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  1. Albert1434

    Chapter 28 Temptation

    Well that was quite the chapter! I think I have said how much I don't like Alex and no good will come of this I am sure
  2. Albert1434

    Chapter 12 Epilogue

    I love this ending it is perfect I think. So good to see that all is coming together for this happy couple. Bad feelings are on the mend and old firers are rekindled. Masterfully done! Great Chapter
  3. Albert1434

    Chapter 1

    Good start to this story
  4. Albert1434

    Finding Refuge

    I just loved this story. I have read it twice and it's great each time. I find myself wanting more
  5. Albert1434

    Chapter 1

    Well this is my second reading. I loved this story the first time I read it, I loved it the second time also My only regret is there isn't more Great Story!
  6. Albert1434

    Chapter 9 Melancholia

    Nice poem
  7. Albert1434

    Chapter 1 Enlightenment

    Wow just read this for the second time! Just as good as the first time. I think this story deserves more, so in keeping with this thought if you get hard up for a plot don't forget this one!!! Great Story!
  8. Albert1434

    Chapter 11 Missing Pieces

    Ahh a fellow addict I see
  9. Albert1434

    Chapter 11 Missing Pieces

    YES.... "How perfect was that!" The Angel said with a smile. I have been waiting for this for some time. With perfect Gary magic. Great dialogue!
  10. Where are the photo's Bucket so sad:rofl: 

    1. Bucket1


      It’s the lag I tell you, the lag ate the photos :yes:

    2. Bucket1
  11. Albert1434

    Chapter 23 Cakes and caring

    Wow so glad that Michael pull thru and doing well. This is a well written chapter just like all the others! Good job Tim I loved the visit of the Imp and the Angel
  12. Albert1434

    Chapter 10 It Is What It Is

    Well Drake sure has put his cards on the table. I hope that at some point the two guys will be on the same page at least to work things out! I feel so bad for Drake what a mess he has created Great Chapter
  13. Albert1434

    Wedding Bells

    Well what a good follow up on my favorite guys
  14. Albert1434

    Chapter 9 Wake-up Call

    I love that song btw
  15. Albert1434

    Chapter 9 Wake-up Call

    Man I loved this chapter at last there is light at the end of the tunnel. But the question I have is it to late for jimmy sure doesn't look good. I loved the Dialouge between Drake and his sister Cal. We will have to wait and see where this may lead Great Chapter

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