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  1. ColumbusGuy

    Dawn of Tears

    dkstories is deceased? I read mike's comment and knew none of the prior history to this story, which I was loving right up to the last chapter. It makes me angry now that he felt the need to do that in response to people's reactions--it deserved a better resolution, no matter how long it took to get there. I hadn't read his work before, so had no idea what to expect, so I was disillusioned at the end, and my anger now is aimed at those others who so badly affected his love for this story. I am also though, upset that the only note for the reposting was that the final chapter was going to be controversial...I feel it would have been better served to put one in saying that dkstories was deceased and this was being done to memorialize him. Posting the chapters still under his name made me think he was doing it himself, and thus that we might hope for some changes. Had I known, I would have approached this view that 'at least it's finished' and be grateful. There are authors whose fate we don't know, like Dom Luka who just vanished, and leaves us with no closure at all. I read Kombat Kids and loved it, bu only in starting the sequel was there a note that that book wouldn't be finished since the author was dead. If GayAuthors knows the fate of an author, I think it would be helpful to put a note on their work that says the writer has died so we know whether we can expect unfinished stories to be completed in future. With pseudonyms being used by a lot of us, how are we to research these things? If this is stated somewhere on site, then why not gather them into a list and post it somewhere easily found--before I lost a lot of my vision I searched the forums for Dom Luka's fate and found a few things but no one seemed to know...but I went through hundreds of things to find that much. Now that these things are much harder and I use narration software, it's just too time-consuming trying to go through forums for little posts that might say that an author is no longer living. I hate to think that I had something bad to say about a good author--I believe in approaching new ones to me with an open mind, and having a dialogue with them. That he is no longer around saddens me a great deal--I had hopes that he might take up this story again.
  2. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 1

    I check out the Prompts regularly for ones I might use, and while that one was intriguing, I couldn't find a wayto use it that I was willing to put into one of my existing stories. You did a wonderful job with it, and it evoked just the emotions you intended.
  3. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 1

    My eyes were watering before I got to the end, dear friend. I've had pets as long as I can remember until August of 2015 when my last Siamese Bortai died at 15 years from cancer. I thought she'd be my last pet as I didn't know how many years I'd have left with the things going on in my life, but she went first out of the blue. Cats are sneaky, not often showing signs until the last few days when I got her to the vet and discovered it was far too late--'too many lung tumors, so it was eat or breathe, and not both'...She resides in a nice copper urn on my mantel now. I was fortunate that my first pet--talked about in my first Prompt here, and my first piece at GA--lived from when I was three years old to the summer before I gegan college at nineteen. All my pets have had long lives with the loving care I gave them, but the length of the bond doesn't matter--it's the loss of a beloved friend that is foremost. I encountered the Rainbow Bridge first in Norse mythology if I'm right--the link between Midgard and Asgard where our spirits live on...it's a beautiful thought that we can rejoin our animal friends when our time comes. I don't know what Christianity teaches about the fate of pets, but I always got the impression Heaven was just for people to sing praises to a deity for eternity...sorry, without my pets that would be hellish for me--and I can't sing worth a damn. So, Heimdall, please let me cross the Bridge when my time comes.
  4. ColumbusGuy

    Dawn of Tears

    With apologies to the author and readers, I can only say that I'm now done reading this story and won't be commenting on any more chapters or giving reactions. This is extreme for me because I like a good sci-fi story, and despite more than a few bad edits, I was enjoying it. However, from hints in other comments in chapters, I went online and found the full story posted elsewhere, and spent two solid days reading the entire book. Now I know about the reason for a comment that it hasn't been edited since the original posting because the same errors are still there...but worse than that...is the final chapter. We cruise through many events in the lives of the characters, good and bad for thirty-two chapters, and they were intriguing and leaving me wanting more, then Chapter 33 is opened, and I was angry and made a resolution to not read any more from this author. In that final chapter, we get about five sentences covering more than twenty years...three huge revelations concerning the plot and characters with zero details or story at all--bald sentences just telling the event. And then--to top it off--the writer says he'd hoped to write a better ending for the story! Pray tell, it's been ten years since this went online, so what has kept you from doing a better job, unless you're planning to do it in this reposting? With the errors still intact in this new posting, I don't see that happening, so all I can do is say this: I'm done with this one, and if you want to read it 'til its conclusion, feel free--but you'll be as disappointed and angry as I am at the waste of time you've invested. I truly hope dkstories will re-write the final chapter here...only that will give me back my former love for this story....
  5. ColumbusGuy

    Times Changed

    Oh, the 'sad comment' wasn't directed at you, but at the state of the world today...in the days of easy information gathering, I was just surprised that the error occurred at GA in particular. I missed your name in the comment since it was being narrated, and I made the assumption--you know what those mean--that you were among the 'kids' at the site. :) I was born in 1958 and was entering college when Village People were getting going...but had yet to experience gay city life since I grew up in a small rural farming town, and went to the private college one town over....I didn't go to my first gay bar until about 1984 and then saw the clones first-hand...quite a shock for my system to see them in real life rather than in videos. I had wide-ranging tastes in music from classical to folk and rock, but was too inept to dance anything other than English country dances I learned at a local group here. Cultural misfit and bookish geek rather than part of the main stream culture other gay people revelled in at the time--only drank a tiny bit, enjoyed talking more than partying, and was in search of a long-term relationship, so didn't fit in with the city crowd even in Columbus. :( All that said, I can remember the damnedest things for no particular reason, including stories after reading them once which means not being able to enjoy them a second time, but any math beyond basic geometry leaves me stunned. Hence recalling most of the Village People stuff and other stuff from back then without needing to look it up. Ask me who the local politicos are, and I'm like a deer caught in the headlights. :) If you're Australian or of similar origin--good on yer, mate! I love stories and movies from Down Under! A friend of mine has posted two sci-fi stories here set in that country, and are wonderful--Attunga and Mparntwe.
  6. ColumbusGuy

    Times Changed

    Sorry, but you're disseminating wrong information with that comment. I was a teen when that song came out, and their other ones too. YMCA is one of their song titles, not the name of the group. And, they were all gay originally, and dressed for their performances as the clone types popular in the late 70s and 80s: A construction worker, a biker, an Indian, a sailor and either a farmer/soldier/gym guy--can't remember which. The name of the group was The Village People...an iconic gay group and one of the first openly gay ones that hit the main stream with their music. Sad to forget such an important part of our history...not even bothering to search the internet for the song. Sigh.
  7. ColumbusGuy

    Beware of Laughing Blondes

    Because this is a public site that thinks we should all respect one another--a view I hold--they also say that political or religious discussion should be very limited. Okay, I'm fine with that too...but the underlying priciple of our country is freedom to be expressed civilly by all, and that is vanishing in our current climate. The Pastor and his group are clearly prepared to take advantage of a situation to further their own agenda, as were the Muslim extremists who blew up the oil processing and shipping facilities...but we are also seeing other opportunists coming out of the woodwork in this tale who are politically motivated; but the one thing both the religious and political agents have in common is this: the desire for power over their fellow beings for their own profit. I'm certain there will be parts of this narrative that are going to make me very angry, but I think they will be learning experiences for the thinking reader at the same time. Henry and Dylan and their unknown-as-yet friends sound like they will be the voice of Reason, and I'll hold out to see that triumph. I hope the one lesson people will learn from this story is that the threats that can destroy free and open societies come not only from Conservative , but Liveral extremists as well. As the ancient Greeks said, 'Know Thyself', and 'All Things in Moderation'. Only in those maxims can society prosper and advance in a meaningful way.
  8. ColumbusGuy

    Old and New

    This story is just amazingly warm, especially once Andy got over his 'save the world' complex and saw Eric as a real person. Do you know how rare that is for elderly or handicapped people? I think you must by the way you developed these characters. Eric had the double curse of being old by society's standards, and being gay as well. Even in that 'inclusive' community there is little place for those who aren't young, attractive and able. I don't know if that's true in larger cities, but when I used to go out, it was certainly true in Columbus. With the death of my last partner in 2007, there was no point seeking another since I'd gotten him because it was his decision--but I at last had what I'd hoped to find since the beginning of my alternative odyssey. When you say there will be more in time, I'll be waiting and hoping for Eric's luck to continue. Will this be in another story or additions to this one? I'm sorry I haven't been to the discussion forum, but those are just too hard for me to follow these days using my narration software. Hearing and having to skip endless headings and reps just to find a short few word comment and trying to piece things together. Never take that to mean I'm not loving your story!
  9. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 27

    Bugger me, mate! Another fookin' cliffie? 😺 Sadly, I'm sure this has something to do with either Troy, the GSA or both. I'm wondering who it is, since there hasn't been any word of any prison escapes, and though Adam's birth vessel and her deranged pastor are warped psychologically I don't see either as being the type to do this. One of the parishioners, yes...Oh, just had an idea but I'll wait to see if it might be right. Dang, now I won't sleep well until we get the next installment, and you've got me craving cookies....
  10. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 6

    Nice to see Alex growing into his role as leader, though he's going to have one very tough decision to make very soon regarding Larry and Amanda. Perhaps Tom as well, but I think there may be hope for him if he can get away from the other two. I suspect the choice of children has much to do with their talents and the potential for them to be seed stock for a new beginning for humanity after the invasion ends, one way or another. It will be interesting to see what the hinted at common factor is between all of them...immunity to the virus? Youth alone? Why no adults at all? I'm thinking an adult may be too restrictive in his/her thinking to consider new options for an unknown future. But I am sorely questioning several of the personnel choices--makes me think Larry and Amanda might have been there for the positions that their parents held rather than any innate value of their own. An adult error that may have serious repercussions down the line. Next one, please Wes!
  11. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 102 A student for a Day

    You've answered some of my worries in your replies above, but not all. I think if Nathan and Robbie ever do include someone else, it will likely destroy their relationship, at least as lovers. Robbie doesn't strike me as a free-wheeling guy who can just be so casual about sex. The other thing is Tom; whether that last kiss was intended as a joke, it turned into something more, and Tom admitted he's not been as active or serious with girls since Robbie left England...I think he's finding out that there may be more of the bi or gay side to him than he supposed...and I think it centers on Robbie as the object. In the end, who will Robbie wind up with? I'm leaning toward Tom, much as I had in the beginning, but can't rule out Nathan entirely--or even Alex. I added that last because my most successful and longest relationship was with a bi guy who was reputed to be a homophobe, but actually asked me out six months after a mutual friend introduced us casually. Go figure.
  12. ColumbusGuy

    Jay & Miles by ColumbusGuy

    @Headstall don't worry, I've done that with more than one author thanks to my weird schedule and the fact that I can lie down and listen to them being narrated instead of having to do it with my eyes....of course, that means I have to go back to the last thing I remember and try again. Sigh.....
  13. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 26

    Another great chapter, my firend...I almost marked it 'Angry' because of the appearance of that woman and her hypocrite 'religious' appendage. Yep, that makes him fookin' dick, and her nothing but a worthless 'slag'. I think that's the right word I recall from a movie.... Wasn't there a restraining order against them? If not, there surely ought to be now!
  14. ColumbusGuy

    Jay & Miles by ColumbusGuy

    Any body done a word count on Geron's stories? I knowthey vary, but I think three or four of them would total the count I've racked up for Jay alreadu.... I love every word of his, but I do often need to pack a lunch before I start the journey. 😺
  15. ColumbusGuy

    Jay & Miles by ColumbusGuy

    Complaints from the Caped Crusader? Say it isn't so! Hey, my alternate history piece I've been doing is longer than most JM chapters now, and I don't know how much more there is to go on it...it's looking like it'll beat the 14k of the mall chapter easily. Working on a Tales one too, but those are tiny things in comparison.

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