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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Even after this all these years I still check on story updates from LittleBuddah and HYLAS

  3. I've entered the twilight zone: No More Puppy Stibbs :-(

  4. C.K.

    Chapter 7

    C'mon Damien! Connect the dots. But I wonder if Kayden would tell the truth even if asked. Another excellent chapter.
  5. C.K.


    Well the shit's about to hit the fan for real now
  6. C.K.

    Chapter 6

    Poor kayden but it looks like he's found some people who care for him. I'm very happy that it looks like Garin has come around. Another well done chapter. Thank you
  7. C.K.

    Chapter 5

    It looks like Kay's previous masters did some serious damage to his psyche. Here's to hoping it isn't irreversible
  8. C.K.

    Chapter 4

    This story has been so consistently good. I really like Damien and his beliefs thus far and detest and despise Roman even more.
  9. C.K.


    I have to agree with LitLover...I hate Iain. Who's the tart now?
  10. C.K.

    Chapter 3

    Roman is #1 on my hitlist right now the bastard!
  11. C.K.

    Chapter 26

    Jameson is awesome. If only he were gay then I think he'd be just what Luke needs.
  12. C.K.

    Chapter 2

    I really like Harrison. He seems to be the voice of reason amongst the brothers...well that is between he and a Roman at least. Hopefully we'll meet the elusive Damien soon
  13. C.K.

    Chapter 1

    Great intro chapter. I look forward to hearing more about these Neko like their origin etc.
  14. C.K.

    Chapter 1

    Awesome first chapter. I guess I read the disclaimer. Ignore these negative bozos and keep developing the characters.
  15. C.K.

    The "Experiment" at the GLBT Dance

    I ain is such a douche but I can understand both sides. Secrets and lies will destroy everything. Hopefully this is truly a minor lover's quarrel. Can't wait for more.

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