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  1. I can forgive the wait for this awesome chapter!
  2. tinytoes

    Chapter 10 - Never Enough

    Me too!
  3. tinytoes

    Scarlett Delacroix

    I can imagine the type of story @AmosLee1023 would turn this into! Lol. Can't wait to meet the others...Although for some reason, I'm really wanting to get to know Justin.
  4. tinytoes

    February, 2018

    Uh oh!! It's getting better with each new chapter! When will he break up with Rachel? Or is she waiting to dump him? Poor Sean. I like him. Will we ever learn more about Lovecraft? How did he get into wrestling? He's an entertainer for sure, though.
  5. tinytoes


    Oh yeah!!😎
  6. tinytoes

    Chapter 6

    You captured the parent separation anxiety perfectly. Next stop...date?
  7. tinytoes

    Where It All Begins

    I love Lady Antebellum! Pleasant surprise. Powerful lyrics. Thank you!😍
  8. tinytoes

    Where It All Begins

    The song Artie mentioned that his mom taught him, is it a real song?
  9. tinytoes

    Where It All Begins

    Can't wait to meet Adam's "in laws".
  10. tinytoes

    January, 2018

    Thanks! More? Pretty Please? 😘
  11. tinytoes

    December, 2017

    This is different! I'm loving it so far. More please?
  12. tinytoes

    It Feels All Right

    Can't wait for more!
  13. tinytoes

    Chapter 18

    I don't know how to "react". I loved the chapter. But the ending has me sad. I'm also shocked and angered that a mom would...sigh. So I leave without "liking" it. You hit upon every emotion this chapter. 💖
  14. tinytoes

    Chapter 11 - Brady

    Awesome chapter. YAY EMBER!!
  15. tinytoes

    Chapter 5

    Following instructions, I'm gonna say again, I enjoyed the aquarium and ice cream. Looking forward to the date date. 😘

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