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  1. Pleasant Surprises

    I think this very much sums up Jeff's personality. He is a military man who enlisted before the US began sending large numbers of troops to Vietnam and a firm believer even afterwards that it was the right thing to do. Thanks droughtquake.
  2. Pleasant Surprises

    Thanks Tim. There's no feel good factor in this story I'm afraid and I don't expect Jeff to get a great deal of sympathy from anyone reading it, even if they are able to understand why he is like that. I know that there are a lot of people out there who were/are like him and they don't see themselves as the problem. There are heroes in this story but the narrator isn't necessarily one of them and for that reason it may not be particularly easy to read but I wanted it to be realistic. It was difficult for me to write because I dislike Jeff as much as anyone else. I hope that I've done a reasonable job.
  3. Pleasant Surprises

    A lot of good points made here most of which will be answered in the coming chapters but it may not be an easy read for many. David and Jeff are on a collision course, which will shake the whole family. Jon, as you point out is an unknown quantity at the moment. Jeff seems to favour his second son already but it's not clear whether he will want to follow his dad's mantra. Suzanne is probably having the worst of it at the moment and making a valid attempt to keep the lid on a very volatile situation.
  4. Pleasant Surprises

    Well, Jeff's personality invites trouble so we're pretty much guaranteed to see some sparks flying soon.
  5. Pleasant Surprises

    Thanks Gary. Jeff certainly has some serious issues but as you point out, they're not limited to his wartime experiences. His family will provide the biggest test for him and maybe a much needed wake-up call.
  6. It's Now or Never

    Nicely written. I guess that answered a lot of Matt's questions. I like the rope ladder bit. I've tried climbing a rope ladder before-although not in the same circumstances as Matt- and it was incredibly difficult to do. I might have done better had I had the same incentive as Matt.
  7. Gotta Love Popcorn

    Nice chapter. I enjoyed the movie theater bit. 'Finger licking good,' I think they call it but the end was a little unexpected.
  8. Becoming a Trekkie

    Seems to be a well thought out plan by Parker who knows what he wants and Matt's eagerness to play along must have been music to his ears.
  9. That's a Compliment

    'No one could be that good looking physically and not have serious flaws of some kind.' Yeah, and it's normally because they're straight! Parker seems to have everything going for him though and the 'young Richard Gere' thing is an enormous compliment. I would have been wagging my tail at that one. Sounds as if Barbara is trying to set them up, I wonder if she can see something that our protagonist seems to want to hide?
  10. Him

    He's not fooling anyone with his 'I can talk music all day' line. He's as gay as it's possible to be! Haha I can almost see him drooling at the prospect of meeting this boy.
  11. Pleasant Surprises

    The gun is a worry, especially with kids in the house and Jeff's increasing reliance on alcohol. If he really cares about his kids then he's going to have to make some big decisions. Thanks JayT.
  12. Pleasant Surprises

    I suppose Jeff isn't going to be too popular around here. He does have some good points...I just can't think of any at the moment.
  13. Pleasant Surprises

    Now that would have been interesting assuming of course that it wasn't a girl in there with him and they weren't playing board games. Thanks Edward.
  14. Pleasant Surprises

    Thanks for your comment. I'm not expecting Jeff to get a great deal of sympathy from the readers because he has a lot of faults, problems, and preconceived ideas that will put him in direct confrontation with his kids and ultimately lead to......well, we will have to wait and see what it leads to.
  15. Pleasant Surprises

    Whatever makes you think there's going to be fireworks? Thanks for reading and commenting.

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