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  1. philliph

    Chapter 16

    Hi Mark, so glad to hear from you. I hope that you are working (typing). on your next chapter. Please forget the M/M sex and concentrate on the historical/fiction. see ya and goodbye.
  2. philliph

    Chapter 15

    Hi Mark, I am enjoying your story. As one of your fans wrote - Write faster. Post sooner. See you, Phillip
  3. philliph

    Chapter 12

    That you for your latest Granger chapter. I do wish you could post more often
  4. philliph

    Chapter 10

    Thank you, Mark for your latest chapter. I do love this story and I hope that you are working on your next chapter.
  5. philliph

    Chapter 3

    I love it. Granger is well versed in the politics of the Admiralty and is not just a pretty face when it comes to managing a ship. His officers know that Granger, being the third son of a Duke means he has connections they could only dream about. Yet he has made his way up by being the sharpest knife in the ship. Nothing gets passed him and beware if you try. I am enjoying the story. Looking forward to the next chapter.
  6. philliph

    Chapter 1

    I am very happy that Mark has graced us with the latest Bridgmont tale.
  7. philliph

    Chapter 31

    O' Wow! 80K+ words. This is longer than many stories on this story site. I did wonder if Kyle had decided to retire this story since he had not updated it for so long. I hope that Roland will update his spinoff to his "Sands of Time". Thank you, Kyle, for your most welcome update. Regards, philliph
  8. philliph

    Chapter 44

    Well, Mark, I power up my laptop to find that I have received my first Christmas present with Ch 44. I do hope that you will continue this series.
  9. philliph

    Chapter 42

    Well well. A Christmas present - Ch 42. I loved the ending. Money? What money? George is laughing all the way to the bank.
  10. philliph

    Chapter 40

    At last Ch40! I hope that we will be rewarded with another chapter in the near future.
  11. philliph

    Chapter 38

    Great review by centexhairysub. George's praise to his fellow Captain in the presence of those of higher rank was wonderful. I enjoyed this chapter. BUT…. CLIFFHANGER… move on next chapter PLEASE
  12. philliph

    Chapter 35

    Great chapter. Granger showed his talent for command in making sure the treasure party had back-up. Waltham is being handed an amazing opportunity. With letters of introduction from Granger his future is looking very rosy. As for Valiant's crew - another day another treasure - never boring. Granger does it again and we all get a share. Looking forward to the next chapter.
  13. philliph

    Chapter 33

    Well that was a short stay in port with little adventure. A new character. The plot thickens. Looking forward to Ch34.
  14. philliph

    Chapter 31

    From past chapters Granger has an odd assortment of "characters" amongst his crew. Their less than legal talents have proved to be of great benefit to Valiant in her missions. Those men have proudly served their Captain. Looking forward to to further chapters in what is a wonderful historical/fiction. To me the sexual themes are incidental to the story. Please continue your story.
  15. philliph

    Chapter 30

    Ch 30, Wonderful. I thought that Elgin may have stopped off in Greece to arrange some take home marble. Maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself. Your weaving of fact and fiction reminds me so much of Douglas Reeman.

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