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  1. Carlos Hazday

    Chapter 10

    You have no one to blame but yourself. I'm simply applying some of what you've taught me.
  2. Carlos Hazday

    Chapter 10

  3. Carlos Hazday

    Chapter 10

    Thanks for the extra two words this week. I did notice one you forgot to delete. LOL @Defiance19
  4. @Oerff I can't post directly on your profile so this is where you get my comment. Thank you for the reactions to Summer chapters. I hope you continue to enjoy my little story.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Carlos Hazday

      Carlos Hazday



      Yeah, but Harley still has him beat. Mann often refers to Mr. Motormouth as donkey. :P



    3. Mann Ramblings

      Mann Ramblings

      I refer to part of him as donkey...

    4. dughlas


      I don't remember him having big ears ...

  5. @Defiance19 Not in my wildest dreams!
  6. As of this morning, book 10 in the CJ series surpassed 100,000 words. That will be all for now. Tomorrow I'll begin work on chapter 20.
  7. Carlos Hazday

    Chapter 9

    Finally found time to read instead of skim. So nice of you to give us another character to despise. Franc first, now Serene. I suspect at some point the street survivor/fighter will emerge and I hope the first bloodied victim will be The Witch. On another front, smuggling may be but one of the illicit ventures the crew engages on. Nice web Arad stumbled upon.
  8. Riding along the Florida Panhandle's coast is a favorite motorcycle trip. The Gulf of Mexico on one side, countless small towns on the other, and Southern hospitality at its best. A favorite stop's always been Toucan's in Mexico Beach. The photo is from the beach bar's sign, taken during a trip a couple of years ago.


    Last night, the bar was shown on TV. After Hurricane Michael struck it, a few beer kegs atop pieces of splintered wood remained. Here's hoping the bar, the city, and the region return to their former glory soon.



    1. dughlas


      Let's hope and pray that everyone effected can find it in their hearts to pick up the pieces to rebuild their lives.

  9. Carlos Hazday

    LGBTQ Anthems

    Back in the Dark Ages (1977) the group battling Anita Bryant (may she suffer in hell for eternity) used this song as a rallying cry. When her group won, I swore I would crawl out of the closet and become an activist if a similar situation ever arose. It did, and I kept my promise. Two decades later, on December 1, 1998, the Dade County Commission approved a measure adding sexual orientation to the county's human rights ordinance.
  10. Carlos Hazday

    Caption This Challenge! Halloween Edition

    I hate it when the tow-truck driver makes me wait...
  11. Carlos Hazday

    Who is Your Favorite Gay Icon?

    Never met Cleve, but have read some about him, and heard plenty of stories from people associated with the Names Project when I worked on a few Quilt displays in South Florida. I honored his legacy by having the main character of my series arrange for a few panels to be displayed at his school. A little history for the youngsters who didn't live through the holocaust. Love him. Somebody gave me the first book as a Christmas present years ago; I devoured the others within a month. I shared a link to that same series of mine with the president of Washington's gay rugby club when I decided to include the Scandals in my story. He paid me the hugest compliment when he said my amateurish attempt reminded him of Tales of the City.
  12. Carlos Hazday

    New York City

    I'm not in New York But I'm a frequent visitor and my series takes place as much there as in Washington. I may be able to answer. Otherwise, Defiance19 is my usual source for assistance.
  13. Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians!

    The only time I've been up there on this date it snowed. Talk about a shock when I walked out of the club at dawn!

    1. dughlas


      Guess flip flops make lousy snowshoes.

    2. Mikiesboy


      Thanks, C.   We had our big meal yesterday... today is recovery.  No snow in the forecast yet, thankfully.

    3. Reader1810


      Thanks Carlos. Like tim, TG dinner was yesterday. Today will be a day of relaxation and/or goofing off. 

  14. Carlos Hazday

    Who is Your Favorite Gay Icon?

    Larry Kramer. From writing Faggots and The Normal Heart, to pro GLBT and HIV+ activism, he's done it all. Talented, opinionated, and passionate, the man has done as much for his community as anyone else I've heard of.
  15. Carlos Hazday

    Ask an Author 2.0 #12

    About time, mate. You've been on my mind lately. Each time there's a news report on the recent tsunami I think of your story.

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