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  1. NB ND Chapter 20

    It seems like lots of people are interested in Deepdale. I wonder what is on the horizon...
  2. NB ND Chapter 15

  3. NB ND Chapter 5

    Wow...I'm sorry Huon is having so many health issues. I wonder where he contracted this latest viral problem...could it be from the swimming pool???
  4. Chapter 12

    I continue to be amazed at how thoughtful and mature some children can be. Love can cover a multitude of ills and sins. Chet knows he is loved now and wants to give it back. Thank you for a beautiful chapter.
  5. Making a "Splash"

    I love that you mentioned RAIN in Austin. I have friends that work there.
  6. NB New Direction Chapter 2

    Love this. I can't wait to see where Huon heads in his new ventures!!!
  7. Heading Out

    Love this series!!! Thanks for another adventure!!!
  8. WSD Chapter 8

    I hope Aunt Anne isn't too seriously ill. Things are getting more interesting with each chapter.
  9. WSD Chapter 6

    Wow...poor Grant but also poor Rory...the conversation prior to his mother's bulldozing act said he cared about Grant. I do hope Grant finds peace and love in his life, despite the setbacks.
  10. OBC Chapter 4

    I'm a bit confused...so is the "event" 3 months or 3 weeks away? That was the only problem I had with this chapter...loved how Kes handled the cyclone and subsequent damage.
  11. WSD Chapter 1

    This is deja vu...I feel like I've read this story before. Has it been published somewhere else before now?
  12. Chapter 12

    It's good to be back with Devon, Colin, and the rest of the VUN.
  13. Chapter 6

    I'm glad George knows he needs to be more attentive...getting him to do it may take time, though. I understand John...I felt the same way with my ex and it's one of the big reasons we are no longer together and one of the reasons I've been alone for almost 30 years.
  14. BF Chapter 23

    Glad to see a new chapter. Looking forward to seeing where things go and will Anton have to eat crow where Mathew is concerned???
  15. BF Chapter 22

    No questions??? No flak about Anton running away??? This truly is a fiction story!!!

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