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  1. Chapter 1

    Nope. Not the six swans. Totally different fairy tale. I think its mostly known in Germany, written down by the Grimms. Nice twist to the story.
  2. Chapter 1

    Oh wie schön... So lonely being Santa. A very unique look on the big Guy... Thank you very much.
  3. Chapter 1

    Its another Christmas and another story waiting. Back to read it again and now I am in my way to the new one. Frohe Weihnachten und ein gutes neues Jahr! Vielen vielen lieben Dank.
  4. Chapter 10

    Grins. I am so bad at keeping secrets... In German it would be"blaues Blut" or for persons "Blaublüter". Aber ich strauchele eher in Englisch als in Deutsch, obwohl das manchmal "a close call" ist.
  5. Chapter 10

    Why? You write wonderful Stories. I was just wiseassing through my workday, which you made considerably better..... Storysmooch.
  6. Chapter 10

    Beautiful. May I suggest a little native German? “Ich war so besorgt, ich habe den ersten Flug genommen, den ich bekommen konnte!" Thank you for posting so frequently...😘
  7. Beginnings

    Hey, you can´t do that. Be told from this Peeping Tom: you don´t close the blinds, just when it starts to get interesting.... Please continue...
  8. Chapter 45

    Ha. First one to anounce I am very pleased. You did good by your Readers. Thanks.
  9. Chapter 1

    So I see the story is complete. Now I can read it, because I find it so difficult to wait for your next chapters. It is gonna be really DARK. But I understand Joeys acceptance, playing the ugly down to normal, otherwise the pain is unbearable and and there is not enough strength for even the next breath.
  10. Chapter 4 - You're unexpected

    Toasted sqirrels on a platter. This Change of direction was harsh. Hurry up, I am holding to your cliff just with my fingertips. Great chapter.
  11. Chapter 4

    Life for Kohen ist a rollercoaster. But I hope with the help of Lakshou he will come through. Great work.
  12. Chapter 19 - Ian

    Ahhhh, great. Reconciling and starting a family. I think Anna is in for an ugly surprise. She is gonna be confronted with the whole pack. Karma is a bitch and she will get "a good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over"... We will see. Hopefully fast... I predict a sweet little baby boy. Or a really feisty babygirl. Thnak you so much...
  13. Chapter 63 A Brilliant Move

    Wonderful. Thank you so much. Sometimes the only thing you can do is laugh, so you dont cry. Mrs B. really is tough...
  14. Chapter 18 - Adam

    Kowtow. I can relax. They are back again. Now WE just have to loose Anna. Do they sell Steamrollers at eBay? If WE start at her head, she can pop the Baby while WE flatten her. *Insert manic laughter*
  15. Chapter 1

    yes. Yes. YES. Benny galore. I love you. Hrrrmpf - platonically, unharrassingly aaaaand totally just for your writing, of course... Please continue this story, it is very promising and we can watch kittycorner your first move when you manouver Williams Love out of that corner.

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