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  1. Ricknc

    Nude Pics Please!

    Great story! Really enjoyed reading this.
  2. Ricknc

    Still You Want Me

    Great story! I really enjoyed reading this one.
  3. Ricknc

    You Don't Know Me

    Great story! Truly enjoyed reading this!
  4. Ricknc

    Losing Kevin

    Another great story! I truly enjoyed reading this.
  5. Ricknc

    Dancing with Madonna

    Great story! It was riveting, I was not able to stop reading.
  6. Ricknc


    Fantastic story! Truly enjoyed reading it. I looked for chapter updates every day.
  7. Ricknc

    Chapter 23

    Perfect ending! I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you!
  8. Ricknc

    Family Man

    I would read a book on Oli. Thanks for the great stories!
  9. Ricknc

    The Scoop!

    Great chapter! I’m enjoying watching Oli grow up.
  10. Ricknc


    Great chapter! Truly enjoyed reading this!
  11. Ricknc

    Break Ups and First Dates

    Great chapter! I get excited every time that I see a new post from Ace. I love the direction the story is taking, with Oli and Ryder forming a band as well as Oli and his developing love interest. Thanks Ace!
  12. Ricknc

    High School Reunion!

    Another great chapter! I confess that after getting chapters every other day I was having withdrawal pain. Thanks Ace for a great story.
  13. Ricknc

    Just Ryder

    Another great chapter! Thanks for keeping them coming.
  14. Ricknc

    Oliver the Mad

    Great chapter!
  15. Ricknc

    Ryder's Heart

    I loved the chapter, it’s always a treat when I see that a new chapter has posted. I can’t help but wonder if Oli is going to be the drummer in Ryder’s new band. I will keep reading to find out.

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