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  1. Great Olympic moment and great Mom moment: Sally Field tweets trying to get her son and Adam Rippon to hook up. I'm not on Twitter but this might just entice me to sign up. Are we watching the Winter Games or the Gay Games? Still haven't forgiven the IOC for denying us the use of the word Olympics.

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    2. Kitt


      Points to Rippon for being open about himself and for skating better than I ever could.


      Lost points to Rippon for not checking facts before spouting off.


      Points to Sally for wanting her son happy.


      Lost points for pushing publicly for a private matter.


      As for opinions, they are like a certain portion of our anatomy. Everyone has one, some smell worse than others.



    3. Carlos Hazday

      Carlos Hazday

      Sacrilege! You mentioned coming and Christ in the same sentence LOL


      One day, in all likelihood after I'm gone, him being gay or Kenworthy kissing his boyfriend won't be news. Until then, I'll take all the media hype possible. Shove it down all the homophobic pricks' throats. I think I feel a CJ scene coming on, may have to 'borrow' your comment as a character's complaint. LOL

    4. BHopper2


      I agree I love seeing us normalized and not stigmatized on the world stage.

  2. Weekly Wrap Up (Feb 11 - Feb 18)

    Well, staff does have it in for you, but that's neither here nor there. To you and to @northie : Don't worry too much about the promotions. Yes there are some perks attached to it but when it comes down to it, readers will pay more attention to the quality of a story than to any title appended to the author's name. And you can handle the extra promotion yourself. I've plugged some of my stories in short prompt responses. Post a picture related to your tale. Write a personal blog about your writing experience. It's hard to gauge what works but I think the reaction your stories receive (both of you) shows you have a good product out there.
  3. The Bench

    The Bench offers a snapshot of an ephemeral encounter at the beach between an older man and a teen. Subtle hints at sexuality remain just that, hints which make the tale stronger without having to spell things out. Contemplative is the closest I can come to an adequate one word description. Strong descriptions and few technical errors make this an enjoyable read.
  4. Roar • Part VII

    There's more than that one area where fantasy comes into play. This is definitely an idealized view of what could be. Thanks for the compliment! My storytelling has hopefully improved and will continue doing so. For the record: All my stories are posted on Gay Authors first. The four books I shared on Nifty and the ones on CRV came after. I kind of like the easy interaction with readers on GA. Nyone wish would be everyone left a reaction to every chapter and comments now and then. Thank you for doing exactly that.
  5. Over The Rainbow • Part III

    @Gomez Stanley C Glad you liked that. Thanks for the comment, buddy. Those of us writing as a hobby thrive on them; we can never get enough!
  6. Southern Expressions List/Notes

    I'm partial to: Butter my butt and call me a biscuit. First time I recall hearing it was from the wife of a fraternity brother of mine. Laughed my biscuit off. It's an expression of surprise and I've actually used once in a story. Edited to correct auto-correct
  7. Over The Rainbow • Part III

    Thanks, bud I'm not very good at building suspense, but at least I know I can surprise readers if I keep my mouth shut! I limited the number of hints/foreshadowing this time, but they're there in case someone thinks I just dropped the scene out of the blue. I'm pleased with the results. I like this. I may have to work a few more surprises in. LOL
  8. Over The Rainbow • Part III

    @jwh6868 Glad I could move you. Just because CJ's done with politics for now, it's hard to avoid the process when you live in DC and pay attention to the world. There'll be a few more lines like that one in the future.
  9. Over The Rainbow • Part III

    @JeffreyL Thanks, Jeff- Martin's Tavern is an institution in Washington and has been ranked as the favorite restaurant of neighborhood residents. The combination was irresistible. Having CJ & Ozzie greet people they knew at least by sight gave me a friendly atmosphere while the history of the restaurant put it in context: CJ and Ozzie aren't a run-of-the-mill pair and their lives are intertwined with the history of the neighborhood and the city.
  10. Rant and Rave

    It's a love story. I swear. You'll just have to grin, giggle, and chuckle though 99% of it before it's proven. Vega 5 is a party planet and when one famous musical star ends up there with the luggage of an equally famous rocker, the Ooops Moment leads to an interesting meeting. Very enjoyable short story.
  11. Over The Rainbow • Part II

    @IBEX Alone on Valentine's Day and on your birthday. You need to find a CJ. Make sure he has an older brother for me. BTW the leather bags idea came up when I was doing research for their trip to Nashville. Stumbled upon an article about a husband and wife team making leather bags and I carried the concept forward to something I would be interested in.
  12. Over The Rainbow • Part II

    Unfortunately they only exist in the story, entirely a product of my imagination.
  13. Over The Rainbow • Part III

    @Potterslashfan I should have had a tissue company sponsor this chapter. You were NOT the only with misty eyes after the last scene. I first mentioned the Proposal Booth when Helen went into labor and since then I've been refining the scene. CJ's not the mushy type (yeah, he gets it from me) but he knows how to be romantic when appropriate. The proposing itself I knew would be popular but I hope I crafted the scene well enough to do it justice. You and your First Husband kick. You mean you want another President with a foreign-born trophy spouse? Squealing like a girl should only be done in the privacy of our own residence or vehicle. I hope you were home when you read the chapter.
  14. Over The Rainbow • Part III

    @Okiegrad Ritchie's appeared in the first 3 chapters and the streak will continue in the next one. He'll have a couple of big moments in future chapters. I'm starting to like him a bit more so I'm giving him more air time LOL
  15. My Favorite Cop

    In a note appended to the story, the author states this is their first story. It is painfully obvious the intent was good but inexperience overwhelmed the effort. The combination of a garage band and a hunky man in uniform held much promise but the tale fails to deliver. Some of the descriptions are vivid and evoke good imagery but overall not a satisfying read.
  16. Social Bubble

    Funny Ooops! moment at the end makes the story a good fit for the Anthology theme. Unfortunately, you have to muddle through a story filled with inconsistencies and typos to reach it. Not worth the time unless you have nothing better to read.
  17. @Myr LMAO. Subtle. Extremely subtle. How would you like us to address formatting/missing image issues for departed authors' stories?
  18. Naked in the Rain

    Having read more recent offerings from this author, I will vouch for him being a much better writer than this story suggests. I suspect this may have been an early effort of his. An Ooops! moment leaves a naked man stranded in the rain but leads to his meeting a man who would become his co-parent to a litter of kittens. Cute story if you can get past the stilted dialogue and abrupt narrative.
  19. A Week on the Farm

    Mark and Frank spent a week at their uncle's farm and Mark writes him a thank you note. As we read the letter, we discover a series of Oops! moments the boys were involved in. Uproriously funny tale which will start you off grinning and lead you to laughter. A must read!
  20. Nikolas Cruz is the perfect example why I support the death penalty. I would fry him 17 times if it were possible.

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    2. dughlas


      Does CJ have something to say?

    3. Carlos Hazday

      Carlos Hazday

      Dough, I think CJ feels as burnt out as I do right now. This one was a bit too close for comfort. I live in Broward County and I'm going to pass on this one. Trying to focus on positives today. Thought of you while writing a scene involving an old geezer with white hair and a teal motorcycle running into Harley, CJ, and Ozzie during Daytona Bike Week.

    4. dughlas


      I can certainly understand you feelings :hug:

  21. Over The Rainbow • Part III

    @Buz Hey, Buddy! Thanks for reading and the feedback. Some of your questions will be answered in the next chapter. I'm glad I was able to surprise so many readers. Y'all probably expected a proposal sooner or later and what jolted you was the timing. The reason I chose this spot to do it will become clearer in due time. I think I'm in 'bloody author' mood being so mysterious. LOL
  22. Welcome to the discussion forum for CJ’s series. All things CJ are fair game, I simply ask you be respectful of others. I will actively participate in the discussion. Ask questions, speculate about what’s coming, or bitch about what happened. The links below will take you to the series on Gay Authors and to photo albums on Facebook. We’re now open for business! CJ: Stories CJ: T-shirts CJ: Locations
  23. Over The Rainbow • Part III

    Take a look at the comment @spikey582 left in the forum thread about @Mann Ramblings approach to romance. He's taught me everything I know. I haven't killed anyone off in a while.... Just saying.
  24. Over The Rainbow • Part III

    @chris191070 Hell no! And its 8 books plus the two short stories. IF there's a wedding it better happen sooner. Even though they probably won't get written, I do have 5 more books and 6 more short stories outlined

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