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  1. Happy Birthday!

    1. Tom


      oh yeah, that is today  :)

  2. Tom

    Bisexuality: Real Or Fake

    Something I have been considering for a while... Is it possible that everyone is attracted to both sexes? Consider that you might be 99% gay and that the final one percent has so little effect that you never notice it.
  3. Happy Birthday Tom!

  4. Lisa

    Happy Birthday, Tom! :)

  5. I might be getting forgetful. last time I changed this was over a year ago

  6. Tom

    Gallery Images On The Main Index Page

    that's not a bad price James. If they wanna see mine, they gotta add a fifth of spiced rum and sunglasses if it's daylight(the glasses are to cut the glare off my pale behind ) hugs, Tom
  7. so violent depending on the type of manure, this could be considered really mean hugs, Tom
  8. Tom

    Eew-Day Tuesday (Eew! Eew!)

    even better defense, when 'aimed' properly, urine can control/cure most foot fungi, even when rinsed off quickly hugs, Tom
  9. okay....so....you know the music they play in some of the gas stations and mini marts. sometime it is almost impossible to not dance down the ilses waving one liter bottles like marrocas when a good song starts up hugs, Tom
  10. Tom

    Eew-Day Tuesday (Eew! Eew!)

    okay, it's gross....acording to my partner....really gross...get the biggest bar of chocolate you can find, one tin of kippered snacks(canned fish) and a box of garlic triskets...eat the kippered snacks with the triskets, adding the chocolate between each bite of fish. it's my anti-depression go to food, so I don't eat it as much as I used to hugs, Tom
  11. Happy Birthday!

  12. Tom


    Cia did a good job of describing the mechanics of a kiss something nobody has mentioned yet is pressure and firmness. Keep in mind that, to get pressure and firmness right, it takes practice....lots of practice How hard your lips press against the other guys can convey lots of things...to little, and you might come off as timid, emotionally deficient...you get the idea. too much and you get the other side of the coin. As far as firmness, nobody really likes over-cooked, limp pasta or a chunk of steel in there mouth. Too relaxed and your kissing a wash rag, too firm makes if feel kind of mechanical. with practice, you'll find the happy medium. With lots of practice, you'll figure out how to adjust for the mood No matter how you look at it, once you've found some one to kiss, make sure he knows you want to practice...A LOT Hugs, Tom

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