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  1. Dodger

    Chapter 100 Labour Day

    I'm guessing you mean without a barrel, because Don's a little chubby around the waist so it might be a bit of a squeeze. i think most people would be happy to him go barreless. Thanks @Dahawk
  2. Dodger

    Chapter 100 Labour Day

    It may be asking a bit much for Robbie not to do anything stupid but I know what you mean and he is starting to consider the possible implications of his actions a little more lately. rather than just think with his dick, but he's still only sixteen. We'll see.
  3. Dodger

    Entry 35

    Wow. Who wouldn't want a big brother like that! So Chandler is Jamie's brother. It made sense at the end. Brandon is so gay... but at least he now recognizes it. I mean he may be dating a girl but I can't see even a hint of heterosexual in the boy. Sooner he tells Marie the better. Maybe Chandler will help.
  4. Dodger

    Entry 34

    A really nice chapter @MrM I loved when Mr Cross came in to explain to Brandon's dad about Jamie's innocent little soirees. Nothing to worry about there. He's never known Jamie to do anything wrong there and Brandon's dad trusts his son to have the common sense he taught him. Parents trying to convince themselves that kids are suddenly much more sensible than they were when they were younger. Then in walks CHAN CHAN!
  5. Dodger

    Chapter 100 Labour Day

    Yes, he's learning slowly from experience and this was indeed, a real test for him. Good things will come of it. You reap what you sow, maybe Don should take note! Thanks @SolarMaxx
  6. Dodger

    Chapter 100 Labour Day

    I was just in a very good mood because of the football (soccer). It's true though, sometimes people here are too polite. As crazy as it sounds, it got on my nerves when I returned here after several years in the UK. There are only so many times you can hear "you're very welcome" before you snap.
  7. Dodger

    Chapter 100 Labour Day

    Thanks, Tony. I appreciate your comments and there will be less time between the final chapters. 😁
  8. Dodger

    Chapter 100 Labour Day

    You know I enjoy your ranting, Tim and I don't want anyone to give me an easy time of it. Besides, I agree with most of what you say and detest Don and Sue who are total fiction by the way and not based on anyone I know in real life. It's all good, feel free to rant but don't expect Robbie to grow up anytime soon.
  9. Dodger

    Chapter 100 Labour Day

    A one stop solution could be Naomi!
  10. Dodger

    Chapter 100 Labour Day

    Don and Sue's views on such matters are stuck in the dark ages but they aren't stupid and they are prepared to play games with with Robbie in order to get what they want. Robbie will have to be careful and as many have pointed out, he will need some help. Thanks @Benji
  11. Dodger

    Chapter 100 Labour Day

    A great comment, Tim. Full of passion and common sense. I can understand your frustration at Robbie's rather defeatist attitude. He compares his own dilemma with Alex's position and considers himself fortunate. Being better off than Alex though is nothing to write home about and Robbie's situation could get decidedly worse if his adopted parents continue with their agenda. It seems as if Don is prepared to fight this out rather than concede and respect Robbie's decision. There are people out there who are able to help if he asks them and you mention some of his options. It may feel like a daunting prospect to take on his newly adopted parents but if this continues he will have little choice. It doesn't look as if it's going to blow over anytime soon. Thanks @Timothy M.
  12. Dodger

    Chapter 100 Labour Day

    Thanks @Jeff1 Robbie will continue to "flaunt it!" until the readers have had enough of him. It would be criminal of me to cut him down at such a young age! So, when the Cockney Canuck ends "soon" his adventures will continue in a sequel starting in the fall. You heard it here first!
  13. Dodger

    Short Stories

    I find writing short stories a real challenge especially if I'm trying to keep within a certain amount of words. The few attempts I've made were fun to do but. I've missed out on some opportunities lately to write a few more, which is frustrating.
  14. Dodger

    Chapter 100 Labour Day

    "Inevitable" I might add. Despite all that has happened Sue continues to surprise people with yet another glaringly inept performance as a mother. As much as Robbie chooses to deny it, she is now legally his mother. No doubt her choice of words will get a few backs up. Thanks @Israfil
  15. Dodger

    Chapter 100 Labour Day

    Robbie needs to be very careful or he could end up losing everything. He's excited by Alex but he's playing a dangerous game. As for the survey. Well, I wonder if they'll allow me to post it on the message boards? No, I'm not even gonna try.

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