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  1. Fresh off the oven: https://www.gayauthors.org/story/asamvav111/euphoria-and-other-poems/11
  2. Chapter 11

    Addicted Going in deep I knew we were gonna break up soon Feeling meek I knew you were gonna take me to the moon Yet I believed Yet I believed In all those love songs in disarray In a blurry rainbow that could've been you and me Yet I believed All the shit that I sailed through To be with you And that happiness is within reach I am sorry I didn't let you go When you know The price of giving up Is so steep that it hurts To climb up the ladder of truth If you knew You wouldn't have spoken up But everytime you break The levels of insane The little boys that cry Running deep in my brain Hailstorms and wildfire That rages beneath my skin I turn into a lyre That picks up your pain Trying hard to believe Believe Believe in us 18/02/18
  3. "I know the answers not at all,


    But now, I know what question to ask."




  4. "Heaven enters us in our dreams"

    1. Parker Owens

      Parker Owens

      Yes, indeed. 

  5. The Gayborhood is Dying

    Life goes on... everything has an expiry date, however beautiful it may be.
  6. Isn't it also Wedgwood blue?
  7. Don't know why, but I got a vision of a grungy urban twillight in a post-rain reveal... An indifferent sensation. Love it.
  8. Fresh off the oven https://www.gayauthors.org/story/asamvav111/euphoria-and-other-poems/10
  9. Chapter 10

    Adulteress Disloyalty walked in on us As we lay there on the floor exasperated from the joueux toil A splinter of hope playing on the maligned hubris of lovemaking Fumbling in the dark Grasping on any straw, perhaps the long one at last Is it not best to give up and give in Let the dissonance sweep in and break off the pieces of our merry times in the wintery deadland of vows & virtues Bring in the jackhammers, love 13/01/18
  10. Chapter 14: I saw you in a dream

    A fabulous poem... Dark sadness laced with a delicate satin voice.
  11. Another life change emerges

    Bonn Chance, my friend.
  12. I like the new photo!  

    1. Valkyrie


      Very nice :)  

    2. asamvav111


      Thank you both! :D

  13. All of them are equally amazing, but no 2 and 7 are especially so. Thank you for sharing them with us.
  14. Slow Dance

    Smooth jazz, indeed.
  15. Such an intimate yet delightful verse, the words stood at the outset of fantasy and reality, straddling both worlds with equal ease. The visuals were very visceral but poignant as well. Thank you for sharing this.

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