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  1. Isn’t editor supposed to clear after posting comment?

    Same thing for me on Android with both the tablet and phone. Never thought much of it
  2. Celebrating TGIF and the start of the winter break with a glass of Pouilly Fumé 

    1. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      Is this going to be a weekly celebration? ;)

  3. I can hear the upstairs neighbour singing some Celine Dion. He has great lungs!

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    2. AC Benus

      AC Benus

      My former landlord was of an older generation, so he'd belt out Liza Manelli from upstairs ;)

    3. AC Benus

      AC Benus

      Love that video. It's hilarious

    4. clochette


      @AC Benus the video is from a French movie call Marsupilami, very funny

  4. What brought you to GA? Why do you stay?

    Hello again I saw this topic on the main page and decided to read some comments that made me thought of what I wrote previous. I just want to add that GA broadened my horizon. What I mean by that is that it has opened my eyes. I was not stupid or that innocent when I first stumble upon M/M stories but the truth is I was kind of sheltered, not voluntarily or in a bad way. My life back then was high school, home and the few close friends I have since pretty much kindergarten. I come from a little city where everyone knows almost everyone and I honestly didn't know anyone who was LGBTQ. Sure there was the kid in school who the rumor said was probably gay and one of my friend has a gay cousin but that was it. Reading and talking with the people here made me realize all there was in the world. I'm not sure how to say this and it might sound stupid but I realised life wasn't only "nice, good, middle class people living in the suburbs". I learned so much (I getting emotional now) and I am proud to say you made and keep making me a better adult, everyday. Someone more open to the world, to the people around me, more understanding, less ignorant. I'm not bragging cause all the credits are for you all. I feel like I'm babbling so I'll stop here.
  5. Check this out! :lol:


  6. Make us laugh!

    Me neither. Or maybe the joke is so funny it's coded
  7. What brought you to GA? Why do you stay?

    I found GA totally out of the blue. I remember looking after some episodes from a serie to watch in streaming. I quickly found out people write stories about this serie and a lot of other. I had no ideas people did that! That was a great discovery as I've always been a book worm. Pretty much at the same time I found out most of those stories are M/M stories. What's not to love? Your favorite series, the 2 cute guys feature in it all in a story! I read some of those M/M fanfictions and after some online researches I found GA. And never stay here since then. Which bring me to why am I staying. The great stories obviously, the quality, the diversity, the efforts the admins are putting into running the site, all the activities and forums around... But also and as important to me is the sense of community, the bond I have with people here. Every days I'm amazed at how me the little shy girl got to met so many great people so easily, the force of those bonds. I made myself a family here and I love it, them. Today I can't imagine not having them - you all - in my life. My last holidays I was camping in the middle of nowhere and something was missing - logging into GA
  8. Birthday Boy.jpg

    He's all grown up now and so fluffy! Don't get him to drunk
  9. Snow! About 2 centimeters only but I'm refraining myself hard from putting on my boots and coat and going play in the snow :gikkle::P

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    2. Emi GS

      Emi GS

      He is not just badassed but bad faced and bad bellied...:lol:

    3. clochette


      Hey don't hate on Norman! :pissed:

      I blame the kid anyway -_- He's the one who didn't put the buttons correctly aligned with the face

    4. Emi GS

      Emi GS

      Blaming on a small kid. Ha. Don't be naughty sweety. I know you are somewhat guilty... :P

  10. With the temperatures dropping drastically kitty went into hibernation: 9pm-7am, 9am-5pm, 5.15pm- still sleeping at 9.30pm.

    1. Dmrman


      Don't blame kitty...:huh::o Bob is doing the same...:blushing::lmao: double digits right now and getting colder...:facepalm: beyond blue fish cold...:Steve2::Steve2:B)B) come on summer...!!!

    2. Ashi


      Kitty loves to sleep.  :D

    3. Caz Pedroso

      Caz Pedroso

      Sounds like kitty has the right idea :yes: 

  11. The toddler has been looking after the snow I put in her hand and she "lost" for 10 minutes now :lol: 

  12. OMG I signed! I'm picking my first car Saturday! 

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    2. Puppilull


      Yup, Swedes do not understand dented cars. It's an abomination!

    3. Emi GS

      Emi GS

      :hug: Oh I am Happy For You. Just Dont Do Those Merde, connery, branleur Things... :P:kiss:

    4. clochette


      @Emi GS ooops too late :gikkle: I might be a tad bit vulgar behind the wheel :blushing:

  13. Dad got bored. Results: crêpes, crêmes brûlées and little custards!

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    2. mogwhy


      can i be adopted? :P 

    3. Valkyrie


      *books flight to France*  

    4. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      *hides inside Val's suitcase* I'm very flexible. ;)

  14. Once again no tickets available for U2 😭😭😭

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    2. clochette


      They're adding a fourth date! Woohoo!! :D

    3. drpaladin


      I hope you have better luck with that one.

    4. MacGreg


      Good luck, Clo. They do put on a good show. 

  15. I asked my brother to bring me some orange Zpagetti (yarn) as he was going to the craft store. He brought me some orange pasta made with carrots from the supermarket next to the craft store. Said he couldn't find them in spaghetti shape so took the closest thing to what I asked for. 

    I don't know either to laugh or bang my head...

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      Yup, and they all need to be dealt with! :lol:

    3. Reader1810


      I was going to say both, but Page beat me to it. Brothers! Gotta love them... :P 

    4. Valkyrie


      :rofl::rofl:  I could see myself doing the same thing ;):rofl: 


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