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  1. Gay guide to picking up hot guys in a bar.


    The above link is to a sometimes humorous, intelligently written article from GQ.

  2. You make it all sound so sad. So I feel sad for you, JT.
  3. Ron

    Good News Thread

    Young boys to the rescue.
  4. Mashing faces together and cementing the bond with tongues is too public for anywhere outside of the inside of one’s private space. Public as you call it has nothing to do with swapping spit on the street but everything to do with small displays of affection when the mood strikes. No one in their right mind—bigots excepted—would make a concerted fuss over a show of genuine affection between two gay men in a public setting, French kissing exceeds that respect.
  5. Today was the Boston Pride parade and party at city hall. I missed the parade. I needed to decide whether to be young at heart and go to the big party and watch the boys, or be the old man and work in the garden. Being practical won the day. Now my knees hurt, my back hurts and even my toes—old man indeed.

  6. Ron

    Congratulations Graeme!

    Thanks for taking on more responsibility, Graeme. That’s good of you and good for us. Cheers!
  7. Ron


    @Carlos Hazday Hey, Carlos. Why not do a poll as part of a blog post? That should eliminate the dreaded "double thread" issue.
  8. Ron

    GA's Newest Promising Author: Aceinthehole

    Congratulations on your promotion, Aceinthehole!
  9. "Alas, on history's roadmap, the next town past Acceptance is Boredom." -- eric from Vermont.


    This response was to an opinion piece in the New York Times, April 28, by Frank Bruni: The Extinction of Gay Identity.


    Frankly, I can appreciate the sentiment. As a gay man in my late 50's and two years single after a long relationship of twenty years--where do I meet someone else? I've aged out of the bars and, yes, that is a thing. Besides gay bars have become few enough as it is. So, lacking a vibrant gay community and the social possibilities such a community provides where does that leave a single man past a certain age? That's not a simple question.


    As a people and as a group gay people have made enormous strides and we've gained a great deal, though not nearly universally. But we have lost quite a bit of our identity in the process and the gay youth of today can't share that loss because many have never even experienced the sense of belonging that a gay community gave. I wouldn't want to go back to the era of back rooms, secret knocks, bar raids and arrests. I would definitely enjoy a little more cohesion among us and not just of the online kind.

  10. Ron

    The Story

    Thank you for reading. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed this tidbit with the guys.
  11. Glad to see the street cleaning machines back in action. The Boston city streets were looking filthy after the snow melt.

    1. Daddydavek


      The rain here is washing everything...

    2. Ron


      We get the rain tonight and tomorrow which will help. But @Daddydavek it’s not just dirty, it’s trashy, and even yesterday there was snow piles about a foot high still lining some sidewalks. Like most folks I’m done with winter and I’d prefer no more surprise appearances of snow.

  12. If fan fiction isn't up your alley (not mine either), Julie's Don't Look Back and the sequel Moving Forward are good reads.
  13. I may call on you in the future as a beta reader... just so you won’t call me out on the details later.
  14. Hey, you Clive Barker fans, Weaveworld is only $2.99 on Amazon for Kindle. This is one of Barker’s best works, in my opinion. I bought it so I wouldn’t have to read my first edition copy another time. Ha, it’s a good day!

    1. SolarMaxx


      Thanks Ron! I definitely am a fan.

    2. Mikiesboy


      love Clive Barker, weaveworld is a wonderful book ...

  15. Some careless contractor nicked the water main down the street. No water for a couple of hours and now it's brown and unappealing, even for washing hands. I gotta drink something, so I guess I'll open that bottle of wine tonight.

    1. BHopper2


      That happened here, and we had to boil water for a week before it was safe to use. But, you got wine, so that's good.

    2. Ron


      Yes, wine good. I’m enjoying an inexpensive red blend from Puglia, Italy with little round raviolis filled with walnut paste and Gorgonzola—swimming in a seasoned beefy tomato broth containing small white beans. Yes, I made the soup but the raviolis are from Eately.


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