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  1. Timothy M.

    Story Review: Never Too Late

    That's great to hear, Val. I promise you won't regret taking up this tale again, while we wait for book two.
  2. Timothy M.

    Story Review: Never Too Late

    Thanks, Gary If my review entices readers (back) to the story, my mission is accomplished. I'm sure you'll enjoy the final parts of the chapters, including Eric's struggles with learning to use a computer.
  3. Timothy M.

    Story Review: Never Too Late

    Thank you, dugh I hope the review evoked good memories of the story.
  4. Timothy M.

    Story Review: Never Too Late

    Thanks, CG - I'll steal the compliment as the one writing the review (I realize your screen reader probably missed my name). Thank you for writing such a lovely comment on this story and a call for us all to embrace all members of our LGBT family.
  5. Timothy M.

    Stories Removed from Gay Authors

    Team Building was one of my favorite stories. I'm very sad Teddy has left us, and we'll never know what happened with Tom and Matt.
  6. Timothy M.

    College Weeks 5 & 6

    I'm glad to hear you're learning proper SI units such as meter and liter.
  7. Timothy M.

    College Week 4

    Some exams I've only just managed a pass, but since they were on topics I had no interest in and very little ability to understand I was OK with low grades. Favorite topics usually went well, but I was always a little nervous.
  8. Timothy M.

    College Weeks 7 & 8

    sounds like you're still enjoying your studies, which is great.
  9. Timothy M.


    My favorite line in this chapter.
  10. Timothy M.

    Monday Morning

    I have the feeling that without Billy to liven up the house it would have been a morgue as well as a mausoleum. Hmmm, yes the police at the pond...
  11. Timothy M.


    Denny the Dignified Drunk. He hovers on the brink of pathetic but ends up in the tragic category. I hope he knew how important Alfie was to him while the man was still alive.
  12. Timothy M.


    I skipped the embarrassing part this time - although Kimberly on the warpath wasn't too comfortable either.
  13. Timothy M.

    The Disappointed Duck

    Will is reminding me I never commented on this chapter. Of course, having read the whole story, it's difficult to do, but I can safely say Phil is just as annoying now as the first time.
  14. Timothy M.


    I think you'll find that most active authors on GA will at least acknowledge a comment with a like, and getting a reply is normal too.

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