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  1. purrbaby

    Chapter 8 - Give Me Strength

    Did I miss something? Who is Grey?
  2. Thank you!


    I pay attention to all reactions and comments not matter how long ago I posted the chapter or story. :)

    1. purrbaby


      I’ve been going back to the beginning and rereading the series. It’s been helpful to refresh my memories. The entire series is wonderful and I look forward to new chapters very impatiently. 

  3. purrbaby

    Chapter 4 - Not speedy speed dating

    Another great chapter! Please don't post in "sloth time"?
  4. purrbaby

    OBC Chapter 7

    I guess I have a bad attitude. Am I the only one who has a problem with how Bas just dumped everything on Kes, started a new life and family?
  5. purrbaby

    Chapter 1

    This is the end?
  6. purrbaby

    Chapter 12

    Welcome back!
  7. purrbaby

    BF Chapter 1

    Another current resident of Texas raising their hand here. Although I happen to live in a conservative community, there are plenty of non-bigots if you know where to look. Other than the overly stereotypical characterizations, the chapter was packed with a lot of welcome information. Hurry up with the next chapter.
  8. purrbaby

    Becoming a Capsuleer

    Just an observation, but if you are actively posting new chapters why is the story On Hold?
  9. purrbaby

    Chapter 10

    Oh yeah! I've been on lots of allergy meds this week. I do vaguely (through the haze) recall that other site.
  10. purrbaby

    Chapter 10

    Great chapter, but am I hallucinating that I've already read this chapter before this morning?
  11. purrbaby

    FR Chapter 31

    I'm thinking that this was your way of dealing with the strange relationship between Anton and his mother. The random snide comments and seemingly "happy" relationship that they had? I've always struggled to understand his lack of anger towards her abandoning him (and even her own father)!
  12. purrbaby

    Chapter 4

    @Bndmetl Agree with you wholeheartedly! p.s. I might be tired and imagining things, but did you confuse Zane and Ian there at the end?
  13. purrbaby

    Chapter 1

    Great first chapter. Just one question, was it intentional to switch back and forth from Lous and Louis?
  14. purrbaby

    FR Chapter 7

    Why did his mother just abandon both her father and her son? Seems strange she just started a new life and forgot about both of them. Also, how can both Gramps and Anton just accept her return?
  15. purrbaby

    Chapter 54

    Not sure if intentional, but enjoyed the Love Boat references!

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