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  1. The Night Before

    Unfortunately there's a great deal of truth in your story. Not just racial prejudice, which has been given a boost in the last ten months or so, but varying degrees of sociopathy, the philosophy of I and not-I, and not just in the gay community. A well written and, unfortunately, too realistic story.
  2. Holy Shit

    I had to stop reading a couple times from tears of laughter. Would that I had had a family like Blu's.
  3. Cut the Cake

    My first thought was to draw the line diagonally from corner to corner, but that wouldn't account for the missing center piece. I then went to what tidbits I remember of the high school geometry of aeons ago. Multiply the sides of the cake to get the total area. Do the same for the purloined piece and subtract it from the total area. Divide the answer by 2, and find a line that encompasses this new area without intersecting the void, and Bob's your uncle. Pig out, dude
  4. FR Chapter 46

    A prime argument for carrying a sextant and knowing how to use it. depending on electronics can prove fatal. PLEASE don't schedule any nuclear tests
  5. FS Chapter 26

    his rifle takes a 7,62mm (30 cal) round. Not exactly a blockbuster, but deadly to personnel.
  6. The Odd, Onward Door

    Having been a big fan of all your stories I was most impressed by this one. i hope you plan a sequel, or sequels. Considering the multiplicity, possibly infinite, of doors you could spend the rest of your life at the keyboard, but another trip to Amsterdam would be greatly appreciated. Enorm bedankt.
  7. Chapter 5

    Loved this. Footnotes! High Coup!! Japanese monsters!!! and DH Lawrence!!!!. Waiting breathlessly for the sequel. Please post it before I turn blue.
  8. Enjoying the story so far. Don't worry, the "Germanization" adds flavor. One question, though. Is the name Severin a reference to Sacher-Masoch's Venus in Furs?
  9. Whoisthis

    John Philip Sousa

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