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  1. Over The Rainbow • Part III

    WoooHooo!! Go Aussie!! 🇦🇺 Great chapter with a great finish! It was a welcomed surprise 🙏, and, what I hoped would happen for the couple. What No cliffhanger?? 🎉 🤣🌅
  2. Chapter 5

    Great story, that Chet is going to be a hoot 🤣And I'm sure outspoken. Looking forward to the journey your taking us on. Thanks 🙏
  3. Chapter 5

    It goes great with the leading song title👍🏼 The vision I received of two guys at the end with the sunset - Breathless Sunset 🌅
  4. My Father's Shadow

    A great chapter! very powerful, both with Ryder coming out of his depression and the revelation of his fathers letter to him. Powerful! Im enjoying your story, very much!🙏 I also admit, that up until now, iv'e felt anxious every time a new chapter arrived. Anxiety for Teddy & what he was letting himself in for with Ryder, but, despite everyone's warning, he stuck with Ryder and in the end, really showed Ryder how much he really does care. Nice! This is such a turning point for Ryder.... I hope Teddy's love & Ryder's music are enough to keep him out of his deep depression. im looking forward to reading how the relationship builds and all the twists and turns coming our this couples way.... just the nature of the rock world.... how will they cope being separated while Ryder is on tour???? Will teddy have to leave school for a bit & go on tour to keep Ryder grounded?? Bring It On!! 😎
  5. If You Can't Stand the Heat

    More more more..... I want to know more... what happens at the fire house tonight 😉
  6. Chapter 18

    Great chapter, Eric is becoming very comfortable in his role in the Kingdom 😊 With a few slip ups along the way 😆 Very human.
  7. Chapter 24

    This is a fun journey
  8. AS Chapter 14

    Well the royal visit was pretty calm 😏 And the prince was as nice as he's seams to be on TV... I was expecting an exciting plot where a rogue assassin tries to infiltrate the boat or a security agent that goes nuts & ends up with an anchor in his chest courtesy of "The Nav" lol 😂 it was a good chapter none the less 😊
  9. Happy Birthday!

  10. Chapter 11

    I really enjoy this series. It's my third time through it. So fun and easy to read 😁 And most of the characters are just awesome people
  11. BF Chapter 6

    Great chapter. i agree with the Dr, it was the truckers union. im glad you've continued this series. It's a fast easy read and never a dull moment 😊
  12. To Lose and To Be Lost

    Great chapter. im really enjoying this story. 😊
  13. Epilogue

    Ahh! What a Great story and a sad but good finish... you got me crying 😭
  14. Epilogue

    The Mother of all Cliffhanger's Brilliant in the way it's so cruel ? A really great story that now has me pleading for book 3 *** PLEASE***??
  15. Chapter 1

    I loved this story, but I just can't believe the result?? You both loved each other so much! You could've made it if you both tried.... long distance relationships do work if both parties will work on it. Sounds like you both just gave up on each other after the decision was made

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