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  1. Kitt

    I will have a Raspberry Pi

    I'm with Dave - totally at a loss!
  2. Kitt

    Chapter 2

    Have you been following me around work dude??? Well done.
  3. Kitt

    The Proxigean Spring Tide

    Did I misunderstand the meanings of the words "complete" on the title page and "The End" later? You gentlemen are speaking as though the story will continue. As much as I would love to see Archer and Carey move forward and see what happens, Mr Lomax seems done with his part and will leave the rest to fertile imaginations.
  4. Kitt

    The Proxigean Spring Tide

    I have to comment on this one! Don't make me laugh so hard! You may cause just that at my age!
  5. Kitt

    The Proxigean Spring Tide

    I began this short story about 10 years ago, but it's been sitting around gathering dust. I am glad you dusted it off! Quite enjoyable. I would love to know more about why Jamie was so surly and following the guys around so much. Did he have a thing for Archer? Or was it Carey he wanted?
  6. Kitt

    Going Home

    First a disclaimer. I am writing this before reading the other comments, so if I repeat something already said... I find Sam to be delightfully simple and sweet. Everyone should be as up front and honest with their friends. He is a cute little lizard! That Finn is putting out efforts to keep a promise he made as a child speaks to him being an upright person. I can easily see Sam being correct and a bond forming between Christian and Finn. I can see all sorts of possibilities, not the least of which is the "Do I tell Christian the truth about Sam?" issue. Can Christian handle Sam's orrigins? Will a lie to protect Sam harm the budding relationship? I could go on and on! Can't wait for the next chapter! Well done my friend!
  7. Kitt

    The Horse on the Iceberg

    This is a piece that makes me wish to give it more than one reaction, but pretty much sums it up. While the death of a proud animal is sad, that the protagonist handled it the way he did is heartening. That he could still make decisions with his heart means there is hope for eventual happiness. Well done sir.
  8. Kitt

    Chapter 8.3

  9. Kitt

    Readers, What Do You Skip?

    I am beginning to wonder if some of you read ANYTHING. If you eliminate everything that has been done before, characters who speak poorly, and authors who tell a good story but need technical help, It doesn't leave too much to read! Good Lord! Please do NOT ask me to edit any portion of a story in Elvish! I hope his editors (myself included) and beta reader isn't either!
  10. Kitt

    Well, this week has sucked

    You are welcome to write the story if you like! If I were to try it would never get past the first chapter.
  11. @MichaelS36 Unfortunately even most authors don't know where it comes from. I am no author, but I certainly don't know where the prompt responses I post come from. If I did maybe I could write more than one chapter on an idea!
  12. Kitt

    Frantic Friday

    Adam doesn't need to "see" that they have been tampered with, he knows he was on top of the covers last night. As for getting into a gated community, first off they are only as good as the gate guard, and I have seen some pretty inept people in the little booth, and you would be surprised how many places a canoe, kayak or skiff can get!
  13. Kitt

    Well, this week has sucked

    vwarm supporting thoughts for you @CassieQ. Garmin -enough said! We got one for my daughter when she first got her driver's licence. Hubby insisted we use it on a weekend trip we took. It sent us twenty miles east of where we wanted to go, through the slums of a major city, then twenty miles west again, turning us down a dirt road that dead ended in the middle of a corn field where it announced we had arrived at our destination. We didn't even report it when the damn thing was stolen!
  14. Kitt

    Stranger Things

    Most of my first impressions have already been voiced; intriguing, hooked etc. So let me say well written, and a great job planting the seeds of speculation in the readers minds. I wish I could write half so well! Now you understand why a lot of us editors are willing to put so much work in for authors. Our pay is getting to read ahead!😁
  15. Kitt

    We did something....

    May you have many more happy years together!

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