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  1. Geemeedee

    Just a dance

    I felt exactly the same way, jay! Why is such boorish behavior so often rewarded in movies and fiction? Shane acted like a junior high bully and no one called him on it. He pulled Donovan to the dance floor when he didn’t want to go, held him when he didn’t want to be held ... IT’S NOT COOL TO REPEATEDLY DEMEAN SOMEONE THEN GROPE THEM AGAINST THEIR WILL. Why did you do this? I was hoping the story wouldn’t go this route. I’m disappointed.
  2. Geemeedee

    Chapter 8

    How? Unless there were witnesses or Bobby skipped a class, he’s in the clear. It could be a mystery avenger. I wish Mark had the presence of mind to comment about how maybe Scott was gay too, since he was so focused on getting blow jobs and penetrative sex from guys instead of girls. Here’s hoping one of the parents puts the boys in martial arts class.
  3. I thought Jamie’s friends didn’t know he was bi. He still hasn’t said anything about Sam and they’re holding hands as they enter the brewery. What gives?
  4. Geemeedee

    Chapter 6

    If everyone had an Aunt Janice and Bobby’s dad in their lives, the world would be a much better place. Also, damn you for making me cry.
  5. Geemeedee

    Chapter 11.1

    Wow! Now that things are rolling, are you considering posting longer chapters?
  6. Geemeedee

    Chapter 5

    Lots of people have tough childhoods and don’t do cruel things to others. Scott forced Bobby into a sex act and who knows what he’s done to other vulnerable kids. Bobbby said they would blackmail Scott; they’ll probably start with sticking the flyer in his locker. Sometimes you have to beat people at their own game. (This goes for Amy too, BTW.)
  7. Geemeedee

    Chapter Twenty: Finale

    Are you kidding? Geil is next, then Jack. If Arty has any sense he would grab Geil and the money and leave the country. But he won’t.
  8. Geemeedee

    Chapter 10

    Excited to find out what the hell Saya won’t just come out and say.
  9. Geemeedee

    Chapter 4

    Awwww yeah. Shit just got interesting.
  10. Geemeedee

    Chapter 10

    I support this plan.
  11. Geemeedee

    Chapter 11 - Slothitude

    *crosses fingers now Larry has wolf genes in him — hopefully he’ll speed up a little* Glennish asked a great question about hybrids. Even if they are a regular occurrence, I’m sure there’ll be plenty of wolves pissed and disgusted at the dilution of the species.
  12. Geemeedee

    Chapter 10 - No more Sloffee

    Raina and the pack — since he can no longer get it up for women, he’ll just send over his baby batter and a turkey baster, right? And why hasn’t he marked Larry already? Could it be because they haven’t even known each other 5 days yet? LOLLLL
  13. Geemeedee

    Epilogue - Yours

    Sweet ending. *sigh* So glad you finished. A vote here for Ira and Zora!
  14. Geemeedee

    Chapter 23 - Homegrown

    I’m reading this standing in the crowd on a train to work, struggling not to cry, but surely grinning like a goof. This is the most accepting little town ever! Glad they’re lucky to live in it. I squealed when I saw there were two posts in one day. Great way to start the day.
  15. Geemeedee

    Look At You Now

    Dumb question: Why doesn’t he just tell Aron the truth so the two of them can try to figure this out together?

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