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  1. I'm so worthless....😢

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Headstall
    3. 1brokNangel


      Having a rough few days with being sick and the weather is crappy. It all builds up and my brain makes everything seem worse than it is...

    4. Caz Pedroso

      Caz Pedroso

      Hope you feel better soon :kiss: 

  2. Home

    @Carlos Hazday There are 44 THAT's. A little excessive, but it was another interesting chapter, especially now with them being back home and there is a cult calling themselves Children of the Old Ones, very interesting.
  3. Wishing everyone a very Happy and safe New Year !!!!!!


    1. sandrewn


      Thank you and wishing you the same, right back at you.



    2. Reader1810


      Thank you, and the same to you. :) 

    3. Caz Pedroso

      Caz Pedroso

      Happy New Year :hug:

  4. Let’s Leave Everyone Hanging

    Still waiting.....very (somewhat) patiently waiting for more. Please update soon.............
  5. Ghost of the Father

    No no no !!!!!!!
  6. Silent Killer

    WOW......more, please !!!! Did he do something to Modt's brain while he was looking through his thoughts or is Modt just stunned that Jack did that ? I know Jack said it was gonna be painless for him but still that doesn't always mean anything.
  7. Has anyone heard from or know how Dayne Mora is doing ??


  8. All I Want for Christmas…

    That's exactly what I'm wondering !!!
  9. Ripped

    Time to fire that muse clearly it's not doing its job....place an ad in the classified section of the paper that you are looking for a more motivated muse.
  10. The Divison

    Really Blake could you have been more of an ass, I thought he was Ryder's friend....SMH
  11. Chapter 11

    Omg......NO !!!!! What happens, I gotta know !!!!!!!
  12. PLEASE.....come back I really need to know how wild card ends

    1. AugustusWaters


      Please please pleeeeeeeeease @Dayne Mora

  13. Chapter 11

    I need more. These guys need an HEA more than any character I've ever read about.....please give it to them. I got to the end and it felt as if my heart had been ripped out...poor Erik.
  14. Mine! Part Two Chapter Forty

    Loved it....but like with all stories I wish there was more....MAYBE the guys will come back in another story.

    Well it's gonna be hard to throw a book at a dead man .... Jack shot his self as his truck filled with water. IDK how I feel about that, he definitely doesn't deserve to live but on the other hand it doesn't feel as though justice will be served properly.

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