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  1. Smoothy


    I absolutely love all your stories! I might not leave comments often but I’m your biggest and best fan! I’m really so glad and fortunate that you share your brain children with us. Please keep on writing and entertaining us? 💖💖💖
  2. Smoothy

    Baby Steps

    You go Cy! At least one other person you can relate to!
  3. Smoothy

    Chapter 29

    Come on Captain! Do your duty!💖
  4. Smoothy

    Chapter 8.2

    Noooo! Get lost yellow dirty witch!!! Not getting Fran and that’s final!😡
  5. Smoothy


    So glad to see Riley and the clan back! Poor Riley still struggling with issues that’s actually nonissues!
  6. Smoothy

    That Summer's Day

    Such an amazing awesome story! Thank you so much for sharing it with us 🤗
  7. Smoothy

    A Mother's loyalty

    Love ❤️ it!!!!!
  8. Smoothy

    The Love and the Loss

    This is so sad 😞 but it’s a lesson the mighty Teddy has to learn. Especially to what Ryder has been going through. Good for Oliver as well. Very sad
  9. Smoothy

    The Love, the Fighting and the Laughter

    I just hope it’s not really his brother Oliver!!!🤭
  10. Smoothy

    Second Chances

    Ryder came a long way wow! Going back to his roots literally with his new family in tow. Love this story to bits!
  11. Hi


    What happened to your Posing for the Pack??? I was following all Ira’s stories but they all disappeared???? 😫

    1. BlindAmbition


      They were removed after they were published.

  12. Smoothy

    Meeting Each Other

    Very good and well written story. It’s amazing how good it feels to read such a positive story with an awesome outcome! It makes one realize that not all such situations turn out to be rough and tumble, filled with stress and heartache. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  13. So glad you’re back with our favorite characters!! Thank you🤗
  14. Smoothy

    Chapter 4 - Tired much?

    I’m soooo happy to see another chapter of my favorite story!!!! , it would be like me shitting a double rainbow with a pot of squirrels at the end of it!!!!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤗🤗🤗
  15. Smoothy

    Questions, Questions, Questions

    I truly hope they het together and iron out all their differences.

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