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  1. clochette

    New Haircut

    You look gorgeous, this style makes you look older Sweet Cheeks
  2. Car doesn't want to start. Battery apparently. Just great.

    1. Valkyrie


      At least it's an easy fix.  It's still frustrating, though. :hug:

    2. clochette


      I hope so. Dad's coming in the morning with a set of engine tongs.

      ABS and passenger' airbags signals stay alight. I can turn the key to put the contact on but can't go farther to put it on, there's a little click sound coming from underneath the hood and that's all.

    3. Slytherin


      Use your wings ;)  I hope your car is mended soon :)

  3. Mid October and near 30℃. 

    Dear planet, can we have a word, please? I want to wear my crochet infinity scarf and beanie not wear shorts and t-shirt!

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    2. Carlos Hazday

      Carlos Hazday

      About the same temp as what we have in South Florida today. Great beach weather!

    3. wildone


      Currently -3 with snow, we haven't been over 5 in the past week. 


      Want to trade apartments? :)



    4. clochette


      It was 15 this morning and still 22 last night at 10pm.

      The strawberries are flowering - again! That's insane.

      Thanks for the offer @wildone but Canadian weather night be a tap bit too much for me

  4. Help: I had to block my phone screen with Google from afar, now I've got it back, how to delete/cancel the Google block?

    1. drpaladin


      Did you use Android Device Manager to lock your phone?

    2. drpaladin


      If you did use ADC, use a PC to bring up your device in ADC, select Lock, you should get a popup asking for a temporary password. Enter some easy password. If it worked, you should get a confirmation message. You can use the temp password to open the phone and then go to your phone settings to remove it.

    3. clochette


      It worked. Thank you! I was so focus on Google that I hadn't thought about my phone settings :rolleyes:

  5. Good news: I had validated too many credits last year and so was allowed to get rid of 2 classes each semester this year!

    1. clochette


      Of course I got rid of the philosophy classes and now have almost 4 days weekends! :D

  6. clochette

    Halloween - is it just me?

    I never cared for it. I'm not a big fan of scary/paranormal in general. I think I went trick or tritting only once with friends when I was a kid (plus i hate wearing costumes) But I noticed a degrease of interest the last couple of years in France. No more shelves full of costumes at the stores, and no pumkin flavor everything (pumkin are for soup/purée and that's about it) and only a couple of kids at the door (we jump right to christmas)
  7. clochette


    The baleares with Majorca and Minorca..., the Canaries with Tenerife, Grande canarie, la Palma... There are a lot of them
  8. clochette


    Nice spot to hunt the hotties
  9. clochette

    Chapter 1

    Intense start, loved how the heat grow. Can't wait to see how it develops from here as the prologue hint that 5 years later they're still together
  10. Post Sunday lunch coma. Crawling onto my bed from the table, no I'm not pregnant, I just ate too much *burp*

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    2. clochette


      Lol it doesn't taste strong, a big spongy maybe. Slow cook in a broth. I like the tip with the taste buds :P

    3. clochette


      Don't you like having another tongue in your mouth Page? :gikkle:

    4. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      Not from a cow.  -_-

  11. A bit of gardening this morning trying to sort out the new strawberry plants.

    I might have been a tad bit over the top this year in letting the suckers grow and replant them cause... 91 new plants. That's right I did the maths and 91!

    1. Dmrman


      Sooooo we need to start refurring to you as "TINK THE STRAWBERRY QUEEN"...?🤣😗

    2. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      Strawberry Queen...good name for a redheaded drag artist.  :gikkle:

  12. Quitting your job and position live at the radio without having told anyone, even your wife, to stay true to your own convictions because you can't do your job properly takes balls and courage.

  13. Who's the boss? Who's the boss? Yeah baby it's me! :PI just repair the shower heads set dad broke with his big paws -_-

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    2. Dmrman


      Welcome to reverse Psychology   :blink: ...  I used it with my children all the time...!! :unsure2: :huh:  How does it Feel..???:glomp::rofl:

    3. clochette


      @dughlas Maybe I should go install @Headstalll 's windows to keep him out of troubles

    4. Headstall


      Very good, Tink! Do you really think you're ready for windows? :huh:  Cause I sure could use the help. :D 


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