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  1. Chapter 1

    Either Team Jacob or another wolf spirit shifter no vamps please
  2. Chapter 6

    I liked this chapter alot I just hope we don't have to wait over a year to see the next one :-).
  3. Gift

    OMG!!! Great story so far I can't wait till Jian and Emmett actually get together for real. I am kinda hoping that when they do get together Jian miraculously turns into his white tiger . Keep up the good work and please don't wait long to update love this story
  4. Matters of the Heart

    God I love this Story I can't wait for the next chapter
  5. Time with the Guys

    I think Dean should join the group in being a canus lunais that would be awesome. Which means if he does that Jon will be the one turning him. Here's hoping
  6. Chapter 5

    That was a good chapter when can we see more?
  7. Chapter 4

    this Chapter was good when do you think we will see the next chapter?
  8. Chapter 3

    I am enjoying this. I hope Harry and Charlie sort this out soon I think it could be a great triad
  9. well thanks everyone

  10. Dracken Awakening

    cool I can't wait
  11. Chapter 2 - Mate

    I really want to see more of this story I like it so far. And if neville is to have a second mate with harry I think it should be either Draco, one or both of the weasley twins, or Charlie
  12. A Trip To Love

    I remember you saying that wolves have second chance mates so hopefully Tony gets a shot at him instead of the current one. I hope to god you don't actually try to make it work between them because I absolutely don't like Steven at all. He doesn't deserve a second chance with the way his mind set is. And what the hell when will jons mother ever get her head out of her ass. What the hell was she thinking in letting him stay after what he said on the phone with her earlier on in the story. Over all I liked the story alot and I hope you continue well past jons brothers and tony. I also was hoping you would continue with the Lonestar Pack story maybe with one of the other wolves in the pack. :-)

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