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  1. tinytoes

    Big, Strong...Friend - Shane

  2. tinytoes

    Hypothetically, yes

    Kinda. But this one is funnier. November Falls isn't written to be as lighthearted. I love both stories.
  3. tinytoes

    Shane Simpleton and Donovan Difficult

    I think Shane got his point across beautifully and without malice! An adult talks things out, not throw a tantrum, slams doors, and run away. A person can not assume what you're upset about. Ya gotta tell em and Donavan did that perfectly (eventually). I felt it also explained why a woman can call her friend the B word, a black person can call another the N word, etc. A round of applause for these two. They have a ways to go but now they are heading in the right direction.
  4. tinytoes

    A long work week

    I really hope Shane puts Gordy in his place.
  5. tinytoes

    First Dates

    HOT!!💣💣 And so sweet. Will Donovan meet the family? I can just image...lol.
  6. tinytoes

    We Need a Hero

    Was just thinking about you today! Had it on my to do list to send you a Labor Day email to check in and see how your summer was. Great to have another chapter. It was awesome. Glad you're on the mend. Get any rest? And what's your schedule like now? OH! What does Liam look like?
  7. Any more Team Drew after this? LOL! YAY SHANE!!!
  8. tinytoes

    How to say stupid things - Shane 1/2

    When I mentioned writing down his feelings, I didn't think it was in his character and wouldn't expect him to. It would be weird. But I just remembered that he was an intellectual in school. This dumb jock persona as an adult is kinda weird. Cupid shot him with an arrow that is just passed its best by date. Shane can draw. Maybe he can surprise Gordy with a creation for his young patients. Donovan wouldn't know how to react. Love this story! Dumb jock and all.
  9. tinytoes

    How to say stupid things - Shane 1/2

    I knew Shane had it bad! Lol. His pov was nice. Explained a couple of things. Maybe he should write down his feelings since they won't come out his mouth correctly. Poor, Baby Love!
  10. tinytoes

    Hypothetically, yes

    The comments this chapter are as hilarious as the story. Thank you everyone for lifting my spirits. I'm team Shane. He loves him some Gordy. It was obvious from the get go. Seems like he has no experience in wooing, though. So he's falling back on his elementary and middle school days of picking on his crush. He's so awkward it's adorable. Plus the sex...nuff said. Btw, not a fan of rompers but if you are looking to scratch an itch, then no rompers! I like Drew (and Aaron), too. But the chemistry with Shane is too HOT to be ignored. Thanks again for putting a smile on my face.
  11. tinytoes

    Mr. Neighbor and his crew

    I truly love this story and all it's characters 😍
  12. tinytoes

    Chapter 1 - Welcome to Whoseville

    I LOVE IT!! Lol. 🤣🤣
  13. tinytoes

    Let's talk about standards

    Just bring on the next chapter!! Lol. No one really cares about grammer end spellin! LOL!!
  14. tinytoes

    Chapter 4

  15. tinytoes

    Chapter 3

    I just LOVE this story.

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