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  1. Normischell

    Chapter 40

    I think it is a combination of things. I think the Captain had been chaffing under all the political BS and now that he has the bond with Kohen, he has a clear future he can work towards. He might have though off and on about retirement before, but their bond has given those thoughts a foundation and purpose.
  2. Normischell

    Chapter 40

    If he is anything like soldiers then Ithink it will be a permanent thing, especially when waking them. If you have to touch them to wake them, stand at the foot of the bed and shake a foot.
  3. Normischell

    Chapter 39

    Thank you! This is exactly what they BOTH needed. It will strengthen them both for what is to come. (Seriously, no pun intended there.)
  4. Normischell

    Chapter 38

    Everett and Kohen seriously need some downtime with just the two of them. They have barely had time to breathe! The capture went easy, yes, but that is to be expected with their level of experience. Now comes the interrogations and who knows what will come out of that. Everett may want a peaceful and quiet retirement, but Captain will not stop until everything has been put to rights. Maybe They can be each other’s peace while the chaos rages around them.
  5. Normischell

    Chapter 29

    Our babies! We finally got our babies!!! I want snuggles so bad.
  6. Normischell

    Chapter 36

    Poor Kohen! I know how it feels being locked in your body and aware; it’s scary shit and frustrating. I agree with him that it is not going to be as easy as Captain said, but Captain has an iron will and will make it happen!
  7. Normischell

    Chapter 34

    I am loving the new additions as I re-read the story!!
  8. Normischell

    Chapter 35

    So did not see that one coming! Can we use Lakshou's horns as a wishbone??
  9. Normischell

    Chapter 34

    So I am guessing this is why the isolation and body suit? The hardware in Kohen’s brain constantly searched for a connection and made it easy for the Brox to send signals to him. Lacking the signals and finally getting real skin touch with emotional backing created a different type of connection for Kohen, and thus the bond. Am I close?
  10. Normischell

    Chapter 32

    Holy bat, Shitman! You stopped THERE!?!? 🤯
  11. Normischell

    Chapter 29

    Oh, Captain, my Captain! 😍❤️
  12. Normischell

    BONUS CHAPTER: Green Eyed Monster

    This was an awesome little surprise! Love it!
  13. Normischell

    Chapter 25

    I seriously love a determined Kohen! Go get him, tiger!
  14. Normischell

    Chapter 24

    No! Heart-wrenching is the on,y word I can think to describe this chapter. This is also the perfect example of why people should not eavesdrop as well. Oh, our poor Captain and poor Kohen.
  15. Normischell

    Chapter 23

    I am so cursing the word count right now; you know that, right? I am so proud of Kohen right now! He damn near breaks my heart, but the Captain will give him what he needs and can handle, and only what he can handle. ❤️❤️

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