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  1. Jager

    This is a wonderful St.Valentine's Day story. If you enjoy reading stories from an unusual perspective then this masterpiece from Cole Matthews is one of the best. Be prepared for some nice twists; it will definitely warm your heart.
  2. Wolf Like Me

    A highly addictive and very entertaining story from a talented author. I read it as it was posted but even 18 months after the final chapter was posted the story is still fresh in my mind. It is definitely worthy of a review and five stars. It has something for everyone.
  3. Buy One, Get Two and Three...

    This is an interesting story with a slightly unusual theme. If, like me, you know little about BDSM, then don't allow this to stop you from reading. It's informative and a good and entertaining read. Well worth taking the plunge.
  4. Chapter 70

    Nice ending to an interesting story. I learned a bit about the world of BDSM which was good too. Thanks Caz, I will leave a review for you.
  5. Chapter 68

    Only Toby left now.
  6. Chapter 67

    We're heading towards a happy ending here, but don't worry, I'm looking forward to it.
  7. Chapter 65

    This is an interesting development.
  8. Chapter 61

    Nice chapter Caz, pity we're getting to the end.
  9. Chapter 58

    I'd love to send out invitations like that.
  10. Chapter 57

    All fixed byb the time I read it. What an unusual way to propose.
  11. Chapter 56

    Anyone in that kind of state shouldn't be cooking
  12. Chapter 3: Wayfarers

    Okay, so the divorce is off! It was never going to last anyway. I love your description of Long Beach, the Queen Mary etc, and this line cracked me up. “What led you to the Flying Dutchman?” I asked. “Cock.” Loving this story AC.
  13. Chapter 2: In a Brunst

    Good to see an almost amicable divorce but I worry about Gordon's lust for gold. “I just wonder about him having your heavy gold band, the one that you gave him, while all I have is this.” Makes me a little suspicious of Gordon. We will see what Napoleon Trueblood has to say.
  14. Chapter 1

    Thank you for reading and commenting @W.D I'm honoured that you chose this story for your first post. Long chapters and unnecessary text have been problematic for me and they're issues that I've been trying to address. This particular story was an entry to the GA Halloween short story contest and probably just about qualifies as a short story. I would usually have posted something like this in two chapters. I'm glad you enjoyed the story.
  15. Switched On

    Would you believe it; after everything I said earlier, here I am reading a story because of a review and end up writing one myself. I should have known that this would be the case. If Comicality wrote a shopping list, I would probably want to read it and he does an excellent job here delving into the uncertain mind of young boy as he tries to figure it all out. It will strike a chord with just about everyone. Well written, it's a genuine feel-good story guaranteed to make you smile.

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