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  1. Ron

    Epiphany... Say, What?!

    This is less of an epiphany or something that is widely known but profoundly new to you but more about abusing a privilege, I fear.
  2. Ron

    Epiphany... Say, What?!

    One from me: Scene: In a rental car with my brother. We need gas. Me: Would you get out and check to see which side the gas caps on? Him: Look at the fuel gauge. Me: Him: There's a little arrow on the fuel gauge that tells you which side you fill on. Me: Ree - - - ally?!
  3. Disclaimer: I got this idea from an article that Buzzfeed wrote. Over the course of our lives it's possible to learn something that's seemingly common knowledge to a lot of other people. Nevertheless, when we learn these "new" facts we are often gobsmacked by them. How is it possible that we were not in the loop of things already?! Feel free to share some of the common, mundane and dare I add useful 'new to you' things that bowled you over when you learned them.
  4. Ron

    Me and My Mental Health

    I get you. I suppose those three words best express what I want to say more than any other words that I could lay down. You haven't been one to, shall I say, "beat around the bush" about your mental health. But your mental health issues are not the only example of your voice, you know this. Now, I tend to read and follow the same author's works again and again through the years for various reasons. Mostly, of course, it is because I enjoy what the authors have to say--what they write--but here on GA we can enjoy a more privileged connection beyond the words that are written. Here, through your freely expressed experience, we (I) are allowed to revel in your personal triumph. I never give up on good author, even when they experience something resembling a slump. I haven't, and I won't, give up on you either. Cheers and my best, best wishes for your continued good health.
  5. Ron

    Book Club Suggestions - Fantasy Category

    This series can best be described as High Fantasy. No simple story is this, it delves deep and wide into the culture and landscape of this world. The Chosen, the first book in the series sets the tone, it is alien—yet believably rigorous—and richly described. I own a full series of first editions copies, printed in the U.K., as part of my personal library—along with an uncorrected book proof copy of The Standing Dead that I picked up in a used bookstore here in Boston, MA. Ricardo Pinto, the author, has written on his blog (I’m a follower) that he has re-edited this series, having reduced the the text by a quarter. He has broken the books into seven parts, for practical and artistic reason: there are four new ‘hinge chapters.’ The text is being proofread and Mr. Pinto is working on new covers of his own design. The second edition will be available in paperback and as ebooks and will be released soon. Like @Sweetlion, I can highly recommend this series. For those who’s attention span is “long-winded” read the original books, otherwise wait for the more concise second editions. Either way, the fantasy reader won’t be disappointed.
  6. “No... tire... irons. What’s a tire iron doing in the trunk when I told you: no tire irons ever. Why, Christina? Why?”
  7. Ron


    I don’t blame you, these two look a little suspicious.
  8. Ron

    Halloween edibles

    Love the bats, a simple but effective design.
  9. Ron

    Who is Your Favorite Gay Icon?

    There are several in the world who have fomented change in their societies for the betterment of gay people everywhere, both those known widely and those who remain quietly in the background. So for me a gay icon would include everyone who has or will "come out" and dare to be and live as the person they are.
  10. Ron


    FYI: There’s an A+ and an A- just above the chapter description near the top of the page, you can adjust the font size by tapping or clicking on either. You can adjust different parameters of the chapter text with the various other symbols as well.
  11. Ron

    Life Unexpected

    I know, right(?!), it hurts but you must keep reading. You'll knock yourself in the head if you don't continue, believe me. This story is compelling reading and for good reason.
  12. Wow, @Thorn Wilde comes back and then @Sasha Distan comes back, and @K.C. has been popping up. Miracles baby! Who's next, @joann414? Welcome back Sasha!
  13. @Palantir Happy birthday, Peter. I hope you had a great, enjoyable day.

    1. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      Tillykke med fødselsdagen fra Danmark

    2. Palantir


      :)Thank you! Thank you!:)

  14. Oh my, another 150 degree day. What's that? It's only 102* feels like?! That must mean it's actually only 94 degrees.

  15. My city garden has become wild enough to have crickets singing in it... How annoying.


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