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  1. mayday

    Bali Highs & Lows

    Thanks a lot!
  2. mayday

    Bali Highs & Lows

    thank you, kind sir! Could have looked it up myself... lazy
  3. mayday

    Bali Highs & Lows

    floozy = ??
  4. mayday

    The Best Daddy Ever

    no reason to be sorry, even you cannot be perfect 😋
  5. mayday

    Bali Highs & Lows

    are you serious???
  6. mayday

    Bali Highs & Lows

    I am afraid, being smart is not always a guarantee for intelligent decisions...
  7. mayday

    Bali Highs & Lows

    Well, you are too good at cliffhangers! I cannot help but admire Kieran. He gets the signals and he does not manipulate people. Somehow I guess that had been Patrick's speciality. And he did not succeed with Kennedy. Kieran is too proud to behave like that. But I do hope that is not how this story ends. Of course I want to have a happy ending for K+K, who "Together" are - to me at least - "halves of something that could be something great." I just hope that Kieran's honest and sterling character gets through to Kennedy somehow. But how hard will these days be on Kieran... My heart bleeds for him. I love the idea for the merger coming from a loving spouse and of course I am keen to learn about Sloan's reaction just as I would like to learn about Richmond's reaction to Patrick's in the pub after he has slept off the booze. Thank God there are still some loose ends to tie up! I am looking forward to your last chapters... Thanks for this terrific story so far!
  8. mayday

    Old and New

    Just as Columbus Guy says: Amazingly warm!
  9. mayday


    After "Heading down" comes "Head down, " at the end of this chapter - pure coincidence, I would like to guess. Mhm. Kennedy's reaction to his sister's situation does not bode well. I guess he will need to be shaken up badly in order to overcome his sense of failure. We know that Kieran is a fighter and goes straight for what he wants, e.g. the job, gives it his "best game" in his own words, but Kennedy's fear of being hurt again will be a very hard nut to crack. I wonder who or what could make him see sense... his sister maybe? A situation or a problem in LA where he realises what Kieran's present would mean? You are making us wait...
  10. mayday

    Chapter 43

    phew! getting closer.
  11. mayday

    Haibun at Concord

    Great to hear that you enjoyed a lovely wedding! I am pretty sure, by the way, that Thoreau would not approve of our attitudes towards nature and life...
  12. mayday

    Haibun at Concord

    I am not sure, but somehow your tone has changed. There is hardly any playfulness there. You seem to feel more with the past than the present, greatly distanced from the latter. As if you were standing outside watching people today. The past is all in your feelings, your head and heart. On a visit to a concentration camp I overheard a tourist couple complain about the coffee shop being too far away, they obviously expected to enjoy refreshments on the site... your poems reminded me of my feelings then.
  13. mayday

    Date Night

    Do they even realise how well they are attuned to each other? How much their comfort depends on the other's comfort? I have not forgotten what feelings prompt them - watching the other's face spurred him on... The dance at the ball foreshadowed so much - the erotic energy between them, being in synch, gazing at each other, their eyes being glued to the other one, dazzling the people watching them... part of that has been fulfilled now.
  14. mayday

    In the Mirror

    I love how your words give us various perspectives to look at what we are and can do, how the view shifts and how the last perspective, now far away from sleep, is full of hope.
  15. mayday


    I guess he won't. Kieran won't stand for it and he has so much to give... maybe a new development in London or a better understanding between our lovers will force the issue. On the other hand, Kennedy needs to realize how much he wants someone like Kieran in his life... we'll see. I trust our writer to deliver to satisfaction. He always has.

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