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  1. Gene63

    A Well of Embers

    I'm sad that people take advantage of those they deem "less than." I only hope that M can find his way back to Kane and Norian.
  2. Gene63

    Mirrors of Chocolate

    When George said he was waiting to talk to his "friend", my mind automatically went to Tanner...it wouldn't surprise me for George to be a mole and waiting to hurt our Alentian.
  3. Gene63

    IOI Chapter 32

    Just waiting for the other shoe to drop!!!
  4. Gene63

    IOI Chapter 31

    Things keep getting piled on Lewis. He certainly ruffled some feathers with his impromptu visit to the tree house. Here's hoping the call from Kylie isn't more administrative crap.
  5. Gene63


    Yeses!!! K&K are together!!! I hope their story continues!!!
  6. Gene63

    IOI Chapter 17

    Liking the story crossovers.
  7. Gene63

    IOI Chapter 16

  8. Gene63

    Bali Highs & Lows

    Damn...that one caught me off guard. I was sure when Giorgio was describing his wife, Kennedy would have that AHA moment (who's to say he didn't) and realize Kieran was his Kelly-Anne. Seems Kennedy has some more thinking to do.
  9. Gene63

    Cruel Moon

    Shifters, magic, kingdoms, cute sorcerers...my favorite tale genre!!!
  10. Gene63

    Kennedy Gay

    I'm still wondering if there was a surprise on the plane to LA...hmmmm.
  11. Gene63

    Kennedy Gay

    Oh hell...I HATE cliffies!!! But I love this story, so you're forgiven...this time!!! I can't wait for the explanation of what happened in LA and what's going on with Kennedy...I only hope that his overactive mind didn't think him out of Kieran!!!
  12. Gene63


    "Head down, he boarded the plane bound for Los Angeles and turned left." Why does that line sound, to me, like a surprise is waiting for Kennedy when he looks up??? Hmmmm...
  13. Gene63

    IOI Chapter 4

    Oh my...the feces is gonna assault the spinning cooling device!!!
  14. Gene63


    My my my...I'm liking Kennedy's investigator and partner. Methinks Sloan is gonna be hurting...hmmmm.
  15. Gene63

    Black Jack

    Oh my...sounds like Kieran may be coming around...FINALLY!!! Maybe we'll have a budding relationship and not a business arrangement by the time the trip is over...still waiting to see what happens at the office!!!

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