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  1. Hmmm, sorry, I guess you did rewrite, since I've commented on it. I can't recall what the old version was like.
  2. Chapter 20

    Looks good
  3. Chapter 20

    The colors are gone after the big update, but there is now a new feature which can make text messages and mail stand out. I think it's the button to the far right on the editor box.
  4. Chapter 8

    Maybe he thought it was better to confront his stalker?
  5. Chapter 51

    I like that Mitch wants to keep his faithful employees but asking them to do night shifts is perhaps not so hot an idea. Research shows working at night increases the risk of various health problems. I bet Tom would be the clever know-it-all who points it out. Expanding the business by building a second warehouse with all the automated stuff and then refitting the old one might be a better idea. Kit is so innocent and good-hearted, but Tom will spice his life up and he has a point about not caring what other people think.
  6. Will you edit the ending when you do ? I seem to recall you were somewhat unhappy with it, and I didn't like the flight drama much either. But the rest of the story was delightful.
  7. Foreshadowing

    I've managed to do some unintentional foreshadowing, by putting in details which were mainly to give background and color to the characters, and later when something happens, one or two readers will say "Oh, so that's why xx and yy." And I'm all before I go "Oh well spotted. " If you want to read a story with masterful foreshadowing try Headstall's Morningstar: The Malaise. Graeme's Leopards Spots is another but here he had all of us hunting for the clues at the beginning. No one guessed who Ken was, though.
  8. Confidential conversations II

    You always know how to make me laugh. Even when you're saying perfectly sensible things like the above above smelly soap, you managed to do it with a wink and witty words.
  9. Chapter 44

    LOL, Kitt in protective mode is funny but sweet. But I do love Mitch and Tay best, especially in a playful mood.
  10. Chapter 43

    This chapter is another of my favorites, I love the way Tom takes Kit by surprise. But the joke's on him at the end.
  11. Chapter 42

    This is definitely in my top five favorite chapters of the Confounded saga. I over the shopping debacle every single time. And then I over the graveyard scene. Tay has eminent instincts but what a difficult, yet defining moment.
  12. Chapter 41

    awww Kit made Tom laugh, and he's so proud of it, but genuinely happy too. Good talk with his dad, but it'll probably need more of those to clear the air. As for Jay....
  13. Chapter 40

    I love first chapter from Tom's POV. It explains a lot about him and it's fun seeing romantic Kit from the outside. They really do seem perfect for each other.
  14. Chapter 39

    Yes, you should. Most definitely. How could you forget about your fans patiently waiting for more chapters. Well, now you're back, it's worth reading and commenting. I love this chapter for their honesty and determination. They have plenty of self-knowledge and if they can see the potential relationship problems, they can also deal with them. Hopefully.
  15. Chapter 38

    Ooops, major mistake by Tom here. But I can understand why he wants to clear the air with his parents first. And he's never been good about sharing his secrets.

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