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  1. For a little while, I panicked and thought LPS was deleted. Glad it's all here. New stuff: https://www.gayauthors.org/story/asamvav111/euphoria-and-other-poems/9
  2. Chapter 9

    Coming Up For Air Your love is like the blue silent waters of an ancient lagoon Yellow sands masking into the murky depths Sea slugs and broken shells littering the edge Brown and black algae drifting submerged in the water like a witch's hair flying through the night The foreboding cliffs overhang the waters' edge in the near horizon as the flow disappears into the subterranean caves of silence The deeper I go, the more I discover And I keep forgetting to face the sun Never coming up for air 02/11/2017
  3. See and To Sir, with love

    And we huddle here in the heat and cold Bustling, rushing always, there and back Hither, dither Staring at screens, we miss the chipmunk And the flight of the bumblebee Beautifully done. "See" is a simple elegant poem of nature.
  4. Beautiful new word learnt: Lea Beautiful tanka. New poem after a long while: https://www.gayauthors.org/story/asamvav111/euphoria-and-other-poems/8
  5. Chapter 8

    Distractions To understand the sufferings of lovers Intimate details of ecstasy Written on the lotus petals That blossomed in the first light The dew of innocence glistening along its margin Bring the distraught closer Salve the burn of jealous guarding of secrets Unhex the music in our hearts That cursed the union of two tones Mingling in the river of distractions 10/09/2017
  6. Satiation

    With single change of word, this delectable delight will become lamentable dejection... Rejection Breathless, flushed, euphoric, chests heaving, pulses race, all thought dispersed like mist before the sun; no words: every mindless outcry silenced in all-consuming fire; and love, panting, recoils. A sensational offering as always.
  7. Navajo Sunset

  8. City Seen

    Scary poem. Well-done.
  9. LGBT Movie Review: Shared Rooms

    I also liked this movie... pretty sweet.
  10. Puddles and Friends

    This is an amazing poem. Thank you for sharing this.
  11. Two First Sonnets

    all intimate connections left to rot Metaphors, metaphors, more metaphors A feast delectable for the crows
  12. The palm whose leaves are signs of victory And the tall pine, beloved of Cybele Since Attis, loyal priest, stripped off his manhood, And stood sexless and naked as that tree. The strength of a sacrificed eunuch, awe-inspiring and sublime, like the marble colonnades of Parthenon, is expressed here in such a phallic way. A study in juxtaposition of contradictions. I applaud the poet.
  13. A Thing With Feathers

    Simply amazing.
  14. Timing

    I on the other hand got despair and ruin of false hopes. Well done.

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