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    Too cute (awkward kissing)

    I stopped watching after the yawn kiss...... it was a yawn.
  2. First chapter of my first story approved. So now I can leave everybody alone about it...

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    New Members Welcome-Introduce Yourself!

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    I'm bored and new

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    I'm not sure if my story is published

    Ok thanks. But how do I build up my reputation when my stories aren't approved yet? Do I just talk and interact with people. And how long usually does the manual approval take?
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    I'm bored and new

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    Jamiacan Moon Dreams

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    Jamiacan Moon Dreams

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  11. Check out My story https://www.gayauthors.org/story/solo-dr/jamiacamoondreams Tell me what you think.
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    I'm bored and new

    Somebody talk to me. I'm super bored. Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! :yawn: :yawn:
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    New Members Welcome-Introduce Yourself!

    Hi guys I'm new to GA. I jumped over from Nifty. Hope you guys will like the stories I'll post.
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    Chapter 1

    Jamaica Moon Dreams I first saw him on my first day in Jamaica. He was leisurely walking the beach, every so often kicking at the tide as the beautiful blue ocean crashed onto the white sands. Despite the beauty of the island; he stood out to me as the most striking thing on the beach. The morning sun shone down on him, illuminating his every step like a spot light on a stage. And yes, he was giving me my own private show. He looked about my age; late 20s, or early 30s. He was of a perfect caramel complextion, toasted by the island sun. He wore dreads that hung low down his shirtless back, every so often grazing the top of his tighly clinging denim shorts; as they swung with his every move. He was a heavenly sight. And as he made his way up the beach and past my bugalow, he flashed me a smile; and I was completely sprung by the little Rasta-man...... I was here in Jamaica on vacation with my wife, Nessa. We had just been married a month ago and this trip was given to us as a wedding present by my boss; whose real intention for me being here was business, not pleasure like he masked it to be. Our company was in the process of coverting a string of beach front properties into a new luxury hotel and resort here in Jamaica. I was sent on the task of finalizing some last minute contracts before the construction phase began. My wife and I would be here in Jamaica for a whole ten days. For the first four, I'd be working from a private beach front bungalow owned by the company, not too far from the building site. My wife would be at a resort on the other side of the island; I would join her for the remaining six days of our trip after my work was done. My first working day in Jamaica was exhausting. I was given a detailed tour of the entire property. It was massive and the tour was both long and boring. Here I was on a beautiful island, yards away from the beach, and I was stuck working. The beautiful white sandy beaches, the palm trees, the sparkling blue ocean were all calling me but there was no escape from my corporate jail. I couldn't wait for the day to be over. As I left the building site I walked towards the beach. The bungalow was less than a half mile up the coast so I figured the walk would clear my mind of the stress of such a long day. As I reached the beach I kicked off my shoes, and invaded the sands. The feeling of my bare feet sinking into the warm sand as I walked was an incredible relief from the stress of my work day. The beach was so calm, so relaxing. It wasn't long before the day had melted away to the back of my mind, and paradise was all I could think of. The beach was completely secluded. So, as the bungalow came into view I began shedding my clothes. By the time I reached the porch I was down to my underwear. When I stepped up onto the porch, there was basket full of fruit and wine and other little treats sitting at the door with a note attached to it. I dropped my clothes in a pile on the porch and leaned in close to read the note. It read: Hey Babe, Having a great time. Can't waiint to see you in a few days. Make sure you get some rest. You're gonna need all your strength for our honeymoon next week. I hope you enjoy the basket. Kisses Nes Behind the note was a little pic of Nessa laying topless on the beach. I took a bottle of the wine out of the basket, shoved it under my arm and with the photo clinched between my teeth I opened the door and went inside. I left the basket and my clothes on the porch where they were dropped. I had the next day free so I finished off the bottle and passed out cold. The next morning I woke up on the floor under the spinning blades of the ceiling fan. For a moment I couldn't move. I just laid there and watched the giant leaf shaped blades go round and round. But eventually the spinning had me spinning, so I finally made my way up to my feet. I surveyed the room. There was the still perfectly made bed, the ugly pink wallpaper on the walls, the white wicker furniture everywhere, and the fact that there was no clock on the wall. I walked to the door and back out onto the porch to get my cell phone from my pants pocket. It was already noon and the sun was bright over the island. I checked my phone and didn't have one message, not even one from my lovely new wife. I didn't care though. Today was my free day in paradise and nothing was gonna bring me down. I grabbed a piece of the fruit from the basket; I think it was a mango. I turned my phone off and threw it in the empty former spot of mango's in the basket. I left the porch and walked out onto the beach. Finishing the sweet mango, I walked right into the ocean. The noon day's sun and the cool blue water was heavenly. I walked out till the water hit me just above my knees. Then I slipped my little black briefs off, threw them back to the beach and dove in. The water felt amazing on my naked body. I swam out as far as the tide would allow me. Before long the beach was barely in eye sight. I decided I had better swim back before I got lost out to sea. I swam back to the beach. When I emerged from the water, I was shocked at the sight that appeared before me. It was the Rasta-man from the other day, standing there with that same wide smile, holding my briefs in his hand. "Do dem yeah tings belong to yuh bredda?" He said throwing that same bright smile at me I had saw the day before. He was wearing the same little cut off jean shorts as yesterday. Up close he was even more striking. He had the most piercing green eyes I've ever seen on anyone. His face was completely shaved clean except for his neat little sideburns separating his ears from the rest of his face. He looked very young but, with his strong jaw line and the way he carried himself I knew he was a full grown man. His lean but muscled arms and legs made up for the lack of hair on his face while his tightly sculpted chest and abs had the perfect manly amount of light sparse hairs trailing down to his sex lines and to what lay hidden beneath those little shorts. I don't know if I was embarrassed from my nakedness or just mezmerize at the fact that I was finally seeing that smile up close; but I stood there speechless for almost 60 seconds straight. Oddly though I didn't attempt to cover myself. It seemed like it was ok for him to look at my naked body. "Yeah they're mine. Can I have them?" I asked. "I duh kno if yuh cahn ave dem . We ave to see bout that." He said, now throwing a slightly crooked more cocky smile. I walked up to him boldly, coming nearly face to face. I could feel his breathe on my lips as I got closer. I stared at him eye to eye. Then I grabbed the briefs while they were still in his hand. For a second he resisted acting as though he didn't want to give them back. Then he chuckled and loosened his grip. If this was a week ago and I was at home, I would've given him a few choice words and told him to get the fuck off my private beach. Or worse I might have threw a right jab across his face, and laid him out on his ass. But I was in paradise and it was way too calming here for me to loose my cool. Plus there was something about this Rasta-man that wouldn't allow me to feel any way but good around him. So I just said, "Thanks, I'm Nate." and stepped into my briefs and pulled them up. "Ooh Nae- tan- yul Well I'm Lando, Nae-tan- yul." And he said my name just like that. I usually don't even like it when someone says my whole first name completely, and how'd he know that was my name anyway, it could've just been Nate, or Nathan anything but for some reason the way he said my name in his little Rasta-man accent, was like hearing it for the first time, like a sweet little 3 syllable melody. "So ya live round ere Lando." I said trying give off the best island accent I could muster. But it was weak, no good really. We both laughed. "Yeah juhs up da rowd." He said in response still chuckling at my attempt to mock him. He pointed in the direction I had seen him walking in the day before. "Oh so that means you know where all the hot spots and good food are around here huh?" "Yea I do mon. Island cuisine heh iz very guhd. None bedda. You like Jerk." "I don't know. I never had it. But I'm here on business for a few days and I don't know where anything is. You mind showing me around a little. I would love to try some of that good island cuisine. Some good jerk." "No problem Mon'. Ayah show you how the real island do." "Ok cool. How bout you meet me back here at 730. I'm staying right over there. If I don't answer just let yourself in" I said to the intriguing little Rasta-man. "Ok bredda. 730.", he flashed that smile again and walked away in his tight little shorts. I watched him as he made his up the coast. I had barely spoken to this little Rasta-man, but for some reason he felt like an old friend I could trust. I didn't know what it was but both he and what Jamaica had to offer intrigued the hell out of me. Once he was up the beach and out of sight I dropped my briefs and headed back into the ocean where I spent the rest of my day........... ============ I had been enjoying the ocean so much so that I hadn't even realized that the sun was starting to go down. The whole day had gotten away from me. I was completely lost and wrapped up in the splendor of the Island. I had even forgotten that, other than that mango I hadn't eaten anything since I'd been on the Island. But suddenly it all came rushing back. I was starving, and lonely, and the Rasta-man Lando was on his way back at any moment to show me around. I came out of the ocean and made a mad dash across the beach to the bungalow. I was in such a rush I didn't even attempt to look for my underwear on the beach. They're probably still there somewhere buried in the sand, if the tide didn't take it away. I ran into the house and hopped straight into the shower. As I lathered up soap all over my beach covered chest and, as the steady stream of water flowed down the rest of body; erotic thoughts came to mind. Images of my wife topless on the beach flashed in my head. I was so horny as hell being away from her, we were newlyweds after all. Though it had only been two or three days since we've been apart; I was beginning to forget how she tasted, how the perpetual wetness of her pussy warmed my dick every night. My libido was through the roof and she would always answer it's call promptly and way beyond my satisfaction. Now with her away from me, especially on our honeymoon, my horniness was at an all-time high. Then my thoughts went to the Rasta-man. How I was almost carnally drawn to him. How everything about him intrigued me, the little I did know from our small little convo earlier. How the mere thought of hanging out with this total stranger was starting to entice me even more as I stood under the steady flow of water. I mean I don't want to fuck him or anything; or do I? I don't know; maybe I do. Maybe tonight we could find a sexy little Island girl and fuck her together. Afterall anything's possible. All these too real thoughts were floating through my mind. I didn't really take a very long shower though. For one, I knew I was running a little late and I didn't want the Rasta-man to have to wait too long. Secondly, the longer I stayed in the shower, the hornier I got. I stepped out of the shower and wrapping a towel around my waist. ThenI headed back into the other room to get dressed. When I walked into the bedroom Lando was already there sitting on the bed waiting. "Hello Nae-tin-yuhl", he greeted me. I stood there a little shocked. I didn't think he'd be here ready and waiting, like clockwork at exactly 7 30. The way he looked now, all cleaned up and suited for a night out gave my dick a little tingle."Oh hey man. Sorry I'm running a little late. I'm not really dressed yet. Why don't you go hang on the porch. I'll only be a minute." "I'm cool waiting here, bredda. You're not shy now aah ya bredda?" I wasn't shy. But it was still kind of weird. Our earlier naked encounter had been totally accidental but this one here was almost too planned and deliberate. It was almost as if he wanted to see me naked again. Like I said earlier I wasn't shy about my body and I'm certainly not shy now. I really didn't care. So I continued on getting myself dressed and ready. I unwrapped the towel and began padding myself dry while Lando leered on in complete silence. From time to time, he'd flash that smile and lick his lips. If I hadn't known any better I might have thought he was enjoying the show; especially when my attention went to my dick. Lando was a little bit of a freak; but I liked that. Most of my friends back home, especially my old frat brothers, had a little freak in them too. And I'd be lying if I said I was the exception. If I had a dollar for every time my frat bros and I did some freaky gay shit, I'd be a billionaire right now. It's funny how straight guys do the gayest shit with their friends just for fun or, out of boredom or, curiosity or, maybe even something more. After I completely dried myself off I ditched the towel. It ended up somewhere under the bed, but its not important right now. Not paying any attention I suddenly realized I was completely naked walking around the little one room bungalow looking through my luggage for something to wear, with this enticing stranger sitting there watching my every move. I finally settled on this little green short suit, my wife had bought me last week for the trip. It was the Islands after all and I didn't want to seem too dressed up. I grabbed a t-shirt & some aviators to wear with the suit. But, seeing that it was still a little warm out I decided to lose the t-shirt, and go shirtless under the jacket. And having been naked all day, it didn't even cross my mind to put underwear on. So now I was dressed and we were off. Lando told me we were going just up the coast to this little bar and grill that had some great Island bbq. It was maybe a ten minute walk up the coast to a far less secluded beach, before we were hit with the mouth watering aroma of bbq in the air. Then I spotted the flickering neon sign that read "Rita's Place", where I had no doubt the smells were coming from. We walked up to the little restaurant and found a table on the outside patio. We sat down and it wasn't long before a waitress came over to greet us. She knew Lando by name. Lando ordered for us both. The waitress took our order down in her pad and left. While we were waiting for our food, drink after drink was being brought to our table. It seemed like everyone in the place knew Lando. Every five minutes someone new was coming up to us and talking to Lando. He'd have a small conversation with them before introducing me, and then they'd leave but, not before buying us another round of drinks. I guess Lando was a pretty well liked guy on this part of the island. At one point even Rita, herself, a nice little middle aged Jamaican woman, with a bright green cloth wrapped around her head [like Erykah Badu] came and had a drink with us. The next two hours were more of the same. Drinks were flowing, and the bbq was delicious. I loved Rita's little place. Then all of a sudden I heard this really loud music blaring from a little further up the beach. I asked Lando where it was coming from. And he elusively said, "Yuha find out real soon bredda." We paid our tab at Rita's, which was nothing compared to what we got out of the place and we were quickly out of there and to the next spot; the spot where all that loud music was coming from. It was a dance hall . Before we went in, Lando told me to prepare myself cause, this was gonna be wild. And it was. I had never seen anything like it before. The music was blaring and there was a crowd of hot sweaty people humping and grinding and twerking all over one another. Lando led me in with his arm around my shoulder and we made our way to the far side of the room near where the dj, someone else Lando also knew, was spinning. The whole room was explosive. The dj was spinning like crazy. There was a guy on a microphone hyping up the room. I hadn't seen anything even close to this since my college days. And with my stuffy new corporate life I was definitely way out of my element. But with all the liquor in me from Rita's, and the energy and the vibe of this dance hall had me loosening up in no time. Before long I was grabbing this girl and that girl and 'daggering' like they say, to the beat. Lando always right there beside me egging me on at every step. Then at one point the club got so packed that we were all literally pressed up tight against one another, with barely any breathing room; but that didn't stop the party at all. At one point I was dancing with this one girl and the club was at its most packed. Then all of a sudden I started feeling somebody rubbing all over my back and shoulders, then pressing their whole body up against me. I felt uncomfortable to the touch. I looked back and saw that it was Lando, so my comfort level rose and I continued to party on. The girl I was dancing with was dancing on me really hard and forcing me to back up. At first Lando was holding me up by my back so I could maintain leverage with the girl. Then his hands started moving down to my hips. Soon he was guiding me left and right to the beat of the music. I had no control over the movement of my own body. The girl was grinding and twerking on me harder and harder. At the same time Lando was now pressing his body closer and tighter into mine and manipulating my hips to the rough tempo of the music. Soon Lando was positioned directly behind me with his pelvis and hardening dick right up against my ass. Lando too was now grinding on me. The feeling was oddly electrifying. I didn't know whether to grind forward into the girl, or backwards into Lando. The confusion killed my buzz. I was now thinking hard and critically at what was happening to me. On one hand, it all felt so weird, so good, so amazing. But on the other hand, thoughts of my wife and my job, which was why I was here in the first place, were coming back to me. My head was spinning. My body felt completely out of control. I suddenly saw my escape and made my way out of the sandwich I was stuck in. And I ran. I ran out of the club as fast as my feet would let me, leaving my jacket behind. I ran down the beach and passed Rita's place. I just kept running and running. "Nae- tan- yuhl, Nae-tan yul. Where you gowin bredda?" Lando was following not far behind me with my jacket in his hand. "Leave me alone, Man; leave me alone.", I said still running, turning my head slightly around, to see that it was actually him. "Leave me alone." That small little diversion caused me to stumble and lose my balance. I tripped and fell flat onto the sand. Before I could realize what had just happened, Lando was there trying to help me up. " Whoa bredda. easy there." "Man get off me. Leave me alone." My confusion quickly turned to anger and embarrassment. Lando still tried to help me. When I got to my feet, I pushed him away. "Man didn't I say leave me alone. Get the fuck away from me nigga." I snatched my jacket from him and stormed off down the beach. ============= I was just a few yards from my bungalow, so I stopped and took a deep breathe of the night ocean air. I had finally managed to calm down and realized how idiotic I had been; how so fucking crazy I was acting. How I had treated this guy, that had done absolutely nothing but show me a good time, like he was shit. I was an asshole. I took in another deep breathe, then looked up and out over the now dark blue ocean, illuminated only by the brightness of the full moon. The moon in its splendor had never looked so big, so bright to me before. I closed my eyes and took a seat in the sand. The cool ocean breeze did its job of calming me down. When I opened my eyes, there was Lando making his way down the beach towards me. I stood up, as he got closer. I knew I had some apologizing to do. Finally his face was in view. But the warm bright smile that I had become familiar with today, was nowhere to be found. Lando leered at me with a look of disgust. For the first time, since I'd first seen him the day before, he looked to me like a stranger. A stranger in the night. He came at me hard, pushing me back down to the sand. "What the fuck Lando?" I managed to get out. My earlier confusion came back as I tried to get to my feet. "I dare you talk ta me like dat you bambaclat fool" Lando yelled at me as he pushed me back down. "I did nahting but show yu a gud tyme, and dis is how yu repay me?" Lando finally allowed me to get up on my feet. I stood there regretting it all: my idiotic reaction at the club, to how or what I thought was happening to me. I now regretted how I had treated this sweet, sweet man, who had done nothing but show me his upmost respect and hospitality the whole night. And most of all I deeply regretted that my actions now turned the laid back temperament of this little Rasta-man into one of anger and contempt for me. "I know. I know. I'm sorry man. I apologize. I don't know what I was thinking." I said now face to face to this guy that I knew was seconds away from kicking my ass. "I know. I fucked up. I'm sorry." Before I knew it he was coming at me again. Grabbing me by my neck this time, I just knew this was it. As he pulled me in closer I closed my eyes, expecting to be pummeled to the ground. But instead, I felt the pressure and the wetness of his tongue as it parted my lips and invaded my mouth. I held my breath, not out of fear, but of lust. He loosened his gripped on my neck and his hands found the clinched muscles of my shoulders instead. My shoulders relaxed at the mere touch of his hands. Soon his arms were wrapped around me, his hands exploring the muscles of my back. I let go and gave in to his touch. I was rendered still, nearly motionless; just the swirling of my tongue against the probing of his. Then my hands came to life, finding his waist, then his hips, then the small of his back. It was like my hands had a mind of their own. And their intent was to explore what Jamaica had to offer. Soon my hands were drifting lower and lower, until they were underneath the cloth of his shorts, copping a feel of the hairy mounds that lay beneath. He released my body from the hold I was in. He reached down and grabbed my wrist which were working my hands in and out of the back of his shorts. For a moment he just held them there and I squeezed with a vengence. He bit my lip in response so I removed my hands from the comfortable dwellings of his pants. "So yuh like it rough, now do ya bredda?", he said pushing me back a few steps. I smiled, he smiled. I licked the taste of him off my lips. He stepped foward finding the firmness of my hard and hairy chest. Slapping down hard, then massaging, then tweeking both nipples. It felt amazing. It was exciting. It was rough. Then he pushed me again. This time much harder, and I fell back down to the sand. He pulled his shirt off as he climbed on top of me, straddling my hips, and finding my lips once again, before sitting back up and exploring the muscles of my chest and my stomach. He gave my chest a few pounds and I grabbed his hips and tossed him off me into the sand. I quickly got up and ran out to the ocean, losing my shorts as the tide crashed into me. Lando wasn't far behind. I turned to look back at him, and for the first time I got to see the full extent of what his Island nurtured body looked like. He was a sight for sore eyes as his shorts dropped and his rippling body shone bright in the light of the moon. ============= Lando met me in the ocean with a kiss. The rough pressure of the moving tides forced our bodies against one another; a position we were both more than content with being in. The feeling of having a wet manly body pressed against yours, is a freeing one; a feeling of immeasurable pleasure. Especially when its for the first time, and in a more than unexpected spur of the moment kind of way. In my wildest dreams or even in my shower fantasies I never thought tonight would end up this way. I never thought I'd ever be caught dead frolicking naked in the ocean with a beautiful Rasta-man, or any man for that matter. I never thought I'd ever allow another man to seduce me into doing things I had only imagined in the wildest parts of my dreams. Or, was I seducing him. Either way it was happening and I wanted it to go further. We brought our session back to the shore;but no further. I took control, bringing Lando down to the sand and onto his back. His hard 9in Jamaican dick sticking straight up into the night air. I grabbed hold of it and yanked it as if it wasn't attached. He screamed out. " Take it teasy on da cock dere bredda" I responded, "I thought we liked it rough, brotha." I sat down on his stomach; hard. He grunted. I pounded on his strong chest, like he had done to me before. He grabbed my arms and pulled me down into him. Our lips locked again, as both our now throbbing dicks wrestled one another between our hard bodies. He wrapped his arms around me, and took control flipping me over onto my back. And this is where things really got rough. Lando was now laying on top of me, grinding his body into mine in a rough rhythm, much like in the dancehall. Our lips still pressed together. He slowly began lifting my legs until my knees were bent and wrapped around his waist. He slid himself further and further under me and between my legs. I soon felt his Jamaican monster pressing at my back door. I knew we had gone way too far now for me to deny his entry. All of a sudden I felt the most intense and extreme pain I'd ever felt in my life. Then the tide came in crashing into us both, and the cool rush of water aided Lando, as he in unisin with the tide invaded me fully. My eyes rolled in the back of my head. I thought I was gonna pass out but not from the pain. The tide was more than an adequate sedative in that regard. Instead I almost passed out because of the sheer amount of pleasure my entire body was experiencing, and all at one time. I had never felt anything like this before. I had never felt so weak, so opened, yet fully and completely satisfied. Lando was now in control, thrusting harder and harder, and going deeper than I thought I could take it. But I took it. I took it all. I enjoyed it all. I loved it all. And as the tide invaded the beach again, Lando released a heathy amount of thick Jamaican dick sauce deep inside me. ============= We made our way back to the bungalow, naked and dripping wet. Both our dicks still hard as rocks. I grabbed the other bottle of wine out of the basket on the porch, and we went inside. We both took a few swigs from the bottle; then we went into the bathroom and into the shower. Our session wasn't over yet. But we were dirty, and beachy and needed to be refreshed before we went any further. In the shower we continued to kiss and fondle one another. We loved each other's touch. We loved the way we both took our times making sure the other was clean, fully. I made sure every inch of Lando was immaculately clean. He did the same for me. When it was his turn he made sure to clean every grain of sand off my body; taking extra specially care with my ass. He grabbed the soap and he lathered my mounds good. Then after rinsing ever drop of soap away, he squatted down behind me burying his tongue deep in my hole; which was still quite saturated with his own seed. He tasted me and himself at the same time. He dug his face into my ass and ate my hole clean. He had me pressed up against the wall, my back arched, and his face pressed in my ass. I leaned back and reached behind me. I grabbed a handful of his locks and held on for dear life. This roughness I displayed only enticed him more. Before I knew it he was back on his feet and lunging his huge dick back deep inside me. I moaned out in pleasure, as he humped away. And soon another one of his thick loads was being pumped deep into my insides. He cleaned me out with his tongue again. We rinsed off and made our way to the bedroom. Once in the bedroom, I found the towel I had from earlier and began drying myself off. Then I followed suit with Lando. I made sure to dry his dick; it had been wet enough for one night. It was now my turn. I grabbed him by the waist and turned him around so I could dry his back. I made my way down lower till the towel was to his ass. Then I forced him to the bed and on all fours. He flipped his locks back and looked over his shoulder at me "Ya do like it rough, I see bwoy." He flashed a smile and kept his eyes locked on mine as he enjoyed the attention his ass was getting. I threw the towel to the floor, and spread the hairy cheeks, almost ripping them apart. He grunted out in pain but I knew he liked it. I dug my tongue deep inside and found the tensed up little hole. A few gentle licks and it opened right up for me. My tongue invaded the inside of his hole. I must've hit a sweet spot, because his manly grunts turned to whimpering little moans. "Ah right dere, bwoy. Right dere." He kept repeating over and over. I pulled my tongue out of him and made a trail down to his hairy balls. His whole body jerked. I repositioned myself, so I was on my back, lapping at his giant man sized balls. He got used to the feeling and began dipping his balls in and out of my mouth, one by one. I could feel his dick harden back up, as it pressed into my forehead. I grabbed his hips and pulled him down till his dick was resting on my tongue. His body jerked again as I now slid his dick into my mouth with my tongue. He regained composure, and took control. He began bucking his hips and fucking in and out of my throat. I had never sucked dick before, and here I was accepting a face fucking from this Rasta-man. A face fucking that I had initiated. I had said it was my turn to get my dick wet, yet I continued to allow him to use me for his own releif. I decided, better yet my dick decided, it was definitely in need of some attention now. Without forethought or mention, I grabbed his hips again and forced him over onto his back but still with his dick in my mouth. In our new position, he attempted to grab the back of my head, but I wouldn't let him. " No No No." I said as I pulled off of his dick and climbed between his thighs, thrusting my super hard 8.5 inches passed his hole and into his colon. He screamed out, put his hands on my abs and tried to push me away, but unfortunately for him, my dick was in charge now and it needed its release. I started thrusting my hips harder into him. The slapping of our thighs got louder and louder with every rep. He continued to scream out obscenity after obscenity. Bombaclat this and Bombaclat that. His hole started to adjust more to the curve of my dick. He began to give in, and enjoy this new feeling. He was enjoying it so much that somehow, despite my rampant thrusting, he managed to grab the back of my neck and pull me in for a kiss. But my dick was in charge and it was done with the romantic shit. I pushed him back down and continued pounding away at his hole til it was time to change positions again. By this time I could see the exhaustion in his eyes and feel the near rawness of his hole. But my dick had no sympathy for his plight. Lando had cum twice already inside me and my dick wouldn't rest until it got its fair due. I forced him back to his hands and knees, then licked the rawness that was his hole. He was nolonger tight anymore. He was now gaped perfectly open just enough to accomadate my manhood, which I thrusted back inside him. He continued to cry out in pain, as I invaded him doggy style and pulled at the rands, that were his locks. And he remained submissive. I arched his back forcing his face into a pillow that he promtly began to gnaw on. As I stood above him, I deposited every drop of my seed I imagine I had inside me deep into his hole. I pulled out of him and callapsed on his strong sweaty back. We were both spent. I rolled off of him and onto my back. He did the same, but not before kissing my lips again. Then whispered, " You really do like it rough, don't you bredda."After that we both laid there beside one another and drifted off. When I woke up the next morning Lando was gone. I missed him. I wished he was still laying there next to me or at least had woke me to say goodbye when he left. Apart of me thought it was all a dream. That none of it had ever happened. So I went on with my life. I got up, showered and went off to work. When I returned home to the bungalow that evening, stripped down to my underwear again, I found the door already opened. And when I stepped inside; there laying on the bed naked was my Jamaican dream... "Hi, Babe I couldn't wait till next week, so I thought I'd surprise you."

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