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  1. Letter 1+2

    What a lonely boy! Lovely letters though. So many routes this story can take now. I really want to get a chance to read the rest of Jake's letters. Thank your for your this first chapter.
  2. Close Encounters

    Mhm. Then I cannot imagine Tony to allow him to go in unprepared. But how to do that? Interfering in mother-son relationship might be a tricky business. Let's hope Geoff's mother is none too shrewd.
  3. Close Encounters

    This does not bode well for Geoff's talk with his mother. It all seems to depend on her reaction, as if Geoff would not be able to direct the conversation. Maybe the evening with friends might help him along a bit further.
  4. The Best Daddy Ever

    What a gripping perfect story! So much in it... to me it seems I need no back story. This is complete.
  5. Foreign Soil

    Great compact story. Makes me wonder about so many things...
  6. Chapter 4

    Son't worry, I will. Cannot help doing that... after your great first chapters!
  7. Chapter 23

    I am so happy for Shane. But I am also so glad that there are people like Don and Tad who are ready to do what it takes to help a boy so terribly abused. I would wish that every person with a like past had the chance to heal from their wounds and turn into such a great person Shane is.
  8. Adding to favourites

    Yes, I have. I know that I added my favourites somehow and quite some time ago but cannot remember how. Actually I think I have tried everything I could think of. But if there is some software problem I can easily wait until it is solved. Thanks a lot.
  9. Adding to favourites

    thank you for your speedy response, but the stories I follow (and mark as such) do not automatically turn up as those on my profile under favourites.
  10. Adding to favourites

    How do I add stories to my list of favourites?
  11. The River's Course

    I love the imagery, how you make landscape sing of love and loving
  12. Matters of the heart

    Best Valentine would be what follows next. But thank you for your story! I have been reading it several times now and still love it...
  13. Matters of the heart

    Can't wait for the next chapter! So many different story lines to be followed now...
  14. Forbidden

    I may have read too much Asterix and ancient Greek myths, where seers are all over the place. Thanks for explaining and for your story. The love between the brothers has touched me. And the reaction of the crowd rang only too true...
  15. Forbidden

    Ok, but that make-believe world is pretty similar to ours in times gone by (hopefully). Thanks.

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