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  1. Chapter 43

    A good chapter. I enjoyed the coming out, especially. As to "three not being receptive," it's about what I expected. Enough mention has been made of how conservative that region can be so some negativity could be expected. Isn't that why Raymond was so worried about the announcement. I intend to enjoy the read and hope, or trust,. that there's a HEA at the end of it all.
  2. Vocal Quartet

    Loved it. Great chapter and a great story. I look forward to more with G & T.
  3. Over The Rainbow • Part VII

    Such an excellent chapter. Wonderful descriptions of interesting places. To go from all that to hearing about Liz's (I think that was her name) cancer returning was a bit of a shock. As always, I look forward to next Friday.
  4. Over The Rainbow • Part VI

    A busy time for all. I figure Owen will easily pass the bar, so no problem there. It was nice to get to know Silas a little better. As to the argument at the end, I can see both points of view. I think another meeting when everyone cools down might be in order. CJ needs to listen calmly to Cesar and Cesar needs to accept whatever CJ and Owen decide. While prenups do seem a negative thing, they should be regarded as just another document and can be ignored. If no problems arise, they just sit in a file and don't do anything but if something happens - and no one can really predict the future - they are handy to have. I agree totally with Brett that CJ and Owen will be together always, so don't think I have any doubts.
  5. Over The Rainbow • Part V

    As usual, a great start to Friday. An interesting, amusing chapter. CJ is going to be an excellent diplomat and, who knows how far he may go. I keep imagining him as the first openly gay President of the US! As I said, an excellent chapter,
  6. Over The Rainbow • Part IV

    You just keep topping yourself. A great chapter and what a super 40th birthday party! This story always makes me start Friday with a smile.
  7. Chapter 10

    I feel so much for Devon, there are tears running down my cheeks. What I really want to do is give his egg donor a hard slap and a few well chosen words. She has a hell of a nerve marching back into his life without explaining why she left the way she did. Devon deserves an explanation and I don't think there can be any true family healing without it. To my mind, as a mother myself, there is really no justifiable excuse but she needs to explain it to Devon.
  8. Over The Rainbow • Part III

    Yes! Congratulations to the happy couple. Great chapter.
  9. Over The Rainbow • Part I

    Good start. I admire CJ's resolve to not get involved in politics during college but I wish him luck with being able to do it. It doesn't look like the politicians are going to leave him alone. Welcome back. I missed my Friday treat.
  10. Expectations

    I suspect Andy has led a bit of a sheltered life and not had to confront the problems of the aging poor, for lack of a better term. He didn't see heartless to me, just young and naive. I would think joining this group means he does want to help. The two men do share some interests and it seems, with time, things will improve. I did tear up when Eric started to cry, which is always a good sign with me. I look forward to more.
  11. Chapter 17

    As do most of the Milo/Bren chapters, I am in tears. Philosopher George Santayana said, "Those who do not learn history are condemned to repeat it." That, I supposed, is the real message to take away from this. We must all do what we can to prevent these kinds of atrocities from happening again.
  12. Chapter 15

    I have always respected people who can put words together to form stories I love to read. That you could create such a good character based on parts of yourself is wonderful. Love ya back. Oh, and while the character is a female, Lowenstein could just as easily be written male. If not for you saying she was female, she could be either.
  13. Chapter 15

    I loved the Milo/Bren eposide. Dr. Lowenstein is truly amazing. Is she based on a real person? If so, I'd be curious to learn more. As usual, the rest of our cast was wonderful. The holiday dinner should be amazing.
  14. Chapter 14

    Poor Bren. He's fortunate he has Milo; many couples did not make it through the war together. While not gay, I am Jewish so this story hits something visceral in me. As to the homophobes, I will never understand why they care who is in someone else's bed. Such severe hatred has never done any good and just caused absolute misery for many people. Antisemitism, racism, homophobia etc have been around forever but we're all still here! How about just learning to accept each other? Forget Love thy neighbor. We don't need to love each other, just accept each other. Accept thy neighbor! Maybe I'll embroider a sampler.
  15. Chapter 13

    A nice slice of life chapter. I like Eric's ideas about finding the art and writings of Makarovia. Artists do need to create and I'm sure much of it is hidden away. Love these guys.

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