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  1. You were on my mind today. Sending love on what I’m sure wasn’t an easy day. :hug:

  2. Solitary

    hugs you
  3. Another Birthday

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NORTHIE. *sings: and many more....*
  4. A slice of pie from Mojo...a small one :)


    “Jove, just a ray of golden light,
    Fell upon Danaë’s tender skin;
    He, the mightiest bull in sight,
    Europa’s resistance wore thin;
    While to Leda, a feathered kite,
    He sailed a swan to her chagrin.
    Thus each fell prey to mortal sin,
    But sank through heavenly delight.”



    1. BlindAmbition
    2. Parker Owens

      Parker Owens

      How beautiful. A lovely gift for the day - and you have given so many.

    3. Dmrman





      thanks, AC you're words are such sweet music to My soul...:heart::kiss: One day I may grow up to be 1/2 as good as you...?:huh::unsure2::unsure2::heart:

  5. Thanksgiving

    Happy Turkey Day, dear friend
  6. ...adversary.... Sorry
  7. a winter's tale

    Thanks, Bryant! For 76, I hone in on the word individual and feel good. I think you hit upon one of the themes running through many of these poems; one being two; two rejoining as one. At least your comments made me feel this way, which is great. As for No. 75, I'll take beautiful every day of the week, and twice on Sunday Thank you again!
  8. Lucy

    A beautiful and touching tribute. We all need to mourn, and do it in our own way. I'm glad you decided to post this piece.
  9. a winter's tale

    Thank you again, Tim. Perhaps there's a stage of development when younger people fist begin to get online these days. It's something I never considered before your review, but perhaps part of the maturing process (electronically) involves the sudden insight that the other person at the end of the e-line is real. Perhaps, a flash happens, and they grow up when they come upon the obvious: their words matter; their feelings are real. I think both of these poems skirt around these issues. Thanks again for your comments, and warm support of my work. Muah.
  10. as sailor to sea

    Thank you, Tim. It may not show overtly, but I was pretty suicidal at the time of writing these. I saw no reason to be, for many of the same questions your reviews raises. I'm pleased (or relieved, perhaps) that these poems can reach people's hearts. They are difficult for me to type and process, but I'm glad I still have them and can share. Thanks again for your kind words, and all the support you show me. <3
  11. as sailor to sea

    A wonderful review; thank you, Parker. Reading that your home is surrounded by daylilies reminds me of my own, the house where I grew up. Our lovely neighbor, who was born in house in 1895, planted daylilies for me there when I was young. They reminded me of her, and do so love them. With my mom passing, No. 51 takes on a new significance (or perhaps its real reason for being) revealed itself to me. I have to say, since it was written until yesterday, no one but me ever saw it, but you are the second person who told me it brought them to tears. It does seem a lovely, significant poem.... Incidentally, my mom's birthday is August 11th, so I guess that means we two were reared by a pair of Leos Thanks again, Parker. <3
  12. Poem No. 50 Each seeks the reason of their life knowing that time is fleeting, and large is the fight. Poem No. 51 The last daylily bloomed today, the last of the year I will see, until the final dawn of May floods color again like the sea. But now, 'cause the day has ended, gently nod your head a-sleeping, and remember you ascended the earth and its world of weeping. The day you lived was good to know simply because you were in it – you touched me with your special glow, showing life for a day's still fit. The last daylily bloomed today, how very good it was to see. Poem No. 52 In beauty's embrace I long to be As child in mother's face as sailor to sea without it, what am I simply an empty glove so for it I strive looking always above but am I near it and are men eternal for I only fear it while hope is fraternal In beauty's embrace I long to be As child in mother's face as sailor to sea. _
  13. ...how about this poem? It can be found here https://www.gayauthors.org/story/ac-benus/amaninaroomandotherpoems/18 We go along in the big parade, thinking we know the score, Hoping for a chance to do what's not been done before. From the darkness, misty fingers reach, beckoning me to myself. "How do I know it's me?" I say. The reply is none. In the darkness she stands with features horrible. Others answered, who looked like me, called to themselves, apostle and novice alike, "How do I know it's me?" Her answer is none.
  14. "I never heard anyone say it -

         maybe I never paid attention;

    but mourning is like a day ending

         where you know tomorrow

    will only be worse than today.


    ...Has anyone said this before...?"

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    2. Mikiesboy


      i've not heard it ... but mourning is one day at a time.  One minute you think I'll be okay and the next you're crying.  Best way is just let it happen and talk about when you feel like it. 

    3. mollyhousemouse


      there really are no words, just hugs :hug:

      mourning happens as it happens

    4. Emi GS
  15. her answer is none

    Thank you, Tim. I appreciate you leaving me encouragement and praise The young-man me who wrote these lived in a lot of doubt and fear, so he would be amazed to know these poems speak to people. Thanks again.

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