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  1. A little Tchaikovsky to get the blood flowing this Friday morning...



    1. Mikiesboy


      love it, C!  xoxo

    2. dughlas


      My first exposure to this piece was the old Puffed Wheat cereal commericials.

  2. Carlos Hazday

    Chapter 1

    First! HALLELUJAH! About time we got a new story from you, Mr. Ramblings. And in a way, a timely one in the #Me Too era. Is Davis the Harvey Weinstein of Grey District? Will Arad exchange sexual favors for possible advancement? I'm so looking forward to the usual twists and turns Mann throws at us. And to the usual flights of fancy his readers engage in when trying to figure out where the ride is taking us.
  3. You have plans next month?




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      That would be something.. lol. 

  4. Happy birthday, kid! Damn, I feel old today. :P


    1. Wesley8890


      Hey you're only as old as you feel! But thanks for making me feel younger by calling me kid!!!!!!😘

  5. Carlos Hazday

    Chapter 6 - Player Pride

    Ooops, seems I never left a comment. I remember thinking this story was about triumph. The triumph of love over fear. A timely story giving hope one day those fears will not be around to keep us from being ourselves.
  6. Welcome to the discussion forum for CJ’s series. All things CJ are fair game, I simply ask you be respectful of others. I will actively participate in the discussion. Ask questions, speculate about what’s coming, or bitch about what happened. The links below will take you to the series on Gay Authors and to photo albums on Facebook. We’re now open for business! CJ: Stories CJ: T-shirts CJ: Locations
  7. I'm currently working on the chapter covering the end of June 2019. CJ and Owen will be in New York then. One problem is since I'm writing in the future, certain events will not have the reality background I usually employ. Y'all will have to forgive me if certain things are slightly generic; I don't want to predict too much and end up getting things wrong.
  8. A Florida kid gets thrown out for being gay and ends up going to Georgetown University. Who makes this shit up? https://www.miamiherald.com/news/article216133015.html
  9. :worship: THANK YOU :worship:

    1. MichaelS36


      Not sure what he did Carlos ... must've been good! Lol

  10. Carlos Hazday

    Running With The Pack

    Yuk! Considering the amount of red my editors leave on my work, I'm hesitant to be called one of them. My punctuation skills are not the best. I've tried to correct spelling and offer suggestions to streamline the storytelling. It boils down to this tale having great bones--it's why I offered to help in the first place. Wolf's a decent writer and I can see improvement in him already. He's a pleasure to work with.
  11. Carlos Hazday

    Ask an Author 2.0 #10

    Here we go again, folks. Another installment of your questions being answered by GA authors. Have you sent me a question to pass along already? No? Why? I never reveal who send in the questions so you need not be embarrassed of anything you may want to ask. Hell, once I send the question to the author, I delete the message so I don’t even know who asks most of them in. I’m old and my memory’s deficient. • • • With twenty-eight stories and over 800,000 words posted in a little over two years, @Geron Kees could be the poster-child for prolific authors. His varied output has garnered a multitude of fans and this month lands him on Ask an Author with a question form one of his many followers. • I enjoy your writing very much and I appreciate that your stories span different categories including sci-fi. ROYGBIV, The Road of Dreams, and The Frost Covered Marker are a few of my favorites. Your stories though are all young adult/teen. What is it that appeals you to that genre? What is the most difficult thing about writing from the teenaged perspective? And just because we can’t be serious all the time: what is the most embarrassing thing that you’ve ever worn? • • Hmm. Very nice to hear that you have enjoyed the stories. I began my 'gay' life quite young. I grew to age nine in a suburb of Amsterdam, Netherlands, where the 'gay revolution' had already come to pass. Gay teens were open about their lifestyles, and as a youngster I was quite curious about it all. I and my best friend knew an older teen in the next block who was 16 and gay, and we started to pester him about what exactly it was that 'gay' guys did together. He finally got annoyed enough with our persistence to tell us. My friend and I were quite amazed, and curious, and...just not all that timid, I guess. I came to the US when I was nine, and was simply amazed at the backward state of sexual affairs here. Amazed and horrified, actually. But I soon learned that there was still gay life around, it was just all undercover. I found myself a boyfriend by the time I was 13, and never really looked back. I started writing on a dare. I was recounting some of the adventures of my youth to friends here, and one said I should "write that stuff down." I did, and submitted the results to Nifty, the only site I was aware of at that time. The response really astonished me. I just couldn't get over the fact that people would like to read about this! But, again, I never looked back. I soon found other sites to post on, and here we are. I have written some adult gay fiction, but I have not published it. Not yet anyway. The night is still young, as they say. I am more than a little saddened by the amount of misery prevalent in so many stories of gay youth. Growing up gay in America was tough for a lot of people. Through luck or circumstance, my life has not been laden with such misfortune. My teens were actually quite wonderful for me, and I enjoy sharing that sense with others , that being a gay young person need not always be so challenging. Sometimes, it's pretty darn nice! I really don't find it terribly challenging to write about teens. They're people, like anybody else. I was one, you were one. It's just about remembering what that was like. As I said, for me it was a very nice time of life. The adult world is more complex, and more challenging, I think. I do write those types of stories when the urge strikes me, but it simply is not as much fun, and I mostly write for fun. But...you never know. As for the most embarrassing thing I have ever worn? Well, you have to understand first that European values are different from American ones. When I first came to the US, I wore some clothing that was perfectly fine at 'home;' but which didn't go over as well here. Not quite enough of it, as it turned out. Very short shorts, for one thing. But I learned, and changed. But I have never been bashful about myself, so I don't become embarrassed easily. I guess the most embarrassing thing I ever wore in retrospect was in sixth grade, when a few friends and I appeared in front of the entire school dressed in nothing but loincloths and feathers and performed some Native American dances we had learned. Not a Native American among us, either, but the dances went over big, and girls followed us around for weeks afterwards. And, um, a few guys, too. Thanks for your interest. • • • @Defiance19 took many of us by surprise when she shared her first story on GA. It was so well written, technically and thematically, some of us felt she had been holding out on us. Subsequent offerings have not disappointed. On a personal note, Def has followed my series from the beginning, leaves me wonderful comments, and has more than once served as a sounding board for when my characters are in New York. I had the pleasure of meeting her earlier this year (she helped me celebrate my 60th) and I can tell you she’s even lovelier in person than in cyberspace. • You've written several short pieces, which are really very good. Do you see a longer project in the future? • • First off, whaat? So surprised, but I’m grateful to be included by whomever submitted this question. Thank you! I write the short stories mostly because it allows me to focus on a theme, and there’s a due by date. I do have ideas, and have things written toward a longer serial story goal. But also, other than second guessing myself I need to have a better writing discipline. Hopefully soon, I will have something completed. This is great motivation. Thank you again, for your question. • • • Having written about a dozen stories based in Washington, D.C. you would think I would have asked @oat327 for help at some point. However, I didn’t discover he was a resident of the District until recently. Had I known before, I could have asked him to hit Uproar on a Thursday night and meet with the Scandals Rugby Football Club after their practice to provide me with background info. Nah, who am I kidding? I’m glad I did it myself but I’ll definitely invite him to join me next time I’m in the city. • The Best Four Years of Adam Becker sees Adam trying to come to terms with his sexuality, and finding out who he is and how he fits, all while attending college. What are some of the things that get edited out of the story? Was your college experience anything like Becker’s? • • Honestly, my college experience was very similar; Tulane was a trip. I actually started this piece as a kind of way to kind of memorialize my college years, and much of the first few chapters especially are pulled directly from real life. The racially-tinged car accident en route from Ben and Jerry’s, Erik’s crazy roommate that they try to integrate into the group, weekends starting on Tuesdays at Bruno’s or The Boot, the ludicrous fraternity politics—all actually happened. Basically, I like to think of this as being a true story in the details; the main plot is generally fictional (I didn’t have a Kevin until after college, sadly) but everything else is generally being pretty accurate. Everything still follows the general arc of my college years. What gets edited out... considering this story is already about 150,000 words long, probably not nearly enough. In retrospect, I wish my editing had been a little tighter at the beginning; I think there are a lot of things in the early chapters that were fun memories for me but aren’t all that relevant to the plot. Once Becker met Kevin, I got a bit better with keeping focus. Most of what we lose is Becker's relationship with his friends. (Which is sad, because Tripp is my favorite character and I always feel guilty for neglecting him.) College is so much dicking around in other people’s dorms and doing absolutely nothing--that's how Becker probably spends 90% of his time and we definitely miss that. • • • I’ll close this month with @JohnAR. The Germany-based author created a universe full of all sort of critters defying the usual vampire/werewolf tropes found in most stories. He struck a chord with readers and his weekly posts were eagerly anticipated by his fans. • I was curious as to why he chose a shifter story to write, and how he came to write such a different shifter story. • • Some years ago I was stationed in a far-away country with little attraction of the male kind, so I read lots of ‘enticing’ books. And like in overall popular culture, the werewolf/vampire theme was ubiquitous. Unfortunately, most of the stories were so formulaic I got bored quickly: A big, young, hairy, dark Alpha wolf finds ‘his and only his’ gentle, blond, smooth, submissive Omega pup, takes him as his own rather forcefully as he cannot live without him (her?) anymore, and f***ks him (her?) raw happily ever after. I discovered that most of these male Alpha wolf/kind-of-male Omega wolf stories were written by women and for women (I think Colt explains that better in book MetaOrigins). The only exception are the ‘Tameness of the Wolf’ books, though those have too much sex (if that is possible). However, when I found that a gay author used exactly the same set-up I decided that I had enough and started to write a story that would break with all of those for me dreadful cliché characters. Hence, I created an Alpha that isn’t dark-haired and doesn’t get to do the f***ing, an enforcer that likes all sweet things but trips on pain, and a Beta that loves playing women for his pack’s advantage, but is the ultimate power bottom. This is crowned by the contrarian hero nerd who in no other book would ever get to do the unspeakable things he does to his pack wolves in Meta – after all he has to take one for the team, doesn’t he? Once those characters were set, my mean imagination did most of the rest; occasionally conflagrated by the cute expectations of my readers which I enjoyed to crush with OCD precision. • • • That’s it for this month, my friends. If you wish to ensure this feature remains alive, don’t forget to send me a question for any GA author. I have one more month in inventory but after that…
  12. Carlos Hazday

    Writing Prompts #688 & #689

    And here I thought they were in DC getting ready for a week at Fire Island. My bad. 😎
  13. Carlos Hazday

    Do You Identify As Gay?

    @Jwalk19610 I'll echo tim, your life's not pathetic. It may be different from mine and from many others, but it's yours and should be celebrated. I may not comprehend the choices some people make but I accept them anyway. The world would be a boring place if we were all the same. Cyberspace provides an opportunity for us to learn and sometimes we decide to try new things. Even if nothing changes, we can at least find peace, enjoyment, and acceptance on sites like Gay Authors. Welcome to GA.
  14. Carlos Hazday

    Writing Prompts #688 & #689

    A bottle of wine and a motorbike? Ozzie, CJ, where the heck are you? The damn prompt's screaming at me!
  15. Carlos Hazday

    Should there be only "Gay" places?

    Sorry ladies but I don't ever want to run into any of you at a bathhouse or sex club. So there's an example of a place that should be for gay men only. And as much as I would probably enjoy hanging out or maybe even going for a motorcycle ride with you, I like the fact my motorcycle club restricts membership to gay men. Whenever we have female guests at a gathering, the dynamics change and not always for the better.
  16. Carlos Hazday

    Should there be only "Gay" places?

    I came across this Advocate article recently while researching mixed bars. Found it interesting and it somewhat relates to the question. It bemoans the infiltration of gay spaces by straights. It also explores the idea only gay men can completely relate to other gay people. Someone once mentioned to me she knew how men talked to men because she had been involved in a sibling's sport. What she failed to realize was as soon as a female's present, the conversation between males changes. https://www.advocate.com/commentary/2017/8/08/straight-folks-there-are-some-spaces-you-dont-belong
  17. Guess who told them about the place... https://wtop.com/dc/2018/07/barack-obama-joe-biden-stop-by-dog-tag-bakery-in-georgetown/
  18. Carlos Hazday

    GA's Newest Promising Author: Dodger

    Way to go, bud. Welcome to the purple.
  19. Carlos Hazday

    GA's Newest Promising Author: Dodger

    Awesome news! Well deserved promotion for an author who definitely shows promise. Looking forward to more of your stories.
  20. Carlos Hazday

    ATGB X

    Hope it all settles down and when I start posting the next book life is a bit more sedate.
  21. Carlos Hazday


    @Canuk I wanted to give a flavor of who, what, and how without turning it into a regurgitation of the guest list. Brad will have a story arc with him at the center in the next book. With him and the other Squad member, CJ and Owen will be there to support their friends whenever it's needed. CJ already organized a small intervention for the soldier once and if needed, I'm certain he'll intervene again.
  22. Carlos Hazday

    ATGB X

    Thank you! You've really binged on the series, haven't you?
  23. Carlos Hazday


    @Canuk Jeeps rule! Particularly with a 20-year-old. And some 60-year-olds too. It truly is a 'Jeep thing.' The Irish car bomb was selected for two reasons. One was the person mixing them was a redhead named Sean Brody, it seemed appropriate. Second was the fact it is not politically correct. I try to have the characters walk a fine line on being PC and at times I like them not to follow trends but do as they feel as long as it doesn't directly affect anyone.

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