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  1. Normischell

    Chapter 48

    Kohen and Captain aren’t going to have to worry about their enemies killing them, they’re going to die of sexual frustration. Death by Blue Balls.
  2. Normischell

    Chapter 10

    John is definitely not going to let this go and a halfway wish Sean had kept the messages now. And thank you a thousand times over for ending the whole Mel thing. I want to cut that bitch so bad. Once again, an awesome chapter.
  3. Normischell

    Chapter 9

    They do have a different flavor to them, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Geoffrey.
  4. Normischell

    Chapter 9

    Of course! Reminds me of a couple in one of my favorite books. Sven is a 6’7” Nordic giant of a man and Geoffrey is 5’5”. Geoffrey got step stool for every room of his house and put slip-proof stairs in the shower. 😉
  5. Normischell

    Chapter 9

    To be honest, I wasn’t that surprised Kevin bottomed. Maybe because I know quite a few large, muscular men that are bottoms that it doesn’t ping my radar. I would think Kevin would want a completely equal relationship with Josh and moreover would want to feel that connection with him in the physical sense.
  6. Normischell

    Chapter 46

    Kohen and the Captain are just too cute! The Captain is this big, brave warrior that totally loses his cool at the thought of Kohen even getting a nick on him and Kohen just calmly lets him do his thing while gently hurrying him along to get the mission back on track. I agree with @drpaladin, they are completely selfless for each other and it is beautiful to see. I hope they they can get Elliard back before he strokes out, then maybe some truth serum...
  7. Normischell

    Chapter 9

    With TJ, his weapons are words so that explains his actions around Rachel and John. When it comes to Robert, Kevin, Josh, and Sean I think it is more of a defensive action for mulptiple reason, and the majority subconscious. The being unwanted issue looms large with him and while he loves them all whole heartedly he’s afraid to let them know how much because that leaves him open and vulnerable to them. So he snarks and pushes them, seeing how far he can get before they no longer want him. Part of the snark is just naturally TJ, but the more vulnerable he feels the more he pushes. Some of it is a conscious decision, but other times it’s a survival instinct. Did that make sense? I haven’t had my tea this morning so I’m not fully human yet.
  8. Normischell

    Chapter 9

    Hmm.... Oky, bring it on! (Sorry, TJ, I tried!)
  9. Normischell

    Chapter 9

    Our boys really got some whammies this chapter! Poor TJ, I hope the world slows down a bit for him. It sucks Sean’s lost football and that baseball is still iffy, but TJ’s emotions have got to have whiplash by now!
  10. Normischell

    Tribunal Trouble

    We ever-so-humbly thank you for your magnanimous generosity in not doing so.
  11. Normischell

    Tribunal Trouble

    I was so afraid you’d leave it at a cliffhanger and make us wait for the next chapter for the verdict! Thank you so much for not torturing us. I can’t help wondering if Anthony has something to do with the disappearances. He’s definitely an unscrupulous, arrogant, dumbass.
  12. Normischell

    Chapter 44

    Watching Kohen live his worst fears, loss of control and being in the hands of the docs, was gut wrenchingly difficult, but knowing he is taking back that control by snapping the first guard’s neck is sweet! Getting to physically fight against his demons will go a LONG way in helping him mentally. They kept him helpless and now he can prove to himself that is no longer his reality.
  13. Normischell

    Calling and Finding Home

    Please tell me these guys’ personalities are based on real life people you know and love! You would be the luckiest SOB in the world! Another awesome read and eagerly awaiting the next!
  14. Normischell

    Chapter 8

    Absolutely awesome chapter! I hope we get to see more of Chase/Chasity and Mark’s relationship. And I agree with everyone, chapter 9 STAT!!! ❤️
  15. Normischell

    Chapter 30

    Liam will be a calming influence.

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