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  1. Chapter 3

    Of course, there's also the black and white pic of me in '66 at age 8 on my new red bike wearing turned-up jeans and a black and yellow flannel shirt...I won't mention the one a year or so earlier where my older sisters put me in a dress and heels and an oriental parasol. That day sticks out in my mind for some reason--could that be when I knew I'd be gay? I dunno because I didn't start thinking about other boys until I hit puberty, though I did like playing with other boys at recess more than girls....
  2. Chapter 3

    Oh god no, please don't say things come back fashion-wise! In 1970-71 when I started middle school, I was wearing an orange double-breased shirt with a huge collar and buttons, and humongous purple bell-bottoms! At least I wasn't the only one to succumb to that fashion disaster in my school...I'd wised up and was wearing normal button shirts and slacks by graduation. I didn't have the guts to wear really tight jeans or skimpy shorts, though I did enjoy looking at the boys who did. The picture of me in the orange shirt is in my Gallery...for those morbid enough to look.
  3. Chapter 3

    I do hope that Adam is right when he thinks he won't need counselling, but that dream he had isn't a good omen. He may not have been beaten physically until recently, but his life before that could be considered at best neglect, if not mental abuse. Now that he has found a permanent home with all the love and care he could wish, we can only hope that will be enough to restore his emotional equilibrium. I can't wait for the next chapter in the story--got some birthday's coming up soon, and more 'sleepovers'.
  4. A Welcome Companion

    Seems I missed this too, but I'm glad it tied Leryn in with his uncles, while giving us a glimpse into the life of a Herald. I think the future for the three will be a lot better, though Edgehold will be in for some rough times. My regret now is this: knowing that Jonne and Vanyel don't get back together, and Jonne is a very minor character in the real Valdemar series--do I want to read the books now? Also, knowing that gay couples, even without sex scenes, seem to be minor also...which means this is just another fantasy series with just enough of that to draw in a potential new fan base from the gay community. I don't know if I want to take the time on another series after 'religiously' following the stories by Modesitt set in Recluce, Candar and Hamor.... I had hoped this author would weave some gay bonds into her work like my favorite Marion Zimmer Bradley did with he sci-fi series 'Darkover'...in that one there are major characters who are gay or bisexual, and that figures prominently in the series in both good and bad roles. Without reading, Valdemar's use seems like a ploy to draw readers in, then disappoint them by relegating it toa minor status with no real part in the stories. Tim, please write more of these guys and their future, and if I'm wrong about the Valdemar books, point me to the one(s) which gave you the inspiration for these stories. Since I have to read them online now, maybe I can find editions via Kindle?
  5. Veggies Are Good For You!

    Thanks Def! I've always liked raw carrots, even before hearing about their erotic possibilities. I wasn't sure how to approach this part of their relationship, which is one reason it took so long. I knew each would have his own take on things, but how to mesh them together? Both have their romantic and practical sides, but for me/Mikey, the dreamer usually won out, so I opted for Jay, who could also be sappily romantic, to be the slightly more practical one this time. If Mikey saw things as an Arabian Nights adventure, then how would Jay...his vision of their truck project came to mind right away, and it just seemed to click. I'm glad other people liked it too.
  6. Where do I go from here?

    About the only books I read with gay characters were Marion Zimmer Bradley's 'Darkover' books...and i read all of them and the ones by other writers she lit in. Did Ms. Lackey write there--it sounds possible now? I'm starting your 'Companion' story now...once again out of order. *sigh* I won't bitch about leaving us hanging, because I just did it myself with JM, and I am working on a Tales chapter too--and looked back only to realize it's been a freakin' YEAR...so, I'm a very bad boy myself.
  7. Where do I go from here?

    I haven't read the other story of yours, or any Valdemar stuff...so are these your characters in that world, or do they have more life in the series? You make me want to learn more about these people, but I don't want to invest time in a series if it's a typical sword/sorcery type thing...harder to read now, and need to write myself. You can't leave us hanging, min ven!
  8. Post-Match Analysis

    Well, I'm assuming they may make a go of it, or there wouldn't be a story, right?
  9. Post-Match Analysis

    Good job! Andy deserved the tongue-lashing Adam gave him...he was far from the ideal 'companion' for Eric, disregarding the man for his own vision of how things should go. If he can't wrap his head around what he did wrong, then he ought to find another career for himself. I hope Eric will give Andy another chance, but that depends on how sincere the apology is. Eric's view is already tinged with suspicion, so that has to be factored in. More please!
  10. Veggies Are Good For You!

    Speaking from experience, since Mikey is/was me...I can only think of a quote from a comedy movie I saw--wish I could remember the title, but it was teen oriented. "Boy, that would be a giant hard-off!"
  11. Veggies Are Good For You!

    I wish we could give more than one reaction to a review--I went with 'love' though 'wow' was damn close behind. What made this chapter so hard to write was the subject; anal sex and the associated preparations are so intimate and potentially messy that I've always been a bit squeamish about it. Oral is no problem at all, nor is all the fore-play, but this aspect of gay life was scary even though my first time was with a good friend who took his time and made sure I would enjoy it, both receiving and giving. All my partners were versatile and gentle, so maybe my hesitancy came from some left-over fastidiousness? It's going to be really difficult when Jay and Mikey get to the real thing because I'm not sure how to go about it for them--the other guys will be easy because I can distance myself from the scene a bit--but Jay...well, this is where Mikey being me may cause problems. The first times with all my partners, I was the receiver because I wasn't overly aggressive, though I did return the favor too, if not as often. Did that mean I was a 'bottom'? I don't think so because I enjoyed doing it to my partner just as much...again, Kevin was the exception as he wanted to receive a bit more than give, so I had to do 'top' more than I normally would have. Still, it's all labels and not really how my relationships worked--if love and respect and equality weren't there, then nothing would happen at all. Jay is such a charmer whether he realizes it or not...in a way I wish I'd not insisted that Mikey make love to him first...too late now, so I'll find a way to get there.
  12. Veggies Are Good For You!

    Okay, you better find that story soon! It's been too long since we heard from your fertile brain. I figured since this was still part of their 'anniversary', it should be all about them...plus they're starting to explore new ground for their future love life. That aspect was hard to get right because it was a big step for me as their 'far' too. Guess you'll have to go to a bakery for your cake fix...or pull out a cook-book and utensils! Maybe I'll do a no-no and get myself one for my birthday on the 6th....
  13. Veggies Are Good For You!

    Boo! I'm gonna pretend I didn't read that! On their trip to the mall, the boys already had the gold talk when Mikey pointed out the only gold he liked was the color of Jay's hair. In jewelry, he far prefers silver...hence the pendants' make up.
  14. Veggies Are Good For You!

    Thanks Sweetlion--Mikey is reaping the rewards of the chance I passed up in real life...it took a good while for me to even come close to what he's found so early. It's a surprise Mikkel didn't do that, with his thoroughness gene, but I guess he had to consider postage rates from Canada.
  15. Veggies Are Good For You!

    Thanks Ivor--you brought something to mind just now with that parsnip comment. It's from one of my favorite Blackadder episodes where he's trying to get on the good side of some rich relatives who are very conservative and only eat turnips. One he serves looks just like a guy's 'thingie' and gives rise to so many obvious jokes. I hadn't thought of that episode in ages! I guess the best thing about carrots is that they get thicker near the top, so maybe they'll find one or two that will match the size needed, thus reducing veggie fears when they visit the produce section next time!

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