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  1. Thank you for all the likes and comments on The Cardmaker and the Caretaker. :hug:  I'll catch up with the last three comments asap. And I can see you've started binge-reading Clueless Camping too. :worship:

  2. Rapprochement

    Good English pub meals are wonderful. And they finally found something to talk about, but I'm not surprised Eric was overwhelmed with sadness over what he's missed.
  3. Chapter 22

    You still have two links saying chap 23.doc, one at the bottom of the Chapter Text box and one in the Chapter End Note box. If you can't fix it, ask Cia for help. I was pleased they had three relaxing days to end the holidays. I hope they use the mini-camera to catch Lance red-handed.
  4. Author header on story list

    Thanks, Myr. It looks great - particularly with the spooky banner at the top. I'm so envious. I should have known you were on top of the matter.
  5. Author header on story list

    All authors have a list of stories, which can be accessed by clicking the Stories tab on their profile, or for their own list by hitting the blue My stories button. Here's mine as an example https://www.gayauthors.org/author/timothy-m/ At the top of the list there is a header showing how many stories they have written, how many comments and words those stories have. Except the header says Reviews, not comments, which I never noticed until now. Would it be possible to have both number of story / chapter comments and number of story reviews shown ? It's not urgent of course, and sorry if I missed an earlier topic on this.
  6. Author header on story list

    @ReaderPaul thanks, but it's not that I have trouble finding the story lists. I normally just click on the author name or the profile picture of those who are active in the forums. My intro was simply meant to set the scene for the real question. I obviously failed. I also know why the comment count says Reviews. That's because before the big update to the current software review was the name for comments on chapters and stories. There was no such thing as a Review of Complete Story. If you look at replies to older comments, you'll see authors say Thank you for the review. For some reason the name wasn't changed from Reviews to Comments in the story list header after the update. This could simply be an oversight, but it could also be due to a technical challenge which Myr, A.J. and the programmer hasn't solved yet. We'll have to wait for them to enlighten us. I'm glad you support the idea of having both comment and review number shown. Hopefully, it will be possible, but if not Comment count is fine.
  7. Cali Sands "Catastrophe"

    I'm pleased Victoria found a mate, she was so awesome when Dean had to break up with her.
  8. Mending the Hurt

    Now I want to go back and read those chapters with Colton again. He's a really cool guy and my favorite after Quin. I'm glad he and Michael worked things out.
  9. Never Too Late by northie

    Can't wait - and I hope we jump right past the apology bit, or at least get it over with fast.
  10. Lonely Amshel

    Hmm, now, where did Lucien put his mating mark on Felix? I'll have to go back and check. But my guess would be on his naughty butt.
  11. Chapter 19 Hospital Surprises

    Thanks, Albert. I'm sure Michael would have gotten the best of care even without having Patrick as his papa. And now I really must get the next chapter ready for Kitt to edit. You're almost caught up.
  12. Story

    Sigh, it gets better with every re-reading. But I still chuckle at the potatoes in the stew, since the tuber didn't get to Europe until around 1500 AD and wasn't well received. There's even a SATW about it. https://satwcomic.com/can-t-touch-that
  13. Chapter 18 Neighbourly behaviour

    LOL, I love how all my readers cheer Mr. A. on, but he did do a heroic job, so it's deserved. I guess the good neighbor outweighs the bad one. Another great comment.
  14. You have succeeded in your mission, Cia. The story now sits on the top of the Top Stories list, so it has gotten the attention it deserves.
  15. Chapter 4

    They should have taken some photos as evidence and made a written and date stamped description. It's important to document bullying right from the start. (and no I didn't come up with this myself, I learned from reading @Graeme's Leopard series ) Great to see how proper parents, friends and love make all the difference for Adam.
  16. Anthology Flashback: 2007 Annual - The Road Not Taken

    Ugh, I'm not sure about this theme. I tend to dislike regret stories. But perhaps I should try to get out of my comfort zone.
  17. The love scene was the easy and fun part, but the family stuffs was difficult. Perhaps you could say it was the hard bones and the sex was the meat. Thank you for all the likes and for leaving comments on every chapter.
  18. Chapter 15 Dinner with friends

    I'm very pleased you liked Tony and John's story, I had a lot of fun writing it. The dinner was an important step forward in this new friendship.
  19. I have no problem doing the 'willing suspension of disbelief' for paranormal stories, sci-fi or fantasy But the world has to have internal logic and consistency.
  20. Lonely Amshel

    Oh yeah, Hazel won't let Winter go ever. LOL, I'm not surprised Felix' mate is all at the silly antics of the cousins. But who surprised Arn?
  21. Chapter 19

    I'm immediately reminded of a few SATW comics. https://satwcomic.com/wonderful-nature https://satwcomic.com/great-nature Does Kohen have hair ? I guess he mist have, since he didn't rub the cloth over his skull. I'm glad he decided to go down on the planet.
  22. Not to worry, I'd never dare have anything bad happen to Michael. But my slow writing has sort of prolonged his hospital stay quite a bit. Or left him in limbo, so to speak. But perhaps I'll be ready to post a chapter by the time you catch up. You keep distracting me with all these wonderful comments, though.
  23. Chapter 13 Good and bad family moments

    Good morning and thanks, my friend I spent quite a while writing Patrick's family background in my story notes, and this was the first opportunity to use some of it. Grethe and Peter are very much taken aback, because they come from a close knit family, in spite of whatever disagreements or dislikes they have. But Peter and Patrick appreciate their new family and friends all the more, and some of the cousins will feature eventually.
  24. Chapter 11 Visits and meetings

    Hmm, not a bad idea. I'll add it to the story notes.

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