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  1. Gandalf the Puce

    Chapter 19

    Blairing faults? sounds rather Labourious😜
  2. Gandalf the Puce

    Chapter 7

    Usually I run as far and as fast as I can from anything dealing with zombies😱, but the Garon Kees imprimatur is irresistible. A departure from your usual story line, but exceptionally well done, as always. Let's hope dynamite punches the blighter's ticket and the bits and pieces don't resurrect.
  3. Gandalf the Puce

    Chapter 12

    Although they're all good for anything from a chuckle to a guffaw, the abysmal ignorance shown by some approaches the horrifying. BTW, contrary to rumor, hobbits do not taste like chicken. more like groundhog, but less greasy. Yum.
  4. Gandalf the Puce

    Chapter 9

    That's what I need. More respectation
  5. Gandalf the Puce

    Chapter 1

    Even with the great neologism in the second last quote, we find it frighteningly true.😬
  6. Gandalf the Puce

    Passing It On

    Damn, that struck a chord. I haven't had tears rolling down my cheeks in ages. I was afraid they'd short out my keyboard. Excuse me while I get some tissues.
  7. Gandalf the Puce

    Passing It On

  8. Gandalf the Puce


    It is with great sadness and no few tears we bid Frankie a fond adieu, or should we say a Shiva 😭 Our only consolation is the the promise of future offerings from The Literary Wizard of Oz.
  9. Gandalf the Puce


    Ganga, YES!
  10. Gandalf the Puce

    Chapter 19

    I'd like to see Adam deliver a eul- er, malogy at the funeral so all the Fundamentalasses would hear the truth rather than their "good christian" spin. He'd need an armed guard, though, and I imagine some of those upright church members would be packing. I get vindictive at times. Can't help it
  11. Gandalf the Puce


  12. Gandalf the Puce


    I thought EVERYONE had read Jurgen😄 But, seriously everyone who still has the ability to think for himself should read it. I think you'll see parralells between the two (even if yours sports an umluat) I couldn't find my copy to read again, but Gutenburg has it and seven other titles.
  13. Gandalf the Puce


  14. Gandalf the Puce


    Excellent chapter. The perfect remedy for an incipient Selbsmord. Do I detect a nod to our fellow iconoclast James Branch Cabell?
  15. Gandalf the Puce

    A Flood and a Proposition

    Another ripping chapter, although I was fully expecting Ian to sue Frankie for mental anguish or something equally inane. I breathlessly await events in almost Tibet. Will there be ganga?😉

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