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  1. This is something funny brought to you from Mashable. I saw the original movie trailer, this one made me laugh.

  2. Congratulations on your story being this month's CSR feature, Julie.

  3. If fan fiction isn't up your alley (not mine either), Julie's Don't Look Back and the sequel Moving Forward are good reads.
  4. I may call on you in the future as a beta reader... just so you won’t call me out on the details later.
  5. Hey, you Clive Barker fans, Weaveworld is only $2.99 on Amazon for Kindle. This is one of Barker’s best works, in my opinion. I bought it so I wouldn’t have to read my first edition copy another time. Ha, it’s a good day!

    1. SolarMaxx


      Thanks Ron! I definitely am a fan.

    2. Mikiesboy


      love Clive Barker, weaveworld is a wonderful book ...

  6. Some careless contractor nicked the water main down the street. No water for a couple of hours and now it's brown and unappealing, even for washing hands. I gotta drink something, so I guess I'll open that bottle of wine tonight.

    1. BHopper2


      That happened here, and we had to boil water for a week before it was safe to use. But, you got wine, so that's good.

    2. Ron


      Yes, wine good. I’m enjoying an inexpensive red blend from Puglia, Italy with little round raviolis filled with walnut paste and Gorgonzola—swimming in a seasoned beefy tomato broth containing small white beans. Yes, I made the soup but the raviolis are from Eately.

  7. I gather that familiarity with a location isn't a problem, as it is to Ms. Goldstein. On the other hand woe and destruction will fall upon any writer who dares get the facts wrong. Is that about right?
  8. That is very funny. Imagine the odds of this happening and they just might be right up there with winning the lottery.
  9. I can definitely see myself doing just this for the fun of it. There's a large number of TV shows set in Boston and I used to like trying to name the locations of the scenes.
  10. In an article in the Boston Globe, Meredith Goldstein a Globe advice columnist (Love Letters) reveals that she is a big romance novel enthusiast. For someone who writes about love and gives advice, it is perhaps a no-brainer that such a columnist would be into romance novels. But there is a caveat, Ms. Goldstein does not like romance stories based in the city in which she lives. She, in this case, unfortunately knows well the city of Boston. What some authors may think to be a sexy location... well, she does not see those locations quite the same way. I can see her point but I don't entirely buy into it. I live in Boston and I've written a short romance story set in the Boston/Cambridge area (Promise and Opportunity - written nearly four years ago) for a prompt and I think it works fine. Also, I wouldn't mind reading a gay romance short story/novel set in the small town where I grew up. Why not? I would love to hear what your feelings are about romance stories set in your hometown. Can you just not get into it? Would it be a distraction from the pleasure of reading? Will you read just to see if you can gain some juicy gossip? Are you disappointed that no one has ever written a romance novel set in your hometown? What do you think? Meredith Goldstein article.
  11. Clubs and Notifications

    I’d say that this is probably an easy miss, Valkyrie and Carlos. And, yeah, we do have to remember to follow in the first place, Myr. I do understand why people might not have toggled that particular notification. We are constantly bombarded with “look at me” hits, and from multiple venues... so...
  12. The Gayborhood is Dying

    Don’t come to Boston. The guys have all fled their stomping ground here. Those who owned townhouses sold for a big profit and many couldn’t afford the new rents. Most of the bars are closed or have been lost to straight people. Soon the South End gayborhood will be nothing more than a footnote in history books.
  13. 26907557_950211871793759_268485219798234

    1. Ron


      This meme is shared from a Facebook group I belong to: Writers of M/M Fiction. 

    2. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      Thanks for sharing it with us, it makes me :lmao: every time I see it.

  14. Yep, I got them and there were a few messages, too. I suppose I expected to be notified through the P.M. system here on G.A. and I didn't check that email account. I haven't checked that account in a while now; lots of Goodreads to read through. Thanks for the reminder.
  15. How about a feature for being notified when your Premium Subscription runs out instead of discovering it by accident? I don’t always delve into premium stories, partly because I’ve read most that interest me, but I would like to be notified when my support needs to be updated. The renewal date tends to slip my mind.

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