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  1. Last Post Wins #44

    I had fish sticks tonight, at least they aren't cold, slimey and uncooked like you like em Mine
  2. Last Post Wins #44

    Only your bag of popcorn Mine
  3. Last Post Wins #44

    So our zoo does a daily 'March with the Penguins' where if the temperature is right, the King Penguins are let out of their enclosure and can walk around on the pathways under the careful eye of a keeper. It has been suspended over the past month due to extremely cold temperatures, so yes, Penguins are whiny, sniveling babies that don't like the cold On the news tonight they were showing this happening and they said there was a female penguin who was bossing around all the other male and female penguins and acting like she was in charge. Any guesses on who may have been at the zoo today? Anywho, tomorrow, I'm gonna see if I can trap said penguin and return her to the South Pole where she can live out the rest of her life. With no internet or life line to the rest of the world. Mine PS, we are really warm right now so I have taken off the fur lining from the shiny and put my j/s back in the dresser for next time
  4. The Pants

    This is turning into a bit of a romance/comedy, isn't it? the fact that Tyrone can wind up Andy so quick and then when Andy convinces himself that it is a good thing, Tyrone flips the page. I'm not sure if Tyrone even knows what he is doing to Andy, but Andy definitely does not. Nor does he know what he is doing to himself I wonder if Andy will be about to jizz when Jizz arrives? (did I say that in my out loud voice?) Needless to say this story is getting more interesting each and every chapter. I hope Andy tells Bob to go home soon and leave him there before Bob comes up stairs to find Andy and Tyrone in a compromising position. Also Dodger, I like to think of myself as a bit of an expert on cliffhangers, having lived through the posting of almost every second chapter by @C James, and yes my friend, this is certifiable as a Cliffhanger
  5. This @Dodger guy, I keep getting notifications from him about the Cockney Canuck, but they aren't new chapters :o Does this make him a chapter tease :gikkle:

    1. Dodger


      Ah, yeah, well you see...I've been forced to do a bit of editing on some of the earlier chapters. Boring, I know, but new chapter soon. :2thumbs:

  6. Last Post Wins #44

    No worries @Valkyrie I replaced the real shiny with a fake one which you all have been fighting over I'm enjoying the real fur lined one and my fur lined jockstrap (we need to protect the precious jewels on both ends) in this -40 weather again
  7. Last Post Wins #44

    It is starting to get cold again and colder every day to the weekend! Time for me to reclaim the fur lined shiny
  8. Good News Thread

    This might not be news, but try not to smile at these 20 month old quadruplets
  9. Last Post Wins #44

    Just felt what it is like to be a Penguin I think I will not do that again Mine https://www.gayauthors.org/profile/1999-wildone/?status=131188&type=status
  10. So I had to go to the corner gas station to get a jug of milk. Being lazy and still sick, I didn't put on my leg and took my wheelchair instead. We had about 3 feet of snow of late but we have been above zero C weather the past couple of days so all that snow is now slush. Made my way along the city sidewalks and across the parking lot slowly :P, mainly because all the slush and made it to the wheelchair ramp to get up on the curb on the forefront of the station. A gentleman offered to help and I was appreciative getting up the ramp. I thanked him but he kept pushing me towards the front door. Unfortunately he wasn't paying attention to the outside rear wheels and ended driving off the 10 inch curb :o Off I went into all the mucky, dirty slush. The guy felt horrible! With the help of someone else they got me off the ground and back into my wheelchair. I kept trying to reassure the guy it wasn't his fault and I appreciated his help. He was still in shock. So I did the only thing I could think of, I started laughing :gikkle: He was more in shock and I said, "Really, it isn't funny that a guy got dumped in the slush on the road out of a wheelchair? This is what the internet was invented for." Finally him and the other guy started laughing too! Hope he doesn't feel to bad because it is never wrong to try and help :)

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    2. Dodger


      I'm glad you're warm now Steve. I can imagine how bad he felt, you helped him out by laughing. :lmao:

    3. Valkyrie


      :gikkle:  I would have been mortified, but relieved to know you weren't upset or hurt.  At least it wasn't during the deep freeze.  We would have had a Stevesicle on our hands.  :hug: 

    4. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      Hey, Steve. Long time, no see! :hug: Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and all that. :D

      Sorry to hear that you got tipped into the slush, but at least you had a sense of humor about it. :gikkle: Better that you weren't in the video on Ridiculousness, where a couple of paramedics lost their grip on a loaded gurney they were lifting into an ambulance. :rofl:

  11. Last Post Wins #44

    So found out why I have been fighting a cold for so long and it has been so bad, I might have shingles as well Grabs the shiny Dares anyone to come near me to take it now
  12. Happy Birthday Krista

    Happy Birthday Krista Hope you had a great day!! Did the kiddies and hubby take care of you? You have me so confused on what your real age is, I'd be guessing if i'd try
  13. Happy New Year! All the Best for 2018!

    Happy New Year everyone!!!!
  14. Happy New Year! All the Best for 2018!

    There is still 51 minutes to go
  15. Last Post Wins #44

    Too warm for the fur-lined shiny I take him back here to ring in the New Year (if my drugs haven't put me to sleep yet ) Edit to add: I'm still the reigning Monarch at midnight in my time zone, so I name myself the shiny holder for all of 2018!!!!!

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