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  1. Gifting Day

    I enjoyed that. Look forward to more.
  2. Shout It Out

    I smiled from the first paragraph on. Excellent take on the Day of Silence theme by an author who can definitely write. When friends support friends, a chain reaction begins which can inspire a school, a town, and maybe the world.
  3. Obligation to Myself

    Obligation to Myself is a gem of a short story. It moves and it teaches. About intolerance, about what we do out of love, and about standing up for what's right. It left me wondering why some people bother to have children and while others become educators. The ones in this story have no business being either. But the protagonist inspired me. If you believe one person taking a stand can make a difference, you should read this story.
  4. A World on Mute

    The story is a collection of somewhat related recollections thrown together seemingly at random. Disjointed is the word that comes to mind. This is one of those instances where I want the author to explain what he was trying to accomplish. Not sure I can figure it out on my own.
  5. Mark's journal entry, April 27

    Short and concise short story tinged with sadness and resolve. The concept is clever but the writing leaves something to desire. Instead of a current journal entry, it reads like someone remembering a long ago event. I think using a simple past tense would have improved the immediacy of the story.
  6. Confusion on the Court

    Interesting story with a nice twist at the end. Well written and thought out but it requires the reader to pay attention. Otherwise the confusion on the court may spill over to the reader.
  7. Spielberg is a genius. Streep and Hanks are amazing actors. The Post is one of the best movies I've seen in years!

    1. sandrewn


      You piqued my interest. So I watched the trailer, it is now first on my films to see list. Thanks for the heads up.


      For anyone else interested/curious, see the trailer below:

      The Post | Fox Movies



  8. Headset

    Myr, you previously mentioned if we buy anything on Amazon after reaching the site through a GA link we get a kickback. You said it could be any link appearing on the site and I'm assuming that means on any add. For those of us who are Premium subscribers and don't see advertisements, it would mean searching through blogs to locate a link. Have you considered placing a permanent link to Amazon on the front page below the ones for fellow story locations?
  9. January Classic Author Feature: Jake's Hand by Rec

    The description makes it sound like it's right up my alley. I'm a sucker for characters doing good for others. I'll be reading the story starting this afternoon.
  10. Bippity-Boppity-Boo

    Cinderella meets technology. The robots are a great twist and Cinder isn't quite the helpless drudge of the original story. Great updating of a classic with a few surprises along the way.
  11. Georgie Wants to Make Friends

    This story is a quick and easy way to cheer up anyone. Chuckles are unavoidable and as plentiful as pies in Georgie's diet.
  12. I thought about it yesterday an realized 02.02.18 is still 3 weeks away!
  13. Is it February yet? Withdrawal is setting in...
  14. If Sean's not available, there's always Brad. And he's terminally straight. @Reader1810 Def keeps trying to blow out Sean, isn't she?
  15. Given a Chance

    Wonderful star that has me anticipating the next installment. I hear echoes of your story about the man with Alheimer's who married due to societal expectations. I also see bits of myself in Eric. Isolation of older people is common and something I force myself not to allow. Love your way of writing these stories, sensitive and emotional characters, bordering on pathetic without actually reaching that level.

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