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  1. mayday

    Chapter 32

    Wow, what a cliffhanger - as if this story needed them...
  2. mayday

    Chapter 1

    Makes me cry...
  3. mayday

    Chapter 1 - Accidents Happen

    Lot's of promise. Mourning their parents will be easier for the two of them together than each on his own. They must have lost wonderful parents... I am glad and grateful for decision to share this story.
  4. mayday

    Frantic Friday

    don't mention it!
  5. mayday

    Frantic Friday

    it has!
  6. mayday

    Frantic Friday

    Having no idea about what life in group homes etc. is like I cannot judge. I only know that people can be cruel everywhere without being instigated by outsiders...
  7. mayday

    Frantic Friday

    Don't forget the loving aunt... She may be a main driver behind all this
  8. mayday

    Frantic Friday

    Good thinking! These grandparents will stop at nothing unless they themselves are stopped.
  9. mayday

    Frantic Friday

    Thanks! Today I need all the hope I can get, smallest or big or whatever places!!!
  10. mayday

    Frantic Friday

    Thanks for chapter 5. I did not really expect such turmoil. As if having nightmares was not enough... Let's just hope Adam has friends to help him now and a good lawyer. I am so sorry for the two of them. Somehow both feel rather solitary to me. If Adam can see that the photos have been tampered with at a glance, evidence should not be difficult to get. But what is the use of living in a gated community if snoops do get in? Now it will be even harder to wait for the next...
  11. mayday

    Chapter 23

    fitting and soooo good to read... thank you for sharing your story!
  12. mayday

    All Your Ducks

    You have made me weep, but also with joyous relief at the end. The fact that his desperation was his only. That there are people who love him to call and to come at a moment's notice. Who are there for him and for whom he can do something and be what he is. And he is on his way to being better by looking after things, by pushing the neglect of things somehow into the past. He just does not know this yet. He will make it. At least that is how his reactions to what he does and sees strike me.
  13. mayday

    Chapter 2

    I have raced through this chapter. So, not sure if I should comment yet. So much feeling, so many hints (I did notice the vast amount of narcotics and wondered what a desperate man might use them for, especially as vodka was mentioned right after). Glad that he's run into a sympathetic stranger. Probably exactly what he needs. There are so many different ways this story can go... I wonder where you are leading us to Thanks for sharing
  14. mayday


    just in time... some passages were hard to read, but so is life
  15. mayday

    In Conference

    I realise I could have read your intro, too, might have made a difference at the beginning... but reading without having any idea was - probably - more fun... and justice done indeed.

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