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  1. Ron

    Life Happenings

    I wish you well, Valkyrie.
  2. Ron

    GA's Newest Promising Author: Dodger

    Congratulations on the promotion, Dodger.
  3. In the trailer for the new Godzilla movie trailer, Boston takes a hit. That ought to liven up this town... or, possibly, destroy it.

    1. Ron


      I bet you're all laughing because I wrote trailer twice... I am.

  4. Ron

    Happy Birthday, Renee Stevens!

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday, Renee.
  5. A follow up to my July 3rd post in Status Updates. I hope none of you lost a pet during the past week from 4th of July firework antics.


    Missing: Lots of dogs and some cats.

  6. Ron

    What Are You Reading Right Now? (Non-GA)

    Eon by Greg Bear, published 1985 - Kindle edition (currently $3.99) This book is part of a trilogy: Legacy, Eon and Eternity. Although this is the second book in the series it happens to be the first one published. While Eternity was published three years after Eon, it wasn't until 2014 that Legacy arrived. Eon is considered to be hard science fiction and it is, but it is also a political story and a human one. When a 300 kilometer long potato shaped asteroid pops into the universe the world powers discover that it is not solid. Hollowed out chambers containing ancient cities, long abandoned though formally occupied by humans, but the last chamber... Well, the last chamber extends beyond the dimensions of the asteroid and it leads where, and to what? Every nation wants a piece of the pie, er, potato or the stone as it's called. It turns out the asteroid is from the future but is it our future?! Exciting read! Edit: I began this series with this book.
  7. Consider the poor dogs on this Fourth of July celebration....


    Big, Bang, Boom!

    1. Daddydavek


      Our beagle hates it.

  8. Ron

    Word Chain

    terminate *OMG, you all are still doing this?!
  9. Gay guide to picking up hot guys in a bar.


    The above link is to a sometimes humorous, intelligently written article from GQ.

  10. You make it all sound so sad. So I feel sad for you, JT.
  11. Ron

    Good News Thread

    Young boys to the rescue.
  12. Mashing faces together and cementing the bond with tongues is too public for anywhere outside of the inside of one’s private space. Public as you call it has nothing to do with swapping spit on the street but everything to do with small displays of affection when the mood strikes. No one in their right mind—bigots excepted—would make a concerted fuss over a show of genuine affection between two gay men in a public setting, French kissing exceeds that respect.
  13. Today was the Boston Pride parade and party at city hall. I missed the parade. I needed to decide whether to be young at heart and go to the big party and watch the boys, or be the old man and work in the garden. Being practical won the day. Now my knees hurt, my back hurts and even my toes—old man indeed.

  14. Ron

    Congratulations Graeme!

    Thanks for taking on more responsibility, Graeme. That’s good of you and good for us. Cheers!
  15. Ron


    @Carlos Hazday Hey, Carlos. Why not do a poll as part of a blog post? That should eliminate the dreaded "double thread" issue.

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