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  1. So glad you’re back with our favorite characters!! Thank you🤗
  2. Questions, Questions, Questions

    I truly hope they het together and iron out all their differences.
  3. Homebound

    I’ve been waiting for Ryder’s release! Now he must just play the get well game properly and get his ass in the right gear! It’s “Teddy-time” now and he better realizes that!
  4. The Pen

    Fire Nate’s ass now! Can’t believe he gave Ryder a pen! I’ll take him to the garden and ruff him up a bit!😡. I am however glad Ryder came out with the truth 🤗
  5. My Father's Shadow

    Awesome chapter!! I hope all his dark days are now in the past. A bright future ahead, just to be grabbed and owned🤗
  6. Conner County PTA

    Love this chapter! As always 🤣. You have such a wonderful way with words 🤗👏👏
  7. Chapter 9

    I’m so glad Gene found some purpose in his miserable life and I hope he’ll stand up to live that purpose! Love this story 💝
  8. Chapter 17

    Ok I have to confess: I don’t like Greg and I find his actions a little creepy. I hope Dillon has grown up a bit and that they’ll sort out their shit. I’m totally frustrated because I’m hanging over a cliff here!
  9. Chapter 11

    Dillon is surely a master manipulator 😡. Andy should grow a pair and tell him exactly how things will be going forward! In the end Andy will remain a waiter and Dillon will have him by the balls! Seems he likes Andy being his bitch😡
  10. Chapter 1

    What an awesome story to remind me......
  11. The Jock (Part One)

    Keep going for sure! I would love to know Charlie’s story 🤗💖
  12. Chapter 6

    I love KD stories! I am glad the abuse got “aired” now. But where did Landon go? I just hope Hank finds him asap. Hope the fosters parents rot in hell!😡
  13. Chapter 7

    Maybe Lakshou didn’t want to share such an awesome gift with an asshole 😁😇
  14. Chapter 7

    His amazement over his very own room! 🤗👏👏. I hope his own space will help him get rid of the terror he’s harboring.
  15. Chapter 2.1

    Ahhhh 😍 it! I can imagine a vamp passing out!!! The 3 toddlers are awesome!!!!! Playmates for a lonely vamp 🤣🤣🤣. Love this story to bits

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