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  1. My sincerest apology to all for being somewhat quiet. As you might know, I'm out of town. Once I left the train, my laptop's been off and my limited responses have been through my phone. I'm not the most technically savvy person (I'm OLD) so it's not easy for me to type on those little keys with my fat fingers. I'm leaving New York City on Tuesday afternoon, will spend 24 hours on the train, and will try to reply/comment on everything then. Although the post-dated feature for stories was working fine while the previous installment was being published, it seems broken again. I'll post chapters manually in the future. Timing will change, I'm not waking up so they can go live at 4:00 am US EDT. LOL This picture was taken yesterday. I'm channeling CJ and Harley in it. That's the same jacket they wear. And yes, I know at my age maybe I shouldn't dress like a millennial hipster but ask me if I care. Love you all. Thanks for the reception of the new installment and I promise it's going to be a fun ride for the next couple of months.
  2. Weekly Update (April 8 - April 21)

    Although I'm once again left off the weekly update, my new story began posting on Friday. Y'all may want to take a look.
  3. ATGB I

    @spikey582 1 Short reply for now. More detail in a day or so. I'm having too much fun playing with tourist in New York right now. 2. Anyone gives you crap, send them to me. I will defend your right to express your opinion vigorously. 3. Karl is in neither of the two camps you mention. As you called him, he's just an idiot. I think I may not have explained why CJ brought up Trump. I'll try to clarify when I give you an in-depth response which I'm a doing the form instead of here. Maybe we can get a good conversation going and get other people involved to get their opinions.
  4. Click on view more to see a couple more pictures.


    1. Reader1810


      That bike! Wow...you know the one Im talking about...

      Great picks, Carlos. :thumbup: 


      PS: My tablet-  I think it’s my tablet - isn't letting me like this, so I’ll do that later. :) 

    2. Daddydavek


      I still see Springsteen as he looked in 1984-85 in the Glory Days video....



  5. ATGB I

    Last we heard they put an offer on a house but no purchase has been finalized as if the time this happens. It's coming LOL
  6. It seems ga once again failed to send notices when I posted the first chapter of a new book. But go look for it As Time Goes By began posting this morning.

    1. Sweetlion


      there is some bug with it, if I go check from your profile i can fount it and read it, but the posting dating says 21/04/2018, and I don't see it in the story's list. Anyway, it's available

    2. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      The book (story) itself showed up on the list, but not the chapter. I did wonder why. Nobody else seems to have this happen to them. Did you postdate again ?

  7. ATGB I

    The first couple of chapters of this book revolve around the family itself. Harley will be around soon enough though, and so will the rest of the crew
  8. Hey, guys. I'm without internet until tomorrow except for the phone and I don't do phone well. I'm aware there's an issue with notifications and I'll mention it to AJ tomorrow and see if we can somehow deal with this crap. I'll reply to messages tomorrow. Hope you all enjoy the beginning of a new book
  9. (In my best off-key imitation of Ol' Blue Eyes)


    Start spreading the news...

    If I can make it there,

    I'll make it anywhere...



  10. ATGB I

    THANK YOU! You're so right about the potential reaction to how CJ deals with Karl. My beta reader didn't like it too much. LOL @Reader1810 didn't think CJ should have gotten physical. I thought about it after she shared her thoughts and decided to stick with the original version. CJ has a temper and the ability to take on almost anyone and I thought he showed restraint before going nuclear. He even kept it kinda low key so others wouldn't notice. But in the end, he's still a kid and I thought it fit. The last chapter of the book has one line which harks back to the lack of a prenup. Let's see if anyone notices when it gets posted sometime later this year. Once again, I love your comment. Thanks!
  11. I kept thinking of you last night when I was surrounded by the Scandals! :P

    1. Mann Ramblings

      Mann Ramblings

      I bet you were...

    2. Carlos Hazday

      Carlos Hazday

      It was either when I was talking to some of them or when I was holding a phone for one of the drag queens. Boy do I have material for a couple good scenes.

  12. ATGB I

    Yep, I wanted to put distance between summer events and fall. I tend to resolve issues quickly (my characters are the ones who do, they can't stand indecision or cliffies LOL) This time I actually waited for a new book to solve it. Of course CJ won! Karl and his boss are typical of a dying breed. They're not as bad as Harvey Weinstein (maybe) but their misogynistic, homophobic, entitled views have no place in society and particularly with CJ. This is one of those instances where I think the son influenced the father's actions. You'll have to check with @Reader1810 she's my continuity guru. But I'm pretty certain Gina isn't the only one who's called Brett Captain. PS Train's at the Wilmington DE station right now. Next stop, Philadelphia!
  13. Never Too Late by northie

    Superior draw factor my butt! I started posting CJ January 2015. After 3 years some readers are just used to a Friday fix.
  14. Never Too Late by northie

    Are we back on the same schedule?
  15. Georgetown: As Time Goes By

    With a wedding on the horizon, CJ Abelló and Owen Liston are determined to make it a celebration their guests will not soon forget. The months leading up to it are full of emotional events and travel. Come join them as they share their journey with friends and family.

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