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  1. Lilian

    Congrats on the newest pixie! All well there?
  2. Resized_20180220_162641.jpeg

  3. I read a story set in western Pennsylvania, a fictional suburb of Pittsburgh. That wasn’t so bad, but the writer had the characters visiting an amusement park I was very familiar with, went every year as a school trip, Conneaut Lake Park. She had the park on the wrong lake and road, the time to drive from Pittsburgh was impossible unless you did 90mph. Worse she move an historic roller coaster from Waldemeer (might have that spelled wrong) to Conneaut Lake. Also the characters were visiting the park during the years it was closed due to bankruptcy. I contacted the author who said she had done 8nternet research, and provided me the sites. Unfortunately she hadn’t done much more than read the google description, which is how she moved rides. I gave up on the story, too annoying.
  4. Would a small dyno be fired for gnawing on the ankles of an annoying 10 yo?

  5. New, to me, lake effect weather last night. Th elate we live near pulled the storm in and dumped freezing rain on us. Couldn’t get into my car this morning due to the coat of ice it had on.

  6. Echo and Echo Dot

    I won an echoed dot as a door prize. I liked the feature that you could interact remotely, it haven’t gotten it paired with a phone yet.
  7. My son took up wrestling. Second match. A male wrestler from another school was flirting with my son. My son thanked him for the compliments but he doesn’t swing that way. Then proceeded to make friends. Proud momma here

  8. Cheating? Academic dishonesty?

    Thanks Everyone. Even if I went to the principal, nothing will happen. I previously reported support services for giving extra support note listed in the education plan. Nothing came of it.
  9. I need some advice. I work in a small school, most of the students are very bright but have some kind of issue, like ADHD, dislexia or anxiety, that keep them from reaching their full potential in bigger schools. I’m required to send certain students to support services for assistance taking tests, such as a quiet place, or having the test read. We had a quiz today, and as required I sent specific students. 2 classes later a student asks if that period had a quiz too, because the student support advisors had been giving out answers to some kids taking tests. To me this is cheating. What do do you think, is a teacher or staff member giving out answers cheating?
  10. Ten's Unit - They Really Work

    Between the accident and when I could get the ACL surgery my knee hurt so bad I bought a tens. Worked great on the knee, at least while it was running, so I thought it would work on my back pain too. It didn’t. Apparently my lower back pain is radiating deep hip pain, but it was worth a try. BTW, make sure the pads don’t go through the wash, all the stick’em comes off.
  11. Computer Question

    There is no single antivirus or firewall that gets everything. We have Trend on our machines, but I still run Windows defender once a month. It catches some things Trend misses. The second account as admin is good idea to do regardless. Then remove admin privileges from your main account. It can be a pain to give the password for admin every time you install something, but the first time you’re asked for password when you aren’t intentionally installing something you’ll be glad.
  12. Computer Question

    Create another user account with administrator privileges and log in with that, see if it’s still happening. If it isn’, you have a virus on that account. even if it is happening on another account, it could be a virus. Windows Defender, malware bytes, https://www.malwarebytes.com/ are free and can catch some things. AVG has a free version I think and that may help.
  13. What is happening with mini-cat and mini-kits?

  14. What a difference a couple months can make. First football game of the season I had to climb the bleachers one step at a time. We're hosting a playoff and I walked up and down normally if a little slowly.

    1. BlindAmbition


      I'm happy to see you're recovering.


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