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  1. A.J.

    Page Views

    No number truly gives you a one hundred percent accurate representation for how many people actually read the content of the chapter. We'll be rolling out a more extensive set of story analytics to authors later this year. Additionally, your suggestion would invalidate the statistics for those that post collections of shorts and poetry where a later chapter might legitimately be read more than an earlier chapter. At this time I see no reason to make any changes.
  2. A.J.

    Page Views

    @BHopper2 has answered this question correctly. Viewing a chapter or viewing the story page counts as a view.
  3. A.J.

    Latest Story Updates

    I'm a bit unsure of what went wrong. I did a quick unpublish/republish on 11 and 12 and both magically showed up in the list. There isn't enough data to support a conclusion at this time.
  4. A.J.

    Page Views

    As I said, it's not broke now that I can see. That chapter is from April 2015 which was the old system. It has 14k hits in our test system which is a one-time copy of GA we made back in early 2017. That was well above the rest of the chapters. Clearly that chapter has something special about it because it's received another 12k hits since then. But I can't even say for certain that equals a bug. What if it contains a specific series of words that makes it show up in Google searches? Then I'd just be hunting down a non-existent bug that was the result of weird search formulas. I could say the same thing about your reputation though. Your's is 26, 806 and mine is 1,606. But how many bugs have you fixed? That number's likely wrong. I'll go fix it.
  5. A.J.

    Page Views

    I'm not saying it wasn't broke at some point in the past, but it doesn't appear to be broke right now. I just tested with a story and a chapter and it worked flawlessly. It updates about every 5 minutes so if you go to a chapter of your story, hit refresh 20 times, and then wait 5-10 minutes you should see the increase show up. Regarding later chapters having higher numbers than previous chapters, that's usually people finding the site from the Internet and opening links not realizing it's not the first chapter. Sometimes site activity is higher and if your story post coincides with that period of time, or if you post and there is considerable time before the next author posts a story/chapter, you can see a far greater response because of that. As they say, out of sight, out of mind.
  6. 153-155 are now readable, but there's a lot of images in his story that don't seem to be showing up. I'm not exactly sure what's going on there.
  7. A.J.

    Anicient Aliens Season 1

    When members ask me if Myr really started GA in 2002...
  8. I'm looking for some volunteers to test my new story code html filter first before I roll the changes out to everyone. If you agree to volunteer, every chapter you view (while logged in) will go through the new filter. The purpose of the test is to see if unexpected issues arise with some poorly coded stories. Ifa volunteer suspects an issue, they can logout or start an incognito browser window to test the chapter without the filter. Anyone interested?
  9. Miss you!  :hug:

  10. Over the last year if you've submitted a chapter you would see no spaces between your paragraphs in the editor, but once the chapter is saved the spaces would be there when viewing it. This was quite frustrating for some authors as it was difficult to see if an error existed after pasting. The spaces should now show for chapter text submission only. No other fields have been changed. Additionally, if you hit the preview button on the editor you should get a fairly realistic view of what the chapter text will look like once it goes through the system. The spacing still isn't 100% identical, but it's closer.
  11. A.J.

    Stories software updates

    Okay, it seems my indent fixes broke line breaks in some people's stories that don't have standard code. While I'd tested it against a bunch of different authors, I didn't test it against any of the authors that complained. So, I've removed the fixes until I can find a solution to their problem. I definitely don't want to break two things to fix one issue.
  12. This morning I did some routine site maintenance. As part of that maintenance we updated to a newer version of our custom Stories module. Most of the updates are behind-the-scenes fixes that the majority won't notice, but there are a few items that people will notice. 1. For several years, all outputted story content has went through a filter I developed. The filter does about 20 different things that have been in place for a long time. Many of these changes are designed to make stories as easy to read as possible for our members and guests. I've implemented a new change as of today to the filter to remove indenting in stories. If authors need to indent a section of their story they can use the editor buttons above for Letter Format, IM/Texting Format, or go to source mode and wrap that area in <blockquote>text</blockquote> as these three methods allow readers to turn on and off more indenting should they choose. If the new change breaks a story, please let me know via a private message and we'll try to find a solution for the story. 2. When you link to a story in the editor it will pull up a box about it. We call this embedding an item in the text. That box will now include the cover photo for the story should one exist. This cover photo could be the story cover photo or other types of cover photos. For anthologies, it will be the anthology cover photo. For our promoted authors, it might show their promoted author banner. Since I'm the one writing this topic, I'll plug my stories to demonstrate the embedding of the story cover photo. As you can see the first embedded story uses the story cover photo and the second uses the anthology cover photo.
  13. A.J.

    Showing New Story or Latest story updates

    There probably won't be any immediate answers on this issue. It's complex and it's going to take time.
  14. A.J.


    @Carlos Hazday I did fix this story and chapter 1 on January 3rd, but then you re-edited chapter 1 on the 10th which screwed something up. I'm not sure why that happened, but it clearly did. I've fixed the entries.

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