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     Cat Vision

    What a human sees: A Beautiful sandy beach
    What a cat sees: The worlds largest litter box

    WHAT A HUMAN SEES: A new couch              
    WHAT A CAT SEES: A new scratching post    

    What a human sees: a new Pet fish                 
    What a cat sees: A Tasty snack                        





    The racehorse owner was annoyed with the running

    of his horse at the race.                                                  

    He turned on the jockey.                                                 

    "Flaherty, could you not have raced faster?"               

    "Sure I could have, but you know we're supposed to 

    stay on the horse."                                                           





    A man was driving down the highway, and he saw a rabbit hopping across the road. He swerved to avoid hitting the rabbit, but unfortunately the rabbit jumped in front of the car and was hit.


    The driver, being a sensitive man as well as an animal lover, pulled over to the side of the road, and got out to see what had become of the rabbit. Much to his dismay, it was dead. The driver felt so awful, he began to cry.


    A woman driving down the same road came along, saw the man crying on the side of the road, and pulled over. She stepped out of her car and asked the man what was wrong.


    "I feel terrible," he explained. "I accidentally hit this rabbit and killed it."


    The woman told the man not to worry; she knew what to do. She went to her car trunk, and pulled out a spray can. She walked over to the limp, dead rabbit, and sprayed the contents of the can onto the animal.


    Miraculously the rabbit came to life, jumped up, waved its paw at the two humans, and hopped down the road. Fifty yards away, the rabbit stopped, turned around, waved again, hopped down the road another fifty yards, waved and hopped another fifty yards.


    The man was astonished. He couldn't figure out what substance could be in the woman's spray can!! He ran over to the woman and demanded, "What was in your can? What did you spray on that rabbit?"


    The woman turned the can around so that the man could read the label. It said: "Hair spray. Restores life to dead hair. Adds permanent wave."





    “I just looked up the word 'apocalypse' in the

    dictionary. It was quite a revelation.”              






    14 December




    Monkey Day

    National Bouillabaisse Day


    Roast Chestnuts Day



    14 December


    2012 - Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings

    1961 - Tanzania joins the United Nations

    1958 - Soviets Reach the Southern Pole of Inaccessibility

    1939 - USSR expelled from the League of Nations

    1911 - Roald Amundsen reaches South Pole



    1988 - Vanessa Hudgens

    1966 - Fabrizio Giovanardi

    1947 - Dilma Rousseff

    1546 - Tycho Brahe

    1503 - Nostradamus



    2013 - Peter O'Toole

    1989 - Andrei Sakharov

    1947 - Stanley Baldwin

    1943 - John Harvey Kellogg

    1799 - George Washington




    Did you know?


    24When one door closes, another opens - WTF fun facts

    I believe in that first part and have experienced the second part




    Did you know?


    Best time to drink coffee - WTF fun facts

    Maybe so, but for me it is 24/7






    Did you know?


    Lego slippers - WTF fun facts

    A blessing for all parents












    Oruga de Plumas, or “Caterpillar of Feathers”

    (is the name given to this image)



    it’s actually a group of European Bee-eaters





    Who is Holding Whom?










    Find 13 Orcas Illusion





    eleven so far? OK, 13 found.



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    2. Puppilull


      Loved the hair-hare story! :)



    3. droughtquake



      Find 13 Orcas Illusion

      I found all 13!


      I remember watching the Shamu show in the original Sea World in San Diego back in the early ‘70s when the tank was an oval shape maybe a third or quarter the size of a high school pool. It was maybe three Orca-lengths wide and it was shared with a dolphin that was forced to be the companion of its natural predator! It had to be incredibly stressful for both animals! There was a point where the Orca was trained to roll over and show its belly. The trainer would point out where the mammal ‘was inflated every morning’!

    4. droughtquake



      Who is Holding Whom?

      The man is holding the woman wearing the sash. A second woman is leaning awkwardly on the right, she’s wearing a black top that just happens to color-match the skirt the sash-wearing woman is wearing.




    The NSA: a government organization

    that actually listens to you!                 





    While a man was dying, his wife was maintaining a       

    candlelight vigil by his side. She held his fragile hand, 

    tears running down her face.                                             

    Her praying woke him from his slumber. He looked      

    up, and his pale lips began to move slightly.                  
    "My darling," he whispered.                                                

    "Hush, my love," she said. "Rest, don't talk."                    

    He was insistent. "I have something that I must            

    confess," he said in a tired voice.                                      

    "There isn't anything to confess," replied his weeping   

    wife. "Everything's ok. Go to sleep."                                  

    The man blurted out: "No, no, I must die in peace. I...I  

    slept with your sister, your best friend, her best friend,

    and your mother!"                                                                 

    "I know," whispered his wife, "that's why I poisoned       






    You are driving in a car at a constant speed.                 
    On your left side is a valley and on your right side is a

    fire engine traveling at the same speed as you.           
    In front of you is a galloping pig which is the same     

    size as your car and you cannot overtake it.                 
    Behind you is a helicopter flying at ground level.         
    Both the giant pig and the helicopter are also              

    traveling at the same speed as you.                               
    What must you do to safely get out of this highly        

    dangerous situation?                                                         

    Don't ride the kiddie merry-go-round when you are     

    drunk, so get off.                                                                





    Ma was in the kitchen fiddlin around when she hollars out... "Pa you need to fix the outhouse!"

    Pa replies, "there ain't nuthin wrong with the outhouse."

    Ma yells back, "Yes there is now git out there and fix it."

    So... Pa mosies out to the outhouse, look's around and yell's back, " there ain't nuthin wrong with the outhouse!"

    Ma replies "Stick your head in the hole!"

    Pa yell's back "I ain't sticking my head in that hole!"

    Ma says "ya have to stick your head in the hole to see what to fix."

    So with that, pa sticks his head in the hole and looks around and yells back,"Ma there ain't nuthin wrong with this outhouse!"

    Ma hollars back, " now take your head out of the hole!"

    Pa proceeds to pull his head out of the hole, then starts yelling, " Ma!Help! My beard is stuck in the cracks in the Toilet seat!"

    To which ma replies "Hurt's , don't it?!






    What do vampires think of blood transfusions?

    Newfangled rubbish!                                              




    13 December




    National Cocoa Day

    National Day of the Horse

    Pick a Pathologist Day

    National Violin Day


    National Guard Birthday

    Ice Cream Day

    The Start of Hanukkah



    13 December


    2003 - Saddam Hussein Captured

    2001 - Attack on Indian parliament

    1972 - Last human landing on the Moon

    1795 - Meteorite crashes into Wold Newton in

                 Yorkshire, England

    1642 - First European to Reach New Zealand




    1989 - Taylor Swift

    1948 - Ted Nugent

    1936 - Aga Khan lV

    1902 - Talcott Parsons

    1818 - Mary Todd Lincoln



    2010 - Richard Holbrooke

    2005 - Stanley Williams

    1944 - Wassily Kandinsky

    1784 - Samuel Johnson

    1204 - Maimonides




    Did you know?


    Bananas will help you sleep better - WTF fun facts








    Did you know?


    Crocodile who allegedly killed 300 people - WTF fun facts








    Did you know?


    blood donors - WTF fun facts











    That Looks Like Tree?





    This is an extraordinary shot taken by Adriana Franco, and chosen as one of the best submissions to National Geographic “My Shot” online community back in December 2011. What is so amazing about this photograph is that it shows a river in a desert in Baja California, Mexico. Have you by any chance mistaken it for a tree at first? You’re not alone! I did.






    Find The Goat!










    Do any of you recall this one from a while back.


    Illusion of many faces


    Here is the solution






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    2. droughtquake



      1972 - Last human landing on the Moon

      When I was a child, I certainly didn’t think that a teenaged me was experiencing the last time a human walked on the moon! I fully expected that manned moon landings would continue throughout my life and that human habitation of the moon was likely. I remember how everyone thought that PanAm (Pan American Airlines) would eventually have flights to the moon just like they showed in 2001: A Space Odyssey (they even sold reservations for those trips)! I thought that humans would land on Mars during my lifetime too, although that still seems possible!  ;-)


      I had high hopes for a Space Elevator too!  ;-)

    3. droughtquake


      Can I donate some of my fat to starving people? I have plenty to share. My body worked long and hard to build up these reserves…

    4. Ivor Slipper

      Ivor Slipper



      "I had high hopes for a Space Elevator too!  ;-)"


      Turned out to be a case of Miss Otis regrets :)





    All my life I've walked around wearing one sandal

    and one boot. To me, this is a feet that has never 

    been matched.                                                             






    Bubba applied for an engineering position at a Lake Charles refinery. A Yankee applied for the same job and both applicants having the same qualifications were asked to take a test by the manager. Upon completion of the test, both men only missed one of the questions. The manager went to Bubba and said: "Thank you for your interest, but we've decided to give the Yankee the job."Bubba asked: "And why are you giving him the job? We both got nine questions correct. This being Louisiana, and me being a Southern boy, I should get the job!"

    The manager said: "We have made our decision not on the correct answers, but rather on the one question that you both missed."

    Bubba then asked: "And just how would one incorrect answer be better than the other?"
    The manager replied: "Bubba, its like this. On question #4 the Yankee put down; "I don't know." You put down, "Neither do I."






    Doctor: What's wrong with your bother?

    Boy: He thinks he is a chicken.               

    Doctor: really? How long has this been 

    going on?                                                    

    Boy: Five years.                                         

    Doctor: Five years!                                    

           Boy: We would have brought him in earlier,

    but we needed the eggs.                         





    The Iowa Wage and Hour Department claimed a man owning a small farm was not paying proper wages to his help and sent an agent to interview him.
    "I need a list of your employees and how much you pay them," demanded the agent.
    "Well, there are my hired hands. One has been with me for four years; the other for three. I pay them each $600 a week, plus free room and board. The cook has been here for 18 months, and I pay her $500 a month plus free room and board. Then there's the half-wit that works here about 18 hours a day. He takes home $10 a week and I buy him a bottle of bourbon every week," replied the farmer.
    "That's the guy I want to talk to; the half-wit," said the agent.
    The farmer said, "That would be me."
    Have you ever tried eating a clock? It's very time
    12 December
    National Ding-A-Ling Day
    Chanukah(changes annually)
    Gingerbread House Day
    National Ambrosia Day
    National Poinsettia Day
    Intl Day of Neutrality
    National 12-hour Fresh Breath Day
    Festival of Unmentionable Thoughts
    12 December
    2009 - Houston gets openly gay mayor
    1969 - Piazza Fontana bombing
    1963 - Kenyan independence
    1787 - Pennsylvania becomes 2nd state to ratify the
                 U.S. Constitution
    1950 - Rajinikanth
    1923 - Bob Barker
    1915 - Frank Sinatra
    1881 - Harry Warner
    1863 - Edvard Munch
    2007 - Ike Turner
    1999 - Joseph Heller
    1985 - Anne Baxter
    1968 - Tallulah Bankhead
    1889 - Robert Browning
    Did you know?
    Who needs Ripley's, when you have Tama (believe it or not)
    Did you know that?
    This winery in Spain leaves a glass of sherry for the mice - WTF fun facts
    I hope a well matched cheese is included - Salud
    Two Faced Illusion With Makeup

    Tunnel Graffiti Optical Illusion in Montreal

    (I am going to go looking for this one)


    Awesome Moving Tunnel Optical Illusion!




    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. sandrewn



      The district that can only be accessed through the tunnel?  ;-)


      No, the bicycle fanatics want more bike paths in the city. There already are hundreds of miles in and around the city. That wall will probably end up with a bike path tunnel sometime in the future.

      Actually I am all for it. More bikes and less cars, a win, win scenario.


    3. droughtquake


      I live in a city with more than a few bike paths, but bicyclists seem to prefer riding (illegally) on the sidewalks of streets a just two blocks away from the bike paths. I think activists and politicians reacted to pressure from outside the city (particularly from nearby Berkeley) when they decided to create the paths. Either that or someone needs to educate bicyclists on their responsibilities and requirements.


      Actually, all bicyclists seem to need a refresher course on their responsibilities and requirements. Too many ignore traffic laws, running stop signs and red lights, or riding their bikes in crosswalks. Most bicyclists think they are pedestrians rather than the vehicles that they are legally categorized as!


      Yes, I’m annoyed! I’ve been nearly run over by bicyclists while walking on sidewalks and in crosswalks too many times! When I used to have a car, I’d always have to watch out for bicyclists who would ignore everyone else and run red lights!

    4. Puppilull


      Both Tama the cat (sorry, Station master) and the sherry mice were too cute for words! Well, except for these words...





    A psychiatrist's secretary walks into his study and says,       

    "There's a gentleman in the waiting room asking to see you.

    Claims he's invisible."                                                                    


    The psychiatrist responds, "Tell him I can't see him."            




    A young man, who was also an avid golfer, found himself with a few hours to spare one afternoon. He figured if he hurried and played very fast, he could get in 9 holes before he had to head home. Just as he was about to tee off, an old gentleman shuffled onto the tee and asked if he could accompany the young man as he was golfing alone. Not being able to say no, he allowed the old man to join him.


    To his surprise, the old man played fairly quickly. He didn't hit the ball far, but plodded along consistently and didn't waste much time.


    Finally, they reached the 9th fairway and the young man found himself with a tough shot. There was a large pine tree right in front of his ball and directly between his ball and the green.


    After several minutes of debating how to hit the shot, the old man finally said, "You know, when I was your age, I'd hit the ball right over that tree."


    With that challenge placed before him, the youngster swung hard, hit the ball up, right smack into the top of the tree trunk and it thudded back on the ground not a foot from where it had originally lay.


    The old man offered one more comment, "Of course, when I was your age, that pine tree was only 3 feet tall."






    In a small town the veterinarian, who was also the   

    chief of police, was awakened by the telephone.      


    “Please hurry!” said the woman’s voice on the other

    end of the line.                                                                 

    “Do you need the police or a vet?” he asked.             


    “Both,” the woman replied. “I’m not able to get my   

    dog’s mouth open, and there’s a burglar’s leg in it.”  






    A football fan is a guy who’ll yell at the quarterback   

    for not spotting an open receiver forty-five yards        

    away, then head for the parking lot and not be able to

    find his own car.                                                                  





    11 December



    National App Day


    National Noodle Ring Day

    Intl Mountain Day

    Green Monday(Mon before Dec 15th)

    Holiday Food Drive for Needy Animals Day



    11 December


    2008 - Bernard Madoff arrested

    1997 - Kyoto Protocol adopted

    1946 - UNICEF established

    1941 - U.S. declares war on Germany and Italy

    1936 - King Edward Vlll abdicates from the British throne



    1973 - Mos Def

    1969 - Viswanathan Anand

    1967 - Mo'Nique

    1943 - John Kerry

    1725 - George Mason



    2012 - Ravi Shankar

    2008 - Bettie Page

    1997 - Eddie Chapman

    1959 - Jim Bottomley

    1918 - Ivan Cankar





    Did you know?



    Artistic license? Did anyone notice or comment?






    Did you know?


    Jumbo - WTF fun facts

    I will tuck that tidbit away in my trivia file






    Did you know?






    Would have confused/worked on me










    Camouflaged Chameleon










    Hovering Boat Optical Illusion









    Horse in the Trees Optical Illusion








    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. sandrewn


      With water that clear, I’m surprised they allow any boats on that lake.


      I had a similar thought, but mine was more of a, " Wish I was there".:boy:

    3. droughtquake



      As soon as I saw this one, I was positive you would reply to it. Just don't shoot the messenger.

      I agree with you on people first.

      People willingly pay to ship shelter pets across the country by air. I’ve never heard of any communities welcoming homeless people to their towns. Cities have even sued each other for giving homeless people bus tickets to leave – San Francisco successfully sued Las Vegas for dumping homeless people in the Bay Area.


      I know of one couple who was given a bus ticket back to the East Coast by my county, but they had to have someone willing to sponsor them so they wouldn’t be homeless when they got there. It was quite a long and involved process. I really liked them both*, but the longer they were here, the worse their situation became. Initially, he was always out searching for jobs, but was unable to find work even though he had experience. He became more and more discouraged and disillusioned. Eventually, he stopped looking for work. The county was willing to pay for the ticket because it would reduce their costs through not having to pay for sheltering, feeding, and providing health care for them.


      * How many straight guys would react to being told they’d make the perfect boyfriend (for a Gay man) if only he were taller by jumping up and down?  ;-)

    4. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      @droughtquake I actually found several posts on WikiHow, explaining how a teenager might run away from a bad situation at home. :blink: If course, each post claimed that running away should ONLY be used as a last resort, if all other options have been exhausted, and that running away is very dangerous, especially if you're a teen. Not to mention, one's parents can be held legally responsible if one is apprehended by authorities. A part of me is tempted to use that info as a template for a story. :P



    Triple post




    Race me to that glass of vegetable juice, and I will

    beet you to a pulp.                                                         





    A man went to visit a friend of his who worked for  

    the zoo, tending to the elephants.                               
    But found him crying.                                                    
    When asked what happened the friend replied that

    the largest bull elephant had died earlier that          


    "I'm sorry I didn't know you were so close to the     


    "I'm not - I have to bury it."                                           





    Two lawyers were out hunting when they came upon

    a couple of tracks. After close examination, the first

    lawyer declared them to be deer tracks. The second

    lawyer disagreed, insisting they must be elk tracks. 


    They were still arguing when the train hit them.         





    “When they used bleach to clear a dark, wet corner,

    they broke the mold.”                                                     






    8 December



    National Brownie Day

    Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day


    National Salesperson Day(2nd Fri in Dec)

    Official Lost and Found Day(2nd Fri of Dec)

    National Christmas Tree Day

    Take it in the Ear Day



    8 December


    1991 - Belavezha Accords signed

    1991 - Romanian Constitution comes into force

    1991 - Creation of Commonwealth of Independent States

    1987 - First Intifada begins

    1941 - U.S. enters WW ll




    1982 - Nicki Minaj

    1961 - Ann Coulter

    1953 - Norman Finkelstein

    1943 - Jim Morrison

    1542 - Mary, Queen of Scots




    2004 - Dimebag Darrell

    1980 - John Lennon

    1978 - Golda Meir

    1903 - Herbert Spencer

    1864 - George Boole



    9 December



    Weary Willie Day


    National Pastry Day

    Intl Anti-Corruption Day

    Intl  Day of Commemoration and Dignity of the

                        / Victims of the Crime of Genocide and of the

    / Prevention of this Crime

    Intl Day of Veterinary Medicine

    Christmas Card Day

    Gingerbread Decorating Day(2nd Sat of Dec)

    World Techno Day

    Intl Shareware Day(2nd Sat of Dec)



    9 December


    1979 - Smallpox declared eradicated

    1965 - Charlie Brown Christmas airs for first time on TV

    1961 - Tanganyika gains independence

    1960 - First episode of Coronation Street airs

    1893 - Auguste Vaillant bombs the French Chamber of





    1968 - Kurt Angle

    1953 - John Malkiovich

    1934 - Judi Dench

    1895 - Dolores Ibarruri

    1608 - John Milton



    2012 - Patrick Moore

    1998 - Archie Moore

    1979 - Fulton J. Sheen

    1941 - Dmitry Merezhkovsky

    1437 - Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor





    10 December



    Dewey Decimal System Day


    Nobel Prize Day

    Human Rights Day

    Festival for the Souls of Dead Whales

    National Lager Day

    WorldWide Candle Lighting Day(2nd Sun of Dec)

    World Choral Day(2nd Sun of Dec)



    10 December


    2007 - Argentina swears in first female elected President

    2001 - Release of the first film in the Lord of the Rings


    1948 - U.N. General Assembly adopts Universal Declaration

                 of Human Rights

    1901 - First Nobel prize awarded

    1817 - Mississippi becomes 20th state



    1956 - Rod Blagojevich

    1908 - Olivier Messiaen

    1878 - C. Rajagopalachari

    1830 - Emily Dickinson

    1815 - Ada Lovelace



    2006 - Augusto Pinochet

    1999 - Franjo Tudman

    1967 - Otis Redding

    1951 - Algernon Blackwood

    1896 - Alfredo Nobel







    Did you know?

    Woman wins BMW on April Fools Day - WTF fun facts

    She should have gone out and bought a lottery ticket right afterwards.






    Did you know?









                                               You have admit they are cute








    Did you know?


    Giant pineapple castle - WTF fun facts

    Only Sponge Bob knows its exact location








    Category: Body Paint


    It takes real imagination and artistic ability to create any of the following optical illusions.





    Eyelashes Optical Illusion








    Face Paint Optical Illusion


    Face Paint Optical Illusion







    Hungry Eye Optical Illusion











    Human Cantaloupe Optical Illusion


    Human Cantaloupe Optical Illusion






    Horse Hand Optical Illusion


    horse hand optical illusion






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    2. Ivor Slipper

      Ivor Slipper

      Those two lawyers were evidently not fully qualified but still in training.........

    3. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      Those bats ARE cute! :*)

    4. Wesley8890


      Personally I think all bats are cute

  6. Hello everyone


    I have been away all day, too late to post tonight. I will double post later on today.



    (thinking positive thoughts)




    “A yak is the star of an animal talk show.”





    A lady was walking down the street to work and she saw a parrot on a perch in front of a pet store.
    The parrot said to her, "Hey lady, you are really ugly." Well, the lady is furious!
    She stormed past the store to her work.
    On the way home she saw the same parrot and it said to her, "Hey lady, you are really ugly." She was incredibly ticked now.
    The next day the same parrot again said to her, "Hey lady, you are really ugly."
    The lady was so ticked that she went into the store and warned she would sue the store and kill the bird. The store manager replied profusely and promised he would make sure the parrot didn't say it again.
    When the lady walked past the store that day after work the parrot called to her, "Hey lady."
    She paused and said,"Yes?"
    The bird said, "You know."



    Having arrived at the edge of the river, the fisherman soon realized he had forgotten to bring any bait. Just then he happened to see a little snake passing by who had caught a worm. The fisherman snatched up the snake and robbed him of his worm. Feeling sorry for the little snake with no lunch, he snatched him up again and poured a little beer down his throat. Then he went about his fishing.
    An hour or so later the fisherman felt a tug at his pant leg. Looking down, he saw the same snake with three more worms in his mouth...





    “Cartoons produced by the Japanese government are

    animes of the state.”                                                           




    7 December




    National Pearl Harbor /

                                               Remembrance Day

    National Illinois Day


    National Cotton Candy Day

    Intl Civil Aviation Day

    Letter Writing Day


    7 December


    2004 - Hamid Karzai takes office

    1982 - December Murders in Suriname

    1941 - Attack on Pearl Harbor

    1787 - First state to ratify the U.S. Constitution

    1732 - Royal Opera House opens its doors



    1956 - Larry Bird



    1993 - Felix Houphouet-Boigny

    1985 - Robert Graves

    1917 - Ludwig Minkus

    1817 - William Bligh

    - 983 - Otto ll, Holy Roman Emperor




    Did you know?











    Did you Know?




    The only time cavalry captured a fleet - WTF fun fact








    Unusual Christmas traditions from around

    the world


     ( 7/7 )  - Kentucky Fried Chicken







    For a slightly more modern tradition, we turn to Japan—where, although only a tiny fraction of the population celebrates Christmas, there is a very specific dinner to be had on Christmas eve: Kentucky Fried Chicken, or, as it’s called at that time of year, “Christmas Chicken.” Following the example of a group of foreigners who couldn’t find turkey at Christmas and substituted KFC instead, the company decided to promote the finger lickin’ good treat to the rest of Japan as a special Christmas treat. Now, Japanese families order their Christmas feasts (which include cake and wine) months in advance to avoid the rush. And each year, KFC reports their highest sales volume of the year on Christmas eve.










    by Paul Parkus                                                                                         







    Half Waiter Half Woman Optical Illusion


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Puppilull


      I can picture that little snake. So hopeful he'll get some more beer! Cute!

    3. Ivor Slipper

      Ivor Slipper

      Re Fisherman and snake.


      It only worked because the beer was Cobra :)

    4. sandrewn


      @Ivor Slipper

      It only worked because the beer was Cobra



      How did you know?






    1. droughtquake



      During the recent Northern California Wildfires, it became apparent that hearing impaired residents were not given warnings since everything is audible – sirens, 911 calls, police evacuation orders over their PA system, etc. One woman only got out because her friends alerted her! I signed up for a text alert from my city. It’s a third-party app that many government agencies are using.


      It’s pretty much the same thing with the warnings in my town. On the first Wednesday of each month, at 11am, they test the warning sirens. We have a huge refinery and they have a history of carelessness – about six years ago, they had a big fire at the refinery, thousands went to the hospital (but many only went so they’d be able to get a cash payout from the inevitable class-action lawsuit).


    2. Dmrman


      Great info... People and their priorities...Greed so sad:unsure2::blink::facepalm:





    “The skeleton could not unlock the door but then he

    realized he was the key.”                                                 





    A man took his old duck to the Doctor, concerned

    because the duck wouldn't eat.
    The Doctor explained to the man that as ducks age

    their upper bills grow down over their lower bills and

    make it difficult for the animal to pick up it's food.
    "What you need to do is gently file the upper bill

    down even with the lower bill. But you must be extra

    careful because the duck's nostrils are located in the

    upper bill and if you file down too far, when the duck

    takes a drink of water it'll drown."
    The man goes about his business and about a week

    later the Doctor runs into his patient.
    "Well, how is that duck of yours?" the Doctor inquires.
    "He's dead." declared the heartbroken man.
    "I told you not to file his upper bill down too far! He

    took a drink of water and drowned didn't he?" insisted

    the Doctor.
    "No." lamented the man. "I think he was dead before I

    took him out of the vise."





    Teacher: "Kids,what does the chicken give you?"             

    Student: "Meat!"                                                                      

    Teacher: "Very good! Now what does the pig give you?"

    Student: "Bacon!"                                                                  

    Teacher: "Great! And what does the fat cow give you?" 

    Student: "Homework!"                                                         





    6 December




    St. Nicholas Day

    National Microwave Oven Day

    National Miner's Day

    National Gazpacho Day


    National Pawnbrokers Day

    Mitten Tree Day

    Special Kids Day(1st Wed of Dec)

    Put on Your Own Shoes Day


    6 December

    1977 - South Africa grants independence to


    1967 - World's first pediatric heart transplant

    1922 - Establishment of the Irish Free State

    1917 - Finnish Declaration of Independence

    1865 - Adoption of the Thirteenth Amendment to the

                 United States Constitution



    1920 - Dave Brubeck

    1875 - Evelyn Underhill



    1990 - Tunku Abdul Rahman

    1988 - Roy Orbison

    1889 - Jefferson Davis



    Did you know?


    Teenager Miles Solomon corrects NASA’s data - WTF fun fact

    Finally, someone in charge with the brains to listen.





    Did you know?


    How NOT to treat an ear ache - WTF fun fact

    I was only following orders. (now that is scary)





    Unusual Christmas traditions from around

    the world


     ( 5/7 )  - Skeletal horses






    Mari Lwyd is a Welsh tradition with pre-Christian origins that has a poetry-spouting horse’s skull carried through a village challenging neighbours to rhyme-offs. No, we’re really not kidding. The skull, which is mounted on a stick, is carried by a villager draped in a sheet. If you lose the poetry contest with the skull, you have to give it food and drink. Although the tradition was said to be dying out, it has made a resurgence in some towns.




     ( 6/7 )  - Christmas goblins








    In Greece and other southeastern European countries, nasty goblins called kallikantzaroi run amok during the 12 days of Christmas, causing mischief and mayhem by tipping over furniture, spoiling food and peeing in gardens. While they usually live underground—where they spend their time chopping down the Tree of Life with a giant saw—the world is dark enough during the Christmas season that they’re comfortable venturing out and wreaking a little above-ground mayhem. Ways to stymie the little beggars include leaving a colander on your doorstep, where the kallikantzaroi will stop to count the holes, marking your door with a black cross on Christmas eve, or burning shoes in the fireplace.


















    Flowers and/or?









    How many birds can you see?

    (hint, five is not the correct answer)



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    2. droughtquake



      How many birds can you see?

      For some reason, the image isn’t appearing in Safari. I have ad blocks set, so that could be the issue. However, I opened the page in Firefox and saw…


      seven birds!


    3. droughtquake



      WTF fun facts #8205

      It has been reported that more than one Spanish speaking patient overdosed when they saw ‘dose’ and saw twelve in Spanish.


      The real questions should be, were the ear drops effective? And why didn’t the nurse realize that a doctor would never describe the rectum as ‘rear.’ Was this a medically trained nurse, or some sort of candy-striper or other volunteer?  ;-)

    4. Ivor Slipper

      Ivor Slipper

      National Pawnbrokers Day


      Between them I guess they've got the balls to hold it

  9. Just woke up. 3+ hours sleeping on my keyboard is quite enough, thank you. Good night.



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    2. Puppilull


      Oh no... Keyboard face...?

    3. BlindAmbition


      That’s a relationship that won’t last. The keyboard will always have the last word.

    4. Ivor Slipper

      Ivor Slipper

      Evidently you hit the zzz key



    The graduate with a science degree asks,          
    'Why does it work?'                                                  


    The graduate with an engineering degree asks,
    'How does it work?'                                                 


    The graduate with an accounting degree asks, 
    'How much will it cost?'                                         


    The graduate with a liberal arts degree asks,    
    'Do you want fries with that?'                                




    A couple attending an art exhibition at the National Gallery   

    was staring at a portrait that had them completely confused.
    The painting depicted three very black and totally                   

    naked men sitting on a park bench. Two of the figures           

    had black weenies, but the one in the middle had a                 

    pink weenie.                                                                                     

    The curator of the gallery realized that they were                    

    having trouble interpreting the painting and offered               

    his assessment.                                                                              

    He went on for nearly half an hour explaining how it               

    depicted the sexual emasculation of African-                          

    Americans in a predominately white, patriarchal                     

    society. "In fact," he pointed out, "some serious critics           

    believe that the pink weenie also reflects the cultural           

    and sociological oppression experienced by gay men          

    in contemporary society."                                                            

    After the curator left, a young man in a Kentucky                  

    T-shirt approached the couple and said, "Would you             

    like to know what the painting is really about?"                     

    "Now why would you claim to be more of an expert             

    than the curator of the gallery?" asked the couple.              

    "Because I'm the guy who painted it," he replied. "In            

    fact, there are no African-Americans depicted at all.         

    They're just three Kentucky coal miners, and the guy        

    in the middle went home for lunch."                                      





    Bad Bernie was in prison for seven years.             

    The day he got out, his wife and son were             

    there to pick him up. He came through the          

    gates and got into the car.                                  


    The only thing he said was, "F.F."                             


    His wife turned to him and answered, "E.F."          


    Out on the highway, he said, "F.F."                           


    She responded simply, "E.F."                                    


    He repeated, "F.F."                                                      


    She again replied, "E.F."                                            


    "Mom! Dad!" their son yelled. "What's going on?"


     Bad Bernie answered, "Your mother wants to eat





    The possible end to NAFTA gives me

    tariffying nightmares.                          




    5 December




    Bathtub Party Day

    World Trick Shot Day(1st Tue in Dec)

    Intl Ninja Day


    National Sacher Torte Day

    Intl Volunteer Day for Economic and /

                                                           Social Development

    World Soil Day


    National Blue Jeans Day

    National Communicate With Your Kids Day

    National Commute With Your Baby Day

    Repeal Day



    5 December


    2005 - UK's Civil Partnership Act of 2004 comes into force

    1977 - Egypt breaks all relations with Arab countries

    1936 - Establishment of the Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic

    1933 - End of prohibition in the U.S.

    1766 - Christie's hold their first sale



    1975 - Ronnie O'Sullivan

    1927 - Bhumibol Adulyadej

    1907 - Lin Biao

    1901 - Walt Disney

    1901 - Werner Heisenberg



    2012 - Dave Brubeck

    2007 - Karlheinz Stockhausen

    1950 - Sri Aurobindo

    1891 - Pedro ll of Brazil

    1791 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart



    Did you know?


    Lyrebird - WTF fun fact





    Did you know?



    Pet-custody cases mostly involves dogs - WTF fun fact







    Unusual Christmas traditions from around

    the world


     ( 3/7 )  - Yule Goat







    For those who aren’t fans of man-eating cats, never fear—there’s also a Christmas goat. A pre-Christian symbol of the god Thor, later symbolizing the devil in medieval plays about St. Nicholas, the Yule goat was repurposed as a gift-giving figure in Scandinavia. Most frequently seen as a small Christmas tree ornament made of straw, the Yule goat also makes a supersized appearance every year in the Swedish city of Gävle—and promptly gets burned down by sneaky vandals, no matter how much the town tries to protect it. This happens every single year—or, at least, it certainly seems like it. Only 14 goats out of the last 50 goats have actually survived to see the whole holiday season.




     ( 4/7 )  - Christmas poop








    For some reason, poop and Christmas are inextricably linked in Catalonian tradition. Families set up the Tío de Nadal (Christmas log) or caga tío (pooping log), which is a hollow log with a smiling face that, if it’s well taken care of, will poop treats like nuts, nougat and candies on Christmas Day. According to tradition, the tío must be half covered with a blanket, beaten and encouraged to poop with a specific song. The children of the household go into another room to pray, while the adults hide goodies under the blanket.

    Another poop-related tradition is the caganer, (literally, “the pooper” or, more accurately, a slightly ruder word), a figure that appears in nativity scenes dressed as a Catalan peasant and posed in the act of defecating. There’s no definitive explanation for why this figure made its way into an otherwise holy scene, although nativity sets in southwestern Europe do traditionally include other characters representing various village folk.


    Climbing Cactus Natural Illusion


    Find the Hidden Animals Optical Illusion

    How many, if any can you find?
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    2. Puppilull


      The graduate with a law degree asks "Where should I send the bill?"

    3. Puppilull


      And here's the goat! There is a webcam following events. And betting on when it'll burn...



    4. Efmaer


      The philosophy graduate asks "Why do you want fries with that?"





    “The flip side of contagious gum

    disease is an infectious smile.”




    Reasons Why The English Language Is Hard To Learn

    1) The bandage was wound around the wound.

    2) The farm was used to produce produce.

    3) The dump was so full that it had to refuse more refuse.

    4) We must polish the Polish furniture.

    5) He could lead if he would get the lead out.

    6) The soldier decided to desert his dessert in the desert.

    7) Since there is no time like the present, he thought it was time to present the present.

    8) A bass was painted on the head of the bass drum.

    9) When shot at, the dove dove into the bushes.

    10) I did not object to the object.

    11) The insurance was invalid for the invalid.

    12) There was a row among the oarsmen about how to row.

    13) They were too close to the door to close it.

    14) The buck does funny things when the does are present.

    15) A seamstress and a sewer fell down into a sewer line.

    16) To help with planting, the farmer taught his sow to sow.

    17) The wind was too strong to wind the sail.

    18) After a number of injections my jaw got number.

    19) Upon seeing the tear in the painting I shed a tear.

    20) I had to subject the subject to a series of tests.

    21) How can I intimate this to my most intimate friend?





    We noticed that all the waiters in this New York          

    restaurant carried two spoons in their vest                   

    pocket. Naturally, we were curious. We asked a           

    waiter why.                                                                           


    'Sir, as a result of an efficiency study by the                  

    management, it was determined that the most             

    frequently dropped silverware item was a spoon.        

    Therefore, all the waiters carry two spoons so that      

    the item can be instantly replaced.' As he was              

    explaining that we noticed a string hanging out of the

    fly of his pants. So, we asked about that.                      

    'Sir, that's another efficiency study result. When we   

    have to go to the bathroom, we use the string to pull 

    ourselves out and aim. Therefore, we do not have to 

    stop to wash our hands.' We replied, 'I understand      

    how you can get yourself out and aim, but how do     

    you get yourself back in.' 'Well,' replied the waiter, 'I   

    don't know about the other guys, but I use the two     






     Answering Machine Message 171

    Please hang up now if you would want to speak to

    Johan. Otherwise, please stay on the line to leave

    him a message.                                                            





    4 December



    National Cookie Day

    National Sock Day


    National Dice Day

    Cabernet Franc Day

    Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day

    National Kitten Day

    Santa's List Day

    Wildlife Conservation Day

    Wear Brown Shoes Day



    4 December


    1991 - Pan Am cease3s operations

    1982 - China adopts its current constitution

    1980 - Led Zeppelin disbands

    1978 - Dianne Feinstein became the first female mayor of

                 San Francisco

    1791 - First Sunday paper published




    1969 - Jay-Z

    1964 - Marisa Tomei

    1949 - Jeff Bridges

    1923 - Charles Keating

    1892 - Francisco Franco




    1993 - Frank Zappa

    1976 - Benjamin Britten

    1975 - Hannah Arendt

    1893 - John Tyndall

    1123 - Omar Khayyam




    Did you now?





    I did not know that







    Did you know?

    Man skips work for 6 years and got paid without being noticed - WTF fun fact

    I was basically on call 24/7 for 27 years, am I jealous or what?





    Unusual Christmas traditions from around

    the world



    Christmas is celebrated around the world—but that doesn’t mean it’s celebrated the same way everywhere. Not even close. If you’re used to a North American Christmas, these traditions might seem a little…quirky.








     ( 1/7 )  - Krampus







    You thought Santa Claus was all presents and ho ho ho, didn’t you? Well, his more traditional European counterpart, St. Nicholas, often has a slightly less jolly companion, specifically to punish bad children in cruel and unusual ways. The most terrifying of these scary sidekicks is Krampus, who is a half-human, half-goat demon who follows St. Nicholas around and either beats naughty kids with birch sticks or just sticks them in a sack and carts them off to hell. Many Alpine towns hold Krampus parades, where people dressed as Krampus show off elaborate costumes and terrify/delight spectators.




    ( 2/7 ) - Yule Cat







    If anything could make receiving socks for Christmas appealing, it’s the giant Christmas cat of Iceland. According to Icelandic lore, this enormous feline—known as Jólakötturinn in Icelandic—lurks in the countryside at Christmas time, ready to devour anyone who hasn’t received any new clothes by Christmas Eve.






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    2. Puppilull


      @droughtquake The burning Yule goat happens every year in Gävle, Sweden. Very traditional. In the illegal way...

    3. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      I saw the 2015 version of Krampus. It was good. :D

    4. Timothy M.




    A psychologist is selling a video that teaches you      

    how to test your dogs IQ. Here's how it works: if you  

    spend $12.99 for the video, your dog is smarter than







    A man who had spent his whole life in the desert         

    visited a friend. He'd never seen a train or the tracks   

    they run on. While standing in the middle of the RR     

    tracks, he heard a whistle, but didn't know what it        

    was. Predictably, he's hit and is thrown, ass-over-tea-

    kettle, to the side of the tracks, with some minor         

    internal injuries, a few broken bones, and some           


    After weeks in the hospital recovering, he's at his       

    friend's house attending a party. While in the kitchen,

    he suddenly hears the teakettle whistling. He grabs a

    baseball bat from the nearby closet and proceeds to  

    batter and bash the teakettle into an unrecognizable  

    lump of metal. His friend, hearing the ruckus, rushes 

    into the kitchen, sees what's happened and asks the  

    desert man, "Why'd you ruin my good tea kettle?"        


    The desert man replies, "Man, you gotta kill these       

    things when they're small."                                               





    Why was the Blonde fired from the M&M factory?

    She kept throwing away the W's!                               

    One bright, beautiful Sunday morning, everyone in         

    tiny Littletton wakes up early and goes to their local  

    church. Before the service starts, the townspeople sit  

    in their pews and talk about their lives and their            



    Suddenly, at the altar, Satan appears!! Everyone             

    starts screaming and running for the front entrance,    

    trampling each other in their determined efforts to get

    away from Evil Incarnate. Soon, everyone is                   

    evacuated from the church except for one man, who    

    sit calmly in his pew, seemingly oblivious to the fact    

    that God's ultimate enemy is in his presence. This       

    confuses Satan a bit. Satan walks up to the man and  

    says, "Hey, don't you know who I am?" The man            

    says, "Yep, sure do."                                                            


    Satan says, "Well, aren't you afraid of me?" The man   

    says, "Nope, sure ain't."                                                      


    Satan, perturbed, says, "And why aren't you afraid of  

    me?" The man says, "Well, I've been married to your  

    sister for 25 years."                                                            




    “I would tell you a joke about        

    squirrels, but you would go nuts.”




    2 December




    National Mutt Day(31 Jul & 2 Dec)

    National Special Education Day

    National Fritters Day

    National Rhubarb Vodka Day(1st Sat in Dec)


    SKYWARN Recognition Day(1st Sat in Dec)

    Intl Day for the Abolition of Slavery

    Business of Popping Corn Day

    Global Fat Bike Day(1st Sat of Dec)

    Coats & Toys for Kids Day

    Earmuff Day(1st Sat of Dec)

    Safety Razor Day

    Play Basketball Day


    2 December


    2001 - Enron Files for Bankruptcy

    1988 - Benazir Bhutto is sworn in as Prime Minister

    1982 - First artificial heart transplant

    1939 - LaGuardia Airport in New York City opens its doors

    1804 - Napoleon is crowned Emperor of France



    1923 - Maria Callas

    1825 - Pedro ll of Brazil

    1760 - John Breckinridge



    1990 - Aaron Copland

    1985 - Philip Larkin

    1859 - John Brown

    1814 - Marquis de Sade





    3 December




    National Roof Over Your Head Day

    Intl Day of Persons with Disabilities

    Advent Sunday

    Intl Spirit of the Game Day

    National Apple Pie Day

    National Green Bean Casserole Day

    Let's Hug Day

    Make a Gift Day



    3 December

    1984 - Bhopal Gas Disaster

    1970 - Ayatollah Khomeini takes office

    1927 - First Laurel & Hardy Movie releasesd

    1910 - First public demonstration of neon lights

    1818 - Illinois joins the Union



    1895 - Anna Freud

    1826 - George B. McClellan



    1939 - Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll

    1910 - Mary Baker Eddy

    1894 - Robert Louis Stevenson

     311  - Diocletian



    Did you know?

    How India transported it’s first satellite -  WTF fun facts






    Did you know?


    How 3D printing will transform the world -  WTF fun facts








    6 unique Christmas traditions from Newfoundland and Labrador



    (4/6) - Old Christmas Day


    January 6—the Feast of the Epiphany, and the liturgical end of the Christmas season—is also known as Old Christmas Day in many parts of Newfoundland and Labrador. The name has its origins in England’s adoption of the Gregorian calendar in 1752, which dropped 12 days from the old calendar and resulted in Christmas being celebrated December 25, rather than January 6. In some parts of Newfoundland, the Christmas season actually ends 12 days after Old Christmas Day, which makes for a season with a lot of mummering.




    (5/6) - Doing the Wren


    A variation on the mummering tradition, visitors—often young boys—in some parts of Newfoundland visit from house to house carrying a small effigy of a wren dangling from a stick, reciting verses extolling the wren as The King of Birds for each house they visit. This is based on an Irish and English tradition called wrenning, where a wren was ceremonially stoned to death on December 26, marking the martyrdom of St. Stephen, after which boys would wander from house to house asking for money to give the bird a good burial




    (6/6) - Nalujuit Night


    In northern Labrador, Epiphany Night (January 6) or Old Christmas Day is also known as Nalajuit Night. On this night teenagers and adults dress up in costumes and creepy masks and, waving a stick or other weapon, chase young children through the streets—all in fun, of course. According to tradition, if a child was caught by a Nalujuk, he or she had to sing a song in Inuktitut. If they sang the right song, they were rewarded with candy or a treat.











    confused mom illusion

    It is only a dirty picture, if you have a dirty mind






    The Invisible Truck Illusion


    invisible truck illusion














    I don't know how many there are, Good Luck.









    The last picture of the 1 December post.

    There are supposed to be 10 Eagles in it.





    1. droughtquake


      I’m amused that all the comments are posted to an Update without all the content and the content had no Comments until I added this one!  ;-)

    2. Puppilull


      I thought the same. But I'm sure the rest will figure it out.

    3. Dmrman


      well, my big surprise being, I did not know there was such a thing as rhubarb Vodka:unsure2::huh::unsure2: sounds enticing, maybe warmed like butter rum???

  13. Note


    The last picture of the 1 December post.

    There are supposed to be 10 Eagles in it.


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    2. sandrewn





      …is nothing to joke about. More than 900 people died. Congressman Leo Ryan was assassinated and future Congressperson Jackie Speier was injured on an airstrip nearby. It happened on November 18, 1978.


      I totally agree. So I have changed the town's name in this joke to Littletton. I do not think the joke was ever meant to refer in anyway to the tragic events in 1978.




    3. sandrewn



      A liberal Libertarian!  ;-)


      More of a sickening, depraved and sadistic SOB, from what I have read.

    4. droughtquake



      In Sweden, Christmas ends on Jan 13, Tjugondag Knut. We celebrate by stripping the Christmas tree (eating all the edible decorations, mainly chocolate and hard candies) and then throwing it out. 

      Some cities in the US collect the trees and chip them into mulch.

  14. To any that are left,


    I might have come back a bit to soon. I ask that you have a bit more patience with my continued delays. If things don't improve shortly, I might have to reevaluate what I can do here. I am going to bed now and hope to give you a double update tomorrow.


    With regretts


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    2. Daddydavek
    3. Valkyrie


      You need to take care of you and yours before anything else.  Hope to see you back soon :hug: 

    4. Defiance19

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