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  1. Efmaer

    Chapter 10

    I live in Las Vegas. The local police are part of the multi-tiered security. Sometimes they only handle traffic, sometimes they are more integrally involved.
  2. Efmaer

    Chapter 10

  3. Hello Efmaer. I wanted to say thanks for covering for me in July last year. That was a very kind of you, thank you my friend. I hope that you had a very Happy 57th Birthday party, today. I always wish for you only the best.


    Take care

    my friend


  4. Efmaer

    Chapter 5

    The link isn't working.
  5. Efmaer

    Chapter 5

    Penis with ears = giant dick.
  6. Efmaer

    Chapter 5

    Personally I think Ben can best be described as a penis with ears.
  7. Efmaer

    Chapter 37

    Is it just me that remembers Billy spending time with his dad and the new woman in his life? She was even a substitute teacher in one of his classes for goodness sakes! How could he not know that his mom was the dumpee rather than the dumper?
  8. Efmaer

    Operation Wesson

    Minor nit pick I caught on this re-read...the correct designation is USCGC. United States Coast Guard Cutter. I marrief a Coastie.
  9. Efmaer

    Jack of All Trades

    "Cynthia Rella" <<<<<<<snerk>>>>>>>
  10. Efmaer

    Discovery - Chapter 7

    Glad you enjoyed it! The big island is one I didn't make it to the three years I lived there.
  11. Efmaer

    Discovery - Chapter 7

    Happy Anniversary! Which island are you going to?
  12. Efmaer

    Chapter 15

    Worried about the intensity Ss'merit regards Kohen with.
  13. Efmaer

    Prompt 367 - Emotion Challenge

    As a 22 year cancer survivor I can say you pretty much nailed the first reaction. I remember sitting there with one part of my mind hearing the grim statistics but most of it consumed with just two words..."Oh fuck!"
  14. Efmaer

    Chapter 10

    .....AAARRRRGGGHHH!!!!!! I *hate* when you drop a bomb and then we have to wait for a week for more information!
  15. Efmaer

    The Cat Crusades

    I can totally empathize with Sam's desire to withdraw from reality. I did the same thing, but it was all internal in that I got lost in books, so the only additional thing I got tormented about was being a "nerd" for liking books.

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