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  1. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 11

    Nothing to complain about with this one, Wes! I'm glad to see the two original trouble-makers settling down, but we get to keep an eye on Amanda. Gotta wonder too why it's so hard to find out who the saboteur is, or at least who's following him...though in this case I'd wager on Kelly with her panting after him. :) I won't complain about the interval between chapters either as mine is longer, so I'm just glad to read more of this exciting story.
  2. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 34

    Wow, wasn't expecting the end quite so soon... 😺 I think Adam did the right thing at the store though--I've worked retail and the 'customer is always right idea is a crock of shit--but the manager had to save his business no matter the circumstances. He should have gotten the story from Adam later, but it was a one day a week job and no great loss compared to losing business from the other onlookers. Adam was right that he wouldn't have been comfortable going back to see what he could salvage--his mother saw to it that he'd be the talk of the store from then on. So, he cut his losses and he can find other work when he really needs it. Such a nice holiday and birthday for Adam! He's found a real family at last, and now he knows it deeper than just on the surface. A good place to leave off this stage of their lives, but I'd like to see them make appearances in a 'sequel' featuring Chris and Paul as mentioned above...those boys have a story that could use telling too.
  3. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 3

    So we'll see more of the First Australians soon...cool! And am I right in thinking that the next place has a familiar name? If we run across a kid named Mirrigan I'm gonna laugh my butt off. :)
  4. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 2

    One of the best things I like about your writing is the superb descriptions of the scenery and how the characters interact with it. I've only seen Australia in documentaries and movies, but you flesh out those pictures with the appropriate emotions as well. Tell me your career has been in writing travelogues and I'll buy all I can! I won't add to the speculation here, just wait for you to enlighten us...I'll keep more hair that way. I don't hold much with formal religions, but the sheer history behind ancient cultures worldwide gives them a better chance to touch something mystical inside all of us, uniting us with nature rather than giving us dominion over all we survey. On to the next chapter!
  5. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter Two: Brick Shithouse

    If this is the final book, then I may be wrong in thinking that Dave's mom's future plans to leave his father are fore-shadowings of Dave's final status with Nick. At the moment it doesn't look good for a reunion, and even friendship might be too much. Add in Mel's university days and this is going to be one eventful ride.
  6. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 33

    I'm eager to see if the guys have to get naked when they visit after Christmas...it would be fun to see Troy's joke turned around on him. What's with all the jokes about Adam's muffins? I think they're cute! 😺
  7. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter One: English Summer Rain

    I hadn't read any of your stories, but the title interested me...alas, at the cost of writing my own chapters. Working on two right now for my main stories and hope to finish them very soon. Have to confess not knowing any of the music or groups you mention...I like many types, but none that are popular after about 1990.
  8. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter One: English Summer Rain

    I'm glad the new book has started--was hoping it wouldn't be too long since I just read the others since Monday. Helps to not have a social life!
  9. ColumbusGuy

    Emotional Asistance

    Hmm, didn't get the Dr. Who reference since I gave up once they began with the new guy a couple years back...I did love the show when it returned and was hoping it would continue to be good, but the latest Doctor was not to my liking. Is it still being made? I like this new set of guys and I can't wait to see how they drag in Troy and Adam in future chapters while forging their own bonds across town. No emos in my day, but I thought the look could be sexy if it wasn't reduced to tons of piercings and surly attitudes. :) More please, Ivor. Guess I need to 'follow' this to get notices...no idea why I hadn't unless I thought it was going to be a single-chapter story....
  10. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 12 Hashtag

    Just as a warning, I don't do any sort of social media beyond reviewing stories. I don't own a cell phone. Some ten years or so back I signed up to Facebook to play a farming game my sisters were doing, but tired of that, then did a D&D type one for a time. I did have a few friends who were on and I saw some of their news...but became immune to their babble. I haven't been on that site for more than three years, and don't miss it. The only positive thing I found from there was making contact with my older half-brother I only met once as a teenager. Nice guy, but we'll never meet since he lives in Texas and I don't drive. Our dad disowned us both, me for being gay and him for an argument they had when he was in his early twenties over tires. WTF moment, eh? So, no hashtags for me, and I steer my political course on moderation. Sense can be had from both sides of the political aisle, but not from the lunatic fringes at both ends. The Senate circus going on now only points up the ridiculous lengths politicians will go to in order to gain favor and power--screw Truth, Justice and the American Way. Wasn't that Wonder Woman's creed...the ultimate champion for Women and Sanity and Truth. Truth is dead along with Justice, even on our campuses where discussion is banned if you aren't crying for the blood of men, conservatives, capitalists, free-thinkers of any stripe or cause. What makes me the most ashamed is that the ultra Liberals' insanity draws fire to all legitimate causes such as Gay Rights or Free Speech. Those who say anything remotely reasonable against these people are labelled racists at best and hate mongers when the fringe says it's okay to scream and rant at people not only in public places, but at their homes. I refuse to ally my gay self with any party that advocates tactics of hate and intolerance, Right or Left. If only some other reasonable people would stand up for themselves against the Fringe--I can't be the only gay guy out there.....
  11. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 16

    I'm glad the crystalline people aren't dead--an ingenious way to save a species. What shows more the 'humanity' of Farla's race is that they know a lot, but aren't infallible, and strive to correct the errors and problems they caused inadvertently. I'm not sure a sequel would work, but I'd definitely like to see more of these kids...perhaps they could become ad hoc ambassadors between us and Farla's species? Definitely like to read more about her people! Just amazing, my friend!
  12. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 32

    No, Ivor, your malls are fine. Columbus had built too many I think to last forever. Suburbs grew and more local shopping centers grew up instead. It got bad when the major stores would be bought out by others and then gradually shut down as not being profitable enough for the national mega chains. One example is Lazarus, a regional chain in several states around Ohio, bought out I believe by Macy's and in the end, closed when they tried launching their own stores or to alter the target customer base. The original downtown store was the last, I think and closed after 150 years in the same location. Some areas can support enclosed malls easily, particularly where the weather is consistently bad enough in winter to affect shoppers, or if they have a broad enough retail base. One in the Midwest even has an amusement park in it!
  13. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 1

    This is off to an interesting start my friend! Somehow I missed it until just now, but I'll be notified now. So Kieran doesn't seem to remember his other life? And it seems odd the number of coincidences piling up with Rhys and Mr. B...or are they? Could there be a counter-plot to the King's, or is this part of it? Answers to come in the following chapters...stay tuned! I'm glad you're back with us!
  14. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 32

    Poor Troy having nightmares about purple zombies. That's one I've never had, having seen the original Night of The Living Dead on tv as a teen and finding it ridiculously funny. Trips to the mall were a lot of fun going into the various shops and doing a movie (one screen) or getting a snack. Sadly Columbus no longer has any enclosed ones...they're all open air and the 'feel' is just of a group of individual stores with no real connection. Less variety in them now too since it's easy to just go elsewhere to eat. The one in my story had a big fountain in the center, small trees and plants in pots and nice 'marble' tiled floors. Last I heard it had been entirely carpeted and all the plants and fountain pulled out. Lots of things like tax offices now rather than stores. They tried selling it but got only one bid that was insanely below the asking price, so now it may just be closed. There were drug dealers infesting it then, so I'm sure that didn't help. Chris and Paul are a lot of fun...lets see them again soon!
  15. ColumbusGuy

    Chapter 15

    I'm gonna miss Zombo...nah. Maybe Richie and Jeremy can go into town and find some sexy black briefs like his? 😺 'Eat four sticks of hot dynamite you maggot!' Works for me. After his adapting his own trap, I don't even want to think about another one showing up.... When's the paperback due out, Garret?

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