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  1. All I Want for Christmas…

    Might Zoe like like Brad? Lol.
  2. Chapter 20 Final Chapter

    I'm happy you're happy. Sad for me though. But at least there is an epilogue to look forward to. Is it weird that I thought Jade might do well living with the other aunt and uncle? I also think it would have made them happy to have someone to look after. But hopefully Devan will reintroduce the old tradition of visiting and barbecuing.
  3. Chapter 6

    No fair mentioning the other story! I'm waiting on more. Do the "parents" get caught? The other parents found? UGH! I was almost moving on...Don't reply. I need time. Too emotional. It. Hurts.
  4. Chapter 18

    Absolutely fabulous. Nothing but love throughout this chapter.
  5. Chapter 1

    dont have me falling in love with great characters and you dont follow through with this story!! I need more. Please. and thank you.
  6. Chapter 14

    Just happy I found you here! Every Tuesday or Wednesday, without fail, found me at The Mustard Jar.
  7. Chapter 14

    Yep! We read a few of the same stuff. But he is a special guy. Gotta keep my eye on him.
  8. Chapter 14

    Between Oceans Blue, this one, and a few others, I'll need to invest in waterproof mascara myself! Laughter, anger, sadness. It just won't stop!
  9. FS Chapter 18

    I was thinking the same thing
  10. Chapter 8

    Just so happens my name is Chandra and I totally wish I had balls like this character!

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