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  1. Kitt

    Finding it hard to let go.

    Not strange at all.
  2. Kitt

    Finding it hard to let go.

    Oh, and remember, you don't ever let go of a parent. Hang on tight! You accept and move on when ready, and there is no time table when you should be ready. But you will always love him. Cherish the memories, don't ever let go!
  3. Kitt

    Finding it hard to let go.

    When I lost my mom to cancer, it was more than three months before I could even bring myself to go into her house again, let alone start sorting and packing things. Stop being so hard on yourself. Give yourself permission to feel, to cry, to deal. Moving forward and moving on are two different things. Most of all, forgive yourself for surviving. Once I realized I was feeling guilty because she passed and there was nothing I could do to save her, things got better. For now you move forward. One task at a time. Choose at least one small easily doable task each day so you can see the progress. Moving on will follow when you are ready.
  4. Kitt

    Chapter 1.1

    You will enjoy it more here. Sasha has advanced considerably as an author.
  5. Kitt

    Ben's Disclosure

    Like playing with ordinance do you? That was quite a bombshell!
  6. Let's get this done and over with.
  7. Kitt

    New York City

    As I said in my pm, I can try and help, but Defiance is probably a better source.
  8. Kitt

    Life Redux

    Well what ever is different, I wish you more of the same! If anyone deserves happy its you!
  9. Kitt

    Milton's Grandkid

    Welcome back. Missed Colin and Ben.
  10. Well that was a productive day! One student to the hrh / Special Olympics. Brought home a grand total of two medals, gold and bronze, and five ribbons.

    1. Sasha Distan

      Sasha Distan

      Yeahhhh baby! That's so awesome. Big kisses to Bo - dream horse!

  11. Kitt

    Chapter 12.2

    Lol bout time they figured out there was more attraction than dinner status!
  12. Kitt

    Chapter 10

    Man, you don't mess around when I send a chapter back!
  13. Kitt

    Wrong Number

    Ah. I was sure there was no Alec in the story. Guess the name did not register when A was telling us about the call.
  14. Kitt

    Wrong Number

    Who is Alec?
  15. Kitt

    Wrong Number

    Oh my! Karma is gonna bite that dude in about as long as it takes to dial the new number! Nicely done, and shows you can get inspiration from almost anywhere.

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