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  1. booklove

    God Help Us

    Thank you for your amazing chapter. Take all the time to mourn you need. Usually you get to that sadly after you take care of a shitload of Things involved in losing someone beloved... While waiting, we, your faithful and patient readers, will amuse ourselves with creating a bucketlist of inventive ways to terminate the waste of biomass called Brodys father.
  2. booklove

    Chapter 30

    Yes! Babies in action! They literally got their hands full. I am so happy about the cuddlefish reference. You made my day. Thank you all for this great Story! And the First class smut...
  3. booklove

    Chapter 1

    Oh, sweet... You did so wonderful with this Story. Thank you!
  4. booklove

    Chapter 29

    Starts knitting baby boots, *hurry up, we need a dozen*. Congrats! Wings means they can fly, don't they? Six crawling, running and fluttering babies. They are gonna be exhausted...
  5. booklove

    Chapter 1

    Oh to the joy of Heuschnupfen!!!!
  6. booklove

    Too Close To Home

    OK. First I was hopeful Rudolph saying a nasty goodbye because he is about to die of a horrible STD he caught from another inmate, but you had to crush that. Naturally. The Guys need really to improve their talking to each other... Thanks.
  7. booklove

    Meet the Grandparents

    OK. Who changed GA to cliffhanger city? Y'all are cliffhangering me to death. If I didn't Like your Stories so much... Great chapter. Thanks a lot. Now you just have to keep them coming.
  8. booklove

    Chapter 1 - Ember

    Oi. Just one chapter a Week? *Settles down to whine* Seufz. Promising start 🌟
  9. booklove

    Chapter 26

    The aftermath is awful. All this sorting through and trying to understand. Even if it is time to deal with this sh... So the past can become just that- the past. But they are good and reliable Friends, especially Riley. They will pull through. Great chapter.
  10. booklove

    Chaotic Week

    Yes, parenting is not always sun and roses. Its painful for all involved, but this lesson is learned. Now they will learn, they are loved even when they fail. Im looking forward to the times, when they want to duct tape the twins to the wall, just to stop their mischief...
  11. booklove

    Chapter 27

    It´s harsh, but I think he is right. Sometimes even love can be a crutch. Therapy is realy important, but to know you can function on your own.... this has to be experienced. otherwise, you won´t believe it. I´m hurting with Galen, this will be extremely hard.
  12. booklove

    Making a "Splash"

    Mimimimi Beeker says. So you just know, my ciffhanging abilities are not impressive. So do not make me han garound too long. Great chapter. Thanks.
  13. booklove


    Ok, I am a little disturbed. I find you an insightfull and fun to read author, but this sounds very harsh. Everything else aside, even if you meet someone every day, as a blind Person, you dont literally SEE them...
  14. booklove

    The Best Daddy Ever

    Beeing Daddy was, as I see it, the point to break his crippling fear. The things we are able to do and overcome for our loved ones... very well written and to the point. Thank you
  15. booklove

    We Lift Them Up To The Lord

    Cry.😭 Beautifully written. Mark made his brother literally see the light again. Coming Back from the loss and some kind of survivors guilt, which could kill the second brother, too. Well done. Gonna look at your other Stories now.😘

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