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  1. Northern Exposure: General Discussion

    I forgot, too, and was about to ask here then I checked the previous two chapters. He's discussed on the way to Windsor and is part of Cavendish's group there. Loved the surprise Granger mention in BW. EDIT: Love even more that George's family support Labour!
  2. Chapter 56

    We've all been waiting breathlessly for the big reveal of Lady Preston's identity and it didn't disappoint. Another throwback to the Granger family tree! I loved the snippets of Granger history. I'm sorry Bertie's branch turned out so badly. And also for that overly alliterative sentence. It was also unexpected to learn that the Black Widow's scheme appears to revolve around the Suffolk line of succession. Not sure how Brad's exploded plane is going to fit in with this new information. The scene at Goodwell was so exciting, it was actually a disappointment to switch to JJ and Carullo's blossoming romance, sweet as it is. Thanks for a truly awesome chapter!
  3. Chapter 10

    And so the voyage begins. Already, we have tensions and intrigue. It's going to be a long, cold time at sea, and no doubt sparks will fly...in more ways than one. Thanks for the lovely surprise, darling. You're the very best!
  4. Chapter 55

    Well, at least one mystery (NJ bell) is solved. I don't blame Brad for not wanting to go. It sounded grim. Now we just have to figure out the rest of them. And we have a very pertinent reminder of Lord Preston's Mystery Wife. Great chapter overall! I love when Brad and JP go to the pub around the corner. Although, poor Brad doesn't seem to be very good at it. Thanks, hon.
  5. Chapter 54

    I thought the 9-11 function was a bell in New Jersey. Oh well, the gala made for a good scene and Will no doubt enjoyed another evening with Patrick. We still don't know why Stef is pissed at Will, do we? Thanks for another great chapter. I'm really enjoying the frequent postings.
  6. Chapter 53

    Great character development! I especially enjoyed learning more about Jake. Glad you got him out of Mexico safely.
  7. Faces for Mark's Stories

    They're growing up essentially as siblings, though. Not sure they'll be interested in each other. Too much familiarity.
  8. Chapter 52

    So much drama on so many levels! I love how you manage to weave the family's various squabbles and romantic entanglements seamlessly with a complex mystery that includes murders and Mexican cartel wars. Thanks so much for updating both stories so soon after the holiday chapters. I feel quite spoiled.
  9. Chapter 9

    Mark, how long have you been planning that scene at Windsor? All the way back when the King appointed Granger as Governor and Constable? If so, that's an impressively long game. The first word that comes to mind for this chapter is "masterful," both in George's actions and the way you wrote them. I really love when George gets to assert his superiority over really awful people who think they're more important than they are. It's so freaking hot! Awesome chapter. Perfect from beginning to end.
  10. Black Widow- Music Recommendations

    I noticed!
  11. Black Widow- Music Recommendations

    Love that band/song!
  12. Chapter 51

    Great chapter! After a brief detour into character development, we are back on track after the Black Widow. Thanks, hon! Hope 2018 is going splendidly for you so far.
  13. Northern Exposure: General Discussion

    I had no idea there was a new chapter until I saw the recent comments here. I picked up a couple of spoilers but it was totally worth it. I think Caroline's failure to recognize Dickson is a commentary on his social class and lack of distinguished achievement.
  14. Chapter 8

    I somehow managed to miss this little New Year's gift, despite having checked for it. Another brilliant chapter and quite the cliffhanger. I completely endorse Jim's request for a speedy follow up. I think it's no coincidence that Mark set the duel in Windsor, a region where Granger wields considerable power and influence (of which we received a pertinent reminder earlier in the chapter). The next installment promises to be extremely interesting.
  15. Chapter 8

    It's been more than two.

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