounded by. We did get a glimpse, though. The killing of the little wolf was done well, IMO. They view him as garbage and treated him as much. So why get emotional about garbage? The cold, remote feeling was perfect. I was repulsed, and I should've been as a reader. That she-wolf and her plans for their mating night? Just goes to show how cold she is too. She doesn't see that would be rape. Or doesn't care. Powerful chapter, Rob. ~M
  8. Chapter 5

    The tension is good and thick, lol. Excellent! I feel for Jeb, but Buzz is the one that's really headed for trouble. *shakes head* That damn pack of his... This is going to be messy, I'm afraid. Can't wait, lol. ~M
  9. Chapter 4

    Now things are going to get interesting lol. ~M
  10. Chapter 2

    Man, Rob, that's a wicked tale you're weaving lol. I think I'm going to like Buzz. Curious as to why Colt wants the extra room. ~M
  11. Chapter 1

    Man, I feel so bad for Jeb. He's hiding his pain and that's never a good thing. He suffers and that comes through. Great beginning to the new novel, Rob. ~M
  12. Doing a chat on GR today for my latest release Priceless.http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/997538-meet-m-a-church

    1. Cia


      I'm going to do my best to be there! Woo hoo!!

    2. Cia


      GR is goodreads by the way

  13. The Boys of Summer

    Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Wicked! LOL. Well, you know my feedback... hehehe. ~M
  14. Chapter 20

    *Pout* sad to see this end. I've loved every minute of it! Oh, but I can't wait to see what comes next. ~M
  15. Chapter 18

    Ah, that was great as always! ~M

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