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  1. Still waiting for my laptop to get all the bugs worked out, but...the show goes on! Hehehe! So here's a new "Billy"! Let me know what you think when you get a chance! K? https://www.gayauthors.org/story/comicality/thesecretlifeofbillychase9/38
  2. Comicality

    Chapter 38

    Sunday - I made sure to wake up early enough to sneak out of the house before my mom got out of bed this morning. I can't really tell if I was still pissed at her because of yesterday, or if I just didn't feel like looking her in the eye today. I just...I can't pretend that yesterday didn't happen. I can't pretend that tomorrow isn't going to happen eventually. I don't even know how serious this thing is between Mr. Franks and my mom. It almost makes me nauseous to think about that man spending time with my mom. Staying in this house. Laying in her bed. It's just plain gross. Why did my dad have to walk out on us? What could they be fighting about that was so awful that they couldn't stand to be in the same house anymore? I mean...I just don't get ANY of this! If he was still around, I wouldn't be dealing with this right now. It's all so dumb. Anyway, I crept out the back door once I got dressed and washed up...and I walked down the block to Sam's house. I know it was an unannounced visit, but we were both known for popping up out of nowhere whenever we needed to talk. I just needed a shoulder to lean on for a while. Luckily, Sam's good at being that guy for me. I don't know how I got lucky enough to have found him in the first place, but...I'm forever grateful for having him be a part of my life. Especially now. When I rang the door, Sam came to the door in his usual white t-shirt and boxers. Expected attire for a Sunday morning at Sam's house. Or any morning, for that matter. "Billy! S'up man?" He said, chewing whatever it was that he was chomping on for breakfast. "Come in!" Is it weird that I still make a habit of staring down at Sam's ass whenever he invites me in and turns to walk away from me? Hehehe, what can I say? He's got a sexy ass! And in boxer shorts...it's like the fabric just hugs every sensual curve of his well sculpted globes in just the right way. Hehehe, don't judge me! It's a hard habit to break! Trust me! Sam guided me into the kitchen where he had a plate waiting on him, and he's like, "You want something to eat? Try these! These frozen waffles are BOSS, dude! My mom scrambled up some eggs before she left. You can have half if you want." I wanted to turn down the offer, but it certainly smelled good. I'm like, "You can eat the eggs, but a waffle or two sounds cool." He asked, "You want it toaster-style or microwave?" I said, "Microwave. I like the toaster singe and all, but microwave is better, so I can melt the butter and stuff." He's like, "I knew you'd say that. Hehehe, same for me, bro! Well said! I'm with you!" And he fixed me a plate without hesitation. So, before even asking me what was wrong, Sam and I sat at his kitchen table and ate waffles together. I swear...we'd make the perfect married couple if things were different. That's an odd thing to admit about my best friend, but it's the truth. Especially when he cleared the table, his plate and mine, and put them in the sink with some water run over them to wash off the syrup. Then he told me to follow him upstairs to his room, and I could tell that he already knew this was going to turn into a rap session between us. We had gotten so used to the routine. Sam climbed into bed, and left plenty of room for me to lay beside him. Back to back, butt to butt...just like we always did. He said, "So what's the deal with you? It's not like you to be up this early without a reason." I sighed. I'm like, "My mom and I are having some issues." He's like, "We're teenagers. They're parents. They're the enemy. We're supposed to have issues, aren't we?" I said, "Not like this." I hesitated for a moment. Then I told him, "I think my mom is trying to date this...this creep. I should have known that he was coming around too much to not be scheming on something. I was just too stupid to see it coming. I should have put a stop to that shit before it even got started." To my surprise, Sam said, "Well, it was only a matter of time, dude. Your mom's pretty hot." I winced from hearing him say that. I'm like, "What? What the fuck are you talking about?" He's like, "I'm not saying that I wanna 'hit that' or anything, but you can't be too surprised that some other guy might want to." I look back over my shoulder, and I'm like, "Might want to what???" He's like, "Might wanna hit that. Makes sense." UGH! I'm like, "Dude, can you stop saying that? If you say 'hit that' one more time I'm totally gonna elbow you in the kidney." There was a brief pause, but I could already feel Sam's mischievous nature rising up within him. He giggled, "Hit that!" Smacking his hands together. True to my word, I gave him a hard elbow in the back and he rolled over to tussle with me for a moment to lighten the mood, then he looked me in the eye with a smile. He's like, "Billy...come on, man. You didn't see this coming? I mean, what was your big plan? It's been six months, at least. And you said your folks were having problems even before that, right? Your dad moved on, he doesn't pay her any real attention or make any effort, whatsoever, to make her happy...how long was that arrangement supposed to last? I mean, what were you gonna do? Find some magical way to get your parents back together and forget that this whole thing ever happened?" Feeling dirty even going into detail about it all, I frowned up, like, "I don't know. This just...the whole thing sucks. My life wasn't supposed to be like this." He says, "I'm pretty sure your mom feels the same way. But, hey...shit happens sometimes. You can't stop the rain. All you can do is grab your umbrella and weather the storm, you know?" I was pouting slightly, so I didn't say anything in response. He added, "Look...your dad moved away. He's got a new lady in his life, right? You're not giving him as much grief as you are your mom." I said, "That's different." Sam's like, "How so?" Our eyes connected, and despite my stubborn scowl, he gave me a smirk. He's like, "C'mon, dude. You know that there's just a little bit of bullshit there. Don't you? After all the times you called me on my double standards and my hypocrisy, don't you think for a minute that I'm gonna let you slide on this one." I told him, "I friggin' HATE it when you do that." He's like, "I know. Why do you think I get such a kick out of it?" Then he scooted closer to me and said, "Dude...it's a divorce. These things happen. People...they grow apart. They move on. Life can't just come to a complete stop because of a less than favorable situation. Not for either one of them." I asked, "What if it was your mom and dad, Sam? I mean, I don't even know how to feel about any of this." He says, "Well, my dad left when I was still learning to ride a tricycle. So, he's barely much more to me than a photograph in the living room and a random phone call on my birthday...when he remembers. It's not quite the same for me. But my mom brought guys home before. None of them have lasted for more than a few weeks, but...eventually, she's gonna find somebody that she really cares about. And if it sticks? Well, I'm just gonna have to deal with it. That's all there is to it. Give your mom a break. I'm sure she didn't get this far without thinking about how you'd feel about it. If anything, you're probably going to be a major factor in her decision to keep dating the guy or not." Staring off into space, I said, "If that's so...what happens if I tell her to knock it off?" Sam's answer? "Would you really want to?" Then he's like, "I don't think you have it in you to be that cruel, dude. It's just not in your character." With an audible grunt, I said, "You know...just once, I'd like to be stuck in the middle of an emotional crisis and have you agree with me without question." He giggled, "No way. Sometimes, you make the stupidest choices ever, Billy. ONE of us has to be the voice of reason around here." He got another elbow for the comment, but with a lighter, more playful, impact. I'm like, "HURTFUL!!! Geez!" He's like, "Sorry. Hehehe, seriously. You're my boy. I've gotta look out for you, no matter what." I said, "Likewise." And we turned to press our backs against one another to show an added moment of affection. I, honestly, don't think I could have made it this far in my life without his support and understanding. It's so much better than having people YELL at me all the time. Then...Sam was like, "I think I'm gonna break up with Michelle." I said, "I wish I could say that I was sorry, but..." He's like, "I know. She was never your favorite person in the world. It's just...I don't think we have anything in common, you know? We're running out of things to talk about. Not to mention the fact that she's..." He sighed out loud. Saying, "...She's, like, the LEAST sensual person in the world. I mean...we don't have to have sex every day or anything, but...can I get a kiss? Can she hold my hand? Can she say something 'sweet' to me once in a while? Can I flirt with her without her breaking down and crawling back into her shell where she doesn't want to talk to me anymore? I can barely get a fucking hug from her these days without her feeling guilty about showing me some emotion. She's too busy dating 'Jesus' to bother giving me the time of day any more. I just...I wish she wasn't so damn distant all the fucking time. I mean, does that sound selfish of me?" Thinking about it, I said, "Well, I mean...just because you guys aren't compatible in the emotions department, it doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with either one of you. You just need a better match, I guess. Maybe you're both just looking for different things in a relationship." He's like, "Yeah. I guess. It's not that she's a bad person..." I was quick to think back to some of her homophobic remarks and said, "Well, i'm afraid I'll have to take your word on that..." Sam gave me a nudge and a grin, so I left it alone. He said, "I just wish...I want her to be more like...I dunno, more like..." I'm like, "More like Joanna?" I could almost feel Sam melt further into the mattress when I mentioned her name. He's like, "I know I screwed up when we were together. I do. But she's gone now, you know? She doesn't love me anymore. What am I gonna do? Pine over her for the rest of my life? I've gotta believe that there's another girl out there, somewhere, that's going to love me the same way that she did, right? It make take me until I'm 75 years old...but there's still a chance that I can find something as rewarding as Joey's love. At least...that's what I'm hoping for." I was quiet at first. Sam's voice takes on a whole other tone when he's in pain. He may think he's hiding it from me, but I can always tell. Ugh! Is this what he feels when he's noticing my pain? Shit. I feel so exposed right now. Still... Thinking about it, I told him, "Jamie Cross came into my store this week." Sam frowned up his face and grunted out loud. "I fucking HATE that guy!" But, I told him, "He wanted to invite me to some party before the Summer was over. Before we go back to school, you know? A lot of people will be there. Maybe..." Should I say it? Well...I'll say it. "Joanna might be there too. I mean, it's pretty much guaranteed, right?" Fuck. What am I doing??? Am I setting my best friend up for further rejection and heartbreak? Or am I giving him the green light to possibly steal a girl away from Jamie Cross? THE Jamie Cross!!! Is that even possible? What was my plan for all that? Seriously. I almost felt my heart sink when he asked, "Do you really think she'll be there? I mean, will she even talk to me?" I almost didn't want to answer that, but I said, "Couldn't hurt to try. Maybe." I'm making things worse, aren't I? Sam was like, "I should just let her go. I'm done 'chasing' somebody who doesn't want me. Someone who doesn't call me, or write me, or feel any reason to think about me on a daily basis. Out of sight, out of mind. I love her more than that, you know? I actually MISS her when I go more than a day or two without hearing from her. And now she's messing around with this...'Jamie' asshole. He's good looking. So what? I mean, does he love her? Or is she just too shallow to see beyond his mask of 'gorgeous' to even care about anything else?" I said, "You're plenty gorgeous on your own, Sam. Trust me." But he replied, "Thanks...but no thanks. I really felt 'connected' to Joey. And I suck for screwing that whole thing up. I feel like I'm gonna regret that for the rest of my life. Because...as cute as Michelle is...she can't ever be Joey. I don't think anybody will ever be Joey." Sam sighed to himself, and he was like, "I fucked up SO bad, Billy. I really should have given Joanna my all when I had the chance. I didn't realize what I had until I threw it away over some bullshit that doesn't even matter anymore. I was such a selfish brat, dude. I'd give anything to go back and do things differently. I really would." I wasn't sure if I should encourage or discourage him about talking to Joanna again. But he said, "It still hurts, Billy. I could have had someone really special in my life...and I let other stuff get in the way. It's all my fault. I could have been a better man." So I'm like, "It's not your fault. I'm sure she sees you for who you really are. And I'm sure she loves you just fine for it. Maybe she just got wrapped up in other things for a while. Maybe she misses you too." I wasn't LYING with what I was telling him. But...Sam's the best friend I've ever had. How can I just let him wallow in sorrow and misery like this? That's when Sam said, "You know...maybe I'll check out this 'party' thing, after all. I'm not gonna put any kind of scheme together to get her back. Just...it would be nice to talk to her again. I swear, Billy...it was so exciting to just talk to her. She has the cutest laugh. And she had interesting things to say to me. She just...she made me happy. It wasn't just sex. It was so much more than that." I'm like, "Are you sure?" And he says, "Yeah. Couldn't hurt, right?" Then, after fidgeting a bit, Sam says, "God, I'm so horny right now. I get, like...NO sex! It's making me crazy!" I giggled at his confession, but after a few seconds, Sam gave me a playful poke in the side. He's like, "Wow...I said...I'm so HORNY right now! Sure could use some help here!" I laughed out loud, like, "Dude! What the hell? You had your chance. Besides, I've got a sweetheart now. And I'm not gonna fuck it up by fooling around behind his back and thinking he's never gonna find out what I've been up to. So you're back to vaseline and cum rags, buddy." He's like, "C'mon, dude. Just one time. We had fun, right?" I said, "You're not gay." He's like, "I can be...for a few minutes at a time, anyways." I know Sam was joking...ummm...mostly. But as I saw a bulge in his boxers and thought back to the taste of having him in my mouth for the very first time, a fulfillment of countless fantasies that I had entertained about my blond and beautiful best friend for years before finally claiming my reward...I felt my mouth go dry, and had to resist the temptation to add, yet another, 'secret' to my somewhat questionable personal history. I just smiled and told him, "And on that note...I'm gonna go find myself something constructive to do with my day. Hehehe!" And I got out of his bed while he snickered at my refusal for any more 'boy on boy' antics. I'm like, "I'll see you later." God...if only he was actually gay! I'd never give up my Brandon, but it would have been hot to have made it a threesome! Sam said, "You wanna hang out tomorrow? I feel like I wasted most of my Summer by not chilling with my best bro when I had the chance." I said, "Yeah. That would be cool." He's like, "I don't want to come between you and Brandon or anything, of course. If you guys have something planned..." I was quick to tell him, "No, it's ok. Brandon is...well, he's 'busy' on Mondays. So, he won't be around until Tuesday." Sam wrinkled his forehead for a moment. Then he's like, "Busy with what?" I said, "It's a long story. Believe me. We'll hang out tomorrow and I'll try to get into the story, but...let's just say that I have my day free tomorrow." Sam thought that was weird, but we made plans to get together early and just hang out tomorrow. I had almost forgotten how comfortable it was to talk to someone who was basically my twin brother in more ways than I care to think about. It's crazy how you can be so 'open' with certain people in your life, without feeling vulnerable. I thank the stars every day for Sam...and I'm sure I'll spill my problems out at his feet tomorrow. But, knowing Sam like I do...he'll be ok with that. That endears him to me in ways that most people will never understand. Anyway, I had to eventually come home, and my mom and I still didn't have much to say to one another tonight. We just...we didn't feel the need to talk much. She made dinner. I ate dinner. But...then we went to opposite ends of the house and didn't discuss anything more. I don't think our last interaction can simply be glossed over and forgotten about. I feel like we had both crossed a line that we had been dancing on for a while now. And now...we can't just ignore that it didn't happen. We have to deal with it. And neither one of us is ready to build a strategy around that just yet. But...it's coming. I know it is. Andit won't be pretty for either one of us. I guess I'll just deal with that dilemma when it, inevitably, pops up in the near future. Anyway, I need to stop writing. My hand hurts. Seriously...typing on a keyboard is already enough of a chore...but trying to 'hand write' my thoughts in this book is turning into an exhausting exercise. Still, I kinda want to keep it up. Having physical books on my shelf and seeing my own handwriting during times of stress, or joy, or even when I'm half drunk and scratching stuff out (Hehehe! WTF was I doing that night???)...it's a personal representation of who I was in that moment. And I want to remember that. Some day, when I'm all grown up and, hopefully, more mature than I am right now...I want to look back on these books and see my personal script, telling the world who I was, and how I got from point A to point B through struggle and strife and 'stupid choices', as Sam would put it. These are notes on how I became the man that I hope to be in the future. I'd kinda like to remember that. Anyway, I'm sleepy now. I wanna go see Sam early in the morning sowe can spend the whole day together. I know that Brandon's got his obligation to Stevie tomorrow...and that still bugs me. But I didn't say a word to Sam. I kept my word to Brandon, and I just...I hope he can help Stevie through his anxiety issues. Whatever they may be. But I'm gonna call him tomorrow night! It's NOT like I'm checking up on him or anything! K? I just wanna hear his voice. That's all. I miss my baby when he's not around. Ok, I'm gonna stop. I need sleep. I'll write more tomorrow. Hopefully all good stuff. While...my boyfriend hangs outwith his ex...who he still cares so much about... Ugh! Sorry. That sounds jealous. I'll stop now. Later. - Billy
  3. We are still accepting submissions for Imagine Magazine, which is finally back in FULL working order! While issue 39 (To be posted in August!) was mostly finished before we had server issues and had to stop the momentum that we were building with the magazine in 2018 back in March...things are moving forward again! So if you guys have articles about LGBT youth, short stories, or anything else that you'd like to add...please let me know at Comicality@webtv.net so I can save you a spot! We've got featured authors for August and September, but if you want me to promote one of your stories and get more folks to read your work? Let me know! I'd love to help out! Anyway, Imagine returns soon! Feel free to look at previous issues at https://imagine-magazine.org/ and see if you like it! Cool? Enjoy! And get your submissions in as soon as possible so I can get you guys a secure spot ahead of time! ((Hugz)) In advance!
  4. We are still accepting submissions for Imagine Magazine, which is finally back in FULL working order! While issue 39 (To be posted in August!) was mostly finished before we had server issues and had to stop the momentum that we were building with the magazine in 2018 back in March...things are moving forward again! So if you guys have articles about LGBT youth, short stories, or anything else that you'd like to add...please let me know at Comicality@webtv.net so I can save you a spot! We've got featured authors for August and September, but if you want me to promote one of your stories and get more folks to read your work? Let me know! I'd love to help out! Anyway, Imagine returns soon! Feel free to look at previous issues at https://imagine-magazine.org/ and see if you like it! Cool? Enjoy! And get your submissions in as soon as possible so I can get you guys a secure spot ahead of time! ((Hugz)) In advance!
  5. Comicality


    I slept super late today! And even then, I just stayed in bed for a while. I just wanted to take the time to truly appreciate my day off! And I'm in the BEST of moods, right now! Sweet! And I switched days with somebody at work because it's her birthday (You've GOTTA celebrate your birthday! How can I say no?), so that means I have tomorrow off too! That's the best news ever! My laptop has been updated with the new Microsoft 'let's break everything and make it un-usable' update! And I still have that tree in my backyard and a busted fence! LOL! I mean, it's been cut down into smaller pieces and all, but we can't haul it away until the ground in our backyard isn't so wet. I mean...it doesn't rain every day or anything, but it's enough to keep a truck's tires stuck in the mud while trying to get the power to pull a giant friggin' FOREST tree out of the yard. So yeah...it's still, like, total destruction back there. Que sera sera! ANYWAY...just wanted to pop in and say hi! I might try to pop in to the chatterbox chatroom later on tonight. I can't make any promises, but I'll try to stop by for a little while and give you all cuddles. K? In the meantime, I'm gonna give the new "Billy Chase" chapter some polish and post it! It's a bigger than normal chapter, so give me some time to make sure it's not embarrassingly bad. Hehehe! Seezya soon! While you wait... I fuckin' *LOVE* this song and video!!! Omigod, it's an obvious nod to old school Prince! Which is CLASSIC! I think Janelle Monet came out. Not like in a major announcement kinda way, but, yeah...she likes women. Or perhaps both. But, last I heard, she was dating Tessa Thompson (Who played 'Valkerie' in Thor Ragnarok), which is just plain HOT! Love you, Janelle!!! Mwah!
  6. After reading some old archives of Imagine Magazine, I know you like E.T. I thought you'd get a kick out of this:

    @Comicality I don't remember this part ever being in the movie. I think they probably cut it from the DVD. :rolleyes:

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    Summer Break

    Gotchya! i'll be sure to keep babbling when you come back!
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    The super slow down! :O

    So, my laptop has been extremely slow over the past two weeks. And that makes things difficult, but it hasn't halted any of the Shack's progress! K? I just have to work on other things while waiting for my internet to quit acting up! I'm thinking that Microsoft is forcing another update on me, and that's why everything is taking TEN TIMES longer than it should right now! But, whatever. I have the day off today, and I'll be working on emails instead today! So...'close a door and open a window', right? I've been focusing on all of you guys that are brand NEW to the Shack first, and welcoming you to the madhouse! Hehehe! But I never forget my friends, and the folks who go out of their way to write to me, support the stories, and post on the boards! So, you can expect to hear from me as well! Mwah! Love you lots! And just...thanks for thinking about me, you know? Even when I'm not around to 'entertain' and perform like I should be. It means a lot to have a sprinkling of true friends out there in the world! Just know that I appreciate it withmy whole heart! K? Gotta run! Seezya soon! I'll figure things out soon enough! Ps- MASSIVE work has been put In to get the "GFD: Blood Bank" website and "Imagine Magazine" site back in working order! Both are fully functional now, and while there may be a few changes here and there, you guys can visit them whenever you like! Expect new updates in August for both!!! That's just a few weeks away! So stay tuned! K? https://gfdbloodbank.com/ https://imagine-magazine.org/
  9. So, my laptop has been extremely slow over the past two weeks. And that makes things difficult, but it hasn't halted any of the Shack's progress! K? I just have to work on other things while waiting for my internet to quit acting up! I'm thinking that Microsoft is forcing another update on me, and that's why everything is taking TEN TIMES longer than it should right now! But, whatever. I have the day off today, and I'll be working on emails instead today! So...'close a door and open a window', right? I've been focusing on all of you guys that are brand NEW to the Shack first, and welcoming you to the madhouse! Hehehe! But I never forget my friends, and the folks who go out of their way to write to me, support the stories, and post on the boards! So, you can expect to hear from me as well! Mwah! Love you lots! And just...thanks for thinking about me, you know? Even when I'm not around to 'entertain' and perform like I should be. It means a lot to have a sprinkling of true friends out there in the world! Just know that I appreciate it withmy whole heart! K? Gotta run! Seezya soon! I'll figure things out soon enough! Ps- MASSIVE work has been put In to get the "GFD: Blood Bank" website and "Imagine Magazine" site back in working order! Both are fully functional now, and while there may be a few changes here and there, you guys can visit them whenever you like! Expect new updates in August for both!!! That's just a few weeks away! So stay tuned! K? https://gfdbloodbank.com/ https://imagine-magazine.org/
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    Chapter 16

    Hehehe, I was kinda waiting for you to read this one!
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    OH MY!!! :O

    Hehehe...wow. Just...ahem. Let me get back to my Comsie-work. ::Tugs on collar:: Hehehe! https://youtu.be/aDPlWX0ilug
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    Too Cute . . .

    Hehehe, dawwwww! I wanna add this one to the list.
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    Short Stories

    While an extended story with multiple chapters and layers of depth may give a writer enough breathing room to truly build and explore the lives and personalities of the characters they′ve brought to life, I think it′s still a good practice to occasionally go back to writing short, self contained, stories to keep that particular part of their creative muscle strong. Short stories and flash fiction can teach you things than the ′wide open canvas′ style of writing can′t. It can help you to focus your talents, work on self editing, and keep your storytelling less complicated than your average epic saga. Over the past year, I′ve been trying to write more, one-shot, short stories and smaller mini-series, myself, in order to do exactly that. Strengthen my ability to condense and control my writing skills in order to quickly and effectively get to the point without making any grand plans for an entire ensemble cast of characters and any big dramatic plot twists and turns that won′t happen until much much later in the story. Sometimes...keeping things simple is a good thing. And with just the right words and just the right characters, you can create something truly sweet and inspiring without having to make a 72 chapter blowout! Hehehe! So, let′s talk about short stories, shall we? The skill involved in creating a straightforward, one time, story is all about selecting a single situation and describing it in a way where only that single moment matters. Maybe you′re writing about a boy′s first kiss, and that′s great. It can be a moving story that gives your readers a really warm and fuzzy feeling inside when they read it. But (at least for me), my gut instinct is to create a relatable main character, then flesh him out through his actions and dialogue, then introduce the love interest, and then allow the readers to peek in to see how they got to know one another. How they relate to one another. How they get along and ultimately build up to that first kiss...giving it meaning and value and a giddy sense of relief. But, with a short story, you don′t have the time and space for all of that. Find the ′punchline′, and zero in on what′s most important. And only what′s most important. If you decide you want to give some background details about what led up to this miraculous kiss... that′s great! But do it in just a few sentences or perhaps a few, well worded, paragraphs. And tell it, almost, as if it was a flashback. This is who he is, this is how we met, and now we′re ′here′. Done. The idea is to concentrate on the kiss. That′s what the short story is about, right? That′s the punchline! Awesome! Keep it that way. Start your story ten minutes before the kiss happens, and end the story FIVE minutes after the kiss happens. Any bonus details that you add about what led to this moment and what hope there is for future events down the road are welcome, but mostly unnecessary. Practice restricting yourself from getting too far into details that will ultimately lead to ′other′ story elements that aren′t related to that one particular moment in time. For example...if the two characters sharing this kiss grew up together and have been best friends since they were in Kindergarten, and are now celebrating their seventeenth birthday together alone with a movie marathon in their bedroom...cool. All relevant information. However, if you mention parental divorce, or an illness, or ex-boyfriends, sexual confusion, religious constraints, or anything like that...those are details that have more ′story′ behind them. Those are elements that may need extra explanation for them to be considered important to the plot itself. And if you just mention it and then don′t do anything more with that info...then it isn′t important to the plot itself...in which case...why bring it up? Eliminate it from your narrative. Get rid of it. Keep things tightly wound around the special moment in question. It′s a first kiss. Focus on the kiss and nothing else. Don′t add, ″By the way, the boy I′m kissing happens to be a contract killer for the mob!″ Hehehe, that is a detail that will take at LEAST five to ten more pages to fully explain! Five to ten pages that have absolutely nothing to do with this kiss itself. So...stay focused. K? Hehehe! Short stories follow the same basic rules as the longer ones do. The situation at hand is just much more grounded and isolated in nature. The shorter the story, the more precise you have to be with choosing your moment. The story has to have a beginning, a middle, and (hopefully) a satisfying end. Just like any other. But you have to find ways to effectively narrow your vision as much as you can without sacrificing the essential details you need to get our point across. Some stories don′t lead to grand adventure and heartbreaking drama. Sometimes, I write short stories about a guy going to a gay bar for the very first time, or two boys that practice kissing on each other so they can be ready for ′girls′ later on, or about stalking a really cute classmate through his photos online. Those stories are short and to the point, without the need for much explanation beforehand, or much promise for anything afterward. It′s just a golden moment in time. A single snapshot of someone′s life, detailed in words, and then the rest is left up to the reader to figure out for themselves. If you ask me, that can be even more endearing to a section of your audience, sometimes. They can finish building the rest of the story on their own, and they can make it whatever they want it to be. Hehehe, see? You get to deliver the epic romance feel without having to do all the hard work yourself. Awesome, right? Anyway, the point is to occasionally return to your roots and try putting out a short story every now and then. Remember when the thought of writing 3000 to 5000 words in one story seemed like such an impossible chore? LOL! ″I can′t write that much! I don′t have that much to say!″ That was my feeling, at least. But, over time, I started adding details, expanding on my visuals, getting more comfortable with my dialogue and plot structure...and now it′s actually more of a challenge to hold back and keep things simple than it is to elaborate. I′ve learned that it′s best to find your particular niche and find a decent balance between being too broad and being too brief with my ideas. A taste of both is fun, but too much of one or the other can taint the ′broth′, you know? So try it out! When you get the inspiration for a scene or a short story that doesn′t really lend itself to a much bigger project, try writing it out and posting it for your readers to see every now and then. I think it′s FUN, myself! Hehehe! But I′m a psycho, so don′t take my example as anything made of sound mind! But, not only does the practice keep your perspective clear and fresh from time to time, but you get the chance to experiment with new and unique ideas whenever you feel inspired. Different styles of writing...and it helps you to truly learn how to paint a crisp and clear vision in a single scene without losing sight of what that scene is all about. A skill that will definitely help you out when you′re writing your epic ′War And Peace′ sized novel...and want one major scene or another to stand out as the centerpiece of that part of the book! Get it? Good! As always, I hope this helps spark a few ideas, and I wish you guys the best of luck! Seezya soon!
  14. https://www.gayauthors.org/story/comicality/jessie-101onlinecelebrity/ Hehehe, yes, I am aware that you guys just got a new "Jesse-101" chapter a few weeks ago! Well, now you get another one! I hope you guys like it! And let me know what you think when you guys get a chance! K? "Jesse-101" was a story that was inspired by my earliest experiences with YouTube vlogs when they were really taking off! I thought that was the coolest thing in the world, that your average teenager could basically have his own TV show online and share it with the whole world! Shortly after, the Shack had a game where we tested our 'gaydar'! I chose about 15 to 20 teens and college students with multiple videos on their channel, and half of them were openly gay, half of them were straight. (ALL of them cute, of course!) And everyone had to look for certain hints or cues or mannerisms to figure out which was which. It was a fun exercise, and there were some surprises too for everybody involved. Thus, the idea of "Jesse-101" was born! And here we are! Twenty Three chapters later! Thanks for supporting this story from the very beginning! I couldn't let a 20 year anniversary celebration pass by without adding this Shack favorite to the list! Have fun!
  15. "Jesse-101" Online Celebrity Chapter Twenty Three: "Broken Restraints" By the time Lori had taken one look at the highly expressive grin on my face the next day in school...she was already beginning to hound me about my life and trying to figure out what was going on with me. She was WAY too nosy to let it go! And I was WAY too excited to not spill the beans! So, once again...Lori and I prove to be unnaturally compatible in every way imaginable. That should have been expected from the very beginning, though. Even when we argue, it's a rarity that Lori and I are out of sync with one another. "You're happy." She said. "Which means you've either gone mad, or something really cool happened recently. Which is it?" "Well, if I had gone crazy...would I really know that I was crazy?" "Don't avoid my commentary, you dick!" Lori grinned. I instantly caved in. WHAT? What good is it to be this excited if I couldn't share it with my best friend? "Jesse and I have a date for Friday! He wants to take me out again!" "Oh wow! You did it? You actually asked him out on a date like you said???" She had to subdue one of her fangirl squeals with both of her fists balled up in front of her mouth. "I didn't have to, actually." I said, and with a wink, added, "Jesse beat me to it." Lori melted. "Omigod...that boy is soooo sweet to you!" "I KNOW, right?" I said. "He's, like...super anxious for it too." "Psh! Like you aren't?" "God, Lori...he's SO perfect! In every possible way! I've never felt like this before. Not for anybody. It's unreal." She playfully stuck out her bottom lip, and asked, "So when are you gonna bring Jesse to come hang out with the rest of us?" If I had been chewing gum, I would have swallowed it. "What the..." There was a pause between us, and I was like, "I don't know. I hadn't really thought about it." Her jaw dropped slightly, "Hadn't thought about it? Really? You mean to tell me that you've got no plans to share any of your good fortune with us?" "Share??? No! Well, I mean...what do you..." "Oh, I get it! Hehehe! Tristan's got a serious cutie on his arm, so now he wants to hog the unforgivably beautiful celebrity Youtube boy all to himself? That's SO not fair!" I know that she was just teasing, but this was something that had honestly never crossed my mind before today. "It's not like that, Lori, I just..." I tried to come up with an appropriate collection of words that would explain my suddenly being challenged by such a simple question. "...It would be weird, ok?" "What the..." She said. "What would be weird about it?" "You know what I mean." "I don't think I do." "C'mon, Lori. I just need to..." "Don't forget that you were being a total bitch about even talking to Jesse before WE stepped in and forced you two to become an item!" "I KNOW! Ok? I do. And I'll be in your debt FOREVER for you unleashing the fury on me about that! But...I just...I want a little bit of time for us to get to know each other a little better before...well, you know..." I whined. "Before Michelle and I embarrass the shit out of you? Is that it?" She said, and then gave me a silly smirk, with me rolling my eyes, unable to hold back a smirk of my own. "You are being so extra right now. I can't believe you." "What happened to you wanting totake a step back and giving me some space to be happy? Huh? Wasn't that what you told me on the phone?" "So, you pick NOW to finally take some of my wise advice without having me cram it down your throat? Great!" "I'll bring him by to join the crew. I promise! Just...let me enjoy this for a bit longer. He feels the same way, for the record. He wants it to just be the two of us for a while. I mean, you get it...right? It's not a diss, I swear." Lori sighed to herself. "I know." Then she rolled her eyes as well, "Go have fun with your sexy new boyfriend, ya big ol' diva. But don't think for one second that I'm going to forget about this! We want to drool over Jesse too, ya know?" "Hehehe, my life wouldn't be complete if I didn't have my besties and my boyfriend in the same room at some point. You know me better than that." I said, giving her a hug around the shoulders and a light kiss on the forehead. Then, I felt her tense up a bit as she looked over my shoulder. "Fuck..." She grumbled. "What? What's the matter?" "Don't look, dude. Just...keep hugging me, k?" "Huh?" I thought it was odd, but then I heard a familiar voice over my shoulder. "Are you done with your little temper tantrum yet?" Something about Jason Fixx's voice just makes my skin crawl sometimes. But things were different this time around. I was in love. And I was spending time with someone who actually met me more than half way to give that same love, trust, and respect, BACK to me...instead of only being concerned with what HE was getting out of the whole deal. It was an entirely different situation. A different feeling. Turning around to look Jason in the eye, I was almost ashamed that I had ever given him the time of day in the first place. When is this loser going to take the hint? "Tantrum?" I asked. "I can't remember throwing a tantrum your way. Sorry." "You, totally, are Tristan. I sent you a message the other day. Didn't you get it?" "Yeah. I got it. And then I got rid of it." I told him. "Jason...you and I don't have anything to talk about. We're done." "Why are you being such a pussy about this? What's with the excess drama? Let's just put the bullshit behind us and get together some time. Quit being so difficult." He said, causing me to shake my head and laugh. "I don't think you're hearing me, Jason. So let me simplify this for you, so it can wiggle past your insufferable ego! I'm not interested. At ALL. NOTHING that you have to say has any meaning to me, whatsoever, anymore. It's just noise. Nothing more. I don't even care enough to be upset anymore. You're just...trash." I told him. "You had your chance to treat me like a decent human being, and you fucked it up. You were too selfish to care about my feelings when you had them aimed in your direction...and now you think you can bully your way back into having me give a shit about you again? No. You can't. I don't feel anything for you anymore. Nothing. You're the one mistake that is well on its way towards being forgotten about. I don't want to talk. I don't want to 'hang out'. I sure as hell don't want to get back together. You have nothing of value to offer me. I just don't have the capacity to care anymore. I can't be more clear than that. Sorry." I said, seeing Jason's reaction go from disbelief to one that almost resembled a convincing feeling of 'loss'. "I know that you'll probably go home and think that I'm the one being the asshole here, and that's fine. Think what you want. Whatever it takes to help you sleep at night. But, deep down, you know the truth. You had me, Jason. Ignorant and naive as I was...I was totally down to stand beside you, no matter what. But you ruined it. You, and you alone. What you've done to me, at this point, goes way beyond you simply saying you're sorry. You abused me until I finally realized that I don't have any use for a monster like you in my life. We're done. So...you're only left with two choices now." I said. "You can either learn from this, and treat the other people in your life better than you ever treated me...or you can try to blame me for being a 'pussy', and keep up with this behavior until you've alienated every single person in your life who took a chance on ever giving a fuck about you until they're all gone. Because I don't. Not anymore. And I never will again." I was surprised to see Lori standing there...speechless! Joyfully so! And before walking away from him, I said, "There. I'm done with my little 'tantrum'. I'll leave you to get back to your own life without me now. Ta- ta!" As much animosity as they've had for one another since our big break up, I think my defiant comments shocked both Lori and Jason Fixx into a state of utter paralysis! Neither one of them expected me to handle the situation the way that I did. Hell, until I was in the middle of it...I can't really say that I expected it myself! What the hell just happened? Did I really just tell Jason Fixx to fuck off, once and for all? A few weeks ago, I was pining away over his misuse of my body and soul, craving his validation and his approval of me! And now? God...he just didn't fucking matter! What was I thinking, trying to reason with that asshole? Why did I allow him to bring me down to his level? I'm so much better than that. And Jesse? Hehehe, Jesse brings me up to a level so high that I can't even SEE Jason Fixx's bullshit from here. Wow...it took a lot of time and effort to get to the point where I really hated Jason for everything that he was. But I never thought I'd reach a point where he ceased to have any impact on me at all. This is an entirely new feeling for me. One that I feel, finally, set me free. Jason sucked his teeth and made an attempt to look like he blew me off first with a dismissive gesture and a few curse words...but I wasn't watching. And I wasn't listening. This wasn't an act...I really did NOT care! Hehehe, and that felt so GOOD! You have no idea! "Tristan! My fuckin' HERO! What was that???" Lori said, nearly knocking me over with a hug from the side. "I don't know! I just...I feel like I'm top of the world right now! Everything is awesome!" Hehehe, it made me think of Jesse's singing over the phone, but I tried to keep my focus, regardless. "I think I can see why you were so angry about me sticking up for him before. Omigod, Lori, that guy is totally worthless! What was I thinking?" "I can't believe you just did that!" "I can't either. I kinda expected Jason to just go away and stay away. But now, he's like...obsessed with me. I almost wish I still found something to mildly like about the guy." I told her, resisting the urge to turn around to see if he was still watching us walk away. Nope. I won't do it. I said what I said it was a perfect opportunity to break things off right then and there...maybe he'll finally get a clue. "Holy shit, dude! I've never been more proud of you in my entire life!" She said, and then she started tearing up. "Whoah! No no no...stop that! Don't start crying!" I begged her, but she just fanned her face with both hands and let the tears run wild anyway. "It's just...he was so fucking CRUEL to you for so fucking long! And for no fucking reason at ALL!!! And you just sat there and took it like a champ without fighting back because...because you didn't want to be the asshole that he was. And now? Now you've got this amazing life that you're building up for yourself from square one, and you...you finally told that creep to go FUCK himself!!! And I don't think he even deserved that much of a response from you! It's just so...so special..." Lori's voice started to crack, and I looked around the hallway to see who was watching this meltdown as I tried to get her emotions back under her control before she started blowing snot bubbles out of her nose. "Lori...babe, you know I love you, but...can we stop? This is weird." I said. "Omigod, I gotta hug you! Come here!" "NO!!! You're all...wet and nasty. How about you come back and hug me later!" I said, but she was already pressing her face into my excuse for a boy chest. I cringed a bit, hearing her sniffle and swallow mucus as her sloppy expression of joy began to soak the fabric of my shirt. Ugh! I might as well just wrap my arms around her and hug her already. Anything to cut this 'bonding' time in half. "Ok. Alright. Ummm...there, there." I said. "I'm sorry, Tris. This is like a whole new milestone. We should celebrate." She said, wiping her eyes. "Great. We can do it at the laundromat while I try to get your snot and smeared makeup out of my shirt." "What? My makeup is running? Omigod, I've got to fix up." And with that, she let me go and headed towards the girl's bathroom to pretty up again. I called out, "Doesn't do much for my shirt, now does it?" "I love you, Tris!" "Lori!" But the protective barrier of the bathroom door had already closed behind her. "I still have three periods to go, ya know..." I mumbled to myself. But whatever. She was right. This felt like the beginning of a brand new day as far as life and love were concerned. A breath of fresh air. Naturally, Jason wasn't the kind of person who would take me having the last word on this fiasco kindly...but I barely found the need to care about that either. He was like that tiny house spider that you see crawling on the wall...on the other side of the room...way up by the ceiling...and you just shrug your shoulders because you don't want to waste the energy getting up to smash it with a napkin. It's like, 'meh'...whatever. This whole 'being in love' thing really changes a person, ya know? Both Lori and Michelle had a billion questions to ask me as they drove me home from school that day, but I didn't really have much to tell them. Jesse didn't really fill me in on much of a game plan. All I knew is that it would be a public place, he offered to pay, and he couldn't wait to see me again. Hehehe, that was definitely enough to sell ME on the idea! What more info did I need? Just as I was climbing out of the back seat of the car, Lori wailed, "Can you take a selfie of you guys kissing? I've GOTTA finally see what it looks like for you to kiss another boy! I can't stand the mystery!" "Shhhh! Jesus! Shout my secrets all over the neighborhood, why don't you?" I said, shutting the door. But, when she rolled her window down, I said, "I'll think about it." And turned to walk up the driveway to my house. "I'll be thinking about it too! I'm not gonna forget!" "I love you, Lori!" I grinned, and kept walking. So...a Friday night date. I was thinking that I'd have to come up with a decent excuse for my mom to let me hop on a bus and travel halfway across town without giving her any concrete details, but...it turns out that she just gave me the weirdest little smile when I told her that I was thinking of going out with a 'friend' tonight. It was the kind of smile a mother gives you when you give her a handmade ashtray from Summer camp...even though she doesn't smoke. She's just touched that you thought of her while you were away. Geez, I hope she's better at keeping her composure than Lori was. If my shirt gets any more snot-soaked, I'm going to have to burn the damn thing! I showered, brushed my teeth, and waited for my hair to dry a bit before teasing the everlovin' shit out of it. I picked a bright red t-shirt to wear, covered by a light blue jean jacket. I took time to pick out this combo because I think it brings out my eyes. Jesse loves my eyes. Then again, he has a fascination with my ass too. Hehehe, so I grabbed some pants that didn't look deliberately tight...but tighter than what I would normally wear. Might as well not deny my new boyfriend a bit of a 'show', right? I'm not done making my first impression on him yet. Do you think he thinks about my butt? Like...does he dream about me? Does he get in his bed, late at night, and strip down while thinking about pushing himself into my... "Honey?" My mom knocked twice on the door, and I found myself nearly diving on the bed, face first, to hide the sudden bulge in the front of my pants before she opened it up. WHAT? What does she want? What could she possibly need from me right NOW at this very moment? Jesus! "Mom...c'mon, I'm getting dressed..." I grunted. "I know. I just wanted to give you something for your...'outing' tonight. That's all." And when I looked back, my mom put twenty five whole dollars on top of my dresser! What the... "Huh? What's that for?" I asked. "It's just a little something extra. So you and your friends can have fun tonight." She said, giving me that ridiculous 'Mom grin' again. "This doesn't mean that you can break curfew. You hear?" "I know. Eleven O'clock, Eleven Thirty with a phone call and a good excuse." I said, repeating the mantra from memory. "That's right." She said. "And what's the only good excuse?" "That I'm on my way home already." I moaned. "Good boy." She leaned in and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Go have a blast, sweetie." Well...that's ONE surefire way to get rid of a boner for your boyfriend in a hurry. I know that Jesse said he would pay for everything, but I kind of liked the idea of maybe buying him some stuff too. Or at least having the option to. I was feeling rather independent tonight, I figured that I might as well keep that momentum going for as long as I could. Alright, so...is this officially our second date now? Do I count going over to his house and having him...ummm...'put his mouth on me'? That was more of, like, a friendly visit with a huge bonus. Hehehe! I don't know, but I made sure to walk slowly to the bus stop. Didn't want to get all heated and sweaty. Besides, there's still a bit of nervousness when it comes to being close to Jesse. I'm sure I'm going to shake myself to pieces, no matter what, when I see him face to face again. But as I saw the bus coming from a distance, I got a message on my phone. All I saw was a picture of Jesse making this CRAZY face, with his tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth and crossing his eyes! Hahaha, what the hell? The message said, "Getting all pretty for you tonight! See ya soon! MWAH!" That boy is just the right kind of crazy. I'm on my way, Jesse. I'm on my way.

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