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  1. But I might just be emotionally drained from stuff. Who knows? Either way, no crime in losing enthusiasm from time to time, I suppose. I'll be back in a day or two. Maybe even sooner. Just....'life', you know? Seezya soon. Just waiting on the next 'push' for new stories to get posted... Gotta take care of stuff at home first is all. Bill collectors aren't patient.
  2. Hetero Fridays! :P

    Point taken! Hehehe!
  3. Jukebox Jimmy Starts Up Again!

    Hehehe, fuzzy? Did you abandon music in the 2000's? Shame on you! I've got good underground stuff that you'd love! Promise!
  4. Hetero Fridays! :P

    Hehehe, could Comsie ever leave the dream boy life behind? I dunno! There are some femme fatales out there that I might chase after if they smiled at me the right way! LOL! It's all in fun! Welcome to 'Hetero Friday'! https://youtu.be/g_GpU5agvYQ
  5. Jukebox Jimmy Starts Up Again!

    Just curious...hehehe, how many artists can you name in this video? I used a LOT! Tried hard not to use an artist twice, but they had to be...in rhythm with the song of the video. What percentage would you guess you could pick out from there? 10%? 50%? 80%? Can you guess them all, maybe? Always wanted to know. ::giggles::
  6. Jukebox Jimmy Starts Up Again!

    Just letting you all know that the weekly Jukebox Jimmy game has begun again! This is our second week back in the swing of things, so if you're a music lover and want to play along, everybody is welcome! Check it out when you get a chance! All you need to do is go to youtube, fins songs that you like that fit the challenge for the weeks, and embed the videos in your reply. (Right click on the video, select 'copy embed', and then 'ctrl + V' in your post...erase the letter 's' in 'https') and voila, you're a part of the game! ALL types of music from any era is welcome! Hehehe, 'whatever makes you happy'! Try it out! Happy hunting, folks! See you next Friday with another challenge! This week's challenge can be found here: http://www.voy.com/15900/86881.html
  7. Anybody want to volunteer to take this cutie to the movies? He's gonna need something to cling to!
  8. Many may have already seen this...

    Hehehe, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It's good to have that feeling be a part of my day.
  9. But this is just TOO CUTE to not share with everybody! Hehehe, awwwwwwww.... Enjoy!
  10. GFD In The Old West?

    "30 Days Of Night" continues with a story that started a few years back on the 'Blood Bank" website, but is now being officially added here as well! "Children Of Sunset" brings the same vampire flair to the Wild Wild West, surrounding a confused teen who meets a mysterious stranger one night by the fire, and continues to seek him out in this short series. The first 3 chapters are ready! And it's something different for "GFD" fans and Comsie fans in general! Hope you like it! Let me know what you think! https://www.gayauthors.org/story/comicality/gfd-children-of-sunset/
  11. Chapter 3

    "GFD: Children Of Sunset 3" It was hard for me to take my eyes off of him. Something about the fire light made him look soft to the touch. I got so excited that I practically had to hold my knees together to keep them from knocking together. I sure didn't want to spook him none. Even with a goofy grin, I must have looked hall off center...mad doggin' him in the eyes the way I was. I looked down at his hands instead, and his fingers were long and thin...even his knuckles was smooth as I don't know what. It didn't help me to feel no better. "So...I reckon you must like struttin' around in the dark the way you do." I said, my voice a little higher in pitch than I wanted it to be. "I guess you could say that I find it peaceful." He told me. His voice was like rays of sunshine on a cold morning, I tell you. Just sitting next to him had me too tangled up in the belly to think straight, but I didn't want him to leave here tonight without leaving a better impression than I did last time. "You ain't scared? It being so dark and all?" Colby said, "Way I remember it, the real monsters come out during the day. Every last one of them, wearing a smile." "Hehehe, well, can't argue with you too much on that one. You ought to see our mayor. They say if Mayor Jonz smiles at ya, then you've already been stabbed in the gut twice." I said, but quickly stopped myself. "Oh wait...you ain't no kin to Mayor Jonz, are you?" He grinned. "Can't say that I am." Thank goodness. Here I am trying to get nice with Colby and I end up making a mess of myself. "I like the night time. It's quiet. Peaceful. Nobody to bother you much. Just...time with your thoughts. Secrets whispered up at the stars, wish one of 'em would answer back." Lord Bless, I sure like hearing Colby talking like that. His voice gets all dreamy, and his lips looked like they were getting softer by the minute. If I could get him to kiss me just one time, I'm sure that I'd melt all over the place. I felt myself getting a bit stiff in the pants and tried to keep him distracted so he wouldn't notice. "So...I ain't seen you around town much. Place ain't all that wide that we couldn't cross paths every now and again." As Colby's fingers brushed some of his long hair out of his eyes, I found myself having to fight off a chill. "I don't get into town much. I pretty much keep to myself." "Oh. Alright." I said. "So...I reckon you must live around here somewhere. Right? Where abouts?" He pointed out into the darkness. Way out. "Out there?" I asked. I thought maybe he was tossin' me a bad one. "Hehehe, well, ain't nothin out there but mountains and rattlesnakes. Not too safe a place to be laying your head at night. Especially once the coyotes catch the scent on ya." Colby grinned a little bit, but only to be polite. Maybe he wasn't kidding after all. He said, "We do alright for ourselves out there, my friends and me." "Oh? So you got some other folks with ya then?" He nodded. "Two friends. Tucker and Ahote. We've been knowing each other a long time. We stay put for a little while, and then...try to figure out the best time to move along before we get ourselves into too much trouble." I smiled, "Awww, Colby, I can't see you being too much of a handful." I musta turned redder than a sunburned fox when I said it, but I had no plans of taking it back. As much as I still felt awkward about everything that was going through my head at that moment...I couldn't deny that Colby was just about the prettiest boy I had ever laid eyes on. I ain't never felt the shakes so bad as I did when I had him sitting next to me. He was an angel, illuminated by firelight. And the very sight of him turned me inside out. He giggled a little bit, the vision of his joy bringing a sense of chaos to my stomach. "You might be surprised, Deacon. I can be all sorts of trouble if you're not careful. Maybe even more than you can handle." "I don't know about that. My daddy's the top lawman 'round here, and I ain't fall too far from conception, so I've got his smarts. Sure enough." I said proudly. However, when Colby heard that...some of his joy seemed to leak right out of him. "Oh...is that so? Sherriff?" "Yep. He's the one running the show in this town." Don't quite know why I thought bragging about it would win me some points with this pretty stranger, but I didn't know what else to talk about. Bad enough my tongue felt like it was tripping over itself as it was. "Right now, he's on the trail of something fierce. Something that's been feasting on the good townsfolk and running off into the night without so much as a trace." There was a pause...just as Colby picked up a stick and started poking at the fire some. "Does he think he knows what is?" He asked. "Heck, I dunno. I reckon there's a lot of things lurkin' around in the dark out there. Way I see it, it must have been some kind of wild animal. Maybe even some kinda monster." I saw Colby's eyes lose a little bit more of that glitter they had just a moment ago. He lowered his head, and says to me, "How do you know it's a 'monster'? Maybe...maybe it's just another fella. Just like you. Maybe he got hungry and couldn't quite make it without making a quick fix out somebody." "Naw, I can't see that." I said. "These people that got done in...they was good people. Stand-up people. Ms. Samson, in particular. I can't imagine a normal fella in their right mind would hurt good folk like that without a squirt of guilt gnawing away at 'em night and day." Quietly, Colby stared deeply into the fire, his eyes glowing with the flicker of the flame. He says, "It's easier than you might think it is. You just don't think about it once it's in motion. You turn that part of your thinking off...and you pretend it ain't happening. That's all." I noticed a look of sadness on his face, and figured it best to keep my trap shut, lest I make him feel any worse. This wasn't how I was planning for things to go tonight. Colby was quiet for a minute longer, and when he looked back up at me...something strange caught my eye. Maybe it was the fire or something, but the little rings in his eyeballs lit up in a way that didn't seem natural. Same as those coyotes out on the borders of town. It frightened me a little bit, and I didn't realize that I was holding my breath until he turned those bright specs away from me. "I should probably get going..." He said out of the blue, and immediately...my heat went into full blown panic mode. As he stood up on his feet, I popped up twice as fast. "Well, hold on a minute..." I said, reaching out to grab a hold of his wrist before he up and vanished on me like he done before. Bad thing is, I wasn't really thinking about the fact that I had to actually hold on to him with my bare hand to do that. Lord BLESS...the bolt of lightning that shot through me when I really got to touch him for the first time! The second he looked down at my hand, I turned him loose like the softness of his baby smooth skin had burned me good. "I'm sorry..." I mumbled. I could hardly keep my breath, but I just didn't want him to leave yet. Not just yet. "You can stay a while, can't ya? I mean, no need for you to go trotting off into the dark by yourself, right? Sit. Let's talk some more." Colby gave me a grin, but it was about the saddest grin as I ever seen. "I can't stay, Deacon. But...as long as you keep this fire lit for me, I'll come back and see you. Night after night. For as long as I can. Is that alright?" He asked me, and I just about sprung a leak in my knickers when I heard said that. "You'll come back tomorrow? As long as I light the fire for ya?" "Yes. I give ya my word." Feeling super excited about the idea, I busted out with, "Ok! Then you can expect me to leave this fire burning for ya every night from now on. You can bet a gambler's mint on that." I began to giggle uncontrollably, but covered my mouth, bouncing about on my heels so as not to look too fired up over another boy. Still...can't say I've ever felt so at home with another fella. Can't say I've ever felt this flippin' crazy about another person, period. I think I likes it! Colby seemed to get a little bit giddy himself, and with a bashful chuckle of his own, he says, "Well...I'll keep my eyes open then. Maybe I'll come back tomorrow night. Once the moon gets settled." "To look me over again?" I asked. It was brazen and downright itchy of me to say it out loud, but I took my chances, anyhow. "Because I think...I think I like looking you over too, Colby." Nothing but the wind between us, Colby stepped a little closer. "Really? Do ya mean it?" "More than anythin', I mean it." My whole body started to shiver, and I could hardly speak as he took another slow step closer. "You...you sure are 'pretty', Colby." "You ain't so bad yourself, cowboy..." He said. His voice could be so soft. So mesmerizing. Every word was a song of its own. And then, just as I was about to find a better way to hide my 'bump in the front' from his hypnotic eyes...Colby did the unthinkable. He leaned forward, and even though I was a whole bundle full of worms and wiggles...I was too worked up to run away. Confusion was most of what I felt, waiting for his pursed lips to connect to mine. This wasn't right. There was nothing right about it. Hell, must have looked like a fella kissing a horse. It was unnatural. Nobody 'round these parts would even consider such of thing was possible. And yet...when he kissed me, the part of me that figured this whole situation for being something against the Almighty stayed anchored to the dirt...while the rest of my spirit was lifted up into the clouds. Who knew a fellas lips could be so smooth. Like the delicate smash of Lady Macabee's warm ice cream. I got to trembling so that I could hardly stand. I needed to hold on to something for balance, and all I had was Colby's thin hips. My eyes closed on their own and every other good thing just slipped into place. It was like...suddenly having a go at something that you didn't know you wanted SO badly until you got a taste of it. My whole brain was buzzing with the relentless 'wow' of it all...and I found myself never wanting to let him go. There's no way in Heaven that Sarah Cutler could ever mash lips with me like this. No way, no how. Colby let go of me, and he looked into my eyes as his hand rubbed the side of my cheek. I was damn near about to fall right over, but I didn't dare break the eye contact. Damn! He sure is pretty... "I'll be back tomorrow...if you want me." He whispered. "I want you. I do." I don't know if that sounded whorish or not, but deep down...if he wanted to go that route, I doubt I'd be able to stop him. In fact, I might even encourage it. "Alright then...til tomorrow." He said, and Colby kissed me on the cheek again, causing me to recoil with a fit of tickles and giggles that made me feel like a right fool in front of him. Luckily...he took humor in it. Ashe walked off into the darkness, I called out, "Til tomorrow!!!" Once again. Not to remind him, so much...as it was a way to let off the pressure of this crazy energy that I had inside. Squirming around, making me dizzy...smiling from ear to ear like I just had ten birthdays all churned into one. I shouldn't be feeling like this...but I can't help it. I felt like I wanted to dance without music, not knowing the first step, the last, or any of the steps in between. So the need to dance just bounced me all around with no outlet, making me nervous and keeping me laughing. Hell, I had to stay out there by the fire for another full hour before I was confident enough to put out the fire and go back in the house with my daddy. I was already worried about him watching me. If I start coming in the house grinning like a cat next to an empty birdcage...he's sure enough going to come see what I'm up to with this late burning fire every night. I didn't want him taking a peek. He'd get rid of me for sure if he knew that I was playing 'marriage' with another boy like me. I can't let that happen. Best to keep that all the way under the table for now. When I went to bed that night, I got so stiff that I tossed and turned until I realized that I wasn't never going to get any shut eye until I got these feisty urges out of me. For once, I was thankful for my Uncle Buster's roof rattling snore grizzlies! It gave me a little bit of noise to cover what I was doing in my bedroom. I covered myself up with the blanket again, and I went to sliding my hand up and down like there was no tomorrow. Thinking about those lips, that kiss, my hands on his hips...the feel of his breath on my cheek, the way he whispered when he said he wanted to see me again. Oh man, I shivered and shaked and squeezed my hindquarters together hard enough to nearly pull up the bed sheets from beneath me every time I thrust my hips in the air. I could feel beads of sweat rolling back down off of my forehead and onto my pillow. I could hear myself panting desperately as thoughts of laying on top of Colby without a stitch of clothes on ran all through my mind. It wasn't nothing dirty, mind you. It was soft...and slow...and intimate. The kind of grinding you would use to make a baby, if two fellas could produce such a thing. I swear, I couldn't understand it. I ain't never heard of anybody feeling this way before. But to me...? Everything about this felt right. Everything about this felt divine. Maybe I'm just a different kind of boy, I reckon. Maybe Colby is too. And if it's just going to be me and him in this world that share this kind of passion when we get together... ...Well, I'm starting to think that might not be all that bad.
  12. Chapter 2

    "GFD: Children Of Sunset 2" I'll have to admit to nearly cussin', hearing my uncle, Buster, snoring like roaring train all dang night! Nobody calls hogs like Buster does. Especially when he's got a stale supply of hooch wriggling through his veins. That man could make the sun rise early, just to hush him up! My word! I was feeling a little light headed when I woke up. Didn't get much rest at all. But once I felt a certain 'tightness' down in my long johns, I opened my eyes to see my pecker standing up like it was trying to reach the SKY! "You awake in here, Deacon?" Came my daddy's voice as he walked into to my room. Immediately, I rolled over to hide myself from prying eyes. I couldn't help but to whimper and whine a little bit as I pressed myself into the bed beneath me. Lord bless...a sudden ache never felt so good. Gave me the shivers. "I'm awake." I said, looking away from him. "Alright. I need you to get dressed and tend to things early this morning. They're laying Ms. Sampson to rest out back behind the schoolhouse. I reckon you and should be there. Uncle Buster too, seein' if he has his wits about him by then." He told me. "Ok. I'll get up in a minute." "In a minute?" He asked. "You feeling alright, Deacon?" "I'm good! Definitely good!" I said, fighting the urge to grind myself further into that bed right in front of him. I'm telling the gospel truth when I say I was looking forward to feeling a few more good shivers before I got out of this bed. I don't know what had me so fired up, but I sure wish Daddy would leave so I could figure it out with a couple strokes. My daddy hesitated at first, and I think I heard him laugh under his breath for a moment. "Alright then, baby boy. You take a few minutes and then get into your chores now, ya hear?" "Uh huh. Just a few minutes. So's I can rub the sleep out my eyes." I said. "Sleep. Right." He said, and chuckled again before walking out again. "Don't be all mornin'." I ain't had much time to spend on myself. Daddy would come back, checkin' for me, once he got the morning water to boil. So I waited for him to go to the other side of the house, and I shimmied my way out of my undies as fast as I could. I couldn't imagine what had gotten me so stiff while I was sleeping, but that first wraparound made me feel better than I ever felt in my whole life. I haven't known the touch of any of the girls in town, but I figured a few things out from playing around down there over the last year or two. It don't take much to know what feels good. Once you figure that par out, everything else pretty much builds up its own momentum and handles itself from there on out. Funny thing, I don't think I ever needed it so bad as I did this morning. And the moment I felt those few crazy shocks and shivers from that first touch...the only thing I could think about was 'pretty boy' Colby from last night. My head was telling me that it wasn't right, but...the thought of him wouldn't go away. The sight of his smooth, young, face and his tender build got me so hot and bothered that I almost felt ready to bust with the first squeeze. I kept the covers over me. I certainly hope the Lord almighty wasn't peeking in on me. Covers were all I had to hide it. The sun was pouring in the window, and I got a little heated up from the blinding light. But...when I closed my eyes...and Colby's soft skin came to mind...I nearly lost my breath stroking over the dreamy sight of him. I don't even know what I was thinking 'bout! Just staring at him by that fire, I reckon. His eyes. His smile. That's what I was hankering for most. Kissing that smile of his. Maybe letting him lay his head on my shoulder. Mmmm...the thought of that made my hand go faster. That and the thought of our lips connecting...real soft like. Touching his hair. I liked his hair an awful lot. Maybe...maybe landing a little kiss on the side of his neck. Colby has a nice long neck that'd put most of the girls in town to shame. The whole look of him set me to stroking faster and humping my hips up off the bed. It wasn't until I got close to heaving out that I even entertained the notion that Colby might take his shirt off during all of this. That...he might be naked under all that, and...have a hard one just like me underneath. I can't remember ever seeing another fella naked, but...I imagined Colby and me must have the same pieces. Right? Slightly different, but altogether the same. I started imagine what he might look like in the bath. How he might hang in the front. How he might bulge in the back. Just...soaking wet without a lick of clothes on him. I paddied myself a bit faster now, feeling my stalk get even harder than it was before. I started to worry that my breathing was too hard. That the sound of my skin on skin was going to alert my daddy to me sinning in here. But it felt too good to stop. Thoughts of Colby kept me going. I wanted to know what he looked like. What he felt like to the touch...my hand sliding over his wet skin, top to bottom and back again. I wondered...dear Lord, forgive me...I wondered what he'd taste like. You know...down below. Well, that little touch of madness is just what I needed to push me clear over the edge! My eyes squeezed tight, my nuggets started to crawl up and snuggle up between my thighs, and my breathing got so heavy that I nearly thought I'd faint from it. Both my legs bent at the knees to form a diamond once the soles of my feet touched, and my rear end clenched up, my stomach tightened, and the back of my shoulders pressed themselves into the bed as my hips raised up and caused me to gasp out loud. My throat felt all tight and crazy, but I didn't dare holler...no matter how wild it felt to be on the edge like that. Then I just started feeling a bunch of hot splashes on my chest and belly, some sticking to the underside of the blanket. I got to wiggling and tossin' so that I could barely hold still and keep from falling to the floor! The thought of me doing something as sensual as licking the bathwater from that boy's private areas had turned me into a quivering mess under my own covers. Even after I was finished, I wasn't finished. I could feel my eyes rolling back in my head, my body finally unwinding itself, and lingering thoughts of Colby's naked form began to fade from my rowdy thoughts. What just happened? Willie would never let me live another day on this Earth without torment if he knew I was thinking about making time with another boy instead of one of the pretty girls in town. Heck, I doubt even my own Daddy would stand for me being so odd. But...for those few moments alone under these sheets, I can't imagine anything being more pure, more incredible, more stimulating, than being all wrapped up with Colby somewhere...making the rest of the town stay distant from the both of us. For me...that would be Heaven. Sweet Heaven. I washed up and got dressed shortly after. I didn't have that many chores today outside of the dog and a few other things. That was a good thing. I wanted to look nice for good ol Ms. Samson's funeral. Not to mention, there was a touch of me that was hoping that Colby might show up today. He ain't been in town for that long, but...seeing as everybody is expected to show up, and she's a school teacher for other boys my age, there's a chance he might peek in and join us to pay our respects this afternoon. At least, I was hoping he would. I put on my hat and grabbed a morning biscuit before tending to my chores. Daddy looked at me and smiled. "You think you're ready for work, boy? Or maybe you want to go back and lay down for a few minutes more." What's that supposed to mean. I ain't like the way he was looking at me. I KNOW he wasn't watching! And I cleaned up everything and his my sheets up under the bed like I always did. "I'm alright..." I told him, giving him a sideways look of suspicion. "I'm...I ain't...I'm alright..." He gave me a warm look, and he used his hand to ruffle up my hair something awful. "My baby boy." He said. "Come on now, Daddy! I just got myself fixed right." "I'll just bet you did." He said. Then...he looked into my eyes for a spell and said, "You're growing so fast, Deacon. Half my days I spend being afraid to blink for fear I'm gonna miss something important. Your sweet momma...she'd be proud." I figured it was all clumsy talk on my part, but Daddy was so dedicated to sharing the moment with me that I reckoned there must be something more behind what he was telling me. "You just keep it in your head that you daddy is right here if you need to talk about what's going on with you. Alright?" I couldn't figure out what the sentiment was for, but I told him, "Sure, Daddy. I ain't forgot." So he patted me on the shoulder, and we went out to get the morning chores finished. My Uncle Buster look liked a precooked weasel when he finally found the strength to get out of bed. My daddy didn't let him sleep in, much as he would have preferred it. By the time we needed to leave to lay Ms. Sampson to rest, most of the day's work had been done. I was thankful for that, because I had some hunting to do in this town. The more I thought about Colby, the more I longed to talk to him again. Heck, just SEEIN' him again would be enough to put an extra kick in my step. I feel bad that I was emotionally using Ms. Sampson's funeral as bait for a boy of my favor...but I didn't know what else to do. Half the town was going to be there, and I couldn't help but to hope that he'd be there too. That riled me up something awful...the very idea that he'd be there had me turnin' flips on the inside, my head darting back and forth, hoping to catch sight of him as I was heading that way. I think I was a touch obsessed in the head with trying to find him. So much so that I felt a bit frustrated by Willie's jabbering at my side. Who even knows what he was talking about at the time. All I knew was that he refused to hush up and let me look for Colby again. I didn't catch sight of him though. The morning light would have made Colby look so charming. At least, that's what I was thinking. His hair was a light brown in the darkness, but how bright would it be in the daylight? My eager butterflies were anxious to see him again, but as the funeral got set in motion, and the body was put under...I didn't catch a single sight of him. Not one. I have to admit that I was disappointed. It was the main reason I got all dolled up to come out here. Willie said, "Such a shame, something in the woods making short work of Ms. Samson like that. Did your daddy get any clues on the case? Figure out what animal is doing this?" I was still looking around the crowd to see if I could find Colby despite the congestion of townsfolk. "Oh...yeah. My father's trying to find out what's....what's going on." I was clearly distracted, and Willie asked me, "What are you looking for?" I told him not to worry about it, but then decided to ask, "Have you hard the name 'Colby' being tossed around in town lately?" "Colby? Can't say that I have. How come?" Looking around the crowd again to make sure I hadn't made a mistake, my heart sank a little bit, and I said, "I don't know. Just a new boy in town. I ain't never heard much about him around here." I took a chance, albeit a cautious one, and I asked Willie, "Have you seen anybody new in town recently?" "Somebody new?" He asked. "Can't say that I have." "Are you sure? Maybe a boy our age? Someone who's...you know...he's..." I figured I might as well come out and say it. I didn't know how else to describe him. "...A boy our age who looks 'pretty'. Really nice, almost on the girly side?" Willie gave me a befuddled glance. He says, "A boy? Who's pretty? I ain't never seen no such a thing as that, Deke. He's a fella. What would be the point of a fella being 'pretty'?" My heart muddied itself up a little after hearing it. But I didn't dare tell him that. "Right. You're right. I just figured that somebody might have seen him around town, that's all. I've been seeking him out." "What for?" Willie asked me. It was right then and there that I first realized that I didn't have a single answer to offer him. Not a one. I just knew I had to see him again, and that was that. he very memory of him kept tugging at me, and I had to keep shaking myself free from the dream of it all . Drats. I've gotten myself all twisted backwards again. I told a fib and said, "He's somebody I ain't never seen around here before. Not before last night by the fire. I wanted to know if he has a clue about what happened to poor ol' Ms. Samson. That's all. Anybody walking around these parts at that time of the evening must have caught a glance at something out of sorts." Willie's eyes lit up. "Ohhhh! I get it! Yeah. Good guessin', Deke. If I see him around, I'll let you know." He said. "Good. Let me know if you find him. I think I wan to talk to him. About...about the murder and all. It's important, ok?" "Sure thing. We'll catch him and maybe he'll swing for this madness. Won't it be crazy, Deke...if you catch the culprit? You'll be a hero!" "A hero. Right." I replied. Truth be told, though...all that 'murder' business was the furthest thing from my mind. I just wanted to figure out why Colby made me feel so strange. And how he got me to like it so much. Does anybody else go through a spell like this? I can't help but to feel a little embarrassed. Ain't nobody to ask a question like the questions I've got to ask. I've got my own mystery to solve before I go out in the darkness looking for monsters, that's for sure. I spent the better part of my day walking from one end of town to the other, whippin' my head both left and right, trying to see if I could just catch a quick glimpse of him. Just...anything. I saw a few girls with long hair and thought that might be him, but got disappointed every time. I went to all the places a boy could go, hoping to find him there. Ain't had a spittin' distance worth of luck, though. Where could he go to? It's not like he could just vanish from the world. I had just seen him a half day ago. I was starting to feel like I had missed my chance to really engage him in a way that I'd be much of a memory at all for him. Made me self conscious. Like I had bundled up the whole pleasure of meeting him and tossed it right in the river. Foolish. If he hadn't run off so darn fast last night I might have been able to get a clue as to where to find him again. But with no trail to follow and a full day wasted, I was starting to think that I'd never get to be near him again. Almost like trying to get back to dream you had the night's prior. And something about that made my heart sink right down into my stomach. I mean, I was feeling mighty bad about it. It sure didn't seem like something to cry over but my heart hurt so much that the urge to cry stayed with me all day. Sitting at the dinner table with Daddy and Uncle Buster, I hardly ate a bite of food without toying with it first. I kept my head down, staring blankly at the table, feeling hollow inside. All over a few minutes with some boy that I didn't even know...and yet, I get the feeling that he was the only one who understood me. Heck, even my best friend, Willie, couldn't lay claim to knowing me any better. Why do I feel this way? Why? "Deacon? Somethin' on your mind?" My daddy asked. "I'm alright." "You sure? You ain't hardly touched your supper at all. If you got something you need to talk about...?" "No. Nothing to speak on. Just ain't all that hungry. That's all." I sulked. Then, feeling that strange pressure intensifying as it spread through my chest and got almost too heavy for me to bear. "May I be excused? I won't waste my supper, Daddy. Honest. I just need to air myself out a bit. My daddy and Uncle Buster shared a glance, but he just said, "Go on and put your plate on the oven top. Put a lid on it." "Sure thing." I told him, and I went outside to be alone for a while. The sky was getting dark, and he didn't want me straying too far from where he couldn't see me, but I felt a lot better just being alone for a while. Can't say that I was happy, but I felt better than I did in there. Truth is, I had a secret. A big one. I didn't really know it was there until last night and now it's staring me right in the face. I could just leave it alone and move on, but I just keep poking at it like some kind of sleeping animal. I don't know if I want to find out what's wrong with me. Something feels wrong about it. Like I'm just not ready. But soon, once the sky lost its color and the stars came out, a lonely fire crackling beside me...I found myself both frightened and relieved when I heard a quiet set of footprints approaching me from behind. Funny thing. I had been thinking about Colby all last night and all through the morning...I remembered every detail of him, top to bottom...and yet, when I laid eyes on him again it was like being shocked by his beauty all over again. Immediately I went to pieces all over again. That light brown hair sweeping delicately just beneath his chin, that smooth skin, those 'soft as a pillow' lips. Lord bless it, it was like someone was tying a towel right around my heart, twisting it and squeezing it until it was about to pop. I didn't want to smile, but felt like I had to anyway. Something about his presence just left you wide open. I never felt like this before. "Hey..." He said. All bashful like. I can't tell you how much it fires me up to see another boy all bashful like. "Evening." I said. I felt a bit awkward. And I know he's not a girl, but I felt the need to remove my hat and fix up my hair anyways. I began to switch from foot to foot, unsure of what to say or where to look. Nervous as a hog in a butcher shop. "You sure are hard to find during the day." I grinned. Then I stopped grinning. But then I grinned again. "Yes. I guess you could say that." He smiled. "I wasn't expecting you to be searching for me." "Well..." I said, my voice shaking. "...You got a chance to look me over last night. Maybe...maybe I was looking to return the favor." I took me a few ticks to realize what I had gone and said to this boy out loud. Making me feel even clumsier than before. But where I half expected there to be a look of insult, or at least a hint of confusion...I saw a welcoming smile, and a set of the prettiest eyes I've ever been witness to. Hot DAMN, that boy was fine! "If that's the case, Deacon...I reckon I should stay a while. You mind?" I got to trembling so bad that I figured I'd best sit him down before I fall flat on my face. "I'd like that, Colby. I'd like that a lot."
  13. GFD: Children Of Sunset

    A spinoff of the "Gone From Daylight" vampire series (Reading the original is not necessary), this tale takes place in the old West. Deacon Porter is baffled by the recent murders in his small town. With his father being the Sherriff, it's up to him to solve the mystery of what's happening. However, when Deacon meets a teen boy like himself in the darkness, he experiences feelings that he never knew that he had before. But is this beautiful stranger the boy of Deacon's dreams? Or is it possible that he may be the monster that his father is hunting in the shadows of night?
  14. Chapter 1

    "GFD: Children Of Sunset" I may have only been close enough to catch a short glance at her over the shoulders of a few townsfolk...but it wasn't hard to tell that she wasn't livin' no longer. Something about the way her body was fixed. Stiff, and locked into a lifeless position. She was so cold that it gave you a chill just by fixing your eyes on her. And Lord, was she ever pale. More than white. Darn near blue. It was Old Man Creedy, done found the body not long after sunrise. One of our school teachers, Ms. Samson. Such a pretty woman. Not much older than my own mother, God rest her soul. But to look at her now, cold and lying in the dirt just across from the old saloon...it's almost like she ain't never had an ounce of life in her at all. So strange. And those eyes. Dead eyes. Blank now...but before she went to Glory...you can tell they must have seen something mighty frightening. What could have done such a thing to a sweet lady like Ms. Samson? My best friend, Willie, was on his tiptoes, trying to get a closer look at the body. But he wasn't no bigger than I was. Heck, at 14, he was a year and a half younger than me. I don't know what made him think he was so tall this mornin'. "She sure was pretty. Wasn't she, Deke?" Willie asked me. "That's the third one in just a couple of months, ain't it? What do you think it is, keeps laying good folk out in the dirt like this every few weeks?" Still trying to keep a low profile by hushing him up, I said, "I dunno, Wille. I reckon she wandered out of town one night...got herself bit. Big snake or somethin'." "Big snake? That don't make no sense." He said, still talking louder than I wanted him to. "Can't be coyotes, neither. They would have ravaged her but good. Not leave her looking as pretty as she does." I was able to stare a bit closer, and I saw a series of bites on her. Looked just like snakebites to me...but bigger. Wider apart. Her frock was torn. Dirty. And the bite marks were in three different places. Two on her leg, two on her wrist, and one sunk deep into the side of her neck. Always in pairs. Two, two, and two. If that ain't some kind of devil rattlesnake, then I don't know what is. It was then that I heard a shuffle in the crowd standing around her body, and I saw my daddy approaching with an undertaker and a strong hand or two to pick good ol' Ms. Samson up and carry her out from the center of town like that. My daddy's been sheriff for long as I can remember. Nearly gave it up when Mama died from sickness. Come to find out...the townsfolk didn't trust nobody else to take up the duty. The mayor is about as crooked as a bucket of fish hooks, and most everybody else got more bad deeds behind them than good ones. It never stopped them from shoving a few splinters into him whenever trouble was about, though. "What you plannin' to do about this, Sheriff?" Came one voice out of the crowd. "I'm countin' three bodies now, Sheriff. And I ain't seen a single person swing for none of 'em." Said another. My daddy put his hands up to settle folks before they started too much of a ruckus. "Now look here...I want to assure you people that the law in this town is doing everything that it can to keep you all safe. I've got to work out what happened here and why, but as of right now, I ain't seen much more than you people have. If you ain't figured it out yet, I don't know how you expect me to know anything extra." The crowd groaned, demanding some kind of miracle. Then old man Webb stepped forward, spitting a wad on the ground. "We keep losing folks like this with nobody to hang, Sheriff, and we're liable to think you've got somethin' to do with it." I never did much like Mr. Webb. Not a day in my life. "Or maybe you just done lost your nerve. You ain't got no concern about what happens in this here town, on a count of you not having a little lady of your own at home to protect no more..." That crossed the line! Had I been a bit bigger, I would have slugged that pig faced bastard right in his snout myself! The sheriff was a peaceful man, my daddy...but he was definitely a man of considerable size. When he heard what Mr. Webb said about my late mama...he narrowed his steel blue eyes, and slowly walked right up to him until he was staring him in the face. He didn't say a word. The silence did all the talking for him. Mr. Webb was forced to give up his pride, and with a nervous twitch, he swallowed hard and backed up into the crowd again. Maybe now he'll mind his manners some. The sheriff looked around at everyone else in the crowd, and he said, "Now I want you all to listen, and listen good. I'm going to find out what's going on, and I'm going to bring the person responsible for this to justice. You've got my word on that. Until that time...I want you good townsfolk to get on about your day. Tend to your homestead. Drink. Gamble. Sell your wares. Whatever you reckon your calling is...let it call to you. Keep your minds off a lawman's business." That was all that had to be said. The crowd started to disperse without a whole lot of fuss, which meant me and Willie better get to dispersing, ourselves. "Shit, Deke...I was sure hoping your daddy hauled off and knocked Mr. Webb flat for what he said." Willie said. "Me too. But Daddy always says violence comes to a man too easy to be worth anything in the end. I suppose he didn't want to cause a ruckus..." "You're right..." Came my daddy's voice over my shoulder. We both turned around to see him looking down on us, taking his hat off to wipe the sweat off of his brow with the back of his sleeve. "...It's never a good thing to let your enemies know what levers to pull in order to rise a fire in you. It don't take much to get old Webb to step back across that line." He put his hat back on and saw the men he brought with him loading Ms. Samson onto the back of a wagon. "What are you boys doing out here, looking at a sight like this? Deacon, I thought you were home." "I was just coming out to see what all the fuss was about, Daddy. Maybe I can help." He gave me a rugged smile. "Maybe one day, Deacon. For right now, I need you stay around people and keep within somebody's eyesight at all times. You hear? Especially after sunset. That goes for you too, 'Trigger'." He said, then started to walk back to follow the wagon back to the undertaker's place to see if they can figure out what happened. "You two get on, now. Go on." Willie and started walking through town. I figured we'd find something to get into before long. It was too hot to get into much mischief, but mischief is where you find it I s'pose. That's when I felt Willie poke me in the side with his elbow and smile. "Turn your attention to the sight of that. Here she comes." I looked up, and there she was. Sarah Cutler, the banker's daughter. Long hair, long lashes, longest legs I ever did see. Willie always got a kick out of seeing her cut her eyes at me all the time. But it didn't thrill me none. If anything, it made me as uncomfortable as a wet suit in a cold church. "This could be your day, Deke!" Willie grinned. "You gonna get your kiss today, boy. I can feel it." "Shhh! Quit with all that!" I whispered, and I looked down at the ground as Sarah and her friends came walking up to talk to us. "Hey, Sarah..." "Is it true?" She asked. "I heard some people say your daddy found another one of the townsfolk laid cold this morning." "Yeah. Poor Ms. Samson." I said, and the girls covered their mouths with a gasp. "But...she ain't never done nothin' to nobody. Who would wanna do her in like that?" Willie nudged me again, this time pushing me a bit forward. "Deke thinks he can figure it out by himself. Don't matter if you're a good person or not. When the Devil comes for you, ain't nobody safe. You can be sure to stay safe though, Sarah...provided you stick close to Deke, here. Maybe you two can find yourselves a place to hide away...all private like..." I gave Willie a shove to hush him up, a blush working itself up into my cheeks. I peeked back at Sarah, who flashed me one of those bashful smiles that she was so well known for. She said, "I'm sure if your daddy don't find the culprit...you can. You've always been awful smart, Deacon." She smiled. A few of her girl friends giggling to themselves behind her. "Yeah..." I mumbled. "...Er, I mean, thank you." There's that feeling again. With her making me all nervous and clumsy. I didn't like that feeling. It felt all wrong to me. Willie jumped in and said, "Ol' Deke, here, thinks it might be some kind of big monster snake or somethin'! Y'all better watch to see what might be trying to slither up them fine dresses of yours, ladies." I swear that boy ain't got the good sense of an unfed goat. "Don't listen to him. He don't know what he's saying." I told them, but they just grinned at me anyway. I stumbled about for a bit, then I says, "Well...my daddy told me and Willie to get on, so...." She said, "I understand. My father gave me some money. I'm going over to Ms. Flora's shop to buy some new ribbons. I'd be happy to show them to you...some time." I ain't had no reason to be rude to her. So I said, "Ok. You do that...Sarah." I don't know why I couldn't start walking until she started walking first, but I waited like a gentleman for her to be on her way. Then she said, "I'll see you soon, Deacon. I hope you find your monster snake..." Making Willie grin and wink. And with that, she was gone. Making the air around me a little bit easier to breathe. There ain't no bigger wreck to comfort than the batting eyes of a lady who put you in her favor. I didn't know how much more my heart could take. If that's what love feels like...I'd just as well do without it. Willie wasn't about to let it go. "I just don't get where your head is at, Deke. Can't you see Sarah Cutler's got a fever for you? You act like she's covered in poison when she comes around." "It ain't that, Willie. I just ain't got no time to be trying to figure her out right now. That's all." "Well, alls I know is that if Sarah Cutler smiled at me the way she done you...I would have been gave the horses in the barn something to chatter 'bout. Hear me good on that." He said. I ain't pay him no mind. Willie's got his feelings and I got mine. That's all there is to it. We stayed out most of the day, no school on a count of the murder. But once the sun started to set over the mountains, Willie and I decided to get on back home. Whatever kind of creature it was, running around poking holes in folks...I didn't want it crossing my path no time soon. Not that I wasn't curious. Our town ain't never had nothing like this happen before. Why here? Why now? The ideas stuck with me. My head wouldn't let them go. Daddy didn't come home in time for supper, but I managed to put together some meat and vegetables and fix myself a plate. I figure he could get his fill once he came back from doing whatever he was doing. About an hour after dark, he came into the house, lightly kicking the door open with his boot and dragging my uncle, Buster, inside over his arm. I got up to my feet to see if I could help, but one sniff of my uncle nearly caused me to fall over from the stench. Daddy told me, "Clear me a spot, will you, boy? Buster's been knockin 'em back again." "Lord bless it, Daddy! He smells like he done drank somebody clear out of business!" I said, trying to cover my mouth and nose. "I thought he ain't had no more coin to go boozin' with?" "Nothing a few good hands at poker can't fix, evidently. And he was definitely high on the Hoyle tonight." He said. I cleared off a spot for him to lay down on, and my Daddy gently put him down, turning him on his side to make sure he was alright. "Your mama's brother must have a gut of iron to guzzle liquor the way he do. Too bad he don't have the head or legs to match. Had to drag him like a sack of dirt the whole way. He'll be airing his lunch out come sunrise." My Uncle Buster has been a drunk for as long as I've been living, but he got worse when Mama died. Every bartender in town loved to see him coming, but was fed up with him by the time he ran out of money. Still...you've got to love your kin...flaws and all. No matter what. My daddy put a bucket next to him in case he spilled over during the night, and he said, "I'm gonna need you to take out the night's trash, and put out that fire before too late. You hear?" "It already burned itself out." I told him. But he said, "No, it didn't. I saw the light still burnin' from a distance when I came up. Go on out to the pump house, gets some water and make sure to get it all to die down. Every last ember. We don't want to wake up on the morrow and find half our field turned to ash." He heard Buster belch and he rolled over onto his other side to start snoring up a storm. My daddy and I chuckled at one another, and he said, "Besides...if your Uncle Buster's breath comes into contact with anything hotter than the ass end of a firefly, we're liable to burn the whole damn town down around us." "Hahaha! Alright...I'll get it." I told him that I left him some food and he warned me to be careful out there, and to hurry back. It was awful dark outside, and I didn't plan to spend a second out there by myself longer than I had to. I went out to the pump house and pulled the handle a few times to get a half bucket of water. Peering out into the darkness, I did see the faint light of a trash fire that hadn't gone dead just yet. So I headed on out there, the moon and stars above giving me enough light to see where my feet was stepping, but not much more. We kept the trash fire far enough away from the house so as not to cover us in smoke, in case the wind was blowing in our direction that day. It was only a few minutes' walk, but it was far enough away to make me keep alert as to what was going on around me. Ain't no devil rattler gonna get the best of me out here. There's a sure bet on that one. I got closer to the trash fire, some of the flames still reaching up with whatever fuel they had left, and I took a moment to enjoy the added warmth of the cool night air. Besides, if Uncle Buster was gonna be intoxicating the whole house with his rancid liquor breathing and wheezing, I figured that I should get all of the fresh night air that I could before having to turn in for the evening. The stars were so bright. So very bright. I can remember when Mama had clothes out on the line to dry. She'd never go and get them all at once. She'd wait until the sun went down...and she'd go out to look at the night sky. Listen to the silence. Gaze at the light above. She always told me to appreciate the night. She said there was a peace in the darkness that no man could find during the struggles of the day. She made me a believer, and I kept that with me. I always will. It was then that I heard the snap and shuffle of footsteps not far from where I was standing. My head shot up, but I couldn't see nothin', on a count it was so dark. I stayed quiet. Waiting to see if I could hear it again. But the night seemed still enough. "Hello?" I called out. Nothin'. Probably the wind. Or some late night critter looking for a snack. Or maybe looking to escape from being the snack for something else. I picked up the bucket of water, and figured I'd call it a night. But as I stepped closer to the fire...I saw something standing upright in the shadows. I couldn't quite make out what it was...but I could see its eyes. Glowing eyes. Staring right through me from about 30 paces away from me. I might have thought it a coyote, with it's eyes reflecting the light of the fading flames...but ain't no coyote standing that tall. Not by hisself. "Hello?" I asked again. No answer. "Willie? Willie is that you?" Still, the shadow didn't say nothin'. "Willie, if that's you, I hope you don't think you're scaring me. Because you ain't." It just stood there. Gave me the shivers something awful. "I ain't gonna chase you. You ain't runnin' me in the house either. Your daddy is gonna strike you good, he catches you out here after dark. You heard what the sheriff said." The glowing eyes just stayed there, still. I saw a few blinks or more, but that was it. "Alright. Suit yourself. You'll be out here all by your lonesome then. I'm going back in the house..." I lifted the bucket to put out the fire, and that's when I heard a voice say, "No. Don't." It wasn't a voice that I recognized, but it didn't sound much younger or much older than my own. So I let my curiosity get the best of me, and I held off on dowsing the fire just yet. That's when I seen a boy step out of the shadows, just a touch of his face being lit up by the fire. He was about my height, give or take, with longish hair. Light brown. I don't know what came over me, but I found myself struck still just to get a look at him. I knew he was a boy from the shape of him and all...but he sure was a pretty thing, if ever I saw one. His skin was smooth as a baby's belly, with thin but shapely lips, and a slender build. As I got a better look, my voice left me...and I went all funny in the knees. It was that same awkward sensation, that same nervous shaking in the guts, that I felt whenever Sarah Cutler came to take her daily glances at me. But...I didn't feel the need to run from him like I did from her. Something about his kind of nervous felt right. A little strange, but 'natural' like. Instead of running away....his kind of nervous only made me want to get closer. Even if I couldn't figure out why. We stared at each other for a moment. Me feeling weak in the middle, and him looking like he was too scared to talk to me. And yet, neither one of us took a single step backward. So I says to him, "What are you doing out here? It's too dark to be wandering 'round like this." "Not for me." He said. "I can see just fine." We were both quiet for another spell. Such a strange boy. I says, "My name is Deacon. Friends just call me Deke." With a hushed voice, he said, "Colby..." I waited a few seconds, and said, "Heh...well you sure don't talk much, do ya?" "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be rude." "It ain't no itch to me." I told him. "Are you lost?" He said, "No. Not lost." He tilted his head to one side and asked, "Are you?" "Me? Naw, I ain't lost. This is home for me." I gave him a smile, not expecting it to mean much. But when he smiled back...it was like I couldn't breathe. My hands began to tremor and my heart felt like it was on fire. That one smile did more for me then a whole Summer's worth of giggles from Sarah Cutler! If she was only HALF as pretty as this young fella, I might just take her somewhere private like Willie was telling me to. Actually...I almost thought I had a hankering to take this boy himself and leave Sarah Cutler out of this altogether. Something about him made me feel like smiling. Ain't many people around can do that just by showing you their face on a dark evening. I know it ain't right, but...he was like no other boy I ever seen before. He was pretty in a way that I wasn't used to. Maybe it was the moonlight that had me all crooked and confused but...he caused me to shiver something awful when he looked me in the eye. Made my heart feel weak. And I think I liked it. I had to steady myself as I told him, "Well...you shouldn't be out here like this. You're welcome to come in for a spell if you want. My daddy and I have already gotten into our supper, but I ain't got no trouble scraping the pot for company if you want to get out of the elements for a while." He made sure to keep his distance from me. He never once stepped a foot closer to the light than where he was standing. But he almost seemed grateful for the invitation. I think I may have even seen him blush. Have you ever seen the blush of a boy this pretty by the light of a fading fire? It's like being born again. "No thank you, Deacon." He said, then he says, "I should go. I didn't mean to disturb your work. I guess I just found myself...looking you over. My apologies if I startled you." Looking me over? I wasn't sure what he meant by that, but...it felt like a fresh bath when he told me. I heard myself giggling under my breath. Can't tell you why. "You got a way to get back home?" I asked, wishing that he wouldn't be in such a hurry to trot off. And he said, "Yes. I'll be fine." And as I saw him back up a bit into the shadows, he said, "Maybe we'll cross paths again. Some time soon?" "I...I reckon. Ok..." My mouth wouldn't work right. The air got harder and harder to suck down as I felt the need to keep him from leaving me there alone. That's when I heard the front door to the house open up, and my daddy called out to me. "Deacon? You put out that fire yet?" "In a minute, Daddy!" I had only turned my head for a hot second, but when I turned back, 'pretty boy' Colby wasn't nowhere to be seen. I looked all around, but he must have dashed off in an awful hurry...because I couldn't catch no sight of him. I waited for a bit, hoping to hear something. See something. But once it was clear that he was gone, I picked up my water bucket and put out the fire below. Even then, I waited for a bit longer. Hoping that he would come back. But I figured my daddy would come looking for me again if I didn't get back to the house. So I backed away from where I was...and went home. Tired as I was, the thought of Colby got my mind all caught up on him, keeping me awake. That tremor in my chest stuck with me long after he was gone, and I kept hearing his voice in the back of my thoughts. A really sweet voice. Something to match the very grace of him. Lord bless....just to look at him was like setting fire to the very center of me. All those times that I hear Willie talking about this lady and that one...I ain't never felt nothin' close to what he was chattering about until I saw that boy by the fire tonight. Had I told this feeling to anybody else...they might find cause to run me through over it. But, like I said...something about it felt right. To me, at least. I wonder when I'll see him again. Or if I'll see him again. Maybe I'll ask around town about him tomorrow. There's got to be something somebody can tell me about this curious boy in the dark. I intend to find out what it is. If for no other reason than to set this strange feelings to rest once for certain.
  15. Have fun, folks! And let me know what you think when you get the chance! https://www.gayauthors.org/story/comicality/thesecretlifeofbillychase9/ And grab copies of the re-edited ebook versions too!

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