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  1. Questions, Questions, Questions

    Well I got everything I asked for. I can stop following the story now. Thank you, so much! 😘 Lol. NOT! Looking forward to the high school reunion dinner. Will we learn what Mike has been up to? I still think he had a thing for Teddy. I feel stuffed and need to relax before dessert. This chapter was very filling. 💚
  2. Epilogue

    I was hoping for more of her! And kiddos for the Beta Mates!
  3. Just Ryder

    Bring on Preggo Liz!!
  4. Just Ryder

    Thank you. 😘
  5. Chapter 6 - Trouble on the Horizon

    I. LOVE. Chitlins. I'm from the north and grew up on them. I live in the south now and they are a Thanksgiving / Christmas / New Years tradition. Not all 3 in the same year usually. Must have hot sauce and cornbread. Chicken gizzards, liver, or hearts are great fried when it's not dinner time but you're wanting more than a snack. Yum. OH! Nice chapter.
  6. Chapter 2

    I totally loved this chapter! O said to myself "can't wait for the next one." Lol. Forgot I'm a few years late. Now I'm so excited to binge read!
  7. Chapter 8

    Etta was perfect. Better than Beyonce. 😙
  8. Little Drummer Boy

  9. Homebound

    My thoughts EXACTLY!
  10. Homebound

    Just need that Harry vs Ryder Showdown and Preggo Liz vs Ryder Takedown. Then I can rest.
  11. Why was I singing "Just keep pushing, pushing." Like Dory from Finding Nemo/Dory (just keep swimming, swimming) Weird.
  12. Home

    OMGlee! Thank you! I didn't see that another chapter was posted. And it was an awesome one, too.😘
  13. Home

  14. Looking Out for You

    Why is everything so blurry? Why is my face so wet? And why can't I stop smiling? 💚
  15. The Blood Orchid

    How about Tuesdays AND Thursdays?

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