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  1. Discovery - Chapter 7

    Glad you enjoyed it! The big island is one I didn't make it to the three years I lived there.
  2. Discovery - Chapter 7

    Happy Anniversary! Which island are you going to?
  3. Chapter 15

    Worried about the intensity Ss'merit regards Kohen with.
  4. Prompt 367 - Emotion Challenge

    As a 22 year cancer survivor I can say you pretty much nailed the first reaction. I remember sitting there with one part of my mind hearing the grim statistics but most of it consumed with just two words..."Oh fuck!"
  5. Chapter 10

    .....AAARRRRGGGHHH!!!!!! I *hate* when you drop a bomb and then we have to wait for a week for more information!
  6. The Cat Crusades

    I can totally empathize with Sam's desire to withdraw from reality. I did the same thing, but it was all internal in that I got lost in books, so the only additional thing I got tormented about was being a "nerd" for liking books.
  7. Pause, then onto "Discovery"

    Holy shit!!!
  8. Sobriety -Day 8

    There needs to be a confused emoji.
  9. Chapter 1

    There are actually scientists that believe there are, and always have been, six sexual roles. Male and female heterosexual, male and female bisexual and male and female homosexual. The heterosexual role is of course for species propogation. The bisexual role is to be adaptable and support the tribe in whatever role is needed. The homosexual role is a bit more specialized. A homosexual female will, by her natural choices, never be so pregnant that she will not be able to go on a hunt, or protect the cave site and the tribe. A homosexual male will not be in the competition to get as much sperm into as many females as possible.
  10. Chapter 10

    Damned onion cutting ninjas snuck up on me at work. I TOTALLY wasn't crying. Really.
  11. I'm a day late, but thought I'd share anyway...the building on the left in the link posted below is where the wasband was living at the time of the earthquake. He was at work in Oakland. Should I find the fact that we married on 10/17/1992 oddly prophetic for our marriage? Twenty-five years later, it's a fairly apt description of the relationship.



  12. Prompt 330

    I am so glad that California just passed a law that the entire state has to offer rescues at pet stores that sell pets.
  13. Prompt 330

    Cute story, but I just have to say DON'T shop, adopt! Puppies in pet shops are from puppy mills. If you want to know why that's bad let me know.
  14. Prompt 323

    Very nice call back.
  15. Prompt 382

    It made my eyes well with tears even though I was at work.

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