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  1. SpyroRyder

    Chapter Eighteen: Begin the End

    A ending that we saw coming but enough that leaves room for a good sequel. Can't wait
  2. SpyroRyder

    Bali Highs & Lows

    Dont let him just walk away Mr Gray, it'll only end in missery for you both
  3. SpyroRyder

    Kennedy Gay

    I love it when douchbags get whats coming. Especially when other people have gotten over things. Also, i hope nothing awful happened with Kennedy.
  4. SpyroRyder

    Meet & Greet

    Youre just going to leave after that cliff-hanger? What kind of monster are you to keep us so tortured. In all seriousness though this story is really heating up now with Patrick there as well so I am on the edge of my seat.
  5. SpyroRyder

    GFD: Divine Right 1

    This raises so many questions about the currently not finished main series but I like it a lot. I wanna read more
  6. SpyroRyder

    St. Carter

    he's really coming to terms with it all, not just the eye but really about his future with another guy. Please oh please dont wreck any of this, i like this relationship too much
  7. SpyroRyder

    Our End, My Beginning

    Our lives were entwined, But no longer. Your kisses were sweet, But no longer. We have laughed and we have loved, But no longer. You ran away with the coming dawn, from a path fraught with danger, But you ran away from what we had built, As if you and I were just strangers. So I buried my heart in a field of tears, Under a sky of memories old and pure, With one last look I turned my back, And strode into the darkening night. I walk alone along this path, Awaiting a new day, a new dawn, But as I leave I hear the past echoing back, Your voice promising to be there forever, Our impossible dream. The road is long indeed But I will make it. Twisting through danger and uncertainty, But I will make it. To romances new and bold. And I will make it.
  8. SpyroRyder

    Issac's Dreamcatcher

    Oh dream-catcher, dream-catcher, I give you your task, Capture the guy of my dreams, Please, that is all I ask. His beauty is angelic, All shining, glorious, a sight to behold. His lustrous skin, so silky smooth, and his hair, a tapestry of browny gold, will lure you towards him, while his eyes, those pretty eyes, speak of a mysterious character, hidden ever deeper beneath the veneer of his smiles. One glance and you will Fall. Oh dream-catcher, dream-catcher, Weave your spellbinding web, Send me the love of the one I long for, even unto the nights ebb. I am cursed it is clear, For from afar I must see, His humble personality, As it shifts and changes, from that which I once knew well, Our friendship, long sought and hard fought, Has been allowed to drift into the sea of fragility, So now I know not whether he remembers me at all. But my eyes will always continue to stare. Oh dream-catcher, dream-catcher, Turn my night into day, So I can see that place where dreams are real, Where reality fades away. To be with my love, To kiss and to hold, To have his heart beat in time, With my heart, oh that would be divine, Our bodies joined, our warmth shared, Our love a sanctuary, our souls paired, To return to him the joy, Of the endless summer days We knew in our younger years. Just so he will look at me the way I look at him. Oh dream-catcher, dream-catcher, Capture my dream, my one true desire, So that my life has meaning and scope, and so that I can give him what he needs, Hope.
  9. SpyroRyder

    Assorted Poems

    A collection of the assorted poems that I've written over the years. Various ones I have saved on my hard-drive, on blogs, that I submitted for e-mags, etc.
  10. SpyroRyder

    Forever Eternal

    Sleep soundly my friend, for you have earned it. Let the eternal velvet of the endless night enfold you, And wrap its warm and comforting embrace around you. Let your weary soul slip into the darkness, And drift in a land where peace and solitude reign eternal. Where you can rest from your trials and tribulations, and the sins of the waking world are washed away, And your battle scars can heal. This world is yours for your own pleasure, And be not troubled by the question of mortality, For you are beyond that now, You are Immortal. Or at least in the minds and hearts of those left behind. And till the end of days shall we, The ones still here, the ones left behind, carry the banner of your memory. To each their own experience of your personality and goodwill, And so wherever we may drift and whatever we may do, We will carry these gifts from you, Forever Eternal.
  11. SpyroRyder

    A Day To Remember

    One day, this day, A day to remember, The old times and new, Goals & achievements long fulfilled, And those not yet completed. But the greatest, Of all your achievements, Stand in front of you on this, Your day of happiness & joy As we celebrate you & your life. But There is an old saying, That as men get older, They get wiser too, I have always wondered, Is this true for you? Well…
  12. SpyroRyder

    Music To Live By

    Music, Lovely music, Wash my soul with the sound of calm, And wrap me within layers of peace, For tomorrow is another day, In which to live and enjoy, For although the soul shall shirk the joy, And the body shirk the energy, The mind shall remain resolute and enduring, Optimistic to the end for that is Music, Gradual changes in Emotion & Tone, That together make an epic symphony.
  13. SpyroRyder

    A Phonecall From Jonathan

    The cold rain poured down from the dark grey clouds onto the four trees in the backyard. Connor knew the rain was cold because he'd just been out in it. Why? Because he'd wanted a few cans of Monster and he had stupidly put them in the shed's fridge. He cursed, could this day get any worse. Oh wait, it already had. It was his birthday, a fact which everyone seemed to forget about or be too busy to do anything about. His mother had been part of the latter group. She had remembered and had even wished him a good day but she was currently spending a holiday in Seattle with her new boyfriend. His mother thought that that was way more important that spending time with her only son on his birthday. That was figurative punch to the gut but he was sort of used to his mothers inattentiveness by now. What honestly felt worse was that none of his friends called or texted him. His sad thoughts were interrupted by his phone. It was ringing to the tune of Wolfmothers 'Joker and the Thief' which could only mean one person. Jonathan. Out of the four people that could make this day better Connor could safely bet his money that Jonathan would be best at it. He was also pretty good looking and it was Connors little secret that he had a crush on Jonathan. He accepted the call. “Hey man, sup,” Connor said into the phone. “Apart from your birthday, not much,” came the reply. “Hehe, my birthday, what a joke. You're one of the two that’s remembered it.” “OMG, how could anyone forget your birthday. It's one of the only things I have written on my calendar.” “That's only cause you want another party like last year. Gives you a good excuse to get right drunk. Tell me, how many people did you hit on last year and how many weren't girls.” It was true too. At last years party Jonathan had been a little easy with his flirting. Everyone was fair game, including Connor himself. He hadn't ever told anyone but he liked it. “Hey, I was drunk. You can't hold me accountable for my actions under the influence,” Jonathan defended. “Sure, sure.” “Anyway, who forgot your birthday man?” Jonathan swiftly changed the topic, something with didn't go unnoticed by Connor. “Pretty much everyone. My father, my sister, most of our friends. The only one who did remember is my Mum and she's in Seattle with her boyfriend so didn't do anything really.” “Jeez man, that's kinda rough.” “Yeah well, at least you called.” “Tell you what,” Jonathan said with a smile creeping into his voice. “You come over to mine and we'll have a small party. Just you, me and the randos next door.” Connor laughed. “If this is going to turn out like last years party then maybe not. I don't want those randos running off because you're drunk and hitting on them.” “Solution to that: get drunk with me. Then you won't notice them running, just the next in line.” “That would be a good solution except that I still don't like going around and trying to kiss the next random person.” “You didn't exactly complain when I kissed you last year.” That pulled Connor up short. He had been sure that Jonathan was still drunk when that kiss had happened. Could he really remember it. “What are you talking about?” “Connor, as Mel likes to say you can be impossibly dense sometimes.” Jonathan's tone had changed, less smile more wistful humour. “I got drunk for a reason last year. It takes a lot of courage to kiss your best friend. It surprised me when you kissed me back. Also, where did you learn to kiss like that. It was great.” Connors jaw had just about hit the ground at this point. Jonathan wanted that kiss. It made him feel slightly better about giving in and letting himself be kissed. But then something else struck him. “Why didn't you ever mention this,” Connor muttered hoarsely. He cleared his throat and started again. “Why didn't you ever tell me that you set up that kiss. I've been thinking that you were just drunk and that it meant nothing and now you tell me that you planned it?” “I wasn't sure how you'd react. When you didn't bring it up the next day I kept thinking you hadn't wanted it.” “You're wrong, since then it's been one of the things I really have wanted.” The line was silent for a minute. For Connor it was a long minute. He was holding his breath wondering how Jonathan would eventually respond. “Well did you still want to come over. I have a lasagna here that you and me could eat. Also drinks and some of the best music known to man.” Connor knew what sort of music Jonathan listened to and smiled. If he was talking about music then things were fine. “Well normally I don't like death-metal...” “Hey,” Jonathan was indignant. “I'm slightly offended that you've known me all this time and don't know that I listen to other things apart from death-metal.” “Well I didn't know you wanted to kiss me so how would I know for certain what music you like.” “My music tastes aren't a secret for one. But what do you say, come to mine and hang out. Just you and me.” Connor sighed in mock resignation. “Might as well, there isn't anything else to do around here.” “Great to hear, I shall see you in a few then?” “Yep, just need to chuck a jacket on.” “Take as long as you need. I've waited this long, a few more minutes won't hurt.” Click, the phone went dead. He put the phone down and started rummaging around for his jacket. This night might prove to be far better than it had seemed 20 minutes ago. It might even be the best of all. He stopped and smiled, one could only hope.
  14. SpyroRyder

    A Phonecall From Jonathan

    It's Connors birthday and he's spent it alone. But can a call from a good friend cheer him up. Note: I wrote this story for a school project many years ago and just found it existing in a corner of my hard-drive. I have edited it slightly but otherwise it exists as it did then.
  15. SpyroRyder

    That Summer's Day

    Unfortunately most romances from when youre 13 dont last. So much as it would be nice to know theyre still together i really didnt expect it, especially as Oliver would have the preasures if being really famous even if he didnt fall into the same holes that Ryder did.

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