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  1. Chapter 9

    Please much much more of granger brilliant character
  2. Chapter 49

    At lasT could this pain in the ass bitchy deva ,become a man even a sound emotionally strong bulwark for his family ?
  3. Chapter 3

    Please tell us more of their story !
  4. Chapter 39

    JJ really needs to mature he's a drama queen off the scale needs to grow up to one dimensional and stuff being so petty is just weird for him
  5. Chapter 44

    At last but please more much more of this brilliant Series !!!
  6. Streak

    Mark it's great to finally see brad meet a guy he can relate to about 9/11 and he's cute to as always brilliant stuff thanks
  7. Chapter 66

    At last Matt gets a slap with reality , but then will also needs get a grip on his control issues
  8. Chapter 74

    I love this story and the the carictors are just brilliant rounded and believable , brilliant job as always but more more more please .
  9. Chapter 50

    Such a moving chapter , beautifully written as always more please
  10. Chapter 60

    All I can say is both this and ur other academic predato serious has had me totally hooked from the start . as always with bridgemont series it's brilliant paced and character driven , I'm a fan , so all I will say is more more more , type faster lol
  11. Chapter 96

    Great as always , charictors nice and rounded , but only problem I have is that the chapters don't come fast enough lol love this book

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