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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Roar • Part V

    And here I was hoping you were going to allow for poetic license and have Clinton win the election Great chapter: I like the way CJ shows maturity, as well as political savy, but also age-appropriate behaviour. His calmly exlaining to Richie why he wasn't drinking was sweetly brotherly. In hindsight I do have a question about the last chapter: I know and respect the American ideal of small government, which seems to be more universal than a liberal-conservative difference. Calling the government-mandated use of seatbelts government overreach still just seems laughably silly, especially in the context of CJ's beliefs (which are refreshingly diverse)
  3. Roar • Part I

    Having been interested in American politics for over a decade, even I recognised the Coulter reference Great chapter. CJ keeps making the right decisions in his life (although, should we blame him for Trump's election, after his refusal to actively campaign for secretary Clinton?)
  4. Chapter 38

    Hi Mark, Thanks for the next chapter of Black Widow. I feel awful about my timing, and the general content of my reviews. You are, and forever will be my most favourite online author. That being said, I do have to say I am losing my patience with the storyline, especially where it concerns the ongoing legacy of the initial Academic Predator. JP's shoes are big to fill, but to have them taken by fetal feet (he-who-must-not-be-named). I have put this out there before, but he-who-must-not-be-named's personal growth was much less described than any other character. To put it bluntly, the way we got to know him, was as him being a sex-crazed, manipulative 6 year old. You did not portray him to be universally savvy as prior generations. Having put that into words myself just now, I realise that may just have been your intention. Nineties kids are obviously different from older generations. That would still not explain JP's acceptance of Will as his successor. I am saddened to say, that I am no longer eagerly anticipating the next chapter/book. I will however keep reading. I hope you will find the time to update the Bridgemont saga soon too again. Apologies for my harsher than usual review, but lots of loving cuddles nonetheless. Maarten
  5. Chapter 35

    Hi Mark, Thanks for the next chapter of Black Widow. I had been wondering what kept you from updating your stories, both CAP and Bridgemont. Then, some time ago, I turned to the forum, which I rarely visit, and found out you've hit a spot of bother in your personal life, as well as being horrendously busy in your professional life. While the latter wasn't really alarming, or surprising, seeing that your personal health had taken a turn for the worse was. That made the ecstatic dance I did upon seeing this chapter even more outrageous than it would have otherwise been. You're amongst the 2 or 3 finest author GayAuthors has to offer in my book, and I'm a harsh critic, as you well know from my rants against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (who, incidentally, while not even narrating, got under my skin in this chapter ) The intrigue for the book is still not resolved: Who's the Black Widow? Elizabeth Danfield? Alexandra Carmichael? A yet unkown character (however unlikely) I'm especially intrigued by how Wade is /wil be dealing with the issues surrounding the Danfield/Schluter feud. Keep your personal health a priority, but your readers sanity a close second Keep up the amazing work (including the Bridgemont saga) Lots of living cuddles, Maarten
  6. Chapter 10

    Hi Graeme, Thanks for the next chapter of Leopard Leap. I know I have been grossly negligent in reviews. I can only say I'm 100% behind the story. I've said it before, but the way you write about a developing romantic involvement, be it between a confirmed gay couple (Neil-Liam), or the new couple of Kevin and Warwick, means the world to my kind of gay boy. Even though I live in the Netherlands, I'm never sure about the reaction to the fact of me being gay I came out to my younger (half-) brother tonight. I'm 31, he's 12, I live in the Netherlands. He was always going to be fine with it, but that's never a given. At 12 he's more sure of himself (straight or otherwise) than my (our?) generation ever was. I just wish I couldhave been honest with him earlier. Does anyone have any advise for a confused 31 year old? Lots of loving cuddles, Maarten
  7. Chapter 32

    Hi Mark, Thanks for the next chapter of Black Widow. I apologise (again) for my lack of reviews. I still keep an eye out for any new chapter. I have been immersed in personal problems, as well as trying to get a feel for where you are taking us. I hope the book won't end anytime soon. I will have to admit He-who-must-not-be-named has grown up and has become a force to be reckoned with. As a Will-hater it pains me to say, but he's been growing up, and he's rightfully put in charge. But let me get more onto the chapter. I hope the Schluter-Cramptons will win out on the upcoming match. Keep up the amazing work. Lots of loving cuddles, Maarten P.S.: Are you still researching for the Bridgemont Saga? No pressure, as I can understand why it would take longer to update that book
  8. English Teen Circumcised in the USA

    Hi Riley, I am a relatively new fan of your work. I have been dreadfully lax in showing my appreciation though. I'm a 31 year old Dutchie, but only recently out, even in our "alleged" gay-friendly country. My acceptance of myself and coming out hinged largely on reading gay-themed stories such as yours. Your writing is among the best I've read over my personal search, the last 4 years. Especially the fact Luke is casually looking for what kind of boy he'd like to hook up with. As opposed to bedding every boy in sight, lol. I hope you will continue his search in a believable time frame. On the other hand, I hope Simon gets the help he needs. Toby was overwhelmed by teen-hormones. Toby can still be his one true love. Or is that my my more mature attitude shining through; lol? I realise I am being seriously defective in my post, but I needed to let you know I appreciate your work
  9. Chapter 30

    Hi Mark, Thanks for the next chapter of Black Widow. I apologise for not reviewing the last couple of chapters. I have been distracted, but I guess I will have to admit to bias against He-who-must-not-be-named. He seems destined to be the next JP. He will bring a completely different dynamic to the main character. But let's move on to story based issues. I still believe you're side-lining JJ only more, by detaching him from skating and inserting him in such a steriotypically gay scene as the fashion scene. At some point in the near future I hope you will allow for Jays to show he's actually older than He-who-must-not-be-named. I don't expect that to happen without professional counselling for JJ; to be honest, in a well-to-do family such as the Crampton-Schluters, his psychiatric evaluation could have been kept secret, even in his skating career. This last chapter was just plain cruel, lol. He-who-must-not-be-named VS Brad is (at least to me,lol) the current lynch-pin. Maybe we should have expected the last-sentence outcome, but still:) I was surprised that readers seem to think (can't find whether or not you either confirmed or denied) Buzz died as well. I'd reckon a credible flight manifest would include someone besides Brad and the 2 pilots. I'll put good money on the entire flight plan being fake. I'll apologise again for my lack of reviews. Lots of loving cuddles, Maarten
  10. Chapter 1

    Hi Graeme, Thanks for the next (I fear last) installment of the Leopards Saga. You've again set up another enticing set of plots. Will Ross be an out and proud AFL player? Will the Brat be drafted, and by which club? Will Neil and Liam see their relationship prosper into their college years? Will Deon be drafted? Can AFL clubs look past Dave's history? Let's see where you take us here..... Lots of loving cuddles, Maarten
  11. Chapter 40

    Hi Mark, Thanks for the next chapter of HMS Valiant. I have explained earlier that I feel I can't do the Bridgemont sags justice in reviewing every single chapter. The intrigue in British aristocratic history has always been there in this story, but George losing his command just before the appointment of his biggest naval advocate to the position of First Lord) I've been reading up on British naval history) seems to indicate that you intend to focus on the government vs the guild for the near future. I'll have to read more about The Guild. I hope you enjoy Thanksgiving. Lots of loving cuddles, Maarten
  12. Chapter 19

    Hi Mark, Thanks for the next chapter of Black Widow. I am relieved to see you back to writing, and back to form to boot. I liked the chapter. Maybe not as ringing an endorsement, but a heartfelt compliment all the same. I don't recall Ryan as a character, enough to see where bringing him back will lead in the grand scheme of things, but I look forward to seeing where you will take that plot. Brad and Will seem to have buried the hatchet for the time being. Buzz brings a dynamic to the story. On the one hand he's a new business partner, but it feels like he is ready to try hopping the fence, so to speak. I was slightly miffed by your reply to my last review. Surely you know I'd blast every single paragraph where He-who-must-not-be-named plays a part? Condensing my dislike for Will to a single review seemed kinder, both to you and those misguided Will-lovers. All the same, I like to think I recognise Will's good traits, and those shone through in this chapter again. I am truly glad you have chapters in the making. Regardless of my dislike for characters, you are one of my 3 most important authors. Keep up the amazing work. Lots of loving cuddles, Maarten Sent
  13. Chapter 18

    Hi Mark, Thanks for the next chapter of Black Widow. I have been dreadfully busy of late, not to mention ill for the past few weeks. I apologise for not reviewing lately. There's another reason to my lack of reviews too though. Unlike in most of your books, I have a hard time figuring out where you are leading us. At the end of Streak I would have put my money on the war being the primary focus for the next book. That thought was rapidly proven false. Them you made it seem like there'd be a war between Elizabeth Danfield VS the Schluters, which turned out not to be the case. Obviously, as Will's biggest hater, I find his narrating grating. He still lacks the maturity he seems to think he has, and the trust put in him by JP is the most disturbing plot twist you have come up with to date. I feel like none of the characters are going anywhere. No growth, no true expansion of their character. Although JJ seems to take a life without skating exceptionally well. I am looking forwardto seeing what this book means in the saga. Keep up the amazing work. Lots of loving cuddles, Maarten
  14. Chapter 13

    Hi Mark, Thanks for the next chapter of Black Widow. The most wye catching thing to this chapter to me was that Nana and the Duke both related to their respective children as parents to their grandchildren. I'd hazard a guess the Duke has as little regard for Lord Preston as Nana does for Elizabeth Danfield. There's going to be fireworks all araround. I feared JJ's retaliation would impede the bigger picture, but I think his course of action actually doesn't, and serves a dual purpose in favour of Jays. He is a victim of child molestation, and it was a straight coupling. I hope Brad will come around. From Will's reaction, he should be. Keep up the amazing work. Lots of loving cuddles, Maarten
  15. Chapter 11

    Hi Mark, Thanks for the next chapter of Black Widow. "Alea iacta est", now let's see what the Schluters are going to do about Elizabeth Danfield. Jays seems to be more independent than any of us gave him credit for. Although, like another reviewer I hope his plan won't interfere with the greater plot against Elizabeth Danfield. More please! Keep up the amazing work. Lots of loving cuddles, Maarten

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