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  1. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 62 Empty Ruins and Chores

    I'm thinking that 'Ruins' can be taken as a metaphor for our search for Purpose in life more than anything else--in all the centuries we've searched, we come up empty-handed, especially in the dogmas of organized religions which seek to chain our minds into time-worn channels that lead us to be subservient to others' wills rather than use our own resources. I'm taken with some of the concepts of Eastern philosophies, but am not one to stare at my navel days on end...finding oneself in that way is a path, but to what? Dissatisfaction with ourselves trying to determine the Path to Perfection. Perfection is a sterile and cold reality--we give up the Physical World for a Mental Plane of solitude. In the second poem, I think you answered the question of 'Why?'. The purpose of Life is to live it, savor it with your physical and mental senses--and to try to make it better in whatever way you can. Helping others, caring for them be they human or animal...gives most of us a satisfaction beyond price. No wondering what divides you from others, just the desire to help where you can as you can. The Deed itself is the Goal, not some sense of obligation to a Deity that has most likely set things in motion and then gone off to start over again...or read the comics. Life is simple if you heed your grandma's words to 'Play nice!' Be a friend, a support, and it'll all settle into place in your head and heart.... "And that's the way it is..." to quote Walter Cronkite's close to the nightly news years back.
  2. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 15

    I'm not a happy reader--leaving us in the lurch like this! Security cameras may or may not see what's needed...and what could happen until someone reviews the footage? I hope Carlos and his mother have gotten the point and are doing what's needed right away. With Tim being away from his site for a while, will you post the next one here first? You'd better or I'll come over there and search every pub and hamlet until I track you down! :P
  3. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 12 Epilogue

    A wonderful, all-around great ending for this couple my dear! (I'm allowed one of those marks since this isn't one of my chapters, right?) You were such a tease with Jack--I'm sure it was your intention for us to think he was a little boy and it didn't become clear until the animal shelter was mentioned...naughty author. I laughed my head off when you revealed that little tidbit to us, and when the guys began talking about letting him into their bedroom. I hope we get more of their future at some point--but you have to let the Voices guide you. ONce more, the journey was worth all the turmoil and angst until Love Conquered All.
  4. ColumbusGuy

    Jay & Miles by ColumbusGuy

    No worries, min ven--only stress came from being in the waiting room. :P Two hours plus at the clinic, say ten minutes for the initial update, ten for the eye pics, ten for her review of them with me and another ten for the laser...all the rest was sitting around doing nothing...and starving since I didn't eat before going. Picked up sandwiches on the way home. I've gotten lazy because I don't always follow along with my narrator as I devour stories, but if I lay down doing that I can fall asleep! Will do more on 55 today now that the eye stuff is done.
  5. ColumbusGuy

    Jay & Miles by ColumbusGuy

    Had my visit with the eye doctor today, a follow-up, but she also did some laser work for something she saw last time that wasn't urgent or serious--a little bubble or cloud near the lens that only took a few minutes to fix and it should help a bit more. On a new eyedrop for a week to keep down chances of infection, and a second one for the pressure in the eye to aid the drop I'm already on. That one may be temporary too, just depends on the pressure readings in future. She'd like to see them in the 'teens', and today's was 23 which was just a bit higher than she liked. Next visit a month from today. Pictures of the eye interior looked great, so all seems to be going well. Back to writing!
  6. ColumbusGuy

    Jay & Miles by ColumbusGuy

    Okay, it's been a little while, but I'm here to let you know that Chapter 55 is moving along at last. I had a problem with Win10's latest update yesterday, and got it sorted out this evening. It screwed with my narration software and I was left with that seriously annoying yet nearly incomprehensible Microsoft robot voice that prevented me from doing any reading...so I wrote a bit. Now that the problem is fixed, no thanks to Microsoft, I can once more listen to my British narrator as it also reads my typing...so I'm on a roll with the new chapter! Part of my earlier distraction was reading the stories by Sequoyal and most recently David Lee...now it's time for me to take up the pixellated cursor again.
  7. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 9 Melancholia

    You just know the right words to say to make things come out right...and I may say that, when I needed a ray of sunshine two years ago, it was you who 'squeegeed' my windows so your light could shine in. I'll never forget that, or let anyone else drken your lights if I can help it. My dearest friend, my heat's ease, my fount of wisdom...
  8. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 14

    Hey Ivor...you aren't the only author who sets things here though you are a 'foreigner'! Believe me, a good story comes across even then, so long as it's well told and even a little proofing is done to make it readable. Believe me, I've seen stories here by American writers that I could barely follow, and some so 'editorially raw' that I threw up my hands and quit reading them. A lot can be overlooked if English isn't your first language, but not when it is, and the writing is still on a par with third grade work. :) I won't name names because I was reading a story with so many grammar and structure and typos that it was often incomprehensible, and when I checked the Editor's work, found the very same errors there also...a story is only as good as it's editors and beta-readers. I'd love to see your 'Seaside' stories here... (hint, hint)
  9. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 14

    I well know government stupidity in it's agencies from experience with the state's benefits system. They screwed up something for nearly half a year because they missed an entire page on my review and it took ages to sort it out. They should have reimbursed the lost money, nearly 800 dollars, but all I saw was one month's adjustment. So, the possibility that Adam's father might demand him back and be granted it could be very real. Ivor is an amazingly talented writer, and I've read everything he's done at the various sites he's at--a lot of it at IOMFATS. I've heard comments that his work is 'too British' and thus he feels doubts when he posts here since so many of us seem to think writing has to be in our dialect to be popular. For me, a good story can be in any of those English possesses, so long as it's done well. I don't know much about Aussie football, but the various Australian authors here have captivated me with their stories from the moment I discovered them, be they sports-related or not. So I've picked up a few words in other dialects' usage--that makes me a more well-rounded person if not a well-travelled one. So, Ivor my friend...keep 'em coming!
  10. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 11 Missing Pieces

    What's the phrase...'the truth will out' The moral of this one for me, was that honesty is the best policy--it brought Jimmy and Drake together, and it renewed a fractured marriage for Drake's parents. As much, if not more important for Truth, is that it will become public...but it has to be faced and accepted internally as well for it to work its magic. Come on, Epilogue! Dang, Monday's so far away.... :)
  11. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 23 Cakes and caring

    It's wonderful to see Michael coming through surgery so well...he's an amazing kid and so are his aunt and far. The idea of Patrick becoming a father would be great...come on Peter, make it happen! 🤭 Are we due for another Angel/Imp story? Loved hearing from them again! Tusind tak min kaereste ven!
  12. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 10 It Is What It Is

    I wanted so much for Drake's visit to go well, but his reaction to Victoria only proved that his epiphany wasn't firmly rooted...there's a lot of work Drake needs to do on his issues to be what Jimmy needs. The fact that Jimmy stood watching Drake leave indicates he's still got strong feelings for the man, but he can't let those rule him until he sees Drake make some serious changes in himself. Jimmy is on the right path, but will Drake see that, or resign himself to the status quo and give up on himself and Jimmy? With his record, I'm thinking we're in for a period of despondency and retreating from dealing with his issues. Not giving up on them yet...and Jimmy isn't either. It's up to Drake now, and indeed, it's always been.
  13. ColumbusGuy


    What great timing--this comes just a couple weeks since my cable provider started showing the season of Aussie Rules Football. Now I get it on tv and in this great group of guys! I'm sure Mason is right about his parents' reasoning...image over family when it comes down to it, just like most politicians. I hope Robbie can survive once he's discharged from the hospital...from what little I know, gangs can have a long reach with others when it comes to silencing trouble makers.
  14. ColumbusGuy

    Fragment Five: Refugees

    Prompts seem to have been lucky for me; the first four chapters or so of Jay & Miles began as prompts, and look what happened to that story! This one was an experiment to see if I could put my thoughts together for this task in bite- (or is that byte) size chunks and still be engaging. Science-fiction can do that for short stories, but I don't think I've seen longer works that way.
  15. ColumbusGuy

    Fragment Four: Pillow Talk

    Well, we have to please our fans... "I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille."

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