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    “Pigs flying is an example of swine flew.”






    A couple was delighted when finally their long wait to

    adopt a baby came to an end.                                           


     The adoption center called and told them they had a   

    wonderful Japanese baby boy, and the couple took    

    him without hesitation.                                                      


    On the way home from the adoption center, they         

     stopped by the local college so they each could enroll

    in night courses.                                                                 


                                                             After they filled out the form, the registration clerk                                                             

    inquired, "What ever possessed you to study               



    The couple said proudly, "We just adopted a                

    Japanese baby and in a year or so he'll start to talk. 

    We just want to be able to understand him".               







    The Conductor


    A little old lady is on a bus, buying a ticket from the bus conductor, fumbling in a voluminous bag for the correct change. After 15 minutes the conductor becomes so enraged that he hits her on the head with the ticket-dispenser, and the poor old dear dies instantly. Not surprisingly, he is convicted and put on death row.


    Just before he is to be electrocuted, his last request is for 12 pounds of bananas, which he devours.


    They strap him into the chair, flip the switch, and he just sits there, smiling. According to tradition, this is considered a reprieve from God and he is freed.


    Somehow he gets his old job back, and he is happily dispensing tickets when he sees a girl stick her gum on the back of a seat on the bus. Enraged, he lunges out with the ticket dispenser, breaking the offender's neck and killing her.


    Again, he is convicted and sent to death row. He again eats the 12 pounds of bananas, and lo and behold, the electricity does not harm him.


    This time the executioner cleans the contacts, makes him sit in a bucket of water, he tries everything but the conductor won't die. So again, he is set free.


    Amazingly he regains his job. It takes him 1 day to lose his temper and beat to death a young boy who starts to chew his bus ticket. He returns to death row, eats the bananas, and survives the electrocution.


    At this point, the executioner can take no more, his professional pride has been hurt. Before setting our friend free again, he asks him his secret, “what is it with the bananas?”


    “Oh, the bananas have nothing to do with it,” replies the man. “I'm just a bad conductor.”









    “A Taekwondo crime fighter needs a good sidekick.”







    17 March



    National Corned Beef & Cabbage Day


    Montreal hosts one of the longest-running and largest

    St Patrick's Day parades in North America.

    St. Patrick's Day

    National Quilting Day(3rd Sat in Mar)


    National Corn Dog Day(3rd Sat of Mar)

    Internat. Sports Car Racing Day(3rd Sat of Mar)

    Camp Fire Girls Day

    Doctor-Patient Trust Day

    Maple Syrup Saturday(3rd Sat of Mar)

    Submarine Day(obs Mar 17th & Apr 11th)



    17 March


    1992 - Apartheid in South Africa comes to an end

    In a referendum, 68.7% of white South Africans voted for an

    abolishment of racial segregation in the country.


    1973 - The photograph known as Burst of joy is taken

    Photographer Slava Veder was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for the

    image depicting a former U.S. prisoner of war being reunited with

    his family.


    1969 - Golda Meir becomes Israel's first female Prime


    In her country, Meir was known as the “Iron Lady” long before

    British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher rose to power.


    1959 - The Dalai Lama flees Tibet for India

    Followers and advisers of Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama,

    feared for his life after a revolt had erupted in Lhasa against the



    1941 - The Nation Gallery of Art opens in Washington,


    U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt opened the gallery, which

    today houses one of the world's finest art collections.





    1967 - Billy Corgan

    American singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer


    1948 - William Gibson

    American/Canadian author


    1919 - Nat King Cole

    American singer, pianist, television host


    1883 - Urmuz

    Romanian judge, author


    1834 - Gottlieb Daimler


    German engineer, businessman, co-founded Daimler-Motoren-






    2006 - Oleg Cassini

    French/American fashion designer


    2005 - George F. Kennan

    American historian, diplomat, United States Ambassador to the

    Soviet Union


    1956 - Fred Allen

    American comedian, actor, radio host


    460   - Saint Patrick

    Irish missionary, bishop


    180  - Marcus Aurelius

    Roman emperor




    Did you know?

    Saint Gertrude of Nevilles Day - WTF fun facts

    I am positive some of you knew that already




    Did you know?

    The first man to be killed by a robot - WTF fun facts

    When the line was crossed for the first time




    Did you know?

    Pablo Escobar used to cheat on monopoly - WTF fun facts

    Why does this not surprise me in the least







    “I’m A Fun Guy!”












    Nooo!! Please Don’t






    Pareidolia is seeing patterns in random data or common everyday things.






    This last item I find disturbing. It boggles my mind what some people will do to themselves for what ever the reason!



    Meet The Dragon Lady…Boy





    Meet The Dragon Lady...Boy | Pics'nGiggles.com





    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. droughtquake



      2006 - Oleg Cassini

      AMC once sold Oleg Cassini designer editions of mid-‘70s Matador coupes. It was an attempt to give their cars some of that Jackie Onassis magic! It didn’t work.  ;-)

    3. Ivor Slipper

      Ivor Slipper

      Evidently that conductor deserved a better dispenser........of justice  :)

    4. Puppilull


      Fungi... That was unreasonably funny today. Slightly hungover, so my silliness can run free... 





    “Two lambs are in a meadow.    

    Which one frequents a casino?


    The one that's gambolling.”       




    If my body were a car, this is the time I would be thinking about
    trading it in for a newer model. I've got bumps and dents and scratches
    in my finish and my paint job is getting a little dull . but that's
    not the worst of it.
    My headlights are out of focus and it's especially hard to see things
    up close.
    My traction is not as graceful as it once was.I slip and slide and
    skid and bump into things even in the best of weather.My whitewalls
    are stained with varicose veins.
    It takes me hours to reach my maximum speed.My fuel rate burns

    But here's the worst of it -----------------------
    ------- Almost every time I sneeze, cough or sputter.....either my radiator
    leaks or my exhaust backfires






    1) No matter how hard you try, you can't baptize              


    2) When your Mum is mad at your Dad, don't let              

    her brush your hair.                                                      

    3) If your sister hits you, don't hit her back. They           

    always catch the second person.                             

    4) Never ask your 3-year old brother to hold a                


    5) You can't trust dogs to watch your food.                     

    6) Don't sneeze when someone is cutting your hair.      

    7) Never hold a Dust-Buster and a cat at the same        


    8) You can't hide a piece of broccoli in a glass of milk.

    9) Don't wear polka-dot underwear under white             


    10) The best place to be when you're sad is                    

    Grandpa's lap.                                                             





    A string walks into a bar with a few friends and orders

    a beer. The bartender says, I'm sorry, but we don't        

    serve strings here.                                                               

    The string goes back to his table. He ties himself in a 

    loop and messes up the top of his hair. He walks back

    up to the bar and orders a beer.                                        

     The bartender squints at him and says, Hey, aren't you

    a string?                                                                                

    The string says, Nope, I'm a frayed knot.                       








    Q: What does a cat like to eat on

    his birthday?                         


    A: Mice cream and cake.             







    16 March



    National Artichoke Hearts Day

    National Everything You Do is Right Day

    National Freedom of Information Day


    National Panda Day

    Black Press Day

    Curlew Day

    Goddard Day

    Lips Appreciation Day

    National Preschool Teachers /

                                                Appreciation Day(3rd Fri of Mar)

    St. Urho's Day

    World Sleep Day(Fri of 2nd wk of Mar)



    16 March


    1988 - A poison gas attack kills 5000 civilians in the Kurdish

                 town of Halabjah

    1988 - In Northern Ireland, an Ulster loyalist kills 3 people at

                 a  Provisional IRA funeral

    1968 - U.S. troops massacre hundreds of unarmed civilians

                 in Vietnam

    1960 - Alfred Hitchcock's movie Psycho is premiered

    1926 - Robert Goddard launches the first liquid-fuel rocket




    1986 - Daisuke Wilson

    1954 - Nancy Wilson

    1953 - Richard Stallman

    1917 - Samael Aun Weor

    1912 - Pat Nixon




    2008 - Bill Brown

    2006 - Minnie Pwerle

    2003 - Rachel Corrie

    1983 - Arthur Godfrey

        37 - Tiberius




    Did you know?

    Socrates - WTF fun facts

    Do I detect a hint of irony here?




    Did you know?

    How long your vacation last - WTF fun facts

    Feel free to share this with your bosses




    Did you know?

    How to better understand a subject - WTF fun facts

    I'm way ahead on this one. I have been talking to myself for years now.






    You should always give 100% at work...                                                         

    12% Monday; 23% Tuesday; 40% Wednesday; 20% Thursday; 5% Friday






    Cats Come In Both Solid And Liquid Form












    Public Display of Affection





    It's as simple as that, no comment (by me) needed




    1. droughtquake



      National Everything You Do is Right Day

      National Preschool Teachers Appreciation Day (3rd Fri of Mar)

      World Sleep Day (Fri of 2nd wk of Mar)

      I never had a preschool teacher, I think I’ll take a nap and ponder that thought.  ;-)

    2. Ivor Slipper

      Ivor Slipper



      But here's the worst of it -----------------------
      ------- Almost every time I sneeze, cough or sputter.....either my radiator
      leaks or my exhaust backfires


      Let's hope the exhaust doesn't develop a crack :)

    3. Dmrman


      Tooo late...:huh::unsure2: already Called JB to come weld the Exhaust... Errr...to a least Check it out...!!!:lmao::gikkle:





    A slice of apple pie in Jamaica is  

    $2.00. It is $2.50 in the Bahamas.


    These are the pie rates of the        






    Best to get the facts...                                    


    A small tourist hotel was all a buzz about an                 

    afternoon wedding where the groom was 95 and the   

    bride was 23. The groom looked pretty feeble and the

    feeling was that the wedding night might kill him,        

    because his bride was a healthy, vivacious young        



    But lo and behold, the next morning, the bride came   

    down the main staircase slowly, step by step,              

    hanging onto the banister for dear life.                         


    She finally managed to get to the counter of the little

    shop in the hotel.                                                               


    The clerk looked really concerned, "Whatever             

    happened to you, madam? You look like you've been

    wrestling an alligator!"                                                     


    The bride groaned, hung on to the counter and          

    managed to speak, "Ohhh God! He told me he'd         

       been saving up for 75 years ... I thought he meant his






    One day a camel and an elephant met.                           

    The elephant asked the camel "Why do you have         

    your breasts on your back?"                                              

    The camel clearly irritated by the outrage of modesty

     replied "What a stupid question from someone who    

    has a dick on his face"                                                       




    There were three Women stranded on an island, a        

    brunette, a redhead, and a blonde.                                   

    The brunette looked over the water to the mainland    

    and estimated that it was about 20 miles to shore. So

    she announced, "I'm going to try to swim to shore."     

    She swam out five miles, and got really tired. She      

      swam out ten miles from the island, and was too tired

    to go on, so she drowned.                                                

    The redhead, said to herself, "I wonder if she made  

       it." I guess it's better to try to get to the mainland than

    stay here and starve."                                                      

    She attempts to swim out. The redhead had a lot     

       more endurance than the brunette. She swam out 10

    miles before she even got tired.                                  

    After 15 miles, she was too tired to go on, so she   


    The blonde thought to herself, "I wonder if they m 

    it!" "I think I'd better try to make it, too."                    

    She swam out 5 miles, ten miles, 15 miles,            

    NINETEEN miles from the island.                             

    The shore was just in sight, but she said, "I'm too 

    tired to go on!" So she swam back.                          







    What's the difference between a hippo

    and a Zippo?                                             

    One is really heavy, and the other is

    little lighter.                                              






    15 March





    National Kansas Day

    National Farm Rescuer Day(3rd Thu of Mar)

    National Everything You Think is Wrong Day

    National Pears Helene Day


    National Shoe the World Day

    Absolutely Incredible Kid Day(3rd Thu of Mar)

    Companies That Care Day(3rd Thu of Mar)

    Dumbstruck Day

    National Brutus Day

    Ides of March

    Internat. Eat an Animal for PETA Day

    Internat. Day Against Police Brutality

    Oranges and Lemons Day(3rd Thu of Mar)

    National Peanut Lovers Day

    World Consumer Rights Day

    True Confessions Day



    15 March


    1990 - Mikhail Gorbachev becomes President of the

                 Soviet Union

    1985 - The World's first internet domain name is registered

    1972 - Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather is


    1917 - The last emperor of Russia abdicates

    1895 - Enrico Caruso makes his stage debut




    1979 - Kevin Youkills

    1975 - Eva Longoria

    1947 - Ry Cooder

    1907 - Zarah Leander

    1638 - Shunzhi Emperor




    2008 - Mikey Dread

    2001 - Ann Sothern

    1983 - Rebecca West

    1938 - Nikolai Bukharin

    1937 - H.P. Lovecraft



    Did you know?

    Buzz Lightyear’s original name - WTF fun facts

    Another entry for my Trivial Pursuit folder




    Did you know?

    Why you shouldn’t hold grudges

    That explains a number of my problems




    Did you know?

    What prisoners of war dreamed of - WTF fun facts

    Understandable and makes total sense to me








    Circumlocutory Proverbs




    A disposition towards inquiry deprived the feline of its vital state

    Curiosity killed the cat



    Elementary sartorial techniques initially applied obviate the need for repetitive similar actions to the square of three

    A stitch in time saves nine



    Exigency is the matriarch of ingenious contrivance

    Necessity is the mother of invention



    The stylus is more potent than the claymore

    The pen is mightier than the sword



    There is illumination at the termination of the subterranean excavation

    There's a light at the end of the tunnel



    Note: Well done all those of you who responded. I too would have not figured the second one out if the number 9 hadn't popped into my head(square of three). Thanks for playing.






    Proverb completion


    A first grade teacher collected old, well known proverbs.  She gave each child in her class the first half of a proverb, and had them come up with the rest.



    1. As you shall make your bed, so shall you..........mess it up
    2. Better to be safe than....................punch a 5th grader
    3. Strike while the................................bug is close
    4. It's always darkest before.............daylight savings time
    5. You can lead a horse to water but.......................how?
    6. Don't bite the hand that.........................looks dirty
    7. A miss is as good as a...................................Mr.
    8. You can't teach an old dog new..........................math
    9. If you lie down with the dogs, you'll.....stink in the morning
    10. The pen is mightier than the............................pigs
    11. An idle mind is.........................the best way to relax
    12. Where there's smoke, there's.......................pollution
    13. Happy the bride who......................gets all the presents
    14. A penny saved is.....................................not much
    15. Two's company, three's..........................the musketeers
    16. Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, cry and....you have to blow your nose
    17. Children should be seen and not..........spanked or grounded
    18. When the blind leadeth the blind..........get out of the way
    19. Better late than.....................................pregnant








    Fake newspaper




    Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between real fake news, and fake fake news.







    Assault Plunger







    A high caliber, high-efficiency weapon for when shit hits the fan in a major way.



    1. droughtquake



      National Everything You Think is Wrong Day

      Absolutely Incredible Kid Day (3rd Thu of Mar)

      Companies That Care Day (3rd Thu of Mar)

      Dumbstruck Day

      World Consumer Rights Day

      True Confessions Day

      Why do these seem to be related?  ;-)

    2. sandrewn





      National Everything You Think is Wrong Day

      Absolutely Incredible Kid Day (3rd Thu of Mar)

      Companies That Care Day (3rd Thu of Mar)

      Dumbstruck Day

      World Consumer Rights Day

      True Confessions Day

      Why do these seem to be related?  ;-)


      This is a question you often ask and at the risk of repeating myself, the answer to your question(s), to life, the universe and everything is still......


      -------------------------:worship: - 42 -:worship:------------------------






    “I'm really good at being lazy. In   

    fact, my doctor even said that if I

    continue being this lazy I should 

    expect atrophy.”                              





    A small boy is sent to bed by his father. Five minutes

    later: "Da..aaad"                                                                  


    "I'm thirsty. Can you bring me a drink of water?"          

    "No. You had your chance. Lights out."                          

    Five minutes later: "Daa....aaad..."                                 


    "I'm THIRSTY. Can I have a drink of water?"                

     I told you NO! If you ask again I'll have to spank you!

    Five minutes later.."Daaaa....aaaad!"                            

    "When you come up to spank me can you bring a      

    drink of water?"                                                                






    A traveler was stumbling through the desert,                 

    desperate for water, when he saw something far off in

    the distance.                                                                          


    Hoping to find water, he walked towards the image,      

    only to find a little old peddler sitting at a card table     

    with a bunch of neckties laid out.                                     


    The parched wanderer asked, "Please, I'm dying of      

    thirst, can I have some water?"                                         


    The man replied, "I don't have any water, but why         

    don't you buy a tie? Here's one that goes nicely with   

    your clothes."                                                                       


    The desperate man shouted, "I don't want a tie, you    

    idiot, I need water!"                                                            


    "OK, don't buy a tie. But to show you what a nice guy  

    I am, I'll tell you that over that hill there, about 5         

    miles, is a nice restaurant. Walk that way, and they'll 

    give you all the water you want."                                     


    The man thanked the peddler and walked away          

    towards the hill and eventually disappeared out of    

    sight. Three hours later he returned.                             


    The man at the card table said, "I told you, about 5    

    miles over that hill. Couldn't you find it?"                     


    "I found it all right. They wouldn't let me in without a






    A bus stops and two Italian men get on. They seat   

    themselves, and engage in animated conversation.  

    The lady sitting behind them ignores their                  

    conversation at first, but her attention is galvanized

    when she hears one of the men say the following:   

    ''Emma come first. I come. Dennis come and Dennis

    come again. I come again. Two asses, they come    

    together again. I come again and pee twice. Then I 

    come once-a-more.''                                                        

    ''You foul-mouthed swine,'' retorted the lady              

    indignantly. ''In this country we don't talk about our

    sex lives in public.''                                                         

    ''Hey, coola down lady,'' said the man. ''Imma just     

    tella my friend howa to spella Mississippi.''             






    Q: What did the teddy bear say

                                 when it was offered some birthday            



    A: No thanks, I'm stuffed.        






    14 March




    National Write Your Story Day

    National Children's Craft Day

    National Learn About Butterflies Day

    National Pi Day

    National Potato Chip Day

    National Registered Dietitian Nutritionist /

                                                         Day(2nd Wed in Mar)

    Celebrate Scientists Day

    Crowdfunding Day

    Genius Day

    Internat. Ask a Question Day

    Moth-er Day

    Legal Assistance Day

    National Save a Spider Day

    Science Education Day

    Steak and BJ Day

    (also known as Steak and Blowjob Day)



    14 March


    1991 - The Birmingham Six are released

    1979 - Factory Plane Crash in China

    1960 - The leaders of Germany and Israel confer for the

                 first time

    1942 - For the first time in history, a dying patient's life is

                 saved by penicillin

    1910 - The Lakeview Gusher causes the largest

                 accidental oil spill in history




    1933 - Michael Caine

    1879 - Albert Einstein

    1854 - Alexandru Macedonski

    1854 - Paul Ehrlich

    1681 - Georg Philipp Telermann




    2014 - Tony Benn

    1980 - Mohammad Hatta

    1883 - Karl Marx

    1823 - John Jervis, 1st Earl of St. Vincent

    1803 - Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock




    Did you know?

    The unluckiest man in history? Walter Summerford - WTF fun facts

    Boy, he must have really POed Mother Nature




    Did you know?

    France had ‘internet’ before the internet - WTF fun facts

    Something new for my Trivial Pursuit files





    Did you know?

    How some Japanese students confess their love - WTF fun facts

    Quite often our jackets come with spare buttons. I wonder

    if theirs do too?




    Circumlocutory Proverbs




    Refers to a roundabout or indirect way of speaking; the use of more words than necessary to express an idea.


    Below are five examples. Can you think of what they express to us today. I am positive you have all used them at one time or another. I will give you the more familiar version in today's update.


    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



    A disposition towards inquiry deprived the feline of its vital state



    Elementary sartorial techniques initially applied obviate the need for repetitive similar actions to the square of three



    Exigency is the matriarch of ingenious contrivance



    The stylus is more potent than the claymore



    There is illumination at the termination of the subterranean excavation









    This World Is A Strange Place





    Raccoon: “Momma?? ”








    The Car We All Used To Draw In Kindergarten, Does Exist





    Thanks for the memories!!!









    Are You Sure You’re Making The Right Choice ?







    Garlic bread for me, please.



    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Puppilull


      It makes me feel a bit relieved that number 2 truly is difficult. I have no idea what that one is...

    3. George Richard

      George Richard

      On the second, the key to the solution for me was “square of three”, and yes, I was a math major/nerd. 



      A stitch in time saves nine  


    4. droughtquake



      On the second, the key to the solution for me was “square of three”, and yes, I was a math major/nerd. 

      As a perennial procrastinator, it makes sense that I wouldn’t get that one!  ;-)



    I was just finishing with the ' Did you know? ' section  When I got a flashing security warning which froze everything. It said to call Microsoft at the number indicated. Screw that, I restarted the computer (lost the update). Somehow my internet security was turned off??????????????, I turned it back on. To totally end any concentration, that I may have had left, my mom is calling for assistance, through her room monitor. I have to go, will try to update late tonight, if not, around noon(double post) tomorrow, I hope.



    (the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry ........)

    1. droughtquake


      Happy birthday Stephen Curry, a Pi Day birthday!  ;-)




    I got a new pair of gloves today, but

    they're both 'lefts'                                


    Which, on the one hand is great,      

    but on the other it's just not right    




    The key

    All the good knights were leaving for the Crusades.    

    One knight told his best friend "My bride is without     

    doubt one of the most beautiful women in the world. 

    It would be a terrible waste if no man could have her.

    Therefore, as my best and most trusted friend, I am  

    leaving you the key to her chastity belt to use should

    I not return from the Crusade in seven years."              


    The company of knights were only a mile or so out of

    town when they noticed a cloud of dust approaching.

    Thinking it might be an important message from the 

    town the column halted. A horseman approached. It  

    was the knight's best friend. He said "Hey, you gave   

    me the wrong key!!"                                                            





    An eagle swoops down from the sky and eats a         

    mouse. Three hours later, while the eagle is flying,   

    the mouse sticks its head out of the eagles butt and

    asks, How high up are we?                                             

    About 2,000 feet, the eagle replies.                             

    The mouse replies, You aint sh*ttin me, are you?     





    A simple misunderstanding


    There is a factory in New Zealand which makes the Tickle Me Elmo toys. The toy laughs when you tickle it under the arm.


    A new employee is hired at the Tickle Me Elmo factory and she reports for her first day promptly at 0800.


    The next day at 0845 there is a knock at the Personnel Manager's door.


    The Foreman from the assembly line throws open the door and begins to rant about the new employee. He complains that she is incredibly slow and the whole line is backing up, putting the entire production line behind schedule.


    The Personnel Manager decides he should see this for himself. So the 2 men march down to the factory floor. When they get there the line is so backed up that there are Tickle Me Elmo's all over the factory floor and they're really beginning to pile up.


    At the end of the line stands the new employee surrounded by mountain of Tickle Me Elmo's.


    She has a roll of plush red fabric and a huge bag of small marbles.


    The 2 men watch in amazement as she cuts a little piece of fabric, wraps it around two marbles and begins to carefully sew the little package between Elmo's legs.


    The Personnel Manager bursts into laughter. After several minutes of hysterics he pulls himself together and approaches the woman.


    "I'm sorry,"he says to her, barely able to keep a straight face, "but I think you misunderstood the instructions I gave you yesterday".


    "Your job is to give Elmo two test tickles".





    “Lifelong counterfeiters never make any real money.”





    13 March




    National Coconut Torte Day

    National Earmuff Day

    National Good Samaritan Day

    National Jewel Day

    National K9 Veterans Day


    National Open an Umbrella Indoors Day

    Donald Duck Day

    Ken Day

    Organize your Home Office Day(2nd Tue of Mar)



    13 March


    2013 - Pope Francis succeeds Pope Benedict XVl

    1997 - A series of unidentified lights appear over Phoenix,


    1943 - German troops liquidate the Jewish ghetto in Krakow

    1845 - Felix Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto is premiered

    1781 - Uranus is discovered




    1985 - Matt Jackson

    1939 - Neil Sedaka

    1911 - L. Ron Hubbard

    1907 - Mircea Eliade

    1733 - Joseph Priestley




    1906 - Susan B. Anthony

    1901 - Benjamin Harrison

    1881 - Alexander ll of Russiaq

    1879 - Adolf Anderssen

    1842 - Henry Shrapnel




    Did you know?

    The people of this Indian village are addicted to chess - WTF fun facts

    Finally an addiction without a down side





    Did you know?

    Michael Jordan - WTF fun facts

    Ask and ye shall receive





    Did you know?

    The most horrific spider - WTF fun facts

    Last Call

    (come and get me)






    You Are What You Eat















    Meanwhile In Wicklow, Ireland




    (Sammy the Seal)







    A giant seal being chased out the door at a fishmonger’s shop in the seaside town of Wicklow Ireland.







    Oh, That’s Right! It’s A Monday…






    Reason No.1 why you should not order your prescriptions from the pharmacist on Mondays.

    (I rest my case)




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    2. Ivor Slipper

      Ivor Slipper


      @spikey582  Well worth the risk for Sammy


      At least he doesn't seem to have sealed his fate :)

    3. Higster


      These posts are great.

    4. Dmrman


      yeah, I would have to say, Sammy, snagged and swallowed a barrel full...:unsure2: or 2...? you could almost roll him into the water...!!!:lmao::lmao:



    "How can you tell if there is a blind man on a nude

    beach?" a guy asked his friend.                                 


    "It ain't hard," he said with a shrug.                            





    Bankers do it risk-free.    

    Bankers do it just for        


    Bankers charge a fee       

    each time they do it.        

    Bankers do it with            

    varying rates of interest.

    Bankers do it with a        

    penalty for early              






    Golf Ball Hunt


    Off the seventh tee, Joe sliced his shot deep into a       

    wooded ravine. He took his eight iron and clambered   

    down the embankment in search of his lost ball. After 

    many long minutes of hacking at the underbrush, he   

    spotted something glistening in the leaves. As he        

    drew nearer, he discovered that it was an eight iron in 

    the hands of a skeleton! Joe immediately called out    

    to his friend, Jack, Ive got trouble down here! Whats   

    the matter? Jack asked from the edge of the ravine.   

    Bring me my wedge, Joe shouted. You cant get out of

    here with an eight iron!                                                      




    Cloak & Dagger

    A soldier at the Pentagon got out of the shower, and    

    realized that his clothes were missing. While                 

    searching around for them, he accidentally locked       

    himself out of the locker room, and he found himself  

    completely naked in the halls of the world''s most        

    powerful military organization HQ. But, luckily, no one

    was around to see him.                                                       

    So, he ran as fast as he could to the elevator. When it  

    arrived, it was empty. He breathed a sigh of relief and 

    got in. When the doors opened on his floor, there was 

    no one waiting outside. "This must be my lucky day,"   

    he said to himself. He was now only a few yards from 

    his office.                                                                               

    Suddenly, he heard footsteps coming from around       

    the corner. He heard the General''s voice. There was    

    no way he'd make it to his door in time, so he ducked  

    into the closest office available, and found himself in  

    the laboratory for Research & Development. The          

    Head Scientist looked up from one of her                      

    experiments with puzzled interest.                                  

    The soldier thought quickly, stood up straight and       

    "I am here to report the partial success of the              

    Personal Invisibility Device," he said.                             

    "I see," the Head Scientist said. "But the Shrink Ray    

    seems to be working perfectly."                                      




    Finding Perfect Men


    At a local coffee bar, a young woman was                  

    expounding on her idea of the perfect mate to some

    of her friends.                                                                    

    "The man I marry must be a shining light amongst    

    company. He must be musical. Tell jokes. Sing. And

    stay home at night!"                                                         

    An old granny overheard and spoke up, "Honey, if    

    that's all you want, get a TV!"                                        





    12 March




    National Girls Scout Day

    National Plant a Flower Day


    National Napping Day(Day After Return of

                                                       /Daylight Saving Time)

    Commonwealth Day(2nd Mon of Mar)

    Fill Our Staplers Day(Mon of 2nd full Wk of Mar)

    National Alfred Hitchcock Day

    National Baked Scallops Day

    World Day Against Cyber Censorship



    12 March


    1967 - Suharto rises to power in Indonesia

    1947 - The Truman doctrine is proclaimed

    1938 - Hitler invades Austria

    1930 - Mahatma Gandhi embarks on his Salt March

    1918 - Moscow becomes Russia's capital city




    1979 - Pete Doherty

    1947 - Mitt Romney

    1946 - Liza Minnelli

    1922 - Jack Kerouac

    1864 - W.H.R. Rivers




    2015 - Terry Prachett

    1999 - Yehudi Menuhin

    1955 - Charlie Parker

    1925 - Sun Yat-sen

    1914 - George Westinghouse




    Did you know?

    You can go 6 months in jail for adultery in New York - WTF fun facts

    Who would be left to run the State?





    Did you know?

    Your mom and dad have a favorite child a study finds- WTF fun facts

    Sad, isn't it?





    Did you know?

    The last day to see a blue moon until 2020 - WTF fun facts

    First reminder.







    A Few English Proverbs with Explanations




    Caught between a rock and a hard place
    Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea
    (to be stuck with two choices that are both undesirable)


    Out of the frying pan and into the fire
    (to go from a bad to a worse situation)


    Might as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb
    (if you're going to get into the same amount of trouble, you might as well commit the greater offense)


    Six of one, half a dozen of the other
    (each choice is really the same thing)


    Two sides of the same coin
    (two aspects of a situation that are connected by necessity)


    In for a penny, in for a pound
    (if you're going to make a minor commitment you might as well make the entire commitment)


    Don't count your chickens before they're hatched
    (don't start making plans for something until it is a reality, rather than a pleasant speculation)


    Don't cross your bridges before you get to them

    (don't worry about future problems before you need to)


    A stitch in time saves nine
    (if you take care of a problem while it's small you won't have a bigger problem to deal with later)

    (or, as Dr. Who likes to say: A stitch in time takes up space)


    Time and tide wait for no man
    (act in a timely fashion because you can't get back lost chances)
    (or, once again as Dr. Who likes to say: Time and tide melts the snowman.)







    When You Know Your Love For Cats Is Getting Out Of Hand




    A giant cat sofa







    Hard Boiled Penguin Eggs

    Did you know that? Penguin egg whites turn clear when boiled.





    I will never be able to look at any egg the same way again!!





    (The last one for today)





    Get Hired At Google Without An Application Form












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    2. droughtquake



      WTF fun facts #8533

      Catholic priests and nuns – because they’re not allowed to get married?  ;-)

    3. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      Ugh. Penguin eggs look SO appetizing, don't they? :P

    4. Puppilull


      Poor, naked soldier... I'm sure stress can cause the same effect as that ray. 





    I am apologizing now, for the last joke in today's post





    Why did the rooster cross the Gym?                



    He heard that the referee was blowing fouls.





    A man called his mother in Florida. "Mom, how are       


    "Not too good," said the mother. "I've been very             


    The son said, "Why are you so weak?"                            

    She said, "Because I haven't eaten in 38 days."            

    The man said, "That's terrible. Why haven't you eaten

    in 38 days?"                                                                         

    The mother answers, "Because I didn't want my         

    mouth to be filled with food if you should call."          





    A mother had three daughters and on their wedding    

    days, she tells each one of them to write back and tell

    her about their marriage life.                                             

    The first one gets married. The second day the letter  

    arrives with a simple message: "Maxwell Coffee           

    House". The Mother got confused and finally noticed  

    a Maxwell advert saying "Satisfaction to the last          


    When the second daughter got married, it took a          

    week for the letter to arrive and the message read:      

    "Rothmans". So the Mother looked at a Rothmans        

    ad, and saw: "Life Size, King Size."                                   

    Finally it was the third one's wedding. Mother was       

    very anxious. After 4 weeks came the message:          

    "British Airways". When mother looked into the ad,      

    she fainted. The ad read: "Twice a day. Four times a   

    week. Both ways."                                                               




    Did you know that Lorena Bobbitt moved to Russia

    and changed her name?                                               


    She now goes by the name of Ivana Cutchacokov.





    11 March




    National Johnny Appleseed Day(today & 26th Sep)

    National Oatmeal Nut Waffles Day

    National Promposal Day

    National Worship of Tools Day


    Daylight Saving Time(2nd Sun in Mar)

    Check Your Batteries Day(2nd Sun of Mar)

    Debunking Day

    Dream Day

    Mothering Sunday(obs 21 days before Easter)

    World Day of Muslim Culture, Peace,

                                                               / Dialogue and film.

    World Plumbing Day




    11 March


    2011 - The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster strikes Japan

    2004 - 191 people die as several bombs explode on

                 Madrid commuter trains

    1990 - Lithuania becomes first Soviet republic to declare

                 its independence

    1990 - Patricio Aylwin becomes Chile's first democratically

                 elected president since the end of Augusto

                 Pinochet's dictatorship

    1851 - Guiseppe Verdi's opera, Rigoletto, is premiered




    1978 - Didier Drogba

    1952 - Douglas Adams

    1950 - Bobby McFerrin

    1931 - Rupert Murdoch

    1916 - Harold Wilson




    2006 - Slobodan Milosevic

    1971 - Philo Farnsworth

    1955 - Alexander Fleming

    1898 - William Rosecrans

    1874 - Charles Sumner




    Did you know?

    MRI scans of elderly people who exercise look younger than who don’t

    I'm doomed




    Did you know?

    New Zealand spent $17 million to get a new flag and this is what happens - WTF fun facts

    Did they ask before the search started?






    Did you know?

    The Patel Motel Cartel - WTF fun facts

    Sounds like BS. Can anyone verify this?







    What Do You Get If You Turn Donald Duck Upside Down?





    Donald T.........?? No way!!!













    There Are Two Types of Men: The Playboy And The Prayboy







    What’s the only kind of fun The Prayboy can have? – NUN






    That Moment When You Realize That You Finally Made It





    That sweet moment






    Mary Had A Little Lamb 

    (Remember, I did warn you)







    Mary had; not anymore…




    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. droughtquake



      1952 - Douglas Adams

      RIP Douglas! Were you right? Is 42 the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything?  ;-)

    3. droughtquake



      WTF fun fact #8526

      Patel is not a family name as are used in much of the world. It’s more of a regional origin designation. (Chinese names are like that too.) Kind of like it might be if you were Sandrewn Ontario!  ;-)


      There are several examples of immigrants from one country or region having extremely large percentages of a particular industry in the US. I think it’s because recent immigrants get assistance from immigrants who have been here longer. Historically, Chinese were known for dry cleaners. Koreans are known for donut shops and small grocery stores. South Asians are also known for operating gas stations and convenience stores. In some cities, Russians were taxi drivers.  ;-)


      It wouldn’t surprise me if the one third percentage was accurate…  ;-)

    4. Puppilull


      World Plumbing day! Yes, plumbing is indeed worth a day. 





    Q: What can a goose do, that a duck can't do

    and a lawyer should do?                                    


    A: Stick his bill up his ass.                                





    One sunny day a rabbit came out of her hole in the ground to enjoy the fine weather. The day was so nice that she became careless and a fox snuck up behind her and caught her.


    "I am going to eat you for lunch!", said the fox.


    "Wait!", replied the rabbit, "You should at least wait a few days."


    "Oh yeah? Why should I wait?"


    "Well, I am just finishing my thesis on 'The Superiority of rabbits over Foxes and Wolves.'"


    "Are you crazy? I should eat you right now! Everybody knows that a fox will always win over a rabbit."


    "Not really, not according to my research. If you like, you can come into my hole and read it for yourself. If you are not convinced, you can go ahead and have me for lunch."


    "You really are crazy!" But since the fox was curious and had nothing to lose, it went with the rabbit. The fox never came out.


    A few days later the rabbit was again taking a break from writing and sure enough, a wolf came out of the bushes and was right on her.


    "Wait!" yelled the rabbit, "you can't eat me right now."


    "And why might that be, my furry appetizer?"


    "I am almost finished writing my thesis on 'The Superiority of Rabbits over Foxes and Wolves.'"


    The wolf laughed so hard that it almost lost its grip on the rabbit.

    "Maybe I shouldn't eat you; you really are sick ... in the head. You might have something contagious."


    "Come and read it for yourself; you can eat me afterward if you disagree with me. So the wolf went down into the rabbit's hole ... and never came out. The rabbit finished her thesis and was out celebrating in the local lettuce patch.


    Another rabbit came along and asked, "What's up? You seem very happy."


    "Yup, I just finished my thesis."

    "Congratulations. What's it about?"

    "'The Superiority of Rabbits over Foxes and Wolves.'"

    "Are you sure? That doesn't sound right."

    "Oh yes. Come and read it for yourself."


    So together they went down into the rabbit's hole. As they entered, the friend saw the typical graduate abode, albeit a rather messy one after writing a thesis. The computer with the controversial work was in one corner. And to the right there was a pile of fox bones, on the left a pile of wolf bones. And in the middle was a large, well-fed lion.


    The moral of the story:

    The title of your thesis doesn't matter. The subject doesn't matter.
    The research doesn't matter.

    All that matters is who your advisor is.





    A beekeeper had a summer house in the Maine             

    woods. Each summer he'd invite a different friend to    

    spend a week or two. On one occasion, he invited a      

    Czechoslovakian to stay with him. They had a               

    splendid time in the country - rising early and living in

    the great outdoors.                                                              

    Early one morning they went out to pick berries fo

    their morning breakfast. As they went around the       

    berry patch along came two huge bears. The               

    beekeeper dashed for cover. His friend wasn't so        

    lucky and the male bear reached him and swallowed 

    him whole. The beekeeper ran back to his car, drove 

    to town as fast has he could, and got the sheriff. The

     sheriff grabbed his rifle and dashed back to the berry

    patch with the beekeeper.                                                

    Sure enough, both bears were still there. "He's in       

      THAT one!" cried the beekeeper, pointing to the male.

    The sheriff looked at the bears, and without batting  

    an eye, leveled his gun, took careful aim, and SHOT  

       THE FEMALE! "What did ya do that for?!" exclaimed     

    the beekeeper, "I said he was in the other!"                 


                "Yep," said the sheriff, "and would YOU believe a                   

    beekeeper who told you that the Czech was in the   






    Josh was helping Sally, the blonde, clean out the       

    trunk of her car. Inside, he noticed a bag labeled       

    "Emergency Repair Kit". Looking at it a little closer,  

    he noticed a stick of dynamite inside.                          


    Thinking that was a bit strange, he asked Sally what

    it was for.                                                                           


    She said, "It's part of my emergency repair kit."         


    Josh said, "I can see that, but why?"                            


    Sally replied, "In case I have a flat and need to blow

    up one of my tires."                                                         






    10 March




    National Blueberry Popover Day

    National Mario Day

    National Pack Your Lunch Day


    National Women & Girls HIV/Aids

                                              / Awareness Day

    Festival of Life in the Cracks Day

    Genealogy Day(Sat of 1st Full wk of Mar)

    Histotechnology Professionals Day

    Landline Telephone Day

    Intl Bagpipe Day

    Intl Day of Awesomeness

    Intl Fanny Pack Day

    US Paper Money Day

    Salvation Army Day




    10 March


    2000 - The dotcom bubble bursts when the NASDAQ

                 Composite stock market index peaks at 54080.60

    1959 - A revolt erupts in Lhasa, sparking the Tibetan


    1952 - Fulgencio Batista assumes power in Cuba after a


    1945 - The most detructive bombing raid in history hits


    1876 - The first telephone call is made




    1958 - Sharon Stone

    1957 - Osama bin Laden

    1952 - Morgan Tsvangirai

    1940 - Chuck Norris

    1903 - Bix Beiderbecke




    2012 - Jean Giraud

    1992 - Giorgos Zampetas

    1988 - Andy Gibbs

    1948 - Zelda Fitzgerald

    1913 - Harriet Tubman




    Did you know?

    Husbands caused more stress than kids for almost half the mothers - WTF fun facts

    Say it ain't so, dear???




    Did you know?

    Why you are called Jr. and not the second (II) - WTF fun facts

    I guess that makes me a chip off the old block




    Did you know?

    Health expert dies minutes after declaring he will live to be a hundred - WTF fun facts

    If you are wrong, at least go out in style (he did)







    No, not gone, but I am sourcing new illusion sites.

    I felt the need for some humor, I hope you enjoy these.





    Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse








    It Is So Cold In Siberia That You’d Freeze Your Eyelashes Off








    How To Wipe Out The Human Race? – By Arming Up The Robots










    The End Of Racism








    Grandpa Gets A Face Swap










    Fox Lays One In A Hole






    The End

    (for today)




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    2. droughtquake



      How To Wipe Out The Human Race?

      I’d like to know who’s stupid enough to do that! I’m guessing either US or Russia! But someone who either loves or has never seen the Terminator movies.  ;-)

    3. Puppilull


      What a post jam packed with good stuff! All the jokes were excellent (a punster like me especially liked the Czech in the male...). 


      I actually have a landline... Dinosaur warning perhaps. 


      The dot com crash took over two years to reach Sweden. After April 2002, things were completely dead.

    4. droughtquake



      The dot com crash took over two years to reach Sweden. After April 2002, things were completely dead.

      Things were especially devastating in the Bay Area. People who moved to Oakland to escape from the too tight or too expensive housing market across the Bay in San Francisco move back (or away). Traffic across the Bay Bridge suddenly dropped in volume.


      But gradually, after a few years, things started to pick up again. Especially in San Francisco, along the Peninsula, and the South Bay/Silicon Valley area, construction has been booming. However, there are still areas that have been left out if the rush to build, like West (Contra Costa) County which has never recovered from the closing of the WWII shipyards.




    Teacher : "Now, Sam, tell me frankly do you say

    prayers before eating?"                                           

    Sam : "No sir, I don't have to, my mom is a good





     An insurance agent's wife was learning to drive   

    when the brakes failed. "What should I do?" she 



    "Brace yourself, and try to hit something cheap."





    A woman announces to her friend that she is getting  

    married for the fourth time.                                               

    "How wonderful! But I hope you don't mind me asking

    what happened to your first husband?"                           


    "He ate poisonous mushrooms and died."                      


    "Oh, how tragic! What about your second husband?"   


    "He ate poisonous mushrooms too and died."               


    "Oh, how terrible! I'm almost afraid to ask you about  

    your third husband."                                                          


    "He died of a broken neck."                                              


    "A broken neck?"                                                                


    "He wouldn't eat the mushrooms."                                  





    New Simplified Tax Form for 2017 Taxes             

    1. How much money did you make in 2017?         
    2. Send it to us.                                                           





    9 March




    National Day of Unplugging(2nd Fri in Mar)

    National Barbie Day

    National Crabmeat Day

    National Get Over It Day


    National Meatball Day

    Amerigo Vespucci Day

    Bang-Clang Day

    False Teeth Day

    Middle Name Pride Day(Fri of 1st full wk of Mar)

    Joe Franklin Day

    Panic Day

    National Preschooler's Day(2nd Fri of Mar)



    9 March


    2011 - Space Shuttle Discovery completes its final mission

    1976 - The deadliest cable car accident in history occurs in


    1961 - Ivan Ivanovich, a human dummy, travels into space

    1959 - The Barbie doll goes on sale

    1931 - The electron microscope is invented




    1964 - Juliette Binoche

    1943 - Bobby Fischer

    1934 - Yuri Gagarin

    1915 - Johnnie Johnson

    1890 - Vyacheslav Molotov




    1997 - The Notorious B.I.G.

    1996 - George Burns

    1994 - Charles Bukowski

    1992 - Menachem Begin

    1825 - Anna Laetitia Barbauld




    Did you know?

    Sadness, anger, and jealousy can make you a healthier person - WTF fun facts






    Did you know?

    Michael Jordan - WTF fun facts

    I've never been to Vegas




    Did you know?

    Psychopathic people are not good at manipulating people online - WTF fun facts

    I guess we here at GA, will never know












    Tick-Tock! Crazy Clock Optical Illusion



    Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock! It’s a crazy clock optical illusion today!

    Mornings are bad enough without having to worry about our clocks moving on us. It think that if I had this particular clock, I would probably just blow off the day before it even started for me. Just crawl back under the covers and hide…









    This is one of those nutty moving optical illusions with some clock hands added for good measure. The background of this clock optical illusion seems to rotate and move when I move my eyes to the side and look at it out of the corner of my eye. I can’t even imagine having this hanging on my wall. I would probably avoid looking at the clock even more than I already do now!


    Would you hang this clock on your wall in your house? Or would you save it for your mortal enemy’s house?






    Cute Monkey Face Illusion for Friday


    Since it’s Friday, I’m thinking that we need a fun illusion today! So, enjoy this cute little monkey face illusion…








    This monkey face illusion is such a simple illusion, but it’s so adorable! It’s actually just photograph that was perfectly timed. The monkey had to have been in just the right position at just the right time to get this shot!




    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      I don't even have a middle name! :P Seems like people make a bigger deal out of that crap than they should. Do you know why people are always embarrassed when their parents talk about their middle name? Because, subconsciously, they know it's not natural to have more than two names. :gikkle:

    3. Puppilull


      Unknowingly of the day, I had meatballs yesterday. What a fluke celebration! We don't have a meatball day in Sweden, strangely enough. 


      The monkey faced girl could actually have improved her look, because that combo is super cute! ;)

    4. droughtquake


      There are only two reasons I can think of off-hand for having a middle name (neither which apply in my case):

      1. Your last name is so common that there’d be confusion otherwise (ie Johnson, Jackson, Thompson, Smith, etc)
      2. Your parents want to honor your heritage (ie ethnic/national/racial, family history)


      With my older nephew, his parents decided to honor my paternal grandfather. With my younger nephew, his parents chose to name him after a Dutch author they both admire. With my second grand-niece, my older nephew and his wife decided to honor their grandmothers and her middle name is my mother’s name – and coincidentally, she shares my initials!  ;-)


      While my parents decided to go biblical (kind of obvious considering my father’s profession of Protestant minister), my brothers and their wives went with very British first names for their sons (kind of fitting for my older nephew since most of his mother’s ancestors were probably English). As I mentioned elsewhere, my older niece has a made-up name, but her brother chose his mother middle name to go with it. My younger niece is adopted and they modified her birth last name to use as her first name – and her really bad uncle can’t remember what her middle name is!  ;-)




    A pie walks into a pub and asks for a pint and some


    crisps. "Sorry," the barman replies, "We don't serve  







    An efficiency expert concluded his lecture with a note 

    of caution. "You need to be careful about trying these  

    techniques at home."                                                            


    "Why?" asked somebody from the audience.                  


    "I watched my wife's routine at dinner for years," the    

    expert explained. "She made lots of trips between the

    refrigerator, stove, table and cabinets, often carrying 

    a single item at a time.                                                      


    One day I told her, 'Honey, why don't you try carrying  

    several things at once?'                                                    


    "Did it save time?" the guy in the audience asked.      


    "Actually, yes," replied the expert. "It used to take her

    30 minutes to make dinner.                                             


    Now I do it in ten..."                                                           





    A tourist walks into a pet shop in Silicon Valley, and is          

    browsing round the cages on display. While he's there,          

    another customer walks in and says to the shopkeeper,        

    "I'll have a C monkey, please."                                                       


    The shopkeeper nods, goes over to a cage at the side            

    of the shop and takes out a monkey. He fits a collar and        

    leash and hands it to the customer, saying "That'll be             



    The customer pays and walks out with his monkey.                


    Startled, the tourist goes over to the shopkeeper. "That         

    was a very expensive monkey - most of them are only a       

    few hundred dollars. Why did it cost so much?"                       


    "Ah, that monkey can program in C - very fast, tight code,     

    no bugs, well worth the money."                                                   


    The tourist looks at the monkeys in that cage. "That one's     

    even more expensive - $10,000 dollars! What does it do?"     


    "Oh, that one's a C++ monkey; it can manage object oriented

    programming, Visual C++, even some Java, all the really       

    useful stuff."                                                                                     


    The tourist looks round for a little longer and sees a third     

    monkey in a cage on its own. The price tag round its neck    

    says $50,000. He gasps to the shopkeeper, "That one costs 

    more than all the others put together! What on earth does    

    it do?"                                                                                                 


    "Well, I don't know if it does anything, but it says it's a            






    I'm so ugly, when I tried to join an ugly contest they


    told me "Sorry, no professionals."                                 






    8 March




    National Oregon Day

    National Peanut Cluster Day


    National Proofreading Day

    International Women's Day

    Girls Write Now Day

    Nametag Day(Thu of 1st full wk of Mar)

    National Be Nasty Day

    World Kidney Day(2nd Thu of Mar)

    Popcorn Lovers Day



    8 March


    1979 - The compact disc is presented to the public

    1978 - The first episode of the radio comedy The

                 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is broadcast

    1971 - In the Fight of the Century, Joe Frazier triumphs

                 over Muhammad Ali

    1910 - Raymonde de Laroche becomes the first woman

                 with a pilot's license

    1817 - The New York Stock Exchange is founded




    1990 - Petra Kvitova

    1952 - George Allen

    1907 - Konstantinos Karamanlis

    1879 - Otto Hahn

    1841 - Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.




    1999 - Joe DiMaggio

    1942 - Jose Raul Capablanca

    1930 - William Howard Taft

    1917 - Ferdinand von Zeppelin

    1869 - Hector Berlioz




    Did you know?

    Apple Trees - WTF fun facts

    I didn't know that something so simple, was so complicated




    Did you know?

    How this Russian Emperor tried to modernize Russia - WTF fun facts

    I tax grab is what it sounds like





    Did you know?

    Facts - WTF fun facts

    Well said










    Fun Rainy Day Puddle Illusion



    Today’s puddle illusion is an oldie but a goodie. It’s been floating around the Internet for a while now.






    It looks like a person’s reflection in a puddle, doesn’t it. However, when you really look at the picture, you begin to realize that something just isn’t quite right. For instance, someone’s reflection and shoes are there, but the actual person is not! It’s impossible, for lack of a better word.


    Judging from the position of the legs in the reflection, I think it’s safe to say that this puddle illusion is nothing more than a clever Photoshop job. It’s still a pretty great illusion, though, and it definitely made me do a double take!







    Let’s Go For an Impossible Bike Ride!

    It’s a beautiful day for a bike ride, don’t you think? Apparently, these ladies thought so too, and they set out for a bike ride near the beach…






    But, we are an optical illusion website, and I didn’t post this just to spread the word about how bike rides are a fun way to stay in shape. As always, there’s something a little off about this picture.


    I’ll give you a moment to ponder this bike optical illusions before I go spewing hints…


    Do you see it yet? If not, no worries! I didn’t spot it for a while either


    Here are a few hints to help you out:

    • There’s nothing hidden in the trees.
    • The image doesn’t need to be turned upside down.
    • You don’t need to squint or take your glasses off.
    • It has nothing to do with the women at all.
    • It’s on the left side of the picture.
    • It’s a bike optical illusion.

    See the bike optical illusion yet? Need even more help? How about I just tell you…






    This bike optical illusion is really an illusion, because there is no bike—at least not one that’s possible in reality. The woman to the far left in the image is steering something, but it isn’t her own bike! If you look closely, you can see that her handlebars are actually connected to the woman’s bike next to her. Look even closer still, and it looks like her leg is also over the other woman’s bike, and it may appear that they’re actually riding a tandem bike. However, because they’re actually positioned next to each other, this is one impossible bike ride and a fun bike optical illusion!




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    2. droughtquake



      International Women's Day

      Followed by World Naked Bike Race in San Francisco on Saturday, March 10th (there was a previous WNBR in SF on January 1st).  Public nudity is illegal in San Francisco with exceptions for certain festivals (including Folsom St). But the authorities generally do not enforce those prohibitions too strictly.


      Many Southern Hemisphere locations will also hold their WNBRs on March 10th (Melbourne, Vic is waiting until Sunday, March 18th).

    3. Puppilull


      So, the apple does fall far from the tree...? 


      I may observe Nat Popcorn Day a day late. Well worth celebrating!

    4. Ivor Slipper

      Ivor Slipper

      @sandrewn  WTF Fact 8518


      I bet that led to a few hairy moments if you couldn't find your token......

  12. Happy Birthday  Jim! I almost missed the party.:music:



    Did you hear about the guy who died of a Viagra

    overdose? They couldn't close his casket.           




    Lunch Break








    A traffic Policeman recently stopped a woman for   

    exceeding the posted speed limit. He asked the       

    driver her name.                                                               

    She said, "I'm Mrs. Chadivaler Zuminskagia               

    Ragretumunga from the Republic of Uzbetikan         

    visiting my sister in Columbia."                                     

    As she finished speaking the cop paused for a         

    moment and then put away his summons book and

    pen, and said, "Well... OK... but don't let me catch    

    you speeding again."                                                       





    One day the first grade teacher was reading the story

    of Chicken Little to her class. She came to the part of

    the story where Chicken Little tried to warn the           

    farmer. She read, ".... and so Chicken Little went up   

    to the farmer and said, "The sky is falling, the sky is  


    The teacher paused then asked the class, "And what 

    do you think that farmer said?"                                       

    One little girl raised her hand and said,                         
    "I think he said: 'Holy Mackerel! A talking chicken!'"  

    The teacher was unable to teach for the next 10        






    The teenage granddaughter comes downstairs for     

    her date with this see-through blouse on and no bra. 

    Her grandmother just has a fit, telling her not to dare 

    go out like that.                                                                   


    The teenager tells her "Loosen up Grams. These are  

    modern times. You gotta let your rosebuds show!"     

    and out she goes.                                                               


    The next day the teenager comes downstairs, and      

    the grandmother is sitting there with no top on. The  

    teenager wants to die.                                                       


    She explains to her grandmother that she has friend 

    coming over and that it is just not appropriate.           


    "Loosen up, sweetie. If you can show off your            

    rosebuds, then I can display my hanging baskets."    




    Seen on the door of a music shop: "Gone Chopin

    with my Liszt. Bach at 2pm. Offenbach sooner."  





    7 March




    National Be Heard Day

    National Cereal Day


    National Crown of Roast Pork Day

    Discover What Your Name Means Day

                                                        (Wed First full wk of Mar)

    Stop Bad Service Day(1st Wed of Mar)



    7 March


    1971 - A speech by Sheikh Mujhibur Rahman helps spark

                 the Bangladesh war of independence

    1965 - Police brutally attack civil rights marchers in Selma,


    1945 - U.S. troops capture the Ludendorff Bridge and cross

                 the Rhine at Remagen

    1926 - The first two-way transatlantic telephone takes place

    1900 - The SS Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse becomes the

                 first ship to send wireless signals to shore




    1970 - Rachel Weisz

    1960 - Ivan Lendl

    1944 - Townes Van Zandt

    1902 - Heinz Ruhmann

    1875 - Maurice Ravel




    2006 - Ali Farka Toure

    1999 - Stanley Kubrick

    1975 - Mikhail Baktin

    1952 - Paramahansa Yogananda

    1274 - Saint Thomas Aquinas




    Did you know?

    Reasons why your hair is falling - WTF fun facts





    Did you know?

    Hi, if you vape then check out our online shop with amazing deals on ejuices





    Did you know?

    Helicopter meaning - WTF fun facts

    (#2) - Wow, that makes two new things I learned today












    Inside Out Cube Illusion

    I opened it and immediately thought I was staring at the outer corner of a cube. Then, it looked like it was actually the inner corner of a cube. Then, it looked like just a bunch of little cubes.

    And now, I’m so confused!

    What do you think about this cube illusion? Is it the outside corner or inside corner? Or, is it not a cube illusion at all…?







    See what I mean? It’s a little hard to tell if you’re looking at the outside or inside of a cube. If you look at it just right, you can probably even see both perspectives.







    When You See It Optical Illusion







    After looking at the optical illusion above, were you able to figure out what’s hidden in the image? If so, good job, if not, try looking over it again and concentrating.




    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Puppilull


      Love the lunch break! See, it's not impossible to get along... 


      The cube appears to illustrate bureaucracy. IMHO

    3. droughtquake



      Love the lunch break! See, it's not impossible to get along... 

      Said Sister Sweden to the mouse!  ;-)

    4. Puppilull


      Oh, I never seriously injure. Maybe inflict some pain, but that's just nice... 🇸🇪




    What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple? 

    Half a worm.                                                                 




    After being with her all evening, the man couldn't take

    another minute with his blind date. Earlier, he had        

    secretly arranged to have a friend call him to the          

    phone so he would have an excuse to leave if                

    something like this happened.                                           

    When he returned to the table, he lowered his eyes,     

    put on a grim expression and said, "I have some bad   

    news. My grandfather just died."                                       

    "Thank heavens," his date replied. "If yours hadn't,        

    mine would have had to!"                                                   





    A man was walking into the hospital for a routine

    examination the other day. Just as he reached the

    main entrance, another man, who had just exited the

    hospital, keeled over on the sidewalk. The first man

    ran towards the second and noticed that he was

    obviously dead.
    The man rushed into the hospital, grabbed the first

    doctor that he could find, and screamed, "Doctor,

    Doctor!! A man just walked out of the hospital and

    dropped dead on the sidewalk!! What should I do?"
    The doctor thought about this dilemma for a few

    moments, then suggested, "Spin him around. Make it

    look like he was coming in."




    “How did school go today? a mother asked her little    



    “Fine”, the little fellow replied. “We had a new teacher

    and she wanted to know if I had any brothers and I     

    told her I was an only child”.                                            


    What did she say?” his mother asked.                           


    “The teacher said, “Thank goodness”                            




    “Some aquatic mammals at the zoo escaped. It was

    otter chaos.”                                                                      






    6 March




    National Oreo Cookie Day

    National Dentist's Day

    National Dress Day

    National Frozen Food Day


    National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day

    Alamo Day

    National Sportsmanship Day(1st Tue of Mar)

    Peace Corp Day

    Unique Names Day(Tue of first wk of Mar)



    6 March


    1987 - 193 people die when a ferry capsizes in the North Sea

    1967 - Stalin's daughter defects to the West

    1957 - Ghana becomes the first African country to gain

                 independence from colonial rule

    1899 - The painkiller Aspirin is registered as a trademark

    1869 - The first periodic table of chemical elements is





    1972 - Shaquille O'Neal

    1946 - David Gilmour

    1936 - Marion Barry

    1926 - Alan Greenspan

    1475 - Michelangelo




    2007 - Jean Baudrillard

    1986 - Georgia O'Keeffe

    1982 - Ayn Rand

    1900 - Gottlieb Daimler

    1842 - Constanze Mozart




    Did you know?

    Double Tree of Casorzo - WTF fun facts






    Did you know?

    How Tokyo train stations decreased suicide rates - WTF fun facts

    If it is a proven fact, install them everywhere needed, ASAP




    Did you know?

    How UPS save $100 million in fuel cost - WTF fun facts

    This one I find to be a bit suspicious










    Optical Illusion Bookshelf



    Today’s illusion is about a piece of furniture. What? How in a world can these things fall into optical illusions topic, you ask me? To find out, check out this “ordinary” bookshelf built by Italian designers Eva Alessandrini and Roberto Saporiti of the Italian furniture design firm Saporiti. Can you see if there is something out of ordinary going on? How long did it take before you were able to spot it? Still no luck? Then feel free to jump inside this article, and scroll until you see the solution!




    Still no luck?



    How about if we remove all of the books and just leave the empty bookshelves? See the subtle message now? Hope you like it as much as I did!









    Italian studio Saporiti has created an interesting alphabetical and numerical bookshelf casings, which allows customers to choose individual letters to spell short phrases, dates, or other.







    Toy Soldiers Optical Illusion


    Do you remember when you were a little kid and you would invite a friend over to your house to play with toy soldiers? Even if your friend didn’t make it, you probably still played with the soldiers and just took full advantage of your imagination. Well, the guy who created the optical illusion I’m going to show you today plays with toy soldiers and definitely has a great imagination. However, he’s not playing with them in the way that you probably played with them. Check out the picture below and you’ll see what I mean.










    Now that’s a pretty cool illusion, huh? It turns out only one of the soldiers is actually a toy soldier and the rest are drawings.



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    2. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      The cherry tree would never have been able to grow this big or suppress the mulberry just by sprouting in a small depression. Grafting is the only way. Lots of ornamental trees are grafted, but it's normally done close to the ground, so you don't see it and so the root stock doesn't get the chance to grow and overtake the grafted tree.

    3. droughtquake


      Most rose plants sold in the US are grafted onto rootstock that’s a different variety. The rootstock is bred to be stronger and more resistant to disease and the part grafted on is developed for their blossoms. This gives you the best chance of successfully growing beautiful roses.  ;-)

    4. Puppilull


      Otter chaos... I could see myself enjoy that.


      Loved the book case and the toy soldiers. Very clever!




    I never wanted to believe that my Dad was stealing 

    from his job as a road worker. But when I got home,

    all the signs were there.                                                 





    A woman was having a passionate affair with an        

    inspector from pest-control company. One afternoon

    they were carrying on in the bedroom together when 

    her husband arrived home unexpectedly. "Quick,"       

    said the woman to her lover, "into the closet!", and     

    she pushed him into the closet stark naked. The        

    husband, however, became suspicious and after a    

    search of the bedroom discovered the man in the      

    closet. "Who are you?" he asked him.                            

    "I'm an inspector from Bugs-B-Gone," said the            


    What are you doing in there?" the husband asked.    

     I'm investigating a complaint about an infestation of

    moths," the man replied.                                                 

    "And where are your clothes?" asked the husband.   

    The man looked down at himself and said, "Those   

    little bastards!"                                                                 




    A guy says to the bartender, "A glass of your finest Less,


    "Less? Never heard of it."                                                        

    "C'mon, sure you have."                                                           

    "No, really, we don't stock it. What is it? Some kind of     

    foreign beer?"                                                                          

    "I'm not sure. It was my doctor who mentioned it. He      

    said I should drink Less."                                                       





    After gunning his BMW the wrong way down a one-

    way street, the rather intoxicated young man was    

    asked where he thought he was going by a curious 

    police officer.                                                                   

    “I’m not really sure,” confessed the drunk, “but         

    wherever it is, I must be late, because everybody    

    seems to be coming back already.”                             




    Crazy people don't know they are     

    crazy, I know I'm crazy therefore I'm

    not crazy. Isn't that crazy.                  






    5 March




    National Cheese Doodle Day

    National Absinthe Day


    National Multiple Personality Day

    Casimir Pulaski Day(1st Mon of Mar)

    Cinco de Marcho

    Fun Facts About Names Day(Mon of 1st full wk of Mar)

    National Potty Dance Day



    5 March


    1981 - The home computer ZX81 is launched

    1970 - The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty enters into


    1960 - Alberto Korda takes his famous picture of

                 revolutionary Che Guevara

    1872 - The air brake is patented

    1616 - Nicolaus Copernicus' revolutionary book De

                 revolutionibus orbium coelestium is banned by the

                 Catholic Church




    1970 - John Frusciante

    1951 - Lat

    1948 - Elaine Paige

    1898 - Zhou Enlai

    1871 - Rosa Luxemburg




    2013 - Hugo Chavez

    1963 - Patsy Cline

    1953 - Sergei Prokofiev

    1953 - Joseph Stalin

    1895 - Nikolai Leskov




    Did you know?

    90s Kids - WTF fun facts






    Did you know?

    Jimmy Carter said he will release all UFO documents if he became president - WTF fun facts






    Did you know?

    How some Uber drivers in China make money - WTF fun facts
















    Dog Face Optical Illusion and a

    Perfectly Timed Photo













    It’s a…Dog With Antlers?!









    Accidental Photo Illusion | Nice Legs!






    You figure it out



    1. droughtquake



      Nice Legs!


      She’s wearing his shoes while leaning to her right. He’s sitting behind her while wearing her pants and groping himself! That’s why they’re grinning like that!


    2. Puppilull


      I laughed out loud at the road worker and the moth man. Especially good jokes today!


      The dogwoman is funny too. The wife of SuperDog?


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