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  1. Yep, I got them and there were a few messages, too. I suppose I expected to be notified through the P.M. system here on G.A. and I didn't check that email account. I haven't checked that account in a while now; lots of Goodreads to read through. Thanks for the reminder.
  2. How about a feature for being notified when your Premium Subscription runs out instead of discovering it by accident? I don’t always delve into premium stories, partly because I’ve read most that interest me, but I would like to be notified when my support needs to be updated. The renewal date tends to slip my mind.
  3. It was 1998... I think, lol.

    At first glance of that little thumbnail pic on the main forum page I was certain that it was you, Drew.
  4. Illogical Logic

    So we agree.
  5. Illogical Logic

    You're comparing apples to oranges and attempting to apply illogic to your comparison. Though you might think the thought processes are similar, I bet you would be wrong. Besides there is no real lasting harm in losing one out of every two-hundred thousand voters for the reason you state, and they may be correct for any given election. Whereas somebody always ends up winning the lottery, even if that means several somebodies on one ticket or two. Somebody always wins eventually!
  6. If that's what they call light snow I don't want to be lifting the heavy stuff. I no sooner got to one end of the walkway and I had to turn around and shovel my way back to the other end, and it's still coming down. Reports say we got 15.2" so far. Ah, winter and its cruel, cruel ways.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Daddydavek


      I wonder how many elderly people end up with heart attacks just to avoid a fine?

    3. Ron


      Imagine you’re in a wheelchair, @Puppilull You need to get around just like everyone else but you can’t because someone didn’t shovel their walk. I’ve seen people in wheelchairs winging it down busy city streets because they’re plowed and the sidewalks are not cleared. It’s fair to say that a lot of small business store fronts are just as bad as homeowners and renters. @DaddydavekYou’re right and that’s an issue. The city recommends the elderly hires somebody to shovel. And then there can be family to help or the kindness of neighbors—and you’d be surprised at the number of neighbors who do help neighbors. Then again there are those younger (think 40 and downward) that don’t lift a finger.

    4. Puppilull


      Well, here the city deals with sidewalks since it's their property. 

  7. Seems the connected video has been removed from YouTube so I deleted the content of this post.

  8. Jimmy Garoppolo is a 6’2” 225 lb. hunk of... Oh, wait, you’re talking about football.😬 Never mind.
  9. Tech Tuesday - Starting off 2018 Secure

    Thanks. I use Secunia PSI as well. I also use IObit’s Pro driver update utility (there is a free version, though it runs slow it catches updates you might otherwise miss).
  10. Need advice

    I’ve thought about your questions and these are my suggestions. #1.) Like you he is most likely just as uncertain of his sexuality as you are. There isn’t any point in attaching labels. #2.) He said he doesn’t want to do it again, you should take him at his word. Leave well enough alone. #3.) If you’re in a committed relationship and you step-out without consent you are generally considered a cheater. #4.) My answer to #2 above works equally well for this two-part question. You’ve been friends long enough to call him your best friend, Tyler and it sounds like you still remain friends. Can’t that be enough for you?
  11. Computer Question

    I’m not familiar with CCleaner but the IObit programs can be run whenever you decide and they are completely friendly with the Norton antivirus program.
  12. Computer Question

    You are correct, Uninstaller gets rid of unwanted programs. Try Advance SystemCare, it cleans up a lot of unnecessary things that just hang around and clog up the system.
  13. Computer Question

    @LisaYou may be overconfident of my PC abilities. I do use a range of cheap (read as free) and not hugely expensive paid utilities to keep my PC running well—knock on wood, the tactic seems to work. IObit has a number of free utilities such as Driver Booster and Advanced SystemCare, I use both. I can’t remember now if it was PC Mag or PC World that recommended IObit but I’ve found the company provides effective free utilities and for a little money the paid versions are even more effective (especially when you catch them on sale).
  14. Merry Christmas!

    Right back to you all, and to every other member and reader here at gayauthor.org Merry Christmas.
  15. Santa is a psych-o-edelic) and quite possibly a shaman. Watch the video; expand your mind.


    Merry Christmas to all.


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