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  1. impunity

    Chapter 15

    Same here.
  2. impunity

    Chapter 1

    This chapter felt like coming home. It's wonderful to be back in Lilydale again! This was a great beginning, just the right amount of exposition to reorient us to the story plus new characters to make things interesting. That said, I did go back afterwards and reread the last few chapters of the previous book to get some of the details about the draft that I'd forgotten. It's amazing how quickly stuff fades these days. Incidentally, there's a typo in Ollie's surname the first time you mention it.
  3. impunity

    Chapter 15

    Gentlemen, it's only been a day since Cavendish departed. Surely George has lasted longer before. That said, I think he and Daventry would be adorable together. I love that Granger managed to find levity in an otherwise tense situation. Arenfelt's bulging and fuming, Willemoes' attempts at tact, and Granger's calm rationality had me laughing out loud. Thanks, hon! Wonderful chapter.
  4. impunity

    Black Widow- Music Recommendations

    Sexy times! Awesome euphemism.
  5. impunity

    Black Widow (Story Discussion)

    Until Will gets bored of having him around and relocates him to Hawaii. 🙃
  6. impunity

    Black Widow (Story Discussion)

    I predict Dillon will bail on college, move to Hawaii, and live in Will's house. He'll be Will's version of Scott Slater.* *Minus the shady past and identity change 😀
  7. impunity

    Chapter 61

    I don't think this is about who suffered the greater loss. Carullo lost his romantic partner which has made him skittish about committing to another relationship. Losing a parent, while traumatic, wouldn't have the same effect.
  8. impunity

    Chapter 61

    I almost fell over laughing when Dillon asked Will if he'd done much with other guys. Will's answer was very tactful. JJ may be your funniest character. I love his inner monologues, especially how aware he is of his own pettiness. Thanks for a really cute chapter!
  9. impunity

    Chapter 14

    It didn't take long for Valiant to be persona non grata in the Copenhagen harbor. At least they'll be able to stave off the dreaded scurvy for a while. Great chapter from a diplomatic perspective but I'm sad at Cavendish's departure, even though it was inevitable. Looking forward to the next leg of the journey! Thanks, hon!
  10. impunity

    Chapter 60

    Dillon just seems to get better by the minute. I love when Will's happy; the chapters have a special sparkle about them. Thanks, hon.
  11. impunity

    Chapter 13

    Fascinating chapter! I can completely appreciate Granger's discomfort when the extreme hospitality he'd been shown took such an ominous turn. It'll be interesting to hear Cavendish's opinion of these events.
  12. impunity


    Well this was an unexpected surprise! Very interesting premise. Looking forward to seeing where it goes.
  13. impunity

    Faces for Mark's Stories

    I'm sure he has a delightful repartee.
  14. impunity

    Chapter 59

    Read the chapter last night but was too tired to write a coherent review. I hope we get to see Alex's reunion with his mother, or at least hear the details. So happy for Brad and Jake! And with all the unrequited lusting for Klip that's been going on, I love that his even cuter younger brother maybe interested in Will. Thanks again for a lovely weekend treats, hon. Hope you enjoyed 420 to the fullest.
  15. impunity

    Chapter 12

    What a satisfying chapter! I'm sad to see Cavendish's departure but it's always delightful to watch George put a pompous old fool in his place. Looking forward to more of Daventry on his return to the ship. Thank you for this delightful surprise! I was hoping you'd be in the mood to celebrate today.

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