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  1. Big thanks to you guys for the awesome response to the first chapter of this new series! Chapter 2 is now available! Enjoy, and let me know what you think!
  2. CHAPTER 2 You know...all through Junior High school, I thought I was the luckiest guy in the world to have my best friend, Johnny, in most of the same classes with me. It meant laughter, and good times, and never ever having to search for a lab partner. For the longest time, it was coolest bonus of going to school at all. And don't get me wrong, it's still pretty cool for us to have a bunch of classes comes at a price. There was a time when I toyed with the idea of possibly telling Johnny that I liked boys...but I always came up with some random excuse as to why it wouldn't be a good time for me to do that. Either I wasn't ready, or he wasn't time, I even blamed it on the fact that it looked like it was going to rain. I mean, what if he kicked me out of his house? That would suck if it was raining, right? Yeah, I know. That was hardly an 'excusable excuse'...but it beat me having to admit that I was terrified of telling my best friend that I was gay. It's not like he's some kind of repulsive homophobe or anything, but...telling somebody something like that immediately changes your relationship with them. It can't ever be the same as it was, ever again. I sort of like the way Johnny and I are right now. Why wreck it over a couple of silly words, right? I don't know. Things got confusing once my midday boners started pointing me in the direction of every cute boy in sight. Hormones suck. Anyway, the 'problem' is that I have a few classes with Christopher Margo too...and with Johnny always right at my side, I can't really 'perv' on Chris the way I want to. It's like...Johnny watches me too closely to not notice how I stare at this beautiful boy and practically drool all over myself while I'm doing it. I have to hide my dreamy gazes, my awkward attempts at trying to talk to him about nothing, and I'll never get a chance to be partnered up with Chris on anything if Johnny keeps snatching me up and keeping me all to himself. It's not fair, I tell you! With Johnny sitting in the row right next to me, I feel like I'm always under surveillance or something. How dare he spy on me while I'm spying on Chris Margo! There's got to be a way for Johnny to take a sick day or something so I can truly drink that beauty in, forty minutes at a time, until my boyish urges are finally satisfied. If he wasn't my best friend, I'd consider breaking Johnny's leg so he'd be laid up for a few days where he'd be out of the way. Oh God! Did I really just think that? That's nuts! Just... UGH!!! LOOK at him! Look at Chris sitting over there by the window...sunlight just...just bouncing off of his smooth skin with a delicate grace. His hair is perfect. His hair is always perfect. Every color that he wore to school looked great on him. Today, he was wearing a bright red t-shirt...and it was just as sigh-worthy as everything else in his closet at home. He had three different pairs of sneakers...I know, because I pay attention to these things. I think he has a bit of a sneaker fetish. He keeps them super clean and polished, no matter what. They're gleaming white, but the offsetting colors were different for each one. One with red flares, one with light aqua blue, and a pair that were a bright shade of mint green. I think I liked the green ones the best. I don't know...they just made me happy inside when he wore those. Sometimes, I'd see him suck and nibble on the end of his pen, and I'd get hard immediately. It just made me so hot to know that his cute little tongue was pressed up against something hard. Is that weird? I just...I craved him to the point of being utterly breathless sometimes. It almost felt like I wanted to cry, but I couldn't understand what emotion was causing that biological reaction to being in his presence. Was it happiness? Sadness? Love? Or just good old fashioned bewilderment? I couldn't figure out why it had to be HIM specifically? Why couldn't I have a massive crush on somebody within my reach? Somebody attainable. Somebody human! Jesus...what I wouldn't give to get right up in the middle of class, in front of everybody, and just...just...SMASH my face up against those smooshy, tasty, lips! There are days when I feel like it would totally be worth whatever consequences might follow such a heinous act. I wanted him. Oh wow, I wanted Chris Margo soooo BAD!!! This is driving me CRAZY!!! When the bell rang, I was instantly struck by this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. A feeling that only got infinitely worse when I saw Chris starting to pack up his books and stuff to shove them back into his backpack. He was leaving me. And I won't be able to lay my eyes on him until after lunch period. That's so not fair. Everybody else in his classes gets to gawk at him and fantasize about all the things they'd do to him if only they were given the chance...and yet, I have to just trace every detail of his glorious face and body frame so I can just hold that image in my mind until we're able to be together again later. I'm super horny for him today. I swear, it's worse than ever now. I never should have started writing about him. It's like...this 'gate' was opened within me, and now he's all I think about. Day. Night. Afternoons. During class. While I'm playing video games. While I'm eating dinner with my parents. Even when I SLEEP, I'm dreaming about Chris. Is this what insanity feels like? Because I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever be able to shake this desperate yearning for a boy that's waaaaay out of my league. I'd hold back to avoid the inevitable heartbreak that's racing towards me like a killer comet from space...but I can't. I just...I can't! Oh God, he's getting up! Look at his butt! He's got the sexiest butt I've ever seen! I felt my swooning as he slung his backpack over his right shoulder and headed towards the classroom door, along with the usual cluster of students looking to evacuate the classroom as quickly as possible when the period bell rang. God forbid, our teacher were to shout out some last minute homework assignments before we got out of earshot. "Dude, check it out!" Johnny said, showing me his open notebook. He was nearly finished with his newest comic book character drawing, and he said, "I call him 'Night Smasher'! Cool, right?" I peeked over at the drawing just as Chris was turning the corner, out of my sight. It was top notch. All of Johnny's drawings were top notch. He had been drawing since he was old enough to update from a box of crayons to actual pens and pencils. But I said, "Night Smasher? I'm not crazy about the name." "What's wrong with the name?" "No offense...but it sounds a little cheesy. At least to me." I could see Johnny's wheels turning in his head, and he said, "What about 'Night Crusher'?" "Not that big of a leap from the last one, dude." I told him as we walked out of the classroom together. "Night...ummmm...Night Buster?" "You're just forcing this whole 'Night-Thingy', aren't you?" Johnny said, "He's dressed in all black, with a hood, and black goggles...but he can totally see in the dark. He's gotta be 'Night-something', right?" "Still sounds like Batman, Johnny." "It's NOT Batman!!! Fuck, you think everybody is Batman." "Only the ones that sound like Batman." I said. "Whatever." Johnny closed the notebook up and put it back in his bag. "You've got no appreciation for the creative mind, you know that?" I giggled at the thought and Johnny let it go. He's been on this crusade to make a hero even better than Batman, but every time he tries...he just comes up with another version of Batman. To his credit though...he keeps on trying. And Batman is a hard act to follow. So he gets major points for that. "So what's up for this weekend? Are we gonna 'Netflix and Chill', or what?" "Johnny..." I sighed. "PLEASE stop saying that. 'Netflix and Chill' doesn't mean what you think it means, ok? But I am down for some microwaved popcorn and a good flick or two." "Sweet!" He grinned. " about 'Night Flasher'?" "Sounds perverted." "Night...Stalker?" "Sounds like a serial killer." "What about Dark Knight?" I giggled. "Really? You're just gonna come right out and call him the Dark Knight?" "FUCK!" He grunted. "All the good names are taken. Friggin' 80 years worth of comic books and they didn't leave any cool names behind for the rest of us." "You could call him 'Fluffy'. I'm pretty sure that one's not taken." I teased. "It probably is. Just to piss me off." Johnny pouted. Then went back to the topic at hand, "We're pretty much out of horror movies. I honestly think we've seen everything horror has to offer." I said, "We could try science fiction. Sometimes those are horror too, just under a different category. There's got to be something that slipped by us at one time or another." "This is true. Not a bad idea..." Johnny said, but as we were walking, I saw Chris standing behind another boy at the drinking fountain further down the hall. I couldn't tell if my heart stopped...or if it just started beating so fast that I couldn't detect one beat from the other. This intense flutter began to vibrate in my gut, and as I heard Johnny's voice fade into the muddled background noise of a high school hallway...I became completely entranced by Chris all over again. Goosebumps were raised on my skin as I saw the awe inducing greatness of his profile. So pretty. So SO very pretty. "Hey, I'm gonna run down and grab a candy bar from the cafeteria before next class. You want something?" Johnny said, and I just shook my head in response. I didn't have the words to say much of anything. I was quivering inside again, and actually felt relieved that Johnny was preoccupying himself with something else at the moment. He couldn't leave fast enough for my tastes. My heart...*UGH*'s not used to convulsions this powerful. It HURTS to love you, Chris Margo! It HURTS! I'm not exactly where the foolish idea came from, but I was suddenly overwhelmed by the urge to stand behind him at that water fountain. I didn't even really have time to rationalize the pointless action...I just...hurried over there and got behind him. Is that weird? Yeah...this one is probably weird. As soon as I got behind him, Chris did something unexpected and looked over his shoulder at me, absolutely paralyzing me with his smile! "Hey, Andrew!" He said. I swear...I could fall soooo deep into those crazy dimples of his. "I...uhhh...hey! Didn't see you standing there." I stuttered. STUPID! How could I not see him standing right here in front of the drinking fountain? This is why talking to Chris Margo unrehearsed is always a bad idea. The other boy moved out of the way, leaving Chris to step up to take a sip of his own. I can't tell you why I suddenly had to hold my breath to keep from squealing out loud in a crazy fangirl tantrum...but it was like everything suddenly switched over to slow motion. I swear that I could smell the subtle heat of him as it came through the fabric of his t-shirt. I could see the individual hairs on the back of his neck. And then...he bent over. Not at any extreme angle or anything...the drinking fountain wasn't really all that low, but it was bend that I noticed...and was instantly aroused by. His shoulders moved down, his shirt tightened around his slender frame, and I noticed the smooth and flawless skin of his arms as they moved forward to balance him. His ample bottom was pushed further out in my direction...the delicious cheeks pressing firmly against the back of his jeans. It gave it more definition. I could actually make out the true shape of those yummy buns and the sexy little cleft in between. Oh heart was jackhammering away as I stared, unashamed, at his ass while fighting off the trigger of a legendary boner that I would never be able to hide if he were to suddenly turn around without warning. Or even WITH warning! Jesus, I want to bury my FACE in it! Grab his hips with both hands and crush my face against it as hard as I could. They'd have to call school security just to get me off of him! Don't think that it didn't cross my mind, the fact that Chris' sweet lips were touching the same cool stream of water that mine were about to be touching afterward. I felt tingles all over as I heard the most delicate slurping noises...his tongue getting wet as he quenched his thirst right in front of me. I never envied a water fountain would be the first time. What seemed like six hours worth of hardcore pornography to me was only a few seconds to Chris. And probably a lot less satisfying. When he stood up, his pink tongue snaked out...just a half inch, maybe less...and licked the extra moisture from his sexy lips. It was a total seduction. It had to be. Do people lick their lips like that absentmindedly? Does that happen? Seems unlikely that one boy so could be damn hot without even trying. Our eyes made contact, and he smiled at me. No particular reason for him to smile...he just did it to be cute, I guess. I almost didn't want to get a drink myself, as it would cause me to take my eyes off of his magical face for a few seconds. But what else was I going to do? I made it seem like I was here to get a drink of water, I certainly can't back out now. I'll look like a dummy. A part of me wished that Chris was watching me too as the cool waters touched my lips, but he just said, "I'll see ya 'round." Damn. As good as it felt to pretend that I was kissing the water that he was just drinking from, I hurried up and finished after my first two sips to see if I could see where he was going. Maybe so I could follow him for another minute or two and come up with a few more details for my next chapter. Like...'The Fountain Incident' or something. I don't know, I'll think up something later. Maybe we're in the school all alone, and we go to drink from the same fountain at the same time...and then our lips touch. Accidentally, at first, but then he discovers that he really likes it. And we continue to make out...his tongue in my mouth, my tongue in his, my hands rubbing all over his butt...yeah. I can picture the whole scenario right now. I should take some notes or something so I can remember this for later. I started to follow Chris down the hall, keeping a safe distance so as not to prompt any more awkward and pointless conversation. It's strange how you always put the least amount of effort into the person you want to talk to the absolute most. As I matched my pace to his, looking at the casual way his backpack hung off of his shoulder, and the way he would run his fingers through his hair...trying hard to not fall into a full fledged swoon and run into a wall...I saw Chris take a short turn and walk into the second floor boy's room. I slowed down immediately. He went into the bathroom. He...he went into...he's in the... At this point, it felt like I could barely get enough oxygen into my lungs to stay conscious. The butterflies in my stomach were now fluttering their way up into my throat, and I was forced to ask myself..."I'm not really thinking about going in there, am I?" I'm not that big of a pervert, right? Even though...I mean...he's going to have that piece of him, like, hanging out. Just...right through his zipper. Exposed. The urinals in there are pretty close together. If I was a major pervert...I could stand next to him and pretend to pee...and I could probably, maybe, kind of, sort of...take a 'peek'. But NOT in a nasty way! Just, like...a glance. Two seconds. That's it. Just enough to know what it looks like. I mean, I'm writing about him, right? It's not creepy. It's...ummm...research. That's it. I'm just doing research. No. No wait. I should draw the line somewhere. I think that might actually be criminal. Plus, I might get my ass kicked. Then again, even that is hot! Privately rolling around on a dirty bathroom floor with Chris Margo on top of me? It's seriously twisted, but it might just end up being the best orgasm of my whole life. I shouldn't. I should just keep walking and give him some space. Right? I mean...I mean...right? Aw shit, I'm already opening the bathroom door, aren't I? There he was...zipper open, with the gentle sound of splashing water hitting the bright white porcelain in front of him. A part of me wanted to freeze solid in my tracks, but I was compelled to keep moving forward by the urgency of the situation. He wouldn't be exposed for long. Again...he smiled at me. I giggled out loud, but it was purely an involuntary gesture. Sorry, the thought of Chris touching himself while smiling and making eye contact with me was almost enough to ejaculate right there and then. I stood next to him, not really thinking about how odd it must have been to not have taken a urinal a little bit further down, and I smiled back. I unzipped my pants, but the second my fingers touched my penis it started to spring to attention! GAH! NO!!!! STOP!!! I know I don't have to pee, but it's not time for that 'other' activity just yet! That's for after school! Geez, I'm so damn touchy down there! "I've got a Spanish test next period. I really hope I don't screw it up." He said to me. Omigod, he's talking to me again! "Yeah?" It was the only word that I could come up with. The only word I had enough breath to speak out loud. I tried to force myself know...but I was way too nervous. Not that I had to go in the first place. Luckily, I don't think he was watching. But I was unlucky in the fact that his hand was in the way of the few nervous peeks I took at what was going on down there. I really couldn't see anything at all. But...when he finished, I think I saw a little bit of floppiness when he 'shook' it and tucked it back into his underwear. It sent a shiver of excitement up my spine. It was the most intimate moment that I've ever spent with him. I actually felt a bit dizzy from it all. Chris zipped up and went over to the sink to wash his hands. "What always gets me is the male and female additions to certain words. What makes one word female, and the other one male? I don't get it. I'm probably going to end up guessing my way through the whole quiz." I was so busy staring at him that I almost forgot that I was standing there with my semi-stiffy in my hand for no reason at all. I shook myself out of my trance and flushed, making sure to join him at the sink for another few seconds of stalker euphoria. "Well...I hope you do good on your test..." I said, swallowing hard. He was looking at himself in the mirror, and took a second to make sure his hair was looking good. His hair always looks good. "Thanks, man. You too. If you have a test, I mean." "Actually, I'm going to gym..." I grinned. "Well, good luck in gym then. Hehehe!" He giggled just a little bit, but it melted my heart. I want him. Do you hear me, God? I WANT HIM!!! "Seeya." I didn't have any way to keep him there. No excuses to follow him any further. Instead, I just looked at my reflection in the mirror and blushed with the shame of how utterly desperate I was for this one boy. It was so humiliating that it was actually kind of funny. I started to snicker to myself, waves of pleasurable vibrations running through me as I tried to regain my composure. He had it out. Like...right in front of me. I think I saw it flopping around. I'm pretty sure I did. Maybe just the tip of it, Hehehe, I don't know what to do with myself right now. I'm just...I'm going to take a few minutes to breathe now. Wow...just...hehehe, wow... Ok, I got the title of my next 'Andris' fanfic..."Chapter #10 - The Bathroom Incident"! Yes! I'm going to make that one soooooo HOT! I'm getting ideas already! Can't wait to get home for this one!
  3. Ethan and Drew have come back to wave hello tonight! Enjoy! And let me know what you think when you get a chance! K?
  4. "On The Outside 20" Is it possible to be biologically addicted to kissing your own boyfriend? Is this the kind of thing that I'm going to have to go into rehab to regain some level of self control again someday? Because I'm starting to think that I'm developing a serious habitual issue here. Luckily, it's contagious. I'd hate to think what would happen if Drew didn't like making out as much as I did. Hours. That's how long we spent alone in his Mom's basement. Hours. And all we did was laugh, make love, and feed each other gummy bears between kisses. Do you know how awesome kisses taste when you've both been eating gummy bears all morning. It's like...the ambrosia of the gods. Hehehe! Honestly, I don't think I've ever been naked for this long in my life. It's got to be illegal to be naked for more than hour or two. I was almost starting to feel a bit self conscious about it. Like, Jesus, I need to get dressed before the cops kick down the front door and drape a blanket over my shoulders before hauling my ass off to jail for indecent exposure! All things aside, though...Drew and I simply couldn't get enough of each other. I think the muscles in my tongue got tired from Frenching, licking, and sucking, him so much. And yet, we just kept going. The habit forming 'smoosh' of his warm, marshmallow soft, lips against my own kept calling me back for more. We kissed so much that I was almost certain that I had cut my oxygen intake in half since I first showed up at his front door. I'm baffled by the concept of me living a normal life before Drew's kiss came along and set everything ablaze. How did my life exist with any meaning or purpose at all without being able to hold Drew in my arms like this and give him all the love my heart could muster? How was that life even possible? I once got the exact mountain bike that I wanted for my tenth birthday. I was sooooooo happy that day! Excited to the point where I wanted to literally scream and dance in the front yard to express my limitless joy to the rest of the neighborhood. But NOW??? Now I can't even imagine what the heck I was so happy about. I didn't have Drew yet, so how could I have any clue what infinite joy even was without my sweetheart resting here in my loving embrace? It just doesn't compute, you know? "Why can't things be like this all the time?" Drew sighed to himself. "World peace could be achieved if everyone had a series of moments like this." "Hehehe, you think so?" "Yeah. Definitely." He said. "Kiss me some more. Please?" Far be it from me to deny my baby such a simple request. Our lips touched once again. Almost numb from the constant activity, but the contact left me just as breathless in the end as it did in the beginning of our private time together. I can't believe that I've got an actual BOYFRIEND to kiss!!! All that time I wasted, trying to hate myself when I could have been loving someone else. How many boys my age, in my position, are totally JEALOUS of me right now? Hehehe! How many people are looking at me with eyes of hatred and disgust, simply because they never got to experience a love this explosive when all the boys were still young and pretty and horny as hell? Thinking about it, I hugged Drew a little bit tighter, and wallowed in the intense tingly feelings surrounding me. Almost as if to toss up a middle finger to all of those bitter trolls in the world who, deep down, WISH they could have what Drew and I have right now. People who would get angry and stress themselves out trying to find reasons to call us stupid and annoying and naïve, just so they could keep us apart. You know...for our safety. But, guess what? We don't CARE! We really don't. This is our own personal adventure...and critical minds with envy in their hearts aren't even invited to watch, much less comment on what we do. So there! Hehehe! Stay angry! Drew and I will have enough fun for all of those folks who can't find any fun on their own. Deal with it. Drew reached into his plastic bag and grabbed another duo of gummy bears. One for him, one for me. When he offered, I said, "Ugh, no more." He smiled at me, but I wasn't giving in. "Hehehe, I've eaten like 50 of those things in the past hour alone." "Just one more. Come on." He turned to look at me and reached back to hold it up to my lips. "Open..." Ah shit...ok. I did as he asked, and he fed me my last gummy bear for the day. Hehehe, is it weird that I love being so helpless when it comes to Drew 'politely' ordering me around? I sucked on his finger before he could get it out of my mouth and he let out this sensual grin, giving me another kiss on the cheek. Then, out of the blue, he says, "OH!!! I want you to take a test for me!" What??? "That was...quite literally...the most random thing that you could have possibly said to me right now." I chuckled. "Hold on..." Drew got up and walked to the other end of the basement, causing me to immediately miss his body heat the moment he was gone. Still, though...I will never get tired of staring at that boy's perfect ass. Even after pounding myself into it for an entire morning and well into the afternoon, the sight of those sexy 'teardrop' cheeks in motion continued to bring me back to a state of boyish arousal. If I wasn't so worn out, I might go for another round the second he got within arms reach of me. Damn...I might do it anyway. Look at how cute his butt is! You know how a boy's skin doesn't really look all that pale to you until you see the glaring white tan line in front of your face? Hehehe, it's like sunlight has never once landed upon that baby soft skin. But it was hot, though. Soooo hot! Ugh...I want some more. Can I have more? It's never enough. His deep pink hole is sooooo wet....sooooo tight. I can't believe that I'm getting hard again. It's actually starting to ache now. Drew is driving me crazy, and all he did was turn his back to me for a few seconds. I'm so messed up. Drew came back a few seconds later with one of his mom's old magazines. He got on his knees and gave me a quick kiss on the lips before practically shoving my legs apart to reclaim his spot between them, snuggling up to me, leaning back against my chest, and reaching for my hands so I could wrap my hands around his soft middle again before flipping through the magazine's pages to search for whatever it was he was looking for. "Hehehe, what is this about?" I asked. "Just wait! I'm looking for it." He said. "I want to see how you're gonna score on this test thingy." "You're gonna test me? On what?" He giggled, "On how awesome a boyfriend you are. I saw this the other day, but I wanted to wait until we were together to read it all. I thought it would be cool." "Sounds like extra homework to me." I said, and Drew reached down to pinch me on my thigh! Owwww! "Ok! Here it is. Let's see what score the magazine has for my prince charming." He smiled. "If I fail, does that mean we have to break up?" "HELL no!!!" He said. "You're stuck with me. I'm not going anywhere. And I'm not letting YOU go anywhere either. So...there. Hehehe!" He kissed me again on the cheek, but I kissed him on the lips right after that...letting it linger and I tightened my embrace and enjoyed the feel of his soft breath on my skin. He tasted so sweet to me. He broke contact and said, "Wait...not yet. Hehehe! First the test...then more 'naughty'. M'kay?" "M'kay..." I agreed, and nuzzled my nose, lovingly, into the side of his neck as he folded the magazine back a bit to read from the article. "So, here's what it says..." Drew started. "...Is your partner as 'into you' as you think he is? Let's find out. The following eight questions were designed to help you figure out whether your dream guy is really ready to provide you with the relationship that you deserve...or if he's just hanging on until he finds someone better. Answer the questions below, and tally up your score at the end." I snickered under my breath, and Drew craned his neck back to give me a playful look. I said, "I'm sorry. Hehehe, this just sounds so cheesy." "Cheesy or not, respect the test, dude. It might end up telling me to dump your sorry butt." "What happened to being 'stuck' with you for good?" "Well, we will just have to see how that works out for you, won't we?" Hehehe! But then he kissed me on the same cheek again and said, "I'm just kidding. MWAH! You're beautiful. Promise." He went back to the magazine. "Question number one...does your chosen dream guy compliment you often? Does he do nice things for you, and spend quality time with you in order to prove how much he cares for you?" Drew looked back and smiled at me. "Hehehe, do you think today counts?" "Today definitely counts." I grinned. "In fact, I was just getting ready to compliment you on how hot your ASS looks a few minutes ago!" Drew giggled sweetly, and I gave him a squeeze, along with an extra kiss. "If I said you were the most exciting, most incredible, thing that's ever happened to me...would that count as a compliment." Drew sighed in the cutest way. "I guess I can check you off for the compliment question, yeah." His eyes met mine for a brief moment, and...damn! I had to kiss those lips again. You have no IDEA how soft Drew's lips are! It's like kissing the foot of a newborn baby. Hehehe, if that makes any sense! "Yay! One point for Ethan the wonder boy." I said. "We're not done yet, Mister." Drew continued. "Question number two...does he surprise you with little notes, random kisses, or gifts to let you know that he has been thinking about you? Does he contact you just to see how your day was, or remind you that you are special to him without any provocation at all?" "I told you I loved you at least twenty times today. Hehehe, I can't even help myself. So I know I'm getting checked off for this one." I said. "Yeah, you do make me feel pretty special. I can give you a passing grade on that one..." "A 'passing grade'? Excuse me." Drew rolled his eyes with a grin. "Fine. I'll admit it, you're awesome. But you weren't always this nice to me." "Neither were you." I said. "Touche..." He gave me points for being spontaneous and cute when it came to little surprises, here and there. Then he went on to the next question. "Question number three...does he take a serious interest in who you are and what you like? Can he remember intimate details about you and the life you lead?" He wrinkled his brow a little bit, and he asked me, "I don't know. Do you? I don't think I have a whole lot of intimate details for you to know." He told me, "Maybe we can skip this one..." "Unh unh, hold on now." I giggled. "You've got intimate details." "Hehehe, I do?" "Indeed, you do. Like...I know when things get heavy for you at school, you come way out here to your mom's house and work in her coffee shop until you feel better." I said. "That's not intimate." He smirked. "I know you're GAY!" "That's hardly a secret to anybody." "I know you used to have a HUGE crush on Taylor Hanson when you were younger! Like HUGE!" I laughed at his shocked reaction. "No way! That doesn't count! And I told you that in confidence, so...let's forget that ever happened." "That wasn't in 'confidence'. It was a question to be read out in front of the entire class on the very first day." I said. "So, quit cheating already and give me three for three." I could feel Drew's waifish little frame jiggle as he tried to hold his chuckles back. "I still don't think any of that stuff about me is a big mystery." "No?" I said. "Should I mention that you dress up like a cute little clown for ice cream parties in your mom's basement? Because I'm totally down for hearing more about that little activity once you decide to fill me in on how..." "OK!!! You got the point already. no need to overdo it. Ahem..." He said, cutting me off. "NEXT question..." "I saw the picture of you all dressed up, you know..." "I question! AHEM!!!" He repeated, and just moved on to avoid the embarrassment of having to talk about it anymore. Hehehe, I don't know what he was so ashamed of. I thought he looked CUTE! "Question number four...we're halfway through it now...your special guy loves being with you, and just you...and he NEVER flirts or even looks at anyone else when you are out together." Drew said, "Well, you're a big ol' FAIL on that one, because you love that 'Ethan' guy more than me. points there." "You are determined to have me fail this test, aren't you?" I laughed. "I'm just saying...devoting your heart to a super cute pop star boy is a sign of...I don't know...whatever this survey is trying to prove." I giggled to myself, and kissed him a few more times on his cute little face! I told you, I'm totally addicted. "Stop! I'm not gonna let you bribe me out of ruining your perfect score." "I'm starting to think that you have a hidden agenda with this wacky magazine." I said. "If I have to take a dive for Ethan Karpathy, then you've got to take one for Patrick at school. Fair is fair." "Oh, come were never really jealous of Patrick." He said. "Yeah, I kinda was..." I confessed. "Were you?" He asked. "I thought you were kidding around about that." He said, and kissed my lips again. "Seriously, I'm not even interested, ok? I only want to love you. Nobody else. K?" "I love you too." I moaned, and rested my chin on his shoulder to read the next question myself this time. "Question number five...your dream guy doesn't have any problems telling you how he feels about you, openly and honestly, even without being asked." Drew smiled. "Well, you did just tell me you loved me, so that counts." "That, and we're both sitting on your mom's basement floor, completely naked, after hours of hot, steamy, boy on boy action. Hehehe, so I'm pretty sure that counts as being 'open and honest' with my feelings." "Everything sounds so erotic, when you say it." He grinned, wiggling even deeper into my arms. "Ok, so you're all aces in that department. Ok, question six...your boyfriend is caring and comforting, and he's always willing to listen and be there for you when you're feeling down." He looked back at me. "Awww, straight A's in that category too." He kissed my lips and said, "Notice how it doesn't mention fighting anybody?" "Hehehe, whatever. Just give me my point and keep going." I grinned. However...this time, when Drew looked back down at the magazine...something changed. I could just...'feel' it as I was holding him. "Well, that one's not important. We can skip that one." "What? Hehehe, no way. I want more points." "It doesn't apply to us..." "So? Read it anyway." I said, gently kissing his neck with a smile. Drew shrugged his shoulders and softly mumbled, "Question seven...your favorite guy has no trouble showing his affection for you in public. He tells all of his friends and family members about you, and makes it clear that you two are in a relationship." I'd be lying if I said that my heart didn't sink a little bit when I heard that one. I loosened a bit of my 'squeeze' on Drew, and found myself feeling a bit ashamed of myself for not living up to that part of being Drew's boyfriend. noticing the silence, Drew said, "But that's different, baby. This is all for girls and their boyfriends. Our situation is a bit...different." "Oh? Is that why I get a total fail on this one?" I tried to make it sound like a joke, but it wasn't. To be honest, it made my heart ache a little bit to know that this was one area that I had no real excuse for. None other than fear, pride, and reputation, that is. It hardly seemed fair, considering what Drew gave me in return. "Hey!" He said. "It's not a fail. Ok?" "Sure." I said flatly. "I mean it, Ethan. That stuff doesn't matter to me. Besides, we have SO much more fun when it's just you and me, cutie. MWAH!" "Ok..." I could feel myself pouting now. I didn't want to. I was kind of blindsided by the sweeping emotion knocking me all the way back to square one as far as my dirty little secret was concerned. I hope he didn't notice. "Last question. Your special guy truly misses you when you're not around, and makes an effort to let you know that he wants to remain close to you as often as possible. Hehehe, I definitely miss you when I'm not in your arms like this. So that's a mark in the win column for both of us, right?" "I guess. Yeah." I said. He kept reading, "So, how did your partner rate? Is he a soggy dog that you can kick to the curb? Or is he a strong, sensitive, expressive, guy who would be a major catch for any lady to hold on to for dear life? If you've got a good one, lock him down! And never let him go, because if you don't want him, someone else will." Drew gave me the cutest little smirk. "According to this, you're the perfect boyfriend...not that it's any real surprise to me." "Almost perfect." I pouted. "Sorry." Getting a bit more serious, Drew tossed the magazine aside and scooted around on the carpet to face me. "Ethan...I mean it when I say that you have nothing to worry about. It's not an issue for me. Really. I know you love me." "Nobody else does..." "Nobody else has to. That's the whole point that I'm trying to make. Even if they DID know, that doesn't mean it would be any of their business. All I want is to feel close to you. To have you hold me like you can't live without me. Share some laughs and a plastic bag full of gummy bears. Do that every once in a while and you'll make me the happiest boy on the planet. I swear." I lifted my eyes greet his, a few of his light brown curls hanging a bit longer than usual in the front. "I wish I had the courage to do what you did." I said. "If for no other reason than to get rid of this weight on my chest. I get so sick of having to hide and protect this stupid secret which shouldn't even be a secret in the first place. I can't even figure out why it MATTERS to anybody! I just know that I'm not allowed to be this way. Sometimes it hurts. And that was fine when it was just hurting me...but now it's hurting you too. And I can't stand it anymore." I said. "How did you do it? Why did you do it?" He thought for a moment, and then he scooted over to sit beside me, putting his arm around me. "I don't know. I guess I just reached a point where I felt a lot like you do now. Suffocated. Alone. It felt like it was poisoning me from the inside sometimes." He ran his fingers through my hair, and leaned over to lay his head on my shoulder. "When people don't understand you or feel like they're interests are in the majority, they try to shame you. Try to make you feel sick and wrong for not liking what they like. People determine their sense of 'normal' by how many other people agree with them. Then they shun those of us who are different just so they can think they have a solid standing in the world. And it sucks. Believe me, I know. But they don't own the whole world. Just because they're in the majority, it doesn't mean that they're allowed to be the only perspective of what is and isn't normal." He said. " day, when I figured I'd had enough...I spoke up. And I let them know that I was here. That I wasn't a part of their perfect little picture of society and that I didn't have to be. They can't pretend I don't exist anymore. So they can either accept me, or they can walk around angry and scared all day because the local 'gay boy' is a reminder that they don't have as much control as they wish they had. Period." Sadly, I said, "I think I'm getting to that point too, Drew. This whole heterosexual costume is just more frustrating than anything else these days. I don't want to do this anymore. I want to be happy. And I want you right here with me." With a bit of a sniffle, Drew leaned in and softly kissed my lips. "I want to be with you too." "I'm gonna make that perfect score one of these days. I promise." With a kiss on my forehead, both of his hands caressing the sides of my face...Drew said, "You get a perfect score from me. Every day." Maybe it's time. I couldn't ask for any more proof that this feels right. That this is what I want more than anything in the world. Yeah, I'm scared. Terrified, even. But when I consider what I have to gain from a few moments of discomfort and a couple of awkward looks from strangers in the hardly seems like much of a sacrifice at all. What am I giving up, other than a lie that was making me miserable in the first place. If I had to choose, I'd rather deal with the misery brought on by the truth...then one maintained by some falsehood that doesn't fit me anymore. I'm not quite there yet, Drew...but I'm learning. I'm learning.
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  6. "New Kid In School 58" I can't argue that Ariel's Grandmother's soup didn't make me feel a lot better. I mean, when I was standing up and walking around, I still felt a bit of 'swimming' going on behind my tired eyes, but one microwaved bowl of that soup did more for me in a day than heaps of medicine and cough drops did for me all weekend. Maybe his Gramms is a witch and we just didn't know it. Hehehe, whatever. As long as she's on my side, I'm cool with it. I knew that my mom was probably already leaving work at this point, so I decided to give Cody a ring before she got home. You know, so I could talk openly and not have to use 'coded language' for every gay related word that came flying out of my mouth. Even though I feel as though I'm inevitably inching towards the day when I just spill my guts and tell her all about me and Ryan and how I've never been more in love in my whole life. I mean, that's the endgame, right? The ultimate goal? The winning touchdown, or whatever? I know that Ryan came out to his father in the hospital, and I would never say that it was easy for him to do that...but a near death experience works wonders when it comes to loosening the tongue. Maybe I need more danger in my life, just to make things easier. All that aside, I don't think I've ever had a doubt that Ryan was the one for me. Not a day in my life. Out of all the gorgeous boys in school and at the mall and all over the place...nobody really inflamed my heart the way that Ryan did. No one gave me the love and affection that he did. He was just...he was something special. I'd have to be a complete idiot to even try to find a boyfriend more complete. More beautiful. More giving when it came to me needing someone to lean on. I got the winning lottery ticket with him, and I got it on the very first try. How could I possibly mess up something so amazing? What the hell else could I go searching for in the world when I have everything that I could ever want in one sexy package? And yet...the worry comes into play when I try to see myself through Ryan's eyes. Only then do I begin to wonder if he sees me the same way. Or if maybe he's simply gotten bored with whatever it is that I had to offer him to begin with. I wonder if he's merely mumbling the words 'I love you' because he thinks I expect him to. I wonder if he's just being nice...and he's just going to disappear on me one day so he can go be with somebody more interesting. He wouldn't break up with me, face to face. I doubt he would have the heart to do that. He'd just go be with someone else, hope that I wasn't severely hurt by it, and he'd wait for me to give up the hope of ever hearing from him again. That's more his style, I think. least I'm assuming. He wouldn't want to hurt me...even when he's obviously hurting me. At least he'd be taking my feelings into account when he kicked me to the side without warning. €‹ I've got to stop bringing myself down. I need to call Cody and distract myself for a while. Going in circles like this will just end up getting me in trouble. I dialed his number, and the phone rang a few times without an answer. I was almost expecting it to go to voicemail when his sister, Veronica, picked it up. "Yeah?" She said. That's sort of like a 'hello', right? "Hi. Ummm...I was wondering if Cody was around?" "Fine. Hold on." That girl always sounded like she was annoyed with the whole world. Then again, Cody wasn't always the brightest ray of sunshine either. Maybe I'm just more used to getting it from him. I could hear her knocking on what I assumed was Cody's bedroom door. Right away, he said, "Don't feel like talking to anybody. Please, go away." She said, "You've got a phone call." "That would require talking to somebody, wouldn't it? Not interested." She told him, "It's the Randy Stephens kid. If you want him to fuck off, you're gonna have to tell him yourself." Gee, can you feel the love? There was a brief silence...and then the door opened and he took the phone. "Go. Skidaddle." He said, and she grunted before walking away. "Hello?" "Hey..." I said, not really sure if I was interrupting him or something. "What's up?" Ok, that was a little more, ummm...pleasant. "Nothing much. I was just calling to see what you were up to. If you're in the middle of something, I can call back later." "No. I'm not in the middle of anything. I can talk. What's on your mind?" I'm glad he warmed up so quickly. Cody has a big heart, but you have to approach him with caution sometimes. Like with an angry attack dog, it's never safe to assume too much. Our talk started out friendly enough, with a few jokes peppered throughout to keep things lively, but once it got around to me thanking him for the help he gave me with that whole Sean business at the carnival...he could immediately tell that it bothered me more than I let on. I wasn't whining, was I? I was honestly trying not to complain. Maybe the stress of it all just leaks out of me, even when I'm trying to avoid it. "Give it to me. What's bugging you?" I told him, "It's nothing." "Come on. Spill it." Cody said. "You know you want to." I hesitated. When I have to put the actual emotions into words, I just feel so petty and silly saying it out loud. Like I'm being some sort of a jealous brat, and totally unfit to be in a relationship with someone who has demonstrated nothing but love and loyalty since the first time his sweet lips ever touched mine. But still...those sour feelings lingered. Like some sort of foul hangover after a long night of being 'love drunk' over the most beautiful boy in the world...trying not to get sick from it as it spun my whole world around in circles. "I really shouldn't have said anything. It's so stupid." "Yeah, well...this is how feelings work. That's why I put so much effort into trying to get rid of them as often as humanly possible. Get used to it." He replied. "Go ahead. Get it off of your chest. I don't have any friends at school to blab to! So it's not like your secrets aren't safe with me. Give me the dish, dude." With an audible sigh, I made the decision to open up...JUST a little bit. Maybe one or two moments of honesty will lead to a more productive discussion on the matter. You know...since Cody is giving me an 'off the record' opportunity here and all. "Sometimes...I mean, not all the time, obviously...but sometimes..." Get it out, Randy. Just say it. "...Sometimes I think...I get the feeling that Ryan would much rather be with someone else...instead of me." Jesus! Did I really just say that to Cody? I can't believe that I worded it that way. How long has that miserable confession been lurking in the deepest, darkest, corners of my consciousness? "Wow..." Cody said. "What the hell would make you think something like that?" "I don't know. I really don't. That's the saddest part." I said. "It's just...I never KNEW how many cute boys were out there in the world until I was suddenly forced into a situation where I'd be forced to compete with them all at once. Like...on a daily basis. Ryan and I are totally PERFECT when we're together most of the time. But...then there are those other times when it seems like he'd rather be sharing his smile with somebody else." I felt the need to add, "I'm not being jealous here, ok? I just...I can't STAND the feeling I get when I think about all of the other people who want my sweetheart all for themselves...and who might be moving in and talking to him on an intimate level behind my back. It just bothers me to the point of being sick. You know?" "So, you're jealous." Cody stated plainly. "No. I said I'm NOT jealous! It just bugs me to think that I'd have to share his awesomeness with somebody else who didn't have to do anything to EARN it. You know? That didn't prove that they deserved it. That he might be tempted to look elsewhere for somebody 'better'...and that he might actually find them while I sit at home all alone, not knowing what the fuck was going on." Cody said, "Yeah...that is, like, the literal textbook definition of jealousy. Google it." Then he added, "It's ok to be jealous, Randy. I mean...I get it. Ryan is hot. You'd have to be delusional to think that other boys aren't looking at him with the same infatuated stare that you are. And...chances are, he knows that he could have his pick of any one of them if it ever came to that. I mean, he might have his insecure moments of bashful doubt every now and again...but he's GOT to know how slim the chances are of any other boy turning him down once he shows a touch of interest. He just...he's got to be aware of that fact." There goes Cody...making me feel 'grand' again with his brutally honest comments. But my ears perked up when I heard him say, "I know what you're going through, Randy. I know from experience. But Sean and Ryan couldn't be more different. Trust me on this, ok?" "" I asked. "Please, don't get me wrong...Ryan is the sweetest boy in the world. He has sooooo much heart! I know that he would never do anything to hurt me deliberately. I know that." I was surprised at how I was starting to get all choked up, now that I was finally saying these words out loud. Words, I guess, that have been waiting at the emotional gates for a lot longer than I ever realized. " do I know if Ryan bothers to put up with me because he really loves me? Or if he's just doing it because he's a good guy who doesn't want to obliterate my deep feelings for him by breaking my heart? I can't help but to think that he's constantly searching for some 'safe' way out of this relationship so he can go out and...explore, and have fun, and be happy. I think..." Cody interrupted me. "I think too much." Even with misty eyes, the comment gave me a grin. "Sorry. Hehehe, the funny thing is, I kinda say that to myself all the time." "Good. Well, you should listen to yourself more often. The 'other' you makes a lot more sense." I wish I could say that it defeated the sadness within me, but it didn't. I give him credit for bringing me some much needed comfort, though. "Boys like Sean are an immediate reward for some weak-minded individuals who want an easy fix for a hard dick...but outside of that, everything about him is totally shallow. Everything." "Yeah, but does Ryan know that?" "LOVE knows that." Cody said. "That's all that matters. If you've given Ryan a true glimpse of what true love looks like...not just the 'fun' stuff, but the caring, supportive, unconditional, forgiving, parts of love that last and really matter? Then Sean's little shell game becomes irrelevant. 'Love' recognizes when it's being taken for granted. It understands when the temptation to cheat just isn't worth the risk of losing something truly matter how cute the other boy might be. I'm surprised you haven't figured that out by now." "" I said. "That was...rather poetic, Cody." "Damn straight. I'm a sensitive mother fucker." Hahaha, he never fails to catch me off guard when he feels the need to shake me up. "It can be hard to trust people sometimes. People are flawed. They make mistakes. And sometimes people get hurt in the wake of whatever mess those mistakes might cause. But, if you ever start feeling like you're having doubts about your boyfriend, just remember to have faith in 'love'. It counts for a lot more than you might think." A bit moved, I said, "Thanks, dude. I told you it was silly." "Yeah. Pretty silly." He replied. "But I've seen you two together. I highly doubt that you have much to worry about. Sean is a bastard. He's the personification of sprinkling sugar on dog shit and calling it ice cream. When he and I were dating, I made every excuse that I possibly could for keeping him around. I told myself that he was just too cute for me to let go of him. I told myself that he just liked flirting with other guys, he wasn't really going to cheat on me. And when I found out he was cheating on me...I tried to tell myself that I was lucky because he loved me more than the others. I was so dumb. I dove, head first, into a pool with no water because I was too clueless to realize that I deserved better than a pretty face and a few orgasms a week. I can't even imagine how many golden opportunities I passed up, chasing behind the 'blond wonder' and ultimately wasting my time." Cody's voice began to tremble as a hint of shyness crept into his voice. It was subtle, but noticeable. I've never heard Cody being shy about much of anything. "You're a good guy, Randy. You're one of the few guys out there who have the heart and the magic to actually deserve a boy like Ryan and have him love you the way he does. Just one look at the way you smile at one another, and it feels like you've been a couple for almost twenty years now. Heh!" "It actually really feels like that to us too sometimes." I giggled. "Maybe we're getting stale. We're teenagers. Our most heartfelt infatuations can turn on a dime at any moment. Maybe we're just holding each other back." "Or..." He said. "...Maybe you're holding each other together. Sometimes, love gets things right on the first try. You know?" "I'm thinking that's rare..." I said softly. "Rare? Maybe. Impossible? Never." He replied. " didn't work out for me...but I'm willing to bet that it's possible for it to work out for you. Let's just say that I've got a pretty strong hunch." There was a brief pause between us. I'm not exactly sure where it came from, or why it seemed to hit both of us at the same time...but I felt it. He felt it. And we spent the next few seconds unable to really move forward in our conversation. Something really weird got in the way. "...yeah..." I said quietly. "...yeah..." He said, just as softly. Then, "Right, so...all of this 'being nice' stuff is exhausting. I think I'm gonna go. Besides, if I talk to you any longer, Ronnie's gonna think I made a legitimate friend in this place. I'll never hear the end of it." "Hehehe, no worries." I told him. Better to let him have his big escape before I accuse him of being too sweet. "And Cody...I mean it, ok? Thank you. Just for letting me smother you with my problems like this." "It's alright. Sean has that affect on people." He said. "True, but it feels so good to be able to about this. If for no other reason than to get that jumbled clutter of emotions out of my system. it helps." He didn't answer right away, so I added, "It would help if he wasn't so goddamned 'TV beautiful', though. People who suck should be ugly on the outside too. Instead, he looks like he should have some kind of personal fragrance on the perfume counter at the mall." "Hehehe, oh yeah...that's what I want to smell like all day. Freshly pounded ass with a hint of slut shame. We'll sell it by the crate." I laughed out loud when he said it, and I could tell that he was smiling too, even if he didn't want me to know about it. "Seriously, Randy...I've got to run. Just...don't worry so much. Alright?" "You're right. Gotchya." I said. "See ya later." "Right. Later." He was quick to hang up the second he got the chance, but I still felt connected to him somehow. Who knows? Maybe it's the medicine. I can't say that I've been in my right mind for the past few days. It's a little too soon to start thinking I'm back to a clear and rational mind just yet. My mom kept trying to take care of me all night long, making the healthiest dinner she could and constantly asking me how I was feeling. I think she was almost disappointed that I was feeling so much better so quickly. Hehehe, she might have suspected me of nearly overdosing on medicine to rush things along, but the truth was another good night's sleep and a warm shower might have me well enough to get back to my normal self. Or at least I'll be nearing the finish line. Which is a lot more than I could say when Wilson and his friends first hit me with the kiddie plague! Ugh... When I woke up the next morning, nearly blinded by the glory of a happy sunshine day...I checked my own breathing. My nostrils seemed open and clear. No drainage or anything. My lips weren't dried out, my joints didn't ache, and my sheets weren't damp with night sweats. When I sat up and actually spun around to place my feet on the floor, I was amazed at how much better I felt. And not just better than 'deathly ill', but I actually felt GOOD! Damn good! Hehehe, I had overslept about an hour or two longer than I wanted to, but it was worth it. SO worth it. I took a shower and got myself feeling all squeaky clean, putting on my bathrobe and smiling to myself for no reason at all. I turned my TV on and just felt relaxed from head to toe. Now THIS is what Spring Break is all about! Chillin' until you ache from it. Hehehe! I opened up my bedroom window to get some fresh air and took a moment to simply enjoy the moment. Wow, I actually have energy today. I've got to call Ryan up and see what he's up to. This feeling is too good to waste on just lounging around the house today. It was then that I noticed something... I looked at Tyler's house across the street, and I noticed Ariel walking with a pretty fast and determined stride. He was visibly nervous, even from this distance, but once he rang Tyler's doorbell and his favorite blond showed up...he practically melted right there on the spot. Hehehe, those two are so unbelievably cute together. A smile was exchanged, and a few bashful words passed between them, but Ariel was desperate to get past the 'hello' phase and get into something a bit more intimate. He stepped inside, and I actually saw him wrap his arms around Tyler's neck and start kissing him before Tyler was even able to close the door. My jaw dropped and I giggled to myself in shock. Whoah! Go, Ariel! Hehehe! I heard my own doorbell ringing downstairs and almost didn't want to leave the window. A naughty impulse made me wonder if I'd be able to see anything through Tyler's bedroom window. I know, I know...I'm being a perv, I can't imagine what it would look like for Ariel and Tyler to be...'doing it'. That's GOT to be so hot! The bell rang again. Three rapid times, as if to tell me to hurry up. Hehehe, it's Ryan. I can tell. I opened up and my sweetie gave me a kiss on the cheek before handing me a cupcake from the local convenience store. "Hey, babe. You feeling better?" "MUCH better! You have no idea." "Damn. Well, you certainly sound a lot better." He said, and I smiled as he placed his hands on my hips. "Look at this. I can actually touch you without having you cough and swat my hands away. This is definitely an improvement." "Hey, come here!" I said, and took Ryan by the hand to come up to my bedroom window again. "Dude, I just saw Ariel race over to Tyler's a few minutes ago. They are getting pretty hot and heavy these days." It was Ryan's turn to drop his jaw. "Hehehe, are you serious? Little Ariel's gettin' some?" "Dude! He practically attacked Ty before he could get him in the house!" Ryan looked further out the window. "Can you see in his room from here?" "Nah. He's got his shade down and the curtains pulled." Glad to know I'm not the only pervert in this relationship. With a smirk and a wicked gleam in his eye, Ryan said, " Tyler's phone. See if he picks up." "Hahaha! I'm not gonna do that!" "Why not? I just want to see if he's gonna pick up all breathless and shit." "Leave them alone. Don't be mean." I snickered. "I'm not being mean. I just want to hear what Tyler sounds like naked." He said. "They are naked, you know. Both of them. Right now. Just think about that for a second." "Stop." "Naked. And hard. And touching. And rubbing. Ariel's sexy little booty and Tyler's soft pink lips..." "I don't know why I even tell you about these things." I said, shaking my head. "Whatever. Anyway, I've decided to take you out on a field trip today. Since you've got a little pep in your step, I'm getting you out of this germy bedroom and back out into creation. So get dressed." "Where are we going?" "I don't know. Doesn't matter. As long as we have to go outside to get there." He kissed me on the cheek again and told me he'd meet me downstairs. Ok, so...I guess I'm going outside then. Couldn't hurt to at least enjoy the second half of my Spring break. Let's do it. Heh...Ariel and Tyler. That still blows my mind. Wow...who knew that would work out so well for them?
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  9. "Waiting Outside The Lines 21" It was like laying my hands on a soft pillow. A cushion of flesh so mesmerizing that I couldn't bear to take my eyes off of it. Not even for a moment. Greyson's ass was so delicious...I almost felt 'sinful' for being allowed to touch it this way. He actually loved it! He wanted me to violate his virgin body in ways that had only existed in the darkest corners of my subconscious until now. Random wet dreams, fueled by the naughty vibrations that come with every teenager's sexual awakening. Can this be happening? Is an ass so amazing really something for me to claim as my least for the next few minutes? He looked over his shoulder to 'shush' me as he was putting his sister on speaker phone...but still encouraged me to enjoy the comforts of his cute body while he was talking. A gesture that truly left my head spinning. "Hello? Alexa? Are you there?" He asked. A girl's voice answered him with, "Where the heck have you been? We haven't heard from you in days!" "Oh yeah, I'm sorry. The video shoots have been running a little bit long and I needed to rest my voice for a while. I could lip sync the videos, but it looks more 'natural' when I actually sing on camera." He said. At this point, I found myself lowering my head...pulling the back of his boxer shorts down and giving each of his sweet little buns a kiss. Greyson had to hold back a cute little giggle as he raised his hips and allowed me to pull his last strip of clothing down his smooth legs and toss them off to the corner of the bed. "What was that?" Alexa said on the phone. "What? Nothing." "You sounded like you were laughing." She said. "I'm just happy, that's all." Greyson said, and he smiled at me over his shoulder as he saw me finally stand up and pull my boxer briefs down to the floor. "Happy?" She asked. "What are you so happy about?" "Hehehe, nothing! Gosh, can't I just be happy for happy sake?" He giggled. I crawled back on top of him, this time...we were both naked from the waist down, and I got a warm chill from the feel of my hardness lining up with the deep crease of his 'pop boy' booty. Hehehe! You can't imagine how badly I wanted him at that moment. How my body trembled knowing that I was soooo close to the final breach of our once innocent relationship. As my hips, involuntarily, pushed against the 'freshly baked bread' softness of his ample bottom...I bit my lip in an attempt to stifle the jittery whimper that was sure to cry out from having my naked flesh pressed up against his. Dear God...his body felt soooo good beneath me! Greyson giggled sweetly, and said, "What do you want? I'm busy with stuff. Get to the point already. Hehehe!" Alexa said, "Mom wants to know when you think you'll be coming home. She's gonna make almond brownies, but she wants to do it when she knows you're going to be home. She's buying ice cream and everything. So what's the plan?" Then, as she was talking, she started giggling, and I heard some heavy breathing on the phone. It was like...a dog licking the receiver. Alexa laughed out loud. "I think 'Whiskey' wants to say hello! Hahaha! I think he heard your voice over the phone. He misses you, Grey!" Greyson giggled in the cutest way imaginable. God, he's so damned adorable. "HI, Whiskey!!! I love you!" He said, and the dog actually grunted in response. Not quite a 'bark', but enough of a noise to know tht he recognized his favorite boy's voice on the phone. It made me smile. "Omigod!" Alexa said. "His tail is wagging soooo hard right now! It, LITERALLY, just hit me in the face multiple times! Hahaha!" Then she asked, "When are you coming home, Grey-Grey? We miss you. Your music video won't take that much longer, will it?" I pulled back, sitting back as I studied the well sculpted mounds of flesh before me. A view of Greyson that even the biggest fan will never ever get a chance to see. Or touch. Or 'taste'. It was so shapely and cute. Pale in color, the glaring white skin darkening as it reached up to his lower back and down to the backs of his thighs. So creamy white that it was almost as if his body deliberately bleached the skin that color for the sole purpose of highlighting its graceful beauty, and the sexy little dimples on either side. I couldn't stop staring at it. I reached out with both hands to hold the doughy cheeks and give them a squeeze. It was almost hard to breathe, knowing that I had Greyson Chance's supple ass in my hands...and I as I massaged the taut and spongy flesh...the narrow cleft opened slightly, exposing the hint of a pink colored entrance. Innocent in its subtle expression. A tight swirl of untouched muscle...eagerly waiting to accept as much of my excited inches as it could manage. I swooned at the sight of it, still a little scared of the responsibility of giving my new boyfriend the ecstasy he deserved. But when I finally got the courage to slide my finger down the moistness of his valley...finally connecting my fingertip to the quivering pucker...muscle seemed to suddenly contract, getting even smaller and tighter than it was just a moment ago. I can't put into words how much that physical reaction thrilled me. I think that's the sexiest thing I've ever seen. Greyson wiggled a bit from my touch, and I saw an increase in the dip of his back...pushing his delicious rump out even further...the wrinkled sack peeking out from beneath him...his straining boyhood stretched out as if its hardness was trying to grow an extra inch or two. Turned on beyond belief, I leaned forward, and gave his sweet ass another little kiss. Then another. Then I began to suck on the tender flesh...leaving little temporary red blemishes behind. The only thing hotter than connecting my lips to that beautiful ass of the way he writhed and squirmed from the contact. Spreading his legs further apart to allow me complete access to him in the most intimate way. I saw Greyson's eyes close, and he arched his back even more while struggling to keep his composure on the phone. "Uh huh. Yeah. No, I'm listening..." He said, pressing his forehead to the mattress. Now using my tongue to lick the frictionless surface of his hot bubbled cheeks, my middle finger positioned, tauntingly, at his heated, 'dime sized', opening...gently teasing the sensitive nerve endings there until he was forced to almost wriggle away from me...I gently licked the back of Greyson's thighs...just at the bottom of his lovely curve...and further down to suck his balls into my mouth and nurse the gentle nuggets, one at a time. All in the hopes of silently arousing him to the point of hanging up on his own sister so we could get further involved in this intimate moment of ours. I was pretty sure from the way his toes curled, and from the way he began to hump the mattress, his voice now squeaking a bit as he tried to speak in a normal tone of voice, that my sinister plan was working. That's when I heard him say... "I shouldn't be out here for too much longer. I guess we'll be wrapping production in about a week, and I'll just catch the first flight home." Immediately, my heart turned into a jagged block of ice...and suddenly, this mind-blowing fantasy world of mine began to unravel right before my eyes. I don't know why it never crossed my giddy, love soaked, mind before now. Maybe my heart wanted to shield me from the truth of the situation...attempting to hang on to this waking wet dream for as long as possible before it was over. I mean, did I really think that Greyson and I would just spend the rest of our lives together, making love every other day in this hotel room? That I'd just keep filming on the 'Walking Dead' set, and he'd keep making his music, and we'd never be apart ever again? Funny thing truly did feel like it would be forever. It felt as if time wasn't moving forward at all. Alexa said, "I'm just telling you, ya might want to hurry back. Your friend Rodney is back in the neighborhood. He asked about you a few days ago." "Psh! Oh please." Greyson grinned sweetly. "What??? Omigod, I thought you were crazy about Rodney!" "I'm SO over that. Seriously." Greyson looked over his shoulder, and used his free hand to take hold of my wrist and pull me up to lay on top of him. My hardness now lined up with his warm valley once again. I lightly kissed the back of his neck while he kept talking. "Rodney is a distant memory, believe me." "Well, you've got a song on your second album that's gonna keep reminding you of your biggest childhood crush. You know that, right?" Greyson smiled at me again. "I don't know, Lex...I'm thinking of maybe writing a new one. Something more 'current'." He leaned in to softly kiss me on the lips, and my hips pushed forward involuntarily, the soft bottom beneath me flexing from the pleasure it gave him. "Mmmm..." He moaned. I think it was by mistake, but it was music to my ears anyway. "What was that?" Alexa asked. "Nothing, hehehe!" Greyson answered quickly. "No, I specifically heard something just now. What are you doing?" "Nothing! I'm talking to you on the phone. That's all." She thought for a moment, "Turn your phone camera on for a second..." Giggling, he said, "What? Why?" "I wanna see your face." She grinned. "No. I'm not turning my camera on, it'll kill my battery." "What are you up to, little brother?" "I told you, I'm not up to anything. I'm just sitting here watching TV. Leave me alone. Hehehe!" I heard a slight gasp on the other end of the line, and Alexa asked, " there someone there with you right now?" I froze when I heard her say it, and Greyson instantly burst out laughing. "NO! What are you talking about? I'm here by myself." "Are you getting some groupie love right now?" "I've gotta go, Alexa. I'm hanging up." "Who is he? Is he cute? Dude, it's about TIME you got some!" "Oh my God, get OFF the phone already!" He cackled. "You're coming home next week, right?" "Yes! Next week. Now...goodbye." "You're in an awful hurry. He must be a total HOTTIE!" "GOODBYE, Lex!" "Give him a smack on the booty for me!" "Ugh!" Greyson hung up at that point, giggling in the sweetest way as he put his phone down on the floor by the bed. "Did I just get you in trouble?" I asked. "Hehehe, no! She's just being silly. She teases me for not taking advantage of the fame thing to get cute boys to come up to my room when I'm out on tour." As I lay across his back, Greyson turned his head to the side and I kissed him lovingly on the cheek. "So, would you?" "Would I what?" "Get cute boys to come up to your hotel room when you go on tour next?" "Hehehe, there's only one cute boy that I would ever consider having in my hotel room. And he's already here. So, nope. I've got everything I want right here, right now." He said, and I felt my hips push into him again as my erection throbbed with an urgency that left me breathless. "Mmmmm, wow...that feels good. Keep doing that." I watched him lower his chin to the mattress and silently beg me for more bodily contact. Something that I fell into quite naturally...allowing my weight to press down on him, certain muscles tightening up to drive my thrusts forward while other muscles relaxed completely to relish in the infinite joy created by the knowledge that I was now grinding my naked body into the most impressive, most amazing, boy on Earth. I gently hooked my chin on his collarbone, my arms working their way beneath his underarms to hold him close...the smoothness of his bare cheeks caressing me with an insistent craving for me to go further. Am I ready? Is anybody ever ready for their first time...going all the way? I could hear my soft moans harmonizing with Greyson's musically trained voice as I began a rhythmic humping motion against his rear end. I hadn't even made my penetration yet, but the feeling of me sliding up and down his tender split was enough to make me shut my eyes and shudder with surreal sensations of utter joy and bliss. How amazing. How incredible. My whole body came alive with feelings that I never knew I had before this moment. The kind of feelings that inspire both music and poetry of the highest order...and yet, could breed feelings of envy and insecurity that could take the whole world to the brink of war. It was the most merciless conflict that I have ever known. But I couldn't stop. It was Greyson's love and purity that brought me here, but sex has a way of dividing the body, mind, and soul, in the most addictive ways. Demolishing your will power until your most primal of instincts have been appeased. My current lust was an altar that I prayed at while lost in the moment. Shamelessly. I kissed his cheek, and Greyson smiled warmly as my hips pushed forward with more passion. Then, he said, "Mmmmm, wait! Evan...don't waste it." I didn't want to stop. Hell, if he hadn't slithered his way out from beneath me, I don't think I could have stopped. Not on my own, anyway. "Where are you going?" I asked, staring at the pinkish hue coloring his bulbous cheeks as he walked over to his travel bag. Omigod, even his butt blushes! That's so CUTE! He dug around inside for a few seconds, and then pulled out this little tube of stuff in a blue box. I was naturally curious as he opened it up and grinned bashfully as he showed me this tube of stuff that looked like lotion, but I'm assuming that it wasn't. Greyson gave me the biggest smile as he sat back down on the mattress in front of me. He looked at the bottle and read, "Premium silicone lubricant. Helps you feel close and natural to your partner." Then he blushed as he grinned at me. "It says it's long lasting too." "What does that mean?" " be honest, I don't really know. Hehehe! I mean, I know what long lasting means, but...are other lubes 'short lasting'? That's weird." His pretty eyes gazed into mine, and he softly asked me, " it ok if I put it on you?" Still baffled by the dreamlike nature of this entire evening, I absentmindedly nodded my head...and when I heard Greyson giggle with excitement, I did the same. I saw him open it up and squeeze a healthy dollop into his palm. "Do you think this will be enough? I don't know. Maybe a little bit more..." Once he got a handful he leaned over on his side, his hand softly cupping my balls, and he said, "Wait...hold on a second..." And before I knew what was going on, his beautiful lips enveloped my shaft and he began sucking my hardness while keeping his palm up so as not to waste the lube he had collected beforehand. His tongue wriggled under my sensitive shaft, and I petted his soft brown hair as his vacuum pleasured me for a few minutes more. Dear GOD, it felt good! I think I found myself even more aroused when I heard him quietly slurping at the extended flesh. I don't just gave it an extra hint of 'naughtiness' when I heard it. I think he could tell how HOT I was from his sexy services, because he pulled off and then brought his full palm to my rigid length. Whoah! I don't know if it was the cool feel of the slippery liquid or my extreme sensitivity that caused me to nearly fall over from the feel of him smearing that gel all over me down there...but I could have sworn that my eyes rolled back to the point of it almost being painful to withstand another second of it. Jesus! Do people do this all the time??? They must, right? I mean...there's a product made exclusively for this kind of sexual activity. Still, I can't imagine this being a common practice for anybody. It just feels too damn good! Greyson finally let me slip from his perfect lips, saying, "Sorry. I wanted to taste first. Hehehe, are you close?" "Oh God, I'm SO close!" I whispered. "Ok...hold it. Hehehe!" He said, and then he dipped his middle finger into the stuff, and my jaw dropped slightly as I saw him bend his knees and roll back a bit to open u his tiny little hole to finger a bit of the gel into his most private spot. Even with his own finger, he seemed to have a bit of difficulty getting his digit inserted into his sexy little hole. I watched with fascination as he prepared himself for me, and his face got even more red than it was before. "Hehehe, don't watch!" He said. "Oh! I'm sorry." I gasped, turning away. I didn't know that I wasn't supposed to look at him when he was doing...'that'. Hehehe, was I being a pervert or what? "I'm KIDDING!" He laughed. And he gave me a little kick to get me to watch him slowly finger himself. If only I could have a picture of the look on his face when he was doing I, honestly, got a bit more nervous as his longest finger slipped out of his tight little hole and he 'clipped' the lid on the bottle of lube. This is it. Here we go. Greyson tossed the plastic bottle over the edge of the bed and rolled onto his tummy, his perfect ass presenting itself in the most erotic way possible. And while I was frozen at first...I gathered the strength to sit up and move towards that sexual hard erection guiding me to his camouflaged treasure. Hidden deep between the valley of his scrumptious cheeks. Coated in the slimy gel, I was surprised how easy it was to slide my way right up to his snug little pucker. I looked down, and the tip of my shaft looked as if it was THRRE times the size of his hole! How was this ever going to fit inside of him. No matter how much he relaxed his slender frame, it just didn't seem possible for his sensual ring to allow me access. And yet, Greyson sighed out loud and urged me to try anyway. I was SO careful... Afraid that I'd hurt my sweetheart and ruin the image he had of me as a person in general. I almost felt guilty for using him in this way. But my libido was on fire, and with just a little bit of urging from my willing partner...a FAMOUS boy who had chosen me to be his very first penetrating experience...I decided to give it a try. Just....just a try, you know? GOD, I hope I'm doing this right... Pressure... That's how it started. With pressure. The spongy tip of my engorged erection...making physical contact with the virginal entrance of my lover...the smoothness of my helmet touching the texture of his wrinkled opening. How hard do I push? I don't want to ummm...'break' him. You know? But as Greyson whimpered slightly and pushed his sexy cheeks back at me, I was given the confidence to maybe push just a little bit harder. Even with a slow and sexy wiggle in Greyson's hips, the resistance of his constricted ring was a bit intimidating to me. I just...ugh...I wanted him sooooo BADLY! Just, how do I sink into such a small space and not totally 'ruin' him back there? "It's ok..." Greyson moaned. Whoah...really? "Are you sure?" I asked. He's like, "Yeah. Just do it. I want to feel you inside me..." "Really?" "Oh GOD, yes! it. K?" "Are you ready?" "Yeah..." He answered breathlessly. "Ummm....k..." I said, still nervous, but now aiming my excite spear at his hole with intent. Wow...touching my tip to his entrance was soooo hot. I'm actually going to do this. I need to concentrate. I need to focus. Here we go. A slight push. Bashful. Timid. But determined. It takes a minute or two of intense effort on both of our parts...but soon...I feel the swollen head of my aching shaft push its way past his tightly defensive sphincter. And as his defensive muscles grip me like a FIST as I attempt to move further inside of him...I couldn't help but to think...'he's accepting me'. He's letting me in. He's trusting me not to hurt him. And from this very moment until we eventually part ways for good...nothing can ever top this moment. Nothing will ever mean anything more to Greyson or to me, than the first time we initiated the process of making love. It was something that we were sharing together as one. Dear God, I love this boy! And I want to show him how much he means to me. Right here...right now. He feels sooooo good. So good! Who knew a celebrity pop boy could be so friggin' TIGHT??? ​
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  12. "AGENDA 21" CHAPTER ONE: The Culling (Part Six: "Savage Instincts") From the moment I stepped through the jagged shards of glass and into the store on the other side of that broken window, I began feeling even more uneasy than I was just a few moments ago. I know that I was being a bit apprehensive about the whole thing...but I live in a world where randomly throwing caution to the wind can get you killed! I wasn't looking forward to dealing with the kind of trouble that we might face being all exposed like this. Even this early in the morning. If it hadn't been for Jordan's smile...I wouldn't have followed them in here at all. The crackle of broken glass under my feet was a bit unsettling, but I didn't really let it get to me too much. I mean, we had already broken in to the place, right? At least the 'noise' of shattering the front window was over and done with. The store was a total mess. It was like one of those little knick knack places that couldn't really decide on what it wanted to be, as far as neighborhood stores go. It sold some minor electronics, cheap clothes, dollar store toys and off-brand snacks. They had a rack for batteries, but I guess people had grabbed them all long ago. Disposable cameras, greeting cards, scented candles...I even saw a few 'wigs' behind the front counter. What the hell kind of clientele was this store hoping to attract with all of this scatterbrained garbage? "Apocs probably took all of the good stuff already." Ricky said, knocking some stuff off of a shelf and letting it come crashing down to the floor. "Shhhh! Jesus, Ricky!" I said. "What?" "The ruckus, dude! It's bad enough that we're so far into town. Don't draw attention." He sneered at me. "Psh! Whatever. There's nobody out here. This whole streets been drained of anything of real value. Mellow out." Milo found himself a small bag of plastic army men. "I'm keeping these! I called it first!" As though we were really going to argue with him about it. Jordan was messing around in one corner of the store, and I was naturally drawn to him over the activities of every body else. I made my way over to where he was standing, still imagining the taste of his kiss on my lips, and when he looked over his shoulder to see me approaching...he smiled warmly. "Check it out. Chicago snow globe. Hehehe..." He shook it up and let the Winter flakes swirl around for a moment before handing it to me. "You want it?" The fact that Jordan Chadwick had touched it at all made it almost priceless. Hell YES, I wanted it! "Thanks..." I mumbled softly. Our eyes met for an extended moment... I was fascinated by the darkening blush in his cheeks. We wanted to kiss each other soooooo badly! Imagine what would happen between us when we get the opportunity to be alone. "Hey! Check me out!" Ricky shouted, spoiling our quiet connection. I turned to see him wearing a stringy blond wig, with a couple of rolled up sweatpants under his shirt to look like a pair of obscenely large boobs. "Oh yeah! Come get this ass! I know you want some!" He said, swishing his hips back and forth and making faces until the rest of us started to giggle from his spontaneous entertainment. "Come here, Milo! Give me some sausage, baby boy!" He started to hump Milo violently from the back until the poor kid was almost knocked over. "QUIT IT!!!" Milo squealed, wiggling away from him. "Ah, you liked it, fag boy! I know it." "Did NOT!" "Liar! Hehehe!" Not even Milo and Ricky's bickering could completely break the spell that Jordan had casted upon me at this point. It was the revelation that changed me, inside and out...and I'd never be the same again. I knew that I was infatuated with him the second I laid eyes on him. But the rational part of my brain was constantly telling me that this was something to be put into the 'fantasy' category of my reality. It was never meant to be anything more than jack off material between actual moments of seeing his addictive smile in person. But now? Now he's taken the initiative to kiss me. A feat that I would NEVER have the courage to perform on my own! And that has escalated things to a level that I never thought I'd be able to reach. I can feel my heart beating against my ear drums as I look him in the eye, and the love inside was so overpowering that I found it hard stand up straight, my head swimming with the promises of a forbidden attraction actually being noticed...and embraced. I needed to get him alone again. I don't know if it was because I wanted to talk about this and figure out if our hopes and dreams were in sync somehow...or if I just wanted to mash my lips up against his again and enjoy the confusing bliss of being with the ONE boy that I actually wanted for my very own. All I knew was...the new reality that I desperately wanted to created only had a population of two. Me...and my Jordan. Together. To live as freely and spontaneously as our love would allow. What would it be like to kiss those lips right now and not care about who was watching? What would life be like if I followed my heart...instead of my insecure duty to those who might not understand? I had never gotten a glimpse of that alien world before. Not until now. "You guys...maybe we should get going." I said, my lungs feeling as though they were shrinking to half their size. "What's the big rush?" Ricky asked, trying on a pair of plastic sunglasses and staring at himself in a nearby mirror. "I've just got a bad feeling about being out here, that's all. We need to head back." I gave Jordan a little smirk when I said it, and he definitely caught the hint. Because, while I really was a bit nervous about being this close to the empty city without any real 'protection' from any renegades that might be running around in the streets looking for main reason for wanting to go back was Jordan. There were houses in our little civilian area that were completely empty. Abandoned. Places that we could easily sneak off to. Places where we could be alone. To hug. To kiss. Heh...maybe even more...if he'll let me. It was at that time that my ears perked up. It was faint, it was distant, but I could have sworn that I heard a 'whistle' from outside. Not just random whistling either. It almost sounded like some sort of coded signal from one person to another. Maybe even...a bunch of others. I held back a gasp as a cold shower of fear washed over me. I was almost hoping that it was figment of my own screwed up imagination. But...seeing the sudden change in Jordan's once joyful expression let me know that he had heard it too. Trying to minimize the scuffle I was making across the debris on the floor, I rushed over to Ricky and Milo to tell them to shut the hell up! Jordan was right behind me, and suddenly, we were all afraid to breathe. We could hear the sound of footsteps in the street outside, and even though it would be easy to see the giant hole in the store front window, we panicked, and suddenly scrambled to find a place to hid nearby, hopefully without making any noise that could be heard from the outside. I couldn't quite see where Jordan had hurried off to, but he was silent, and practically invisible. I was hiding behind a nearby shelf, making sure that my legs were pulled in, knees close to the chest. Not far from me, I could see Milo doing the same behind the end of the counter by the register. Milo was already shivering with terror, sniffling as he whispered to himself, "I KNEW it! I knew this was a bad idea! Please, God...please, God..." I sternly thrust my finger up to my lips to tell him to shut the hell up before somebody heard him! He tried holding his breath, but I could see him lifting his glasses up to wipe the frightened tears from his eyes. As I heard the footsteps outside begin to slow down as they approached the broken window...I felt myself getting so fucking ANGRY at Ricky for even taking us through the center of town like this! He KNOWS that there are still looters and renegades and psychopaths lurking in every dark corner that the city of Chicago had to offer! Like deadly scorpions in your sleeping bag, just waiting for the right disturbance to set them off so they can strike and end our lives with a single venomous sting. I swear to God...if I've FINALLY found love with the most gorgeous boy on Earth and Ricky's bullshit ego gets us killed today, I'm going to give him *HELL* in the afterlife! We remained silent. Collectively holding our breaths. The footsteps could barely be heard now as they slowed down to a cautious creep. Only the sound of the crackle of broken glass under their shoes could alert us to their position. they reached the broken store window, they stopped. They know somebody is in here. I've heard stories about lunatics who go out and make examples of anybody they find lurking around their turf. Stories of vicious beatings, rape, even outright 'enslavement' if they figure they have good use for you. In the heart of the city, every unfamiliar shadow was a boogeyman in itself. And now...they here... I saw Milo wipe his eyes again, his bottom lip quivering slightly. I was afraid that he'd sniffle out loud and give us all away, but he did his best not to make any noise. Where was Jordan? My mind began to wonder if he was actually safe. What if they found him? What then? Would I have the courage to jump up and fight for him. For us? It's a question you're almost never prepared to ask yourself. At least, not until it's almost too late. I heard the footsteps starting up again, and they quietly stepped through the hole in the broken window. First a single set of footsteps, then followed by too more. The fear inside me got worse. I tried to mentally 'will' my heart to stop beating so hard and so fast for fear that the erratic pounding would be enough to alert the others to our presence. They're...inside... My hands were holding onto my ankles so tightly that my knuckles had turned white. The people in the store weren't saying anything to one another, they just kept creeping closer with every step. I started to look for another place to run too if they came my way, but the store wouldn't provide enough hiding places for four people. And it was too trashy on the floor to really move around undetected. Knowing this, I thought that it might be better to look for some kind of 'weapon'. Something that I could reach for at a moment's notice and do some real damage with before losing the element of surprise. Maybe a loose board, or a shard of glass...maybe a few nails or screws that I could hold in my hand. As long as I go for the eyes or the throat, it'll give me enough of an opportunity to deliver a few potentially lethal blows before the shock wears off. I never killed anybody before. I wonder what it'll feel like... I could hear the footsteps spreading out slightly as they moved through the store. I'm guessing there was at least three of them. I'm not very good at guessing, but that's what it sounded like. I looked back over at Milo, and he was covering his mouth with both hands now. Tears rolling over the back of his knuckles. I could see his chest heaving and prayed to God that he wouldn't force himself into having an asthma attack. That would accelerate things beyond belief! Once they heard him wheezing for breath, I'd have to jump up and try to rush at whoever went to investigate it first. I wouldn't be able to coordinate any kind of attack with Ricky or Jordan because I didn't know where Jordan was hiding, and I wouldn't be able to communicate with them if I did. Not without being found out, that is. Shit...this is scary. Living like this is so scary... As I heard some more movement coming closer, I looked up at the rack of sunglasses that Ricky was looking at earlier...hoping the tiny reflection would give me a hint as to what I was dealing with here. What I saw...sort of sent a creepy chill down my spine. It was just a kid. Younger than us. Even Milo. He looked like he might have been eleven years old, and that was giving him the benefit of the doubt. He had a thick mass of curly brown hair, and stood, at best, at five feet tall. I think. I'm bad with figuring out that sort of thing from a distance. But what disturbed me most was his 'face'. This kid had his face completely painted white, with some sinister details thrown in, all drawn in black. I couldn't really tell if he was going for a hardcore skull and bones look, or if he was trying to paint himself up as some sort of demonic clown from Hell. Either way...the make-up was highly unusual, and only made me believe that he was much more unstable than your average preteen boy. I mean...what are his friends like? What if he turns out to be the 'sane' one? Oh God...they're getting closer... I kept looking around me for something that I could use to defend myself. Something within reach. I picked up a few rocks, but they were too small for me to do much damage with them. I tried to peer around the shelf I was hiding behind to see if there was anything useful. Matches, lighters...a couple of scented candles in glass bottles. That might work. Those glass bottles were pretty heavy, being full of wax and all. I'd have to hit him pretty hard though. And why would a kid that age be out here by himself? What if the other two Apocs were adults? Shouldn't I be worrying about taking one of them out instead? FUCK...I wish I had more time to plan for something like this! Closer. And closer. What do I do? Shit... I grabbed one of the heavy candles from the bottom shelf. It had Saint Peter on it, strangely enough. And I weighed it in my hand a few times, trying to make sure that I had a good grip on it. My fingers couldn't wrap all the way around it, but if I got ONE good strike to the noggin with this thing, the painted face kid would be down for the count. Let's just hope the others back me up when it comes to dealing with the other two. Otherwise, I'm on my own. And if they have actual guns on them...I'm a goner. Closer still... I felt my breath getting super heavy. Shit...ok...this is it. A part of me looked at the kid's small stature, and was already flooding my brain with feelings of guilt and remorse. Am I really going to have to do this? I wanted to maybe take a moment to give him a chance to explain himself. To maybe scream out, 'WHOAH!!! I come in peace! Please, don't hurt me!' But...if I hesitate...will that cost me my life and the life of my friends? This apocalyptic, 'Apoc', world...makes irrational savages of us all. Ok. I'm just going to wait until he passes me...hopefully he won't see me behind the shelf...and before he gets the chance to turn around...I'll take this heavy candle glass bottle to his skull. It'll have to be super hard though! I need to knock him out. Or at least incapacitate him for a few minutes while we make a mad dash towards the other two. Oh God, please forgive me. I'm going to feel so BAD, doing this to a kid. I was super careful to get up on my feet again, my shoulders still pressed against the shelf...and I waited for the footsteps to get right beside me. I could see his curly hair in my peripheral, and slowly raised the candle high in the air to make my first strike count for all it was worth. Then...a 'cough'! Dammit!!! Milo saw me getting ready to hit him over the head and his asthma started acting up at the last minute. BUSTED! The clown faced boy quickly turned his head towards the noise and saw me standing in the shadows with my arm raised. FUCK! It's either now or never! Our eyes only connected for a second...and I think we both paused briefly in an attempt to quickly assess this potentially VIOLENT situation! My panic won out over everything else, and I yelled out loud, rushing towards him with the candle in the glass bottle! I was hoping to hit him from behind, but it was too late for that! It's all in fate's hands now! Much to my surprise, the boy thrust his forearm upwards to block me from making contact, and without even thinking, his other fist shot out from his side to punch me in the stomach so hard that my fingers got weak and I dropped the candle at his feet! With blinding speed, he kicked me in both knees, and then spun around to connect his heel with the side of my face...knocking me to the floor before I even felt the pain from the assault! "Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!" Ricky shouted out, running at the kid with some sort of shiny metal pole that he found somewhere. But the kid was quick, and dispatched Ricky of his weapon and his footing just as fast, if not faster as he did to me. At this point, Jordan rushed out from his hiding place, inside a rack of clothes where nobody could see him...and he knocked the kid over by driving his shoulder deep into his stomach and nearly knocking him halfway across the room! At this point, the other two people he was with jumped to attention, and both of them had loaded crossbows in their possession. They drew them on us, and were unfortunately too far away from us to run at them without catching an arrow straight through the heart! Milo took a hit off of his inhaler, and slowly rose from his position to put his hands in the air. Ricky was nursing a rather nasty bruise on the side of his abdomen, but was quick to follow suit in signaling his surrender. I felt like crying at that moment. I didn't know what this meant or where it was going to take us...but Jordan jumped into the fray to fight for me. I think that I was just amazed by that, even in these dire moments...when I wasn't certain that we'd ever make it home again. Looking at the other two people in the store with us...I noticed that they were rather young themselves. Hell, they were our age! Both boys were about 15 or 16 years old, but they handled those crossbows like a couple of pros. And our painted up youngster obviously didn't have any trouble handling himself when it came to a one on one fist fight. Who WERE they? And what the heck were they going to do with us next?
  13. Alex Bright's short film version of "Gone From Daylight" is now available again for all who haven't seen it yet! So, you guys can follow the link below and watch it whenever you get the chance! However...we want to be a bit more 'careful', since the last time around we crashed the server and caused all kinds of virtual mayhem trying to watch the first, 'live action', story from the site to ever pop up! So please...just visit the link, don't re-link it if you can help it, and enjoy! K? Also, this is Alex Bright's unique vision on the "Gone From Daylight" saga, and he and his and his team are actually looking to shop this around as a possible TV series! CRAZY, right??? This is a BIG deal, people! So if you like what you see, PLEASE speak up and leave some compliments on the film! Just taking 30 seconds to give your comments on this might actually make "GFD" a reality!!! Think about that! Alright, gotta go! But check out the movie! I LOVE it! And big hugs to Alex Bright for even making this possible! The Sumer is coming, folks! Don't say I didn't warn ya! "Gone From Daylight" Short Film: Password: sunrise Have fun!