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  1. Kitt


    All the best to you both! From what I read the actual transplant is harder on you than him, but his prep will be extensive, something you will not need to do. May both proceedures go well with a minimum of discomfort for you both!
  2. Pool repair day one last Friday, call Pool Company I've been dealing with for years. No answer left message. 


    Day 3 Monday finally get Pool Company on the phone you'll be there that afternoon.


    Day 3 Monday night still no cool dude.


    Day 4 Tuesday leave four messages for pool dude and two texts spread out through the day no replies.


    Day 4 call every Pool Company I can find one wants me to wait a week and a half. Finally get one that promises Thursday.


    Day6 Thursday meat pool dudes and find out part of problem is water level is too low. Fill pool and will be back tomorrow.


    Day 7 Friday turns out the landscaper from next door ran the hoses over when he was trying to be helpful and that's where the water is leaking. Now in the process of getting fixed.

  3. Either hot summers are getting hotter or I am just getting too damn old.  I never had issues with heat before, but in spite of drinking gallons of water (litterally two a day!) I feel like I am melting, and it is only real feel in the low 90's at the moment.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. dughlas


      Carlos would certainly know about age 😀

    3. Randy Wade

      Randy Wade

      Was up in Sea Bright for the past few days so was way to hot, hot and hot.It is definitely not you.

    4. Kitt


      Is much better today.  Hot but drier and a breeze!

  4. Kitt

    When to Critique

    I think the best piece of advice about editorial comments, whether you are working with an author or critiqueing, is a line from the movie "Road House" "Be nice." To paraphrase the entire quote: BE NICE. Point out an issue, but be nice. Give the author an alternative to fix it with, but be nice. Fix it for the author, but be nice. Be nice until it is time to not be nice any more."
  5. Lol I know what it's like to be on Molly's side of the publishing button. Sometimes it's tough to keep the details quiet!
  6. Kitt


    Of course I was, but I just got in from work a little bit ago and read the chapter!
  7. Private clubs and public forums are very different.
  8. Again, a straight female - but here is my two bits. If there were white only restaurants there would be hell to pay. When there were separate restrooms for blacks and whites, there was hell to pay. If a restaurant turned gay couples away there would be hell to pay. Guess what my opinion of a gay only restaurant would be. Ever hear of reverse discrimination?
  9. To the gentlemen I edit for,


         Please be patient, most of you sent me chapters within hours of each other.  I am spreading the red ink as fast as I can without missing things!

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    2. dughlas


      Get a bigger brush Miss Kitt or maybe one of those paint sprayers ...

    3. JayT


      I'm just saying....It's been a few months since my last update....I'm kidding....Thanks for your help...luv ya

    4. Kitt


      @Carlos Hazday of all the guys you are the easiest to edit for.  LOL We just argue about making kids sound like kids.


      @JayT And who's fault is that? You sent it to me what? Monday?  LOL


      @BHopper2 you work when you have time and inclination.  I will be here. Not planning to run away!

  10. All I do is fix a few mistakes in spelling and grammar. And cover the word "that" in all sorts of red ink!
  11. Way to go A! The best part of being your editor is getting to see the stories before anyone else!
  12. Kitt


    Dinner is going to be interesting, but I am sure it will not be the wine and roses most readers seem to think it will. Kennedy screwed up big, and the short talk did nothing to correct that, may have made things worse. The open suitcase said it all IMO. Fasten your seat belts. Waters may get rough!
  13. Kitt

    Underdeck Club

    I still say it's the person one falls in love with, and the bits just determine the mechanics. I think Kieran is beginning to realize this, but Kennedy could ruin it if he doesn't open his eyes soon.
  14. Kitt

    Underdeck Club

    Oh my. I am really beginning to take a dislike to Patrick's entire group. Seems manners were left out of their educations.

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