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  1. Gene63


    "Surely nothing could go wrong during the next four days." Oh those famous last words...what is in store for our intrepid traveler?
  2. Gene63

    The Pink Elephant

    Artie is playing with fire...I just hope he doesn't get burned to a crisp...a little singed, maybe.
  3. Gene63

    Chapter 7

    What is Cory after? Curiouser and curiouser.
  4. Gene63


    What a fantastic story...I'm glad Chris and Greg worked everything out.
  5. Gene63


    What is in store next for young Frankie? I'm really enjoying this story. Who will he meet? What will happen? Where will he end up?
  6. Gene63


    Adam is an enigma. It makes me curiouser and curiouser. I love the friendship between Charlotte and Artie. Ky and Dizzy better watch out...they could end up both losing!
  7. Gene63

    Dec Chapter 13

    I'm really enjoying getting to read this again. I love how everything is falling into place.
  8. Gene63


    Frankie does keep getting himself in "situations", doesn't he? It was a fitting end to the monastery, I suppose. Now we start another adventure.
  9. Gene63

    Chapter Eleven

    Aswangs...spiders...oh my!!! Very intriguing!!!
  10. Gene63

    Dec Chapter 1

    Glad to see you back. I like this story so far. Looking forward to following it.
  11. Gene63

    Chapter 9 - Brady

    DAMN!!!! That was just...DAMN!!!
  12. Gene63

    Into the Wilderness

    Damn...this is a pickle. I dont know what to think. Crafty buggers...drugging Frankie.
  13. Gene63

    Disaster - Sort Of

    That was an interesting twist to get Frankie with his bio daddy. I only hope that Simon was smarter about insurance than business.
  14. Gene63


    I am certainly caught up so far. I can't wait for Ingenio to make an entrance.
  15. Gene63

    -Sanity/Insanity - Nothing Lasts Forever

    And so the ugliness reaches Oasis. I'm so sad for Perses and his family, but glad that his teacher/lover was there and they were able to spend his last minutes together. What an ugly world Christianity can be!!!

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