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  1. Cachondeo

    Chapter XVI

    Oh, stop, you do an awesome job!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  2. Cachondeo

    Chapter XVI

    Oh man, that was hilarious 😂 what I meant was for you to choose between “vous” or “tu” not to include BOTH!!! I’m sorry maybe I should have explained myself better...if you are going for a more casual approach between the characters the dialogue should read as follows: -Parles-tu français? -Oui, et toi? -Oui, je parle français mais probablement pas aussi bien que toi. or, if you wanted to keep the formalities: -Parlez-vous français? -Oui, et vous? -Oui, je parles français mais probablement pas aussi bien que vous. I’m really sorry for the confusion, honestly 😬 P. S.: as quiet as it’s been kept, Google translator is not to be trusted.
  3. Cachondeo

    Chapter XVI

    “Oui. Avez-vous? I replied, normally. That made him look up and blink. Oui. Je parle français. Mais probablement pas aussi bon que vous. ” That bit in French was not grammatically correct. It should read: ”Oui, et vous/toi? Oui, je parle français mais probablement pas aussi bien que vous/toi.” ...and since they are calling each other Chris and Greg maybe you should drop the“vous” and use “toi” instead, otherwise it would be too formal; unless that’s what you’re aiming for?. Anyway I’m done channeling my inner teacher, but just in case you want to change it, there you have it. Cheers!
  4. Cachondeo

    Chapter XXV

    So last tango in Paris!
  5. Cachondeo

    Chapter XXIII

    But in the gym or the pool where you get naked before or after to take a shower there’s no place to hide...did you ever get in trouble or did you just avoid those kind of situations?👀
  6. Cachondeo

    Chapter XVIII

    That makes me sad because I thought the reason behind that rule was not to clog the site and being a binge reader my self I loath (ok too strong 😚) waiting for the next chapter...I’m becoming more flexible depending on the author; some are worth waiting for😉
  7. Cachondeo

    Chapter XVIII

    “Very,” Greg replied, right behind me. He set his one of his hands next to mine, the other on my shoulder, tightening a little when I leaned further down. "Stop that, please.".. A little typo if you care to fix it, there’s a HIS too many; if should read: “...he set one of his hands next to mine...” Hope it helps😘
  8. Cachondeo

    Chapter XV

    Yeah I thought the same; if it were me I would probably feel unconfortable just being in the same room-unsafe even...but it’s fictional so we can make some allowances 😉
  9. Cachondeo

    Chapter XI

    My own fault, should have read the tags which I never do🤓
  10. Cachondeo

    Chapter XI

    Well, certainly not my cup of tea; not really into violence: sharp tong yes, physical abuse...don’t really know why since I’ve never been nor have I witness abuse but it makes me queasy (not a critique just a personal observation, mind you) but I’ll give it a couple more chapters it being your story and all that. Absolutely love your stuff just not quite this bit here😔
  11. Cachondeo

    Chapter VIII

    I got a little confused with Gregory’s eye color😅 ”...staring back at me. The look in his light broken eyes was inscrutable.” “Gregory had, like both his brothers, inherited his mothers’ complexion, with the golden skin from her Greek side and dark blue eyes.” Sooo, which is it: dark blue o light brown? If it’s all the same to you could you make them light brown? I really love those ❤️ Veeery nice reading so far, then again you never disappoint 😘
  12. Cachondeo

    Chapter 24

    Oki doki, you go and replenish yourself with all those much needed inspirational fluids and in the meantime I’ll try to talk to the muses on your behalf ☺️
  13. Cachondeo

    Chapter 24

    Hey Andr0gene, any plans to pick where you left off? I really love this story (ok, so maybe I love Confounded I a tiny weeny bit more but lets get real T has to be one if not the best character in all GA) but I was truly enjoying it... Pretty please?! 🙏🏻🙏🏻
  14. Cachondeo


    Oh my how could I’ve forgotten about this, I’m from Argentina!🤦🏻‍♀️ Thanks! P. S.: if I ever cross path with Kieran’s father I’ll be sure to kick his butt💪🏻
  15. Cachondeo


    Oh, thanks!!!

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