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  1. Timothy M.

    Stories Removed from Gay Authors

    Team Building was one of my favorite stories. I'm very sad Teddy has left us, and we'll never know what happened with Tom and Matt.
  2. Timothy M.

    College Weeks 5 & 6

    I'm glad to hear you're learning proper SI units such as meter and liter.
  3. Timothy M.

    College Week 4

    Some exams I've only just managed a pass, but since they were on topics I had no interest in and very little ability to understand I was OK with low grades. Favorite topics usually went well, but I was always a little nervous.
  4. Timothy M.

    College Weeks 7 & 8

    sounds like you're still enjoying your studies, which is great.
  5. Timothy M.


    My favorite line in this chapter.
  6. Timothy M.

    Monday Morning

    I have the feeling that without Billy to liven up the house it would have been a morgue as well as a mausoleum. Hmmm, yes the police at the pond...
  7. Timothy M.


    Denny the Dignified Drunk. He hovers on the brink of pathetic but ends up in the tragic category. I hope he knew how important Alfie was to him while the man was still alive.
  8. Timothy M.


    I skipped the embarrassing part this time - although Kimberly on the warpath wasn't too comfortable either.
  9. Timothy M.

    The Disappointed Duck

    Will is reminding me I never commented on this chapter. Of course, having read the whole story, it's difficult to do, but I can safely say Phil is just as annoying now as the first time.
  10. Timothy M.


    I think you'll find that most active authors on GA will at least acknowledge a comment with a like, and getting a reply is normal too.
  11. Timothy M.

    Old and New

    There were so many nice details in this chapter to show how far Eric and Andy have come. I noticed Andy preferring this visit to the painful family gathering the day before, and who can blame him. The natural smile on Eric's face as he welcomed his guests. Eric being comfortable enough with them to talk about how art made him feel and accepting the gift of paper and pencil. Though I worry his hands will be to stiff to achieve what he could do before, but maybe with a warm house and proper food his health will improve. I was sorry we didn't get to hear Adam tell Eric about confronting the landlord, because I think the old man would have enjoyed the tale. But maybe you can tell us about it in the next story? In any case I hope we'll get to see the improvements to the house and the garden and how this affects Eric's life. It's been a pleasure to make the acquaintance of Eric, Andy and Adam, and I look forward to visit them again.
  12. Timothy M.


    I feel so sorry for Adam and his mother, it must be agony to witness his father's awful behavior. But if none of them confront him with it when he's sober, what do they expect? They should have filmed him with their cell phones and played it back to him and demand he stop drinking. If not, he should be excluded from the wedding and all future family gatherings in their home. Perhaps this threat will make his wife put her foot down too.
  13. Timothy M.

    Chapter 11

    Wow that was some reveal. I wonder who the 'traitor' is, but it must be either Ronan or Keith. If Ronan I bet the unexpected attack on the King ripped his mind away from their control. After all, Misa didn't want to kill D, only control his mind, so hurting him was definitely a mistake - as was gloating over her evil deeds. Let's hope everyone survived except the turkeys. Poor Kristof, though, he'll be devastated if Noel goes back to D. I hope D will make up for his behavior by letting Noel live with his human lover for as long as Kristof wants. I guess it will become difficult when Kristoff gets old and Noel doesn't.
  14. Timothy M.

    Chapter 10

    This was a scary chapter, and the only encouraging bit was the part about Noel and Kristof perhaps being a couple. I always thought it would be nice if they managed to have a relationship while Noel waited for D to come to his senses.
  15. You mean Brian, right ? But @Carlos Hazday is a great author too. As Brian's editor I do my best to correct any mistakes, but I still find things I've overlooked, after the chapter is posted. And as a Dane I'm useless at English commas. So feel free to point out any mistakes to me (or Brian) in a PM.
  16. Timothy M.

    Chapter 12

    I think Ben is being sensible in telling Mitchell he's not ready for a relationship. But as for Mason being 'safe' I wouldn't count on it. What is Ben gets drafted back to Sydney at the end of he year ? Surely the clubs there will assume he's interested in returning and if he starts seeing Mason, he's a guy who stands out for several reasons. Oh well, hopefully Ben's family will have come to their senses by then - or his father could be run over. I'm a little surprised Clarissa assumed Deon was the victim, since Pat had just said that person was welcome to hide in his house. This wouldn't apply to Deon who's already staying there. And he would have confided in her long before if he had such issues. But other people are likely to make the same assumptions and at least he's prepared for it now. I'll be pleased if Andrew turns out to be a genuinely nice guy, but I'd consider him pushy whether I had something to hide or not.
  17. Timothy M.

    Leopard Hunt

    Apparently there is a Danish National team of Australian football: Danish Vikings. They play either 9 or 16 player games. They have just won the European Championship for men (nine players) by beating Ireland in the final (the women got 7th place). I thought you might find this fun - i didn't know Denmark had a team.
  18. For discussion of themes and topics. The book can be found here: https://www.gayauthors.org/story/dodger/thecockneycanuck After 47 chapters and lots of drama I think it's time this story has a discussion topic where readers can interact with the author and each other. There are certainly plenty of situations, characters and emotions to bring up, and of course most of all Robbie the Cockney Canuck. Dodger has kindly given me permission to start this thread and has promised to be part of the discussion, so now is your chance to ask questions and make comments. I'm sure we'll have fun.
  19. Timothy M.

    Chapter 12

    Stalking him at the football club after having met Ben one or two times is strange and pushy. Andrew needs to lay off if he wants Ben to be supportive of his relationship with Eve. And he already proved he was pushy by proposing to Eve and also egocentric by approaching Jim for a photo in order to boast to his friends. Fortunately, Eve apparently knows how to burst his ego bubble. Nice for you that some of your churches are gay-friendly. Are they also Earth friendly by supporting contraceptives, family planning and abortions ?
  20. Timothy M.

    Chapter 12

    Ha, I knew it ! Ben and Mason are attracted to each other. I'll be back with more comments, but I just had to gloat a little. Andrew is coming across as slightly creepy with his eagerness to be in Ben's company. And the episode with Jim was weird. Maybe Eve has kept her family's homophobia a secret ? And Andrew was trying to show he hasn't got one of the big disadvantages of most religious fanatics, ie being a homophobe.
  21. Timothy M.

    Chapter 107 The Laundry Game

    Of course Don the evil manipulator would find someone who would try to convert Robbie. I hope Mr. Andrews threatens Don with public exposure and ridicule if he tries to force Robbie to meet this evil person. If there's anything Don values it's his status in society, and he'll back down if he thinks it might be in danger. I'm not surprised Robbie is depressed and suicidal and I think he has every right to feel upset about the lack of care and attention about his grief over his mum. Tom is the only one who gets it, and his declaration may be the one thing holding Robbie off from jumping in front of a train. I hope Walter and the counselor he finds will make it clear to Sue that her and Don's behavior and lack of acceptance has brought Robbie to the brink of suicide. That may be the only thing which could shake her out of her automatic deference to her husband's opinions and beliefs. I don't think Nathan would cheat on Robbie, and Alex should have the chance to explain the phone conversation. But as usual Robbie's jumping to conclusions, although in this case we can't blame him, since Tom is the source. The misunderstanding will hopefully be cleared up eventually.
  22. Timothy M.

    Chapter 11

    I think Ben should have taken the chance to tell his sister about being gay. But I suppose he first wants to find out what the religious boyfriend feels about that. After all, if he's bigoted in that way, Ben might want to side with his father in getting Eve out of his clutches. By the way, why on earth does a religion-hater give his daughter a name which shortens to Eve ?! I can see why he worries about the possible storm, but he should see it as a possibility to come out and have it an almost non-event compared to her sister's Church wedding. But he may want to see how his siblings react. If Ben is not attracted to Mitchell as a boyfriend, I'll allow myself to entertain the idea of him and Mason being a match. Of course, this would be extremely complicated, with Mason being in Sydney and wanting to play around, and Ben being in the closet in Melbourne. But they have four years to work out a relationship, lol. I had my suspicions about the rough guy, and I'm glad they were true, for Mason, Deon, Kevin and Daphne's sake. I'm sure they'll be a great support for each other. It was fun to see Clarissa have a small insecure moment over whether the guys would approve. She needs to relax and ask other people's opinion occasionally. She can take lessons from Daphne and in return infuse her with some determination. Anyway, I can definitely see Mason's point of view about what is important to him. I'm surprised he hadn't talked with Clarissa about what would be a suitable rent, after all asking her what she and Liam pay would be natural. Oh well, if Mason has to deal with a low income, he'll be more like the other students, which should make Clarissa and the others more comfortable. I'm all for Pedro getting José killed or thrown into jail. Or at least suffer a lot, if he can't prevent him from going to Australia.
  23. Timothy M.

    Chapter 10

    Is Ben's paranoia based on a real danger related to his father and the rest of the family, or is he letting irrational fears stress him out? Only time will show. I'm glad Ross is working hard to show his talent, but I hadn't realised being part of the TAC cup would mean extra training during the season. It was fun to see Neil and Mason get the better of Clarissa during dinner, and at least it got Deon out of the dog house with his girlfriend. Daphne has a good point about how Mason spends money on his friends. But I can also see Clarissa's point about not letting him pay his way into her good opinion. I'm glad to see Clarissa and Daphne getting close, and I hope Daphne will soon feel comfortable enough to confide in Clarissa. Her comment about both of them not being like the other WAGs should help Daphne relax a little. For every time Mason talks with his father, I detest the man more. He had no business snooping in Kevin and Daphne's private matters, and revealing what he found was definitely crossing the line. I was glad to see Mason defend his friends and tell him he was out of line with the 'socalled' slur. If he's so intent on digging out facts, why doesn't he get his head straight about transgender people.
  24. Timothy M.

    Chapter 12

    I feel exactly the same - @travlbug expressed perfectly what I thought about the Malone situation. Beth should try to be a parent to Ehren, she should be a concerned friend like Emily. And to the outside world she should be Ehren's advocate and defender. Especially against the nosy school counselor.

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