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    Favorite genres: Fanfiction ! At the moment I only read fanfiction :-)

    Old buildings, churches and museums.. Shopping !!

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  1. Slytherin

    Last Post Wins #46

    King LBO 🐻
  2. *runs in* Hello Penguin!! *runs out* 


    :joe: :funny: :cowboy:

    1. Valkyrie


      Guess you figured it out 😛  

    2. Slytherin


      Easy one but I used caps lock :funny:

  3. Slytherin

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  4. Slytherin


    Cute Picture Nice Nox cuddling with cute kitten
  5. Slytherin

    Has it been 16 Years? Yup.

    Happy 16th GA-versary, GA I am so glad I found this wonderful site with awesome members
  6. Slytherin

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    Hmm No
  7. Slytherin

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    Shiny belongs to me today - National Teddy Bear Day AND Care Bears Share Your Care Day
  8. Slytherin

    Weekly Wrap Up (Sept 2 - Sept 8)

    "Oh, I thought I would like to pass on my sincere thanks and appreciation to our LBO, aka Slytherin, who has some exciting changes coming up in her life and has stepped aside from the Site Moderation Team. Her participation and help with the behind the scenes work on the site has been a great contribution over the years! So, on behalf of the Site Staff and hopefully the membership, thanks LBO. BTW, LBO stands for Little Blue One, not to be confused with the Liquor Board of Ontario" Thank you !! I got really teary eyed and touched when I read your kind words, didn't expect that and then I read the GA newsletter and I totally lost it Liquor Board of Ontario - too funny !! I think I just found myself a new member title LOL
  9. Slytherin

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    King LBO
  10. Slytherin

    Last Post Wins #46

    Say hello to your Kitties from me
  11. Slytherin

    Last Post Wins #46

    Who?? Or is it whom?
  12. Slytherin

    Last Post Wins #46

    My profile looks nekkid without a ”banner” like your red one, Penguin..
  13. Slytherin

    Last Post Wins #46

    Howdy LBO is King
  14. Slytherin

    Last Post Wins #46

    No ! Mine 😡
  15. Slytherin

    Last Post Wins #46

    King LBO

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