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  1. Thank you for all the likes and comments on The Cardmaker and the Caretaker. :hug:  I'll catch up with the last three comments asap. And I can see you've started binge-reading Clueless Camping too. :worship:

  2. Matters of the heart

    Well I feel like David Copperfield "May I have more please" Good chapter can't wait for the next one oh my
  3. Chapter 21 A Day of Surprises

    Well I loved the sweet scene when Patrick gives Michael the card so nice. And I like the two cleaning lady's they were charming and I am sure they will do a good job. And Peter's sister who like him is a very nice person. Great chapter
  4. Chapter 20 Close cousins

    I sure liked Fiona it was good for Patrick to see that some of his family cares for him! Can't wait to read the next chapter
  5. Chapter 19 Hospital Surprises

    I was nervous for Michael I can relate to this as i have been in hospital many time. But I got less so once i saw he was getting the best care and maybe more so because there love for Patrick mum. Good chapter
  6. Chapter 18 Neighbourly behaviour

    Well the mean old cow Mrs. Hawthorne has no room in her world for anything that isn't in her sick and twist point of view. She needs to keep her Vile comments to herself! GO Mr. Archilbald I just love him a great guy who for sure isn't afraid to say what truly needs to be said! It was a great scene at the church love it. Another Great chapter
  7. Loving the love scene's just like first timers And in some ways more importantly Peter's stepfather! It adds color and more meat to the bones of the charter. This is just a great chapter
  8. Chapter 15 Dinner with friends

    I just love this chapter what a nice dinner date candle light, wine and good food A and J story of how they got together was just great! And they cemented there friendship I do hope we get to see more of those two Loved this chapter
  9. Chapter 25 Peace

    I love this poem
  10. Now I am nervous with Michael's time in the hospital coming up fast sigh hope all goes well. I just love this bit Michael giggled again, took a piece of fruit from the bowl and popped it into his mouth. While he chewed he found another piece and held it out to Patrick, who slurped it up and ate the apple square with exaggerated om-nom-nom sounds. They played this game for a minute until half the fruit was gone. Then Patrick said ‘Tak for mad’ and stood up. From the approving smiles of the other adults he knew they were pleased with the amount of fruit Michael had eaten. Grethe handed the boy a tissue to wipe his hands before going back to the game. Just a great chapter
  11. Chapter 13 Good and bad family moments

    What a good chapter! Peter and Michael are so cute Patrick is a very lucky man Grethe is just the perfect person for this house hold. And a great support for Patrick. We learn how bad his relatives are some people are just mean. But i hope that at some point Fiona will get to be a part of this story. This story is just delightful and well written and thought out! Great Chapter
  12. Chapter 12 Romantic night

    What a wonderful love scene so kind caring and loving! Handled so well and nothing in the room caught fire hehe. And now well see where we go from here Great Chapter
  13. Chapter 11 Visits and meetings

    Grethe and Mr. Archibald a new friendship or could it be more hoping so. Mr. Archibald sure is enjoying Michael helping him with his Lego's so darn nice. Patrick is learning that people care about him and not for his money very nice! Mr. Wickham another friend he did not know he had and hopeful he can get together with Fiona that would be nice. Love is in the air! To bad it didn't effect the lady next door. Good chapter
  14. Chapter 10 Housekeeping and dinner plans

    I have very much enjoyed watching Patrick's transformation. How is now possible for him to have friends which he want's to share with Peter so important. Once again the oh so hot moment's (Would someone open a window) wonderful. I just love this statement it show how much Patrick loves Peter and is so willing to do anything for him “I love the way you can find the silver lining in any cloud and turn my needs into a favour I’m doing you, or something you want even more than me. You’re the most wonderful man I’ve ever met, and I’m proud and amazed we’ve become partners.” Just a great chapter
  15. Chapter 9 Shopping trips

    I just love this chapter so touching. Grethe and Patrick get to know each other better nothing like shopping to help And they hug in the checkout line, Patrick needs this since he misses his mother so much. And Mr. Archibald has an interest in Grethe hmmm we will have to wait and see! So much happening more question. Great chapter woot

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