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  1. Showing New Story or Latest story updates

    There probably won't be any immediate answers on this issue. It's complex and it's going to take time.
  2. Post-dating

    @Carlos Hazday I did fix this story and chapter 1 on January 3rd, but then you re-edited chapter 1 on the 10th which screwed something up. I'm not sure why that happened, but it clearly did. I've fixed the entries.
  3. Like count on chapter comments

    I've only applied the fix to one area so far. I'm still working on applying it to other areas.
  4. Like count on chapter comments

    Can you screenshot an example? I'm not seeing this on my side and it's definitely accurate in the reputation index. It could be something only seen by the person so I'd like to make sure I can replicate it exactly to trace the code in question.
  5. Post-dating

    @Carlos Hazday I've fixed the statistics display bug you reported above.
  6. @Mikie Happy Birthday!!!!!!

  7. Chapter Comment Notification

    Ohhhhhh, I never touched those. My changes were specific to chapter comments as I didn't want to break anything else if I was wrong. I'll apply my fix to story comments as well.
  8. Chapter Comment Notification

    @BlindAmbition Can you tell me what story/comment generated the notification so I can double check lots of things? I checked the code and the programmer hasn't changed it. So I'll need to look at the specific notification in the database.
  9. Chapter Scheduling System

    @Lacuna I'd be glad to help you fix your story. Please PM me about it. I can even reset dates if necessary. As for use of the post-dating system, I suggest people NOT use it until I can work with the programmer to get it fixed.
  10. Chapter Comment Notification

    As @Myr said, I've been working on this feature since the programmer has been occupied. I think I've eliminated authors getting notified when they comment on their own story chapters AND members getting notified when they comment on a chapter for a story they've liked.
  11. Chapter 1

    Myr, you need to produce some more stories like this. Such a fun read and I love the subtle references.
  12. Goodbye, My Love

    I read this twice. It's made me want to ask you questions. On my first read through I had all sorts of ideas about what I really thought you were talking about. You've left me wondering if this is just a short story that reflects aspects of your life, or if this is all you.
  13. Number of Notification Announcement is Repeating

    @Reader1810 @northie Have these issues cleared up for either of you?
  14. Reputation count

    The system has a built-in feature to turn off post counts in specific forums, but there isn't a similar function for reputation. I can appreciate both sides of this discussion, but I think it's important to remind everyone that your reputation on this site isn't a true reflection of you as a person. Whether it is high or low, what I think matters is how you've treated other people you've met along your life's journey. Were you there for someone you knew was struggling with depression? Did you try to make the world a better place for someone other than yourself? Would you be the one to stay with a loved one until the very end holding their hand? I don't mean to be preachy, but I just hope you all keep reputation scores in perspective. Don't let them ever become a barrier to building a new friendship.

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