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  1. avidreadr

    ATGB X

    What a wonderful wedding. It perfectly reflected CJ and Owen. I look forward to the reception. And thank you for including the link to the song; I love that version.
  2. An excellent chapter. Lots of ups and downs to keep us going. And it is awful how common gun violence has become that we're not shocked so much anymore.
  3. avidreadr

    Chapter 8.5

  4. avidreadr


    As always, a great way to start a Friday. A great chapter. It was a lot of fun and nice to see old friends and catch up a little. I find myself looking forward more to this wedding than some others I've attended. Happy Friday!
  5. avidreadr


    Fun chapter. I enjoyed it. I have one unrelated question. At the end of the last story, you mentioned Liz had a final request that our boys were unsure about but I don't remember reading yet what that request was. Did I miss it or has it not come up yet? I've been curious. Thank you.
  6. avidreadr


    Good chapter. I like how the guys look. Oh, it's not only guys who look forward to Friday! Some of us are gals of a certain age!
  7. avidreadr

    Chapter 1 - Accidents Happen

    It seems I'm not the only one with tears in my eyes. A great beginning; I look forward to more.
  8. avidreadr

    ATGB V

    I enjoyed this chapter. Lots to mull over. If more people adopted Chance's definition of Christian, the world would be a lot better. Have a nice weekend. See you next Friday.
  9. avidreadr

    The Boyfriend, The Girlfriend, The Brother

    I knew Noah was going to break up with her and she will try to get even. Racist, homophobic egotists like that never realize that others don't think like them and that their rantings will eventually get them in trouble. There might be a rocky time ahead but I have faith it will all straighten out in the end. Great chapter.
  10. avidreadr

    A Wednesday to Remember

    Just started reading this and binge-read it A great story. We saw so little of Hannah, it's hard to make a judgement on her. She could just be a reserved person. My feeling, though, that the story is going too smooth and your comments on her made me think there is more to come. I'm not concerned because I don't think Noah would tolerate anyone being nasty to Nick, even a girlfriend, or future ex-girlfriend.
  11. avidreadr


    A well-written, thoughtful chapter on a tough issue. I remember going through all the same emotions when I lost loved ones. I also sympathize a lot with Olga as I lost my husband 15 years ago to cancer. It was great how the Abellos took care of things for her; it gives her some time to decide what she wants to do. A visit to DC might be a good idea. Thanks for making my Friday.
  12. avidreadr

    Chapter 22 - Looking Into The Future

    Good chapter. Lots of fun. I look forward to Disney.
  13. avidreadr


    The house sounds great. I love how Owen negotiated the deals so our boys got exactly what they wanted. Have a nice weekend.
  14. avidreadr

    Chapter 48

    Good chapter. I am so looking forward to Hawaii and more of the kids.
  15. avidreadr

    In Conference

    Loved it. Very satisfying to see Ray get his.

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