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  1. Brokeback Mountain? Mebbe . . .

    The adult and free version of scouts boys?
  2. Brokeback Mountain? Mebbe . . .

    They have great tips on how to keep warm during cold weather in the mountains in the movie...
  3. LolCats

    I'd totally do that with my boys
  4. LolCats

    The reason you brought threats to yours after work?
  5. Flowers lovers, gardener and anyone else I need your help. I'm looking for the name of a flower. It's a small/middle size (I'd say 3 to 4 centimeters in diameter) blue flower with 5 petals. Probably something wild, growing in garden. I know it's not much info but I only have one and it's 60 years-old and dry where in a pill of letters somewhere at my grandma's.

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    2. clochette


      @Page Scrawler they're not to plant (I'm terrible with plants, I killed my cactus! :unsure: ) It's a little flower my grandpa put in some letters he send to my grandma and I'm considering having it tattoo

    3. LitLover


      I would say the most likely is a forget me not, if it was given to someone who dried it as a keepsake 

    4. Ashi


      The first one of your photo is forget-me-not.

  6. I saw Houdinii online a couple of months ago and Fieldman too around early october if my memory is right. I talk for a bit with Fieldman, he's super busy, has a great job in a big bank in Paris, doing good now :)

    1. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      That's good to hear. I hope they'll come back to us soon. :)

  7. healing well

    Very beautiful Molly and knowing the meaning behind it makes it even more so
  8. Icky giant spider!

    I had a doubt about what it might be on the main page... I knew I shouldn't have clicked on it. Going to bleach my eyes now
  9. new_one.jpg

    The little princess has already stolen your hearts guys and she knows it
  10. new_one.jpg

    So adorable! I agree with Moggy she seems to have some main coon in her, all this fluffiness all cuddly. Already looks perfectly at home
  11. First Bud of my plant

    Magnificent! You're a true artist with photos
  12. Watching mom trying to teach her 52 year-old brother how to do a laundry and iron his clothes :pinch::lol: 

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    2. BlindAmbition


      I'm blind and do my laundry. I steam instead of iron. 

    3. Dodger


      That must be difficult JP.

    4. BlindAmbition


      Not really @Dodger. I have to memorize buttons and knobs. Once that’s done, it’s easy.

  13. Hey tiger! Who wouldn't resist petting such an adorable kitty cat
  14. Trip to the Hills

    That's so beautiful my King!
  15. A pleasure full morning

    You really are talented for photography, such a beautiful view

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