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  1. impunity

    Northern Exposure: General Discussion

    I've done it! At least, I've read the first two novels and am embarking on the third. Am enjoying him immensely! At any rate, he's keeping me entertained until the next Northern Exposure chapter.
  2. impunity

    Chapter 5

    Thanks, hon, you're the very best! And, yes, I definitely owe you.
  3. impunity

    Chapter 5

    This was a fun chapter! I'm enjoying watching Mason make friends, including getting a relative stranger's perspective of the characters we know so well. Shri seems nice, too, but Greg is providing an ominous note. Looking forward to more. @Timothy M., I can't remember the not-to-be-mentioned disaster. Can you bring yourself to mention it, or at least point me to its location?
  4. impunity

    Chapter 4

    Interesting. Thanks for explaining.
  5. impunity

    Chapter 4

    All I can say is they're lucky Daphne was there to keep this whole book from going off the rails. Also, Mason should probably mention at some point that his mom pulled some strings to get him that offer. Btw, Mason's whole acceptance strategy confused me. Why would an Australian school accept US test scores? Is there no standard mechanism for accepting foreign students into Australian universities?
  6. impunity

    Chapter 4

    I'm glad someone finally pointed out that Clarissa's abrasiveness was a bit OTT. Also that Mason finally made his first foray into the Leopards' family. I like Dexter; hope he sticks around. Edit: Jacarandas were ubiquitous when I was growing up in South Africa. I had no idea you had them in Australia, too.
  7. impunity

    Happy Birthday J P!!!

    Looking forward to many more (birthdays and chapters)!
  8. impunity

    A Game: Find the hidden modern reference

    Too cute! I spent a few days in Copenhagen (and Reykjavik, Stockholm, and various bits of Norway) in the late '90s. Definitely need to make a trip back.
  9. impunity

    A Game: Find the hidden modern reference

    Not an expert on those fake famous Norwegian sailors then? We need a curtseying emoji.
  10. impunity

    A Game: Find the hidden modern reference

    I didn't remember the ride, but I remembered the voice (and the Smörgåsbord -- I had my first Thanksgiving dinner there after I moved to this country). I wasn't sure at first because I sometimes have a hard time figuring out which of your characters are historical and which are fictional. I was driving myself crazy trying to google famous Norwegian sailors. I came pretty close to messaging @Timothy M. to see if he knew if "Apkott" was real. I also googled the Norwegian Pavilion and found a similar, but not identical, quote in a transcript. In the end, you provided enough clues that I took a chance. So, what do I win besides your undying admiration...for getting there eventually? First one to limp over the finish line. On crutches. Haha!
  11. impunity

    A Game: Find the hidden modern reference

    I actually got as far back as 11 yesterday (skipping 17 which was posted after this thread) before I gave up. I found one possible reference (coincidentally in chapter 13) but I wasn't sure about it. Since it's all I can find, and you've confirmed the chapter, here goes. Am I the only one playing?
  12. impunity

    A Game: Find the hidden modern reference

    So, now I have to start the backwards reading process all over again?
  13. impunity

    Story Review: The Lilydale Leopards

    I love everything about this series, even Alex.
  14. impunity

    A Game: Find the hidden modern reference

    Dammit, Mark. You now have me rereading the whole book backwards. This is a cruel jape, indeed. In chapter 9, "traffic jam" is from 1908. And I'm fairly certain that's not it, either.

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