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  1. Chapter 15

    I have always respected people who can put words together to form stories I love to read. That you could create such a good character based on parts of yourself is wonderful. Love ya back. Oh, and while the character is a female, Lowenstein could just as easily be written male. If not for you saying she was female, she could be either.
  2. Chapter 15

    I loved the Milo/Bren eposide. Dr. Lowenstein is truly amazing. Is she based on a real person? If so, I'd be curious to learn more. As usual, the rest of our cast was wonderful. The holiday dinner should be amazing.
  3. Chapter 14

    Poor Bren. He's fortunate he has Milo; many couples did not make it through the war together. While not gay, I am Jewish so this story hits something visceral in me. As to the homophobes, I will never understand why they care who is in someone else's bed. Such severe hatred has never done any good and just caused absolute misery for many people. Antisemitism, racism, homophobia etc have been around forever but we're all still here! How about just learning to accept each other? Forget Love thy neighbor. We don't need to love each other, just accept each other. Accept thy neighbor! Maybe I'll embroider a sampler.
  4. Chapter 13

    A nice slice of life chapter. I like Eric's ideas about finding the art and writings of Makarovia. Artists do need to create and I'm sure much of it is hidden away. Love these guys.
  5. Chapter 12

    I just started reading this story and binge-read all day. A wonderful story. I have to admit I had to skim through some of the Milo/Bren story as it is so emotional and I found myself crying. The characters are all interesting and well-written and the story has an excellent flow and rhythm. I look forward to more.
  6. Conner County PTA

    "Older songs?" Ouch, ouch.
  7. Conner County PTA

    You sure know how to make a woman feel her age! The video portion of the clip is the movie based on the song, which is the audio portion. Good adaption.
  8. Chapter 11

    A very informative and traumatic chapter. Poor Kohen. I just want to somehow make him feel better.
  9. Close To You

    You need no help with the story's direction. I think it's headed exactly the right way. Thank you.
  10. Chapter 8

    Powerful chapter. You can just feel everyone's pain coming through the page (well, actually, the screen.) Looking forward to more.
  11. Chapter 23 - Adam

    This chapter was a great holiday present. Thank you.
  12. Roar • Part VII

    Roar was a very interesting and informative entry to the CJ story. It felt like we were getting an insider's view into the election, including all the emotions. I remember feeling like CJ on that day. Still so, as a matter of fact. As always, the writing was excellent, the story beautifully laid out and I'm still in love with the characters. Look forward to 2018.
  13. Chapter 2.3

    I like this story and the people, but I love the kits. It gives me something to look forward to on Wednesdays.
  14. Chapter 1

    A lovely story for the holiday.
  15. Good chapter. I liked the baby explanation, simple and to the point. Many people don't realize that kids will easily accept such an explanation. I also would have loved to hear Alfy's explanation.

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