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  1. Timothy M.

    Bees are not the only things that sting

    Uhm, and by the way, introduction of domesticated honey bees to Australia has seriously endangered native bee species as well as native flowers which cannot be pollinated by European honey bees. Humans are so dumb, sometimes. Actually, most of the time when it comes to nature.
  2. Timothy M.


    Set in rural Australia in the sixties this story is bound to touch your heart with the reminders of how difficult life was for gay teens trying to deal with urges and feelings which were considered completely unacceptable by most people. The vivid descriptions and the terse dialogue take readers on a journey of fear and love, sadness and strength, doubt and hope. Told in flashback from Tom's perspective, we know there was no HEA to his love for Gary, but as we discover how and why, we get to understand the choices Tom made and the man he has become. I look forward to meeting him again.
  3. Timothy M.


    As sad as it is I think Tom made the right decision. Leaving Australia, I mean, and forgetting about Gary. Unfortunately, England wasn't any better for gay men at the time, so staying in the closet was probably inevitable. With the way he feels about sex with people he doesn't love, I can see why marrying a woman makes sense, if he never fell in love again. I can't forgive Gary for destroying Tom's love, and closing his heart off was the terrible result of that betrayal. I wonder whether Tom will find out what happened to Gary when he returns to the town.
  4. Timothy M.

    And Everything Must End

    Fuck, I did NOT see that coming. No wonder Tom decided to run away to England and never give his heart to another guy. I know Tom sort of cheated on Gary, but this was before they had declared their love, plus Tom confessed. Gary's betrayal was awful, especially since Tom hated Finnegan.
  5. Timothy M.

    Crime and Punishment

    It's a shame his grandmother didn't organize this before, but at least no one in town will find it strange after that display from Tom's mother and her lover. In spite of them not getting satisfy their urges, I think Tom and Gary will benefit from a safe place to be themselves.
  6. Timothy M.


    After all Frankie went through he found his soul mate just as he arrived home. And they would never had met if Shiva hadn't pushed him to the airport. I'm glad his first impressions were correct, and his later explorations satisfactory.
  7. Timothy M.

    Apotheosis of Love

    While I like the fact Tom is standing up to his mother, I have the feeling this strategy isn't the best way to avoid problems. Especially since he's lashing out in the heat of the moment rather than planning how to shut her up. I'm glad Gary and Tom managed to get past all the difficulties and have at least one wonderful intimate afternoon.
  8. Timothy M.


    James was mostly OK, even if he did get Tom drunk and seduced him. I'm pleased Tom stood up to Nick and Paddy, and I bet Paddy will look at his assistant with suspicion from now on.
  9. Timothy M.

    Bees are not the only things that sting

    Damn it, Tom, how could you be so stupid. I'd have thought his mom would have kept him from trusting females. Of course, this does not excuse Nick, who is a selfish sexual predator.
  10. Timothy M.

    Things Get More Serious

    Let's hope Tom's grandmother can keep her daughter-in-law in check. I'm so happy she's a loving sensible woman who tells Tom to hold on to the love he has found, but still cautions him to be careful. Gary's parents love him and they worried about him, when he was depressed, but that may not be enough if he came out to them. The separation is hard on them, but it's probably a good idea.
  11. Timothy M.

    Mass and Sin

    On one hand it's good that Gary is so honest about his feelings and wants, but on the other hand Tom isn't ready for thinking about a future together. And that preacher is evil incarnated, but it was cool when Tom stared Doug down.
  12. Timothy M.


    OK time to get back to this story, which I liked in the first version, even though it made me sad.
  13. Timothy M.

    Chapter 4

    If Mason needs to catch up on the complicated stuff, he can join GA and read the first three Leopard books. And so, just like that he's become part of the Leopard family, or at least he will be after the party. If the unit next to Liam and Clarissa's place is still free he can ask his parents to buy it and invite Kevin and Deon to share. Of course, even if this prediction is easy to do, the fun part is how you make us arrive there. Mason is doing a good job at finding the support network he needs. Al and Veronica as substitute parents, Dexter as an understanding friend, and Clarissa and Co as a protective posse. It was interesting to see the dynamics of Neil being oblivious as he hailed Mason as the perfect study partner, and Liam getting all upset for no reason at all. He should invite Mason to play or watch football so they have something to bond over as well. It was good to get a glimpse of Ty, Jim and Patrick. Poor Jim, he sure makes the gay guys pop up and ask for selfies wherever he goes. I hope he and Neil will do a radio appearance together when Jim and Tony comes to Sydney. I think Paddy will be very sorry to see Ty move out. But I'm sure the brat will visit as much as possible, either with Karen or Jim. I had to laugh at the idea of Clarissa as a female version of the brat. The B.... and the B... would probably be unstoppable together, so it's good they're in different cities.
  14. I'm looking forward to Saturday and another chapter of @Graeme's fourth Lilydale Leopards story.

    If you have no idea what I'm talking about, read the blog review. ;) 

  15. I have the whole series and I like it a lot. They are meant for a young adult audience but can also be enjoyed by us older folks.

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