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  1. Tech Tuesday - Story Reviews

    I like writing reviews, but I find it hard to use the star system. Normally I just choose five stars, because I only review stories I really like. It seems to me most other reviewers also give five stars, but perhaps we should adopt your system, Myr. If I've done a blog review, I often use a slightly amended version as a story review. You can do the same @Puppilull Normally I add a link to the original review, but the link option has disappeared from the story review editor.
  2. Little Man

    This is a story of strong friendships and of budding love which goes awry at times, due to insecurity, mistakes and the misplaced interference from other people. The main strength of Mann’s first story is the way he makes the characters come alive before our eyes and persuades us to like them in spite of all their faults and mistakes. I particularly admire the way he portrays the insecurities and fears of Little Man without once making him come across as whiny, feeble-minded or weak-willed. Clay doesn’t let his emotions rule his mind for long, even when they mess up his heart. My only objection is the same as @Freerider mentions. I won't elaborate, but you can read my Improve and Encourage Critique of Little Man for specific details and more praise of this story.
  3. Jay & Miles by ColumbusGuy

    Glad you both survived and home pain and winter will be over soon. Looking forward to a new chapter, CG. I may be posting one soon, as well.
  4. Brainstorming Site Features for Readers

    On our profile we have the option to show Favorite Stories, which I assume are the stories we have liked, since I have more Favorite stories on my list than the stories I follow, which in my mind are my 'real' favorites. That list I can see under my Content. Would there be a way for us to display the following on our profile ? It can be on a special tab, rather than on the left side of the profile page (under editors and betas). Stories reviewed by member Stories followed by member Stories liked by member (current favorite stories)
  5. Changing my signature

    Yeah, links to stories do that, like this one: But can't you catch the upper left corner and then delete it ? (find the small cross by hovering the mouse over the upper left corner)
  6. Changing my signature

    Oh Can't you select it in the Signature box and press delete ? How did you add it ? Was it a link ?
  7. Changing my signature

    Go into your profile or press arrow next to your name in upper right corner. Choose Account Settings in the drop down Menu next to your name. Choose Signature in the list at the left of the page. Delete current picture / link and add new. Save. I hope it works.
  8. Can it be a separate story but with ties to other stories /series ?
  9. The Red Piano

    It's a relief Maggie caught on to it early. I'm wondering if Ryan is having problems with connecting to his emotions due to the ADD again, or he simply can't bear to think about Toby being in danger. Connor should talk to his therapist about how it makes him feel,
  10. Recover Your Soul

    I'm surprised Maggie doesn't react to Toby not feeling well. It could be a sign of his leukemia returning.
  11. Chapter 2

    where's the explicit stuff ? Great chapter, but Erik is being a little dense here. Can't he tell Ryan is fishing for him to move to Toronto ?
  12. I Need You To Turn To

    Connor need to have a new strategy for hiding his money from his mother. Perhaps let Ryan take care of them?
  13. Friends

    Well, at least Connor had a nice weekend. Not happy about Toby being a smoker, but if Connor doesn't mind kissing an ashtray...
  14. Anthology Flashback: Spring 2007

    This flashback is a success, because three of the stories have been on the Top Stories list during the week.
  15. 11 pm and I'm getting tired. On the other hand, I'm only 23 likes from 22222. Do I stay awake and make random posts in order to hopefully get enough likes while staring fixedly at my rep counter ? Or do I ask everybody to stay off the like button for the next 8 hours? Hmm, decisions, decisions. :lol: 

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      Glad you got there, Tim :hug: 

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