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  1. Comicality

    Wanted to share! :)

    Matt baume has more videos on YouTube with similar content, so subscribe when and if you get a chance. I really like his stuff, and wanted to share!
  2. My apologies for last week's 'unpleasantness'. Hopefully, we can be done with that for a while. Anyway, a brand new chapter is up, and I hope you guys like it! Let me know what you think when you get a chance! K? Take care, and I'll seezya soon! https://www.gayauthors.org/story/comicality/jessie-101onlinecelebrity/
  3. "Jesse-101" Online Celebrity Chapter Twenty Two: "The Shortest Distance Between Two Boys Is A Gay Line" When I heard Jesse's phone ringing, I got my chest all puffed up and stuck out with a pride that was pushing an air of utter arrogance...but was still tainted with just enough fear and insecurity to keep me from being too overconfident in talking to Jesse again. After all...boyfriend or not, I couldn't really diminish the awe and amazement that came along with talking to Jesse in the first place, could I? Then he answered. "Tristan?" Omigod...did he always sound this cute, or was he doing this on purpose for this particular occasion. My chest deflated immediately, my bold attitude shrinking and shriveling up to the size of a penny as I found myself completely helpless against his charms again. So much for having a plan. "Are you there?" He asked, not getting an immediate response from me. "Hello?" "Yeah..." I sighed with a smile. "...I'm here." "Oh good. Hehehe, I was starting to think that maybe you just 'butt dialed' me by accident. Which, now that I think about it, sounds kinda hot. Your butt can dial me up anytime it wants to." Oh wow! Ok, it's official. I must have caught Jesse on one of his super adorable nights. It was hard to steady myself, to be honest. Jesse Kyler was on the phone right now, and he was happy to talk to me. How many gay teens on the vast expanse of the internet would be ravenously jealous of me right now if they knew that? "Is everything ok?" He asked. "Yeah. Sure. Everything is awesome." I blushed. Ugh, he's not even here to SEE me and I'm still turning red in the face. Then, Jesse started singing the CUTEST version of 'Everything Is Awesome' from 'The Lego Movie' that my ears have ever heard! Hahaha! "Everything is awesommmmme! Everything is cool when you're part of a team! Everything is awesommmmme..." I could almost hear him dancing a little bit on the other side of the phone, and it gave me a sudden rush of warm and fuzzy chills to imagine him being so adorable. So I finished the next lyric for him, "...When you're living your dreammmm!" Yeah, my voice squeaked a little bit, and I felt a little silly doing it so I started giggling halfway through it, but I did it anyway. My chest shaking with an infatuated vibration the entire time. That's when I heard Jesse gasp out loud, asking, "OMIGOD!!! You've seen 'The Lego Movie'???" My face, getting even more heated as my blush reached critical levels of playful embarrassment, "Hahaha! Of course! That's, like, one of my favorite movies, ever!" "Mine TOO!" He giggled, cheerfully. Then he sighed out loud, and said, "Jesus, Tristan...could you be any more perfect for me? What the hell, dude? You are TOO cool!" "Hehehe, stop it..." I grinned. "I just liked the same movie. That's all." He said, "I have it on BluRay! Dude...the next time you come over, we're watching it together. Ok? I think that would be crazy. Artie and I watch it ALL the time!" Then he sighs again, in the dreamiest way possible, "Everything about you totally blows my mind. You know that right?" "I find that hard to believe." I told him. "It's true. I feel like I'm flying every time I think about you. I get this unprecedented surge of boyhood feels and I find myself ignoring everything else in life just so I can daydream about being with you again. It's kinda taken over my life." What the...? Did I lose my perception of reality, or what? Wasn't I supposed to be blurting this out to Jesse instead of having him blurt it out to me? This whole thing just feels so WEIRD to me sometimes! Hehehe, I don't think I'll ever get used to it! "Well, ummm...hehehe, good." I stammered. There I go, practically levitating off of my bedroom floor again. Jesse giggled sweetly for a moment, then he says, "I made our selfie picture from the mall my screensaver on my laptop." "You did?" I asked. "Ummm...yeah." He said, a hint of hesitation in his delivery once I made the inquiry. "It's really cool to look at sometimes." He paused for a moment, but I could tell that he was smiling. Biting his bottom lip in that adorable manner that always drove me crazy. Hehehe! "Is that, like...is that okay?" Immediately, I said, "That's super cool! Yeah!" "Are you sure? I don't wanna be creepy or anything. I just...I love being able to see your face sometimes. It's like...essential to my life now, you know?" What a ROMANTIC thing to say to me! GAH!!! I'm losing it, here! I mumbled, "It's ok. I think it's cool that you...ummm...that you think about me when I'm not around. I think about you too." Omigod, my chest was thumping so hard that I was worried that Jesse would hear it over the phone. "Ugh! Why am I still so nervous when I talk to you? It's all so confusing. Hahaha! This is so backwards!" "I'll say!" I told him. "You're supposed to be the online celebrity here! What the heck do you have to be nervous about?" "No really, Tristan...I feel like...like..." He squirmed a bit, and he's like, "...I can't stop shaking. I'm trying to sit still. But...my body isn't really under my control right now. You scare me a little bit." "Hahaha, WHY?" I asked. "BECAUSE...I'm so...caught up in everything that you are. I mean, do you even get it? You just...you turn me upside down every time I talk to you. It's scary, but it's kinda cool at the same time. I don't know if I'm saying this right. Hehehe! I haven't been the most 'stable' person in the world since you've come along." "Are you making me responsible for your sanity, or lack thereof?" I joked. "Yes. Yes, I am." He snickered. But, after a short pause between us, he bashfully admitted, "I really do think about you all the time, you know? It's true. I think I need to keep Artie close so he can tell me when to shut up about how awesome you are." ​ Deflecting the compliment, I said, "I'm sure he just loves that. Hehehe!" "He does! You know, that first day he saw you in the mall, he couldn't stop talking about you either. He actually sketched a cartoon picture of you to show me what you looked like." "Awww, that's so sweet!" I said. "I feel kinda bad now." "Don't. He's ok with it all. I mean, he wishes it was him that caught your eye and not me...but he'll get himself a boyfriend some time soon. Boys fawn all over him online all the time. Artie could pick up a boyfriend tomorrow if he wanted one. He's just...'shy', that's all." Giggling, I said, "I believe you. I'm pretty sure that I have a boy that lives down the street from me who would totally sweep Artie off of his feet if he was given the chance." Jesse laughed. "Wait...are you for real? Who is this boy?" "A neighbor of mine." I told him. "Wait, what?" He gasped. "Should I be worried about this? Hehehe!" "Oh GOD, no!" I giggled. He's like, "Is this other boy...I mean, is he like us? Does he like guys?" "I'm pretty sure that he does. I never came right out and asked him or anything, but I'd be lying if I said he was subtle about the hints he's been giving me." Jesse's voice got a bit more quiet. "So...has he been showing 'interest' in you and stuff, or...?" I don't know why it made me laugh, but Jesse just seemed so adorable and sweet about asking me. "Are you jealous?" "I dunno. Should I be?" "I just TOLD you...no need for all that. Hehehe!" "I know, but..." Jesse sighed, but stopped himself from going into more detail. "...So you think he might like Artie, huh?" I could tell that he was pushing the issue a bit. Hell, having Scotty Lynch fall for Artie and vice versa could be a relief for the both of us. I said, "To be honest, I can't imagine him not going absolutely bonkers for Artie at first sight. Seriously. And he's CUTE too! Artie would flip! Do you want me to bring him over so they can meet?" Jesse giggled, "Ummm, yeah. Sure. Artie's aching to make out with somebody. He's a big softie at heart. If he wasn't my best friend, I'd be flattered to have him go all to pieces over me like he does for some boys." "Ok! I'll be sure to bring him over some time!" I beamed, but Jesse was quickto slow my momentum. "Well, I mean, you don't have to bring anybody with you right away! I mean, it can just be you and me for a while, right?" I swear that I could feel the warmth of his infatuated blush over the phone. "I wanna see you, Tristan. Seriously." I said, "But...you've got our mall selfie pic on your computer. And I've got your Youtube videos. We can see each other whenever we want to, right?" "Hehehe, that's not good enough!" "Why not???" I grinned. "Because!" He replied. "You're too pretty for that to be enough! That's why!" "What are you talking about? Stop that!" I began to wiggle uncontrollably, the flattering tingles nearly causing me to pass out right then and there. "Omigod, you're so CUTE! What are you doing tonight? Let's, like...let's get together and do something." He said. I had to cover my mouth as I laughed out loud at the notion of it. "Hahaha! Get together and do what, exactly!" "I don't know! Whatever you want! I need to see you." I tried to laugh it off, seeing as Jesse could be so spontaneously silly that I could never tell if he was being serious or not. I was like, "You're kidding, right? Jesse, it's like nine O'clock at night." "So?" "Hehehe...so...I don't know if I can get out of the house right now. It's crazy late." "SO???" He giggled. "Can you find a way to sneak out or something?" I'm like, "NO! Dude, you're hilarious." But Jesse stayed eager about the idea. "Hold on a sec. I'm gonna check the bus schedules on my phone to see what's running at this time of night. I'll meet you half way, I swear. Lemme see..." I laughed again, as he took his phone away from his sexy face and seemed to actually be actively checking the bus schedules in his area and mine. "How fast can you get to the corner of...wait...no, that's too far from your house. What's your address again? I'll type it in and find something closer to you..." "Jesse...hehehe, what are you doing?" "I need to see you. I'm going crazy over here." "I can't just sneak out of the house and take a bus across town." "DO IT! C'mon! It'll be awesome!" He said, the springs in his mattress squeaking as his cute little butt bounced on it in anticipation for me caving in to his whim and going along with his sneaky scheme. "I can't." I said. "Honestly...I wish I could, but...it might have to wait until we can come up with a better plan or something." Jesse sighed in the cutest way. "Tristan...you're making me sad. Can you hear me being sad right now? I'm soooooo sad." "STOP! Hehehe, you're not playing fair!" Then he says, "I'm sorry. I just..." He fidgeted a bit. "...Whenever I think about you, I turn on my computer because I feel like I just have to see your face. And once I see your face, I want to hear your voice. And now that I'm hearing your voice...it's still not enough. I feel like I'm missing you right now, even while I'm talking to you. This feeling is so crazy." Melting into a puddle myself, I mumbled, "I'm missing you too, Jesse." "Hey, I've got an idea for a plan! I wanna take you out on another date this weekend. It'll be some place really cool, I promise. When can you get away and make it out here?" He asked. "Ummm...hehehe, I dunno. Friday, maybe? After school, of course." "That's perfect. Do you wanna go out? I'll pay. We can make a night of it." Jesse sounded so excited. I was blushing so hard that it literally became hard for me to breathe. I've never had a boy so eager to please me before. "M'kay. I'll go out with you as soon as I come home and change clothes, or whatever." I said. "SWEET!!! You get yourself all pretty and yummy looking, and I'll make sure we have a good time. K?" I giggled as he bounced around over the idea, and then he said, "I'm gonna be thinking about you until then." "I'll be thinking about you too..." Am I getting hard? I'm already hard! Geez, when did that happen. We're just talking. I wasn't thinking about sex, was I? Maybe it's just the sound of Jesse's voice that gets me all hot and bothered this way. "I've gotta go..." I said. Disappointed, Jesse said, "Ok." Then he added, "I'm falling in love with you. You know that right?" Breathless. "Yeah. Me too." "See you Friday." "Yep. Friday." I didn't know what else to say. It was awkward to embellish on much of anything, seeing as my heart was already on the verge of exploding in a fireworks display of rainbow glitter and sparkles. "See ya soon..." It actually hurt my feelings to hang up the phone. What have I gotten myself into? I can see why they call it 'falling' in love, because that's exactly what it feels like. No way to slow myself down. Nothing to grab onto. No way to break my fall if I hit rock bottom. It can be kind of scary, but I have to be honest and admit to enjoying the ride on the way down. Trying to stand up, my erection poking out in front of me in the most obscene way possible, I found myself immediately caving in to the simplest of naughty thoughts. I walked over to close and lock my bedroom door...just in case, and reached for the button and zipper on my pants, letting them fall to the floor before stepping out of them. Taking a hold of my inches never felt so good. My eyes rolled back as I lay back on my bed sheets and pulled the box of tissues close to me, preparing for the inevitable mess. Masturbation had become such an essential part of my daily routine. It was right up there with brushing my teeth and doing homework. But with Jesse in my life, there were times when it became a near emergency for me. I needed it. I needed it so badly at that moment. Oh my God... I imagined kissing those magical lips of his. Feeling his skin sliding against my own, and the warmth of his breath on the nape of my neck. I wanted Jesse on top of me, with my legs wrapped around him while his hardness teased my hungry opening with a few random pokes and prods. I yearned for his penetration. The idea of having Jesse Kyler inside of me was almost too erotic for me to keep from whimpering out loud. Especially when I used my other hand to reach down underneath my spread legs...the tip of my middle finger pushing it's way between my soft cheeks and touching the tightly wrinkled entrance to my warmth. Ohhhh, if only it was Jesse. My Jesse. I would be so ready and wet for him... It didn't take me long at all. A single minute, maybe two? There was no 'edging', no prolonged fantasies or holding back my eruption. Just a sweet and desperate release. Thick splashes of heated seed covered my stomach and chest, with one overzealous squirt landing just under my chin...slowly sliding down my neck as I fought to catch my breath. My tip was too sensitive for me to maintain my grip. So sensitive, in fact, that when I reached for the tissues to clean myself up, I jumped and shuddered from the feel of the material sliding over the sticky slit. My eyes flew open and I had to give myself a few more seconds to calm down. Jesus! I mopped the rest of my mess off of my stomach and made sure to get the stuff between my fingers and off of my palm. I'm going to have to go to the bathroom and get a warm cloth to get it all, but I had to get clean enough to make it to the bathroom without looking like a friggin' glazed donut! Hehehe, but I took a few minutes to just lay back and...breathe. You know? I've got a boyfriend. A sexy boyfriend! And I know that we've really only fooled around a little bit so far, but...what if we actually get a chance to be alone? I mean, really alone. What if we get to have some real sex some time in the near future? How HOT is that? What if we turn out to be soul mates, and we stay together forever...kissing and having sex and making each other pancakes and eggs for breakfast? I had to giggle to myself as the post orgasmic tingles rolled through me, unrestricted. There was a time when I honestly thought that blowing Jason Fixx out behind the dumpsters of the old strip mall was as good as it got. I never thought that finding someone like Jesse was even possible. It was a silly wet dream to entertain while looking at the cute boys on TV or celebrity magazines. It never crossed my mind that something like this was within my reach. But it WAS! This whole experience opened up doors to a reality that I never knew existed. You really CAN have that super cute boyfriend that you've been dreaming about. You can fall in love and have them love you back. You can 'date' each other, and laugh together, and miss each other when you're apart. Maybe this seems mundane for most people...but for me? This being my first time experiencing this and all... ...My mind is blown. And the world is going to be a very different place for me from now on. A life filled with the promise of miracles. There's more magic in that outlook than you'll ever know. Not until you feel it for yourself.
  4. Comicality

    Hehehe, NAILED it! XD

    I believe they're Japanese, but I might have that wrong. Still, AWESOME cover! Hehehe, the wigs and the dance moves and everything! :: Applause ::
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    Darker Themes

    There are going to be times, every now and again...when the written content of your stories may take a very dark turn, or veer off into situations that are somewhat uncomfortable for other readers to absorb as readily as they do some of your 'brighter' themes. This can be an intimidating atmosphere for you to thrive in. The gritty realities and graphic nature of the story that you want to tell may be too much for some of your readers to handle or understand. But, while there is the temptation to avoid darker themes and controversial material at all costs, especially with the sheer brutality of the typical ′internet comment section′ working against you...I say GO for it anyway! They′ll get over it. The people who pretend to be the most offended by the story you wrote have NO problem ripping the author to shreds with their opinions. So you might as well balance things out by treating them the same way when you′re writing what′s in your heart. Hehehe, that being said, there are ways to tell a ′heavy′ tale without having it totally wreck the lives of the people absorbing it for the first time. Still, there are some stories with sensitive, and sometimes disturbing, details that deserve to be told. Whether your reading public is ready for it or not isn′t your concern. They have the option to stop reading. Period. But, as a writer, you have the right to bleed through your words and tell your story any way that you see fit. You just have to find a way to keep things ′accessible′ so at least some of your audience can latch onto it, and appreciate it for what it is. That′s the topic that I′m going to tackle today. So let′s get DARK! The thing about many of these darker themed stories you may read online...is that they often come from a very personal place in the heart of the writer. It′s not always an author trying to be dark for the sake of being dark. Sometimes, it′s a much needed healing process, translated into fiction and created to convey some kind of message or express some sort of personal tragedy. Stories of loss, heartbreak, suicide, rape, physical or emotional abuse...they can be extremely hard to digest for some readers. And if they take it too close to heart, they may end up turning away from the project instead of dealing with the turmoil the story is putting them through. That′s understandable. But if this is a story that you really want to tell, something you really want to put out there for public consumption, then do it. Why not? Get it off of your chest. Share it with other people who might relate and feel even closer to the work than you do. You may touch something deep within them that they haven′t fully dealt with themselves. So every paragraph may end up being a therapy session for the both of you. Again, these stories are often very personal in nature. You′ll never find a more exposed artist than one who is delivering you an unrestricted look at their pain. There′s a rawness in it. Strip every piece of armor away and speak from the heart. It connects to an audience in a way that your ′happy go lucky′ romance stories just can′t. So, if you′ve been holding off on giving a dark themed story a try...maybe you′ll change your mind and step up to the plate after you finish this article. Hehehe, I′d love to read it! But, then again, I happen to be a very dark individual, myself, at times. So that′s just me. There are a lot of readers out there who use fiction as an escape from the problems and stressful impact of the world at large. They may be looking for something cheerful, or uplifting, or inspirational. But that may not be the kind of story that you want to tell. And that can shake a percentage of your audience out of their comfort zone in ways that they weren′t looking for and don′t appreciate in the long run. When it came to some very painful memories about my own past, and I felt the need to talk about it and add them to one or two of the stories that I was writing for the site...I had some difficulty with it at first. I dealt with some extremely abusive memories growing up in a household with a father that was...ummm, less than fatherly. I remember adding ′elements′ of that abusive relationship in a few stories, but I clearly wasn′t ready to tackle that situation yet. Especially when I added it (Briefly) to ″New Kid In School″. If you notice, that plot point was rather quickly written out of the story, and never brought up again. I simply wasn′t practiced enough to take the theme head on like I wanted to. Not at that time. In ″Gone From Daylight″, I tried to do the same, but it was a side story until I was more comfortable talking about it. However...when the time came where I really wanted to tell a ′no holds barred′ account from my personal experience with physical domestic abuse...I started writing ″My Only Escape″, and that was the right time for me to do so. That was my release. A lot of that story is autobiographical, and I still have moments where I have to deal with the aftermath of what happened way back then, even when I would rather leave it behind for good. But it was a story that I felt was dying to get out, and since it′s first chapter, I have received sooooo many emails from people who could relate in one way or another. Emails of support, and sympathy, and encouragement, as well as messages of people who had gone through similar experiences (Or who were younger, and experiencing them currently). I have NO regrets, whatsoever, about finally writing that story, and waiting for a time when I was emotionally stable enough to get it right. If you have a painful part of your past that you want to bring to the screen, and tell from a perspective that only others in your position can truly understand...then don′t wait. Do it. Pour your whole heart and soul into it. Let your voice be heard, and know that your writing had an impact on your readers that they′ll remember. Good or bad. Three things to remember when writing a story that may come off as a bit disturbing to your readers, are as follows... Give it meaning! If you′re going to sink into some truly dark themes and bring that into your story, make sure that you′re doing it for a legitimate reason. NOT for shock value. Shock value doesn′t last long, and will ultimately just become a part of your story that people would rather forget about instead of taking it to heart. If you′re going to have a rape scene, or a drug overdose...a suicide attempt, or someone battling terminal cancer...then I think writers should make sure that it is actually a part of the main character′s growth and evolution as a person. Don′t just throw it in there as some kind of sucker punch to your audience. That′s just plain MEAN! Hehehe! If a character of yours has recently beaten Leukemia? Then have that be a part of his or her personality. What outlook do they have on life now? Maybe they′re super excited to get back to living their lives. Maybe they′re angry at the time they lost battling the disease. Who knows? That′s up to you. But let it be known that the dark circumstances of the story had some meaning, and some impact on how the rest of the story plays out. Don′t go overboard! Scenes of extreme violence and sexual abuse are hard to read. If it′s a part of your story, and you don′t want to pull punches about the reality of what happened…then use your own judgment when it comes to what you say and what you don′t say. I′m not saying that you shouldn′t include some of the graphic details needed to get your point across...but keep in mind what your goal is. You don′t want to depress and disgust your audience. Evoking sympathy and an emotional bond, capable of getting your readership to cheer for your main character is great! But let′s not drag our readers down so low that they can′t recover. Learn to ′allude′ to certain parts of your story, and go into painful details about others. As always, its important to find a balance. Don′t ′bully′ your audience into sharing a truly disgusting experience in a way that overpowers every other aspect of the story that you′re trying to tell. I think it′s important to not let the dark content take center stage, when it′s the characters and how they deal with the content that should be the focus of your story. Give us hope! No matter how horrible a character′s life may seem, no matter how graphic you are with the details of their suffering...readers will struggle through it if they think there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Give us a few brief glimpses of joy. A possible solution to the tragedies they′re facing from chapter to chapter. If all you′re bringing to the table kis pain and murder and rape and misery...your audience will eventually get turned off and go elsewhere for a story that doesn′t make them feel like shit every time they read it. BUT...if you dispense some truly awful scenes here and there, but combine them with possible ways out of their situation...opportunities to experience some level of happiness if only they could get away...then people will keep reading. They may be disturbed and disgusted by the events that are currently taking place...but with just a few hints at a hopeful outcome, they will continue to read to see if things get better or that justice is served for the character involved. Be proud of that. It means that you told a great story and that people sympathize with your situations, no matter how dark they may be. This doesn′t mean that every story has to have a happy ending. It just means that you have to give your readers a break from the misery every now and then, to let them believe that things are not as dark as they may seem. At least for a little while. Think of it the same way as swimming underwater. Let your readers come up to the surface for a breath of fresh air every now and then before they drown. K? The world isn′t always a happy place. Not by any means. And the stories of the abused, the less fortunate, and those in turmoil, are just as important as the uplifting stories that are told elsewhere. But there′s a skillful way to deliver that message without sending your audience running for the hills. As always, I hope this helps you out! And I′ll be back soon for more! ((Hugz))
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    You know...I'd think this would be easy...

    Right up there with "Poke Her Face" and "I Was Porn This Gay"!
  7. Comicality

    Chapter 1

    Well, what has changed over the past two years or so, is that I've been going back to my older stories and re-editing them, word for word. There are stories that I began years ago, that are full of errors and mistakes and open tags in the code, etc. I feel that I have grown into a much more experienced writer since then. So a lot of the stories that haven't been updated in a long time are going through rewrites, so the new chapters will blend smoothly with the older ones. If you read any of the stories that I turned into ebooks on Amazon, they have all been completely redone. I, literally, went through every single line of dialogue, every paragraph, every scene, every loophole, and did my best to fix it up. So that's why some stories have been without an update for so long. I never stop working on them though. Hehehe, promise! And some of those incomplete stories? You might want to give them a peek. You might like those the best.
  8. Comicality

    You know...I'd think this would be easy...

    Thanks to all of you! ((Hugz)) I really do appreciate it. I know that people will assume I'm being thin skinned or oversensitive, but I'm not. Every single time something like this happens, the authors are told to ignore it. We're supposed to just say 'to hell with them'. Turn the cheek, pay them no mind, don't let it bother you. Well, you know what? It DOES bother me. Because I don't treat other people like that and never felt the need to. We continue to spare the rod and spoil the child. These little passive aggressive tantrums get flung around on the internet and these people are total jerks to us with NO consequence! They never get any better. Any more patient. Any more sympathetic with the people they criticize. No. I don't agree with that. I'm going to stand up and say, "Hey jackass...knock it off!" I'm a human being with feelings like everybody else. And I work so hard on this website that I wouldn't even have the *TIME* to sit down at a keyboard and type out a snotty remark like that. Hard work that I do to entertain YOU! And that's what people have to say to me? So yeah...let THEM feel like shit for a little while. Instead of always tossing it on my shoulders and waiting for me to be the bigger person. I don't mind getting right there in the mud with you, if you want to take it there. Now then, sorry for the disruption. Back to life.
  9. But, apparently, it's not. So let me make something very clear, here and now... Nobody OWNS me or my ability to write stories. Nobody. Every single word that I publish here or anywhere else online is a free expression of who I am, and what I'm willing to freely SHARE with the rest of you. You are not 'entitled' to anything that I create. You are not in 'control' of this. If you have control issues, or dependency issues, or have something in your life that is causing you great distress or discomfort...and you need my stories to use as a form of escape from those issues...that is NOT my problem. Nor is it my responsibility. I am SO grateful for you guys who love and support and appreciate what I do. And I hope that you know that, because you've written to me personally, and I've responded to you personally to say 'thank you'. I read your comments, I read your reviews, I've made it my mission to react to every single comment that I've gotten over the past 6 months or so. I LOVE you all! But don't EVER think that you can shoot a snotty comment my way or 'humiliate' me into doing your bidding when you haven't spent a single DIME to get access to the quality entertainment that I've given you for more years than most of you have been online. STOP IT!!! I don't owe you a fucking THING! You can support me, or you can keep your mouth shut! Thanks to you, everybody is on punishment. I'm not posting anything. Everybody has to wait, because you're too arrogant to wait for quality content to be posted on this site. To my real friends online? Those who always leave a comment or want to see new chapters of their faves, go ahead and email me. But to those who think they can control me and choose to be nasty in order to FORCE me to do what they want? You guys have to wait an extra week now. Keep it up? I'll add another week's delay. All I ask is that you not be a DICK to me! And you can't seem to work that out. So let's make this a lesson in anger management. KNOCK IT OFF!!! Or you get nothing from me ever again! How's that?
  10. Of course, I think some of these are more 'flaws' than attributes...and some of the last five I can't do anything about (No siblings, no blue eyes, and I don't know about my mom's morning sickness! Hehehe!), but HEY...I'll take it! Yay! That's my weird ego moment for the day! https://youtu.be/ASthCF9OiCw
  11. HAPPY BELATED B-DAY, COMSIE!!!!! I hope you had an awesome day!! ❤️🎂🎊🍾🎉🎁🛍

  12. Comicality


    Not long ago, I wrote a short article on the concept of ″Show, Don′t Tell″, and made sure to add that both sides of the equation are needed to tell a good story. When it comes to exposition, it is the skillful use of both show and tell in unison that can give your story a smooth and natural feel, while still giving the audience the tools it needs to fully understand what′s going on. Finding a way to finesse both sides takes a little practice, but once you nail it down, it will pretty much become automatic in your writing process. So that′s the topic for today! Let′s talk ′exposition′! Exposition is basically a way to fill your readers in on everything that′s going on with your story. Details like time, location, character details, what period the story takes place in, and more. Who are these characters? Where did they come from? What is their background? It′s fuel for the imagination, and it gets the writers and their readers on the same page as far as kicking things off and keeping them going from beginning to end. This is especially important if writing something from the supernatural or science fiction/fantasy genre, or in a story that takes place during some sort of past era or during a historical event. The world building aspect makes exposition super important so your readers can grab onto the rules of society and boundaries put in place for what they′re about to read. Now, exposition is a bit more ′tell′ than ′show′, but I′ve always thought that it was important to figure out how to find a decent balance between the two, regardless. Doing it out of balance can slow the entire flow of your story, and that′s not good. There are two ways of delivering exposition...narration (Or simply what you write about the characters and their situation) and dialogue (What the characters say out loud to one another). Without balance...giving an entire ′info dump′ of narration all at once can seem a little complicated and boring. While having a character deliver 100 years worth of backstory in one long winded speech can seem weird and unnecessary. It would be like randomly asking a stranger on the bus how they′re doing and having them tell you their life story without so much as taking a break to realize that you only wanted to hear, ″Fine. How are you?″ as a response. We want to give readers details, but we don′t want it to be a stumbling block in the story itself. Not easy, but possible. One thing that I′ve learned over time is that exposition goes a lot smoother when it′s spread out over time. Not only does it keep your audience from getting bored, but it actually makes future chapters more engaging as your audience finds out a little bit more information as they keep reading. Things get a little deeper, layers are added, characters become more developed. It builds momentum in your storytelling. Much better than explaining everything all at once in the first ten pages of your story and having everyone try to remember it all for later use. Many readers look at exposition and treat a lot of the info as, ″Is this going to be on the test?″ So trying to cram a ton of details into their brain all at once can be a bit of an overwhelming experience. Trim it down. Think about what′s most important for them to know right away, tell them what they need to know to get started, and then add more details along the way. I′ve always found that it works out better that way in terms of reader involvement. So, how do we choose between ′showing′ and ′telling′ when it comes to delivering the important information? And how do we trim it down in an efficient manner? When I first started writing stories on Nifty, I used to always make sure that I mentioned the fact that my main character was gay. I was still brand new to writing gay fiction, and I always felt it was necessary to make that distinction so my readers wouldn′t suddenly be caught off guard. That...was totally unnecessary. Hehehe! I was writing gay fiction on a gay website for gay readers. There was hardly any ′surprise′ involved when it came to the fact that my main character was a homosexual. So I don′t feel the need to add that detail anymore. That can be ′shown′ to anyone reading, simply by stating the fact that this is a boy who finds another boy attractive. The fact that he′s gay is demonstrated through his feelings and his actions, and the audience will immediately come to the conclusion of, ″Oh, so he′s gay. Got it. Moving on.″ Done. The information has been delivered, and I didn′t have to muddy up the waters by explaining to my readers what′s going on. They got the memo, now let′s keep going. You can ′tell′ your readers what they need to know without actually ′telling′ them at all. Use your prose to set up situations that will deliver the message you want them to receive. Like...you could begin a story like this: ′It was a particularly cold Winter night. I was huddled in a tent with three other soldiers, dreading the next battle against the Confederates that was sure to come just before dawn. I think about my dearest sister Eliza, back home...and I pray that her and the baby are alright.′ Now...in those first few sentences, you can cover a lot of ground in setting the stage for your audience. What has this small section suggested to us as readers? We know that it′s Winter time. We know that our main character is a soldier during a time of war. We know what side he′s fighting for and what side he′s fighting against. We know that he′s frightened and worried about going into battle. We know that a battle is quickly approaching. We know that has a sister, named Eliza, and that she has a baby back home, and he loves them both dearly. There we go. ALL of that information was given to your readers in the first three sentences of your story, and your audience is immediately engaged in what′s going on, and intrigued by what might happen next. You don′t have to explain the entire history of the Civil War, or talk about the horrors of combat, or mention that the soldier is straight or gay or anything like that. The audience has the foundation set for the story you′re trying to tell, and that′s all they need for right now. Later on, maybe you write a scene where the soldier wakes up the next morning, and while feeding on breakfast rations, your main character looks over and sees another soldier that he thinks is beautiful beyond words. (″Oh, so the main character is gay″) You can use that moment to mention that he′s been camping out with them for the past three months, you can give his infatuation a name and a description, you might hint at a few friendly moments between them that gives your audience a hint of their relationship...and then jump right back to the main plot of the story. Just give bits and pieces of information at a time when it′s useful, and keep your momentum going forward. Don′t stop for an info dump of details that aren′t directly relevant to that particular scene. The same goes for all stories. At the very beginning of ″Jesse-101″, I started off with a bit of narrative exposition to detail an event that led up to the exact point where the story begins. Something that I felt was necessary to set the stage. But after those first few paragraphs, the main character, Tristan, is simply talking to his best friend, Lori, in his bedroom. While the opening scene is mostly dialogue, I tried to use their back and forth conversation to deliver the exposition needed for the audience to get a clear picture of what was going on and dive right in with no further explanation. Just from their banter, you learn that Tristan is in high school, he′s only out to his best friends and no one else, that he and Lori share a history of friendship together, that Tristan sees himself as being a bit ′sissy-ish′ and doesn′t have much in common with other boys his age, that he′s dealing with a recent rejection...that one conversation delivers a TON of needed information to the readers about the story, but without just having me write the details down in a narrative with no human interaction or emotional involvement. The bonus to giving exposition through dialogue is that you not only get important details and story plot points out there, but you get a sense of your characters′ personalities as well. You kill two birds with one stone, and you flawlessly move from ′tell′ to ′show′ without your audience even being aware of it. See? It′s all magic! Hehehe! So...all in all, exposition is a part of writing a good story. It′s necessary. I know that there are critics who will pick it apart and try to make the ′E′ word something awful and lazy and worthy of dismissal, but it′s not. It is a necessary function when it comes to telling an effective tale and bringing people into the world that you′ve created. Don′t be afraid to give your readers a map to navigate through the situations that you′ve got planned for them, but don′t be afraid to have faith in their intelligence either. The actions and dialogue of your characters will infer and display the story details your readers need to know for them to understand what′s happening without you telling them directly. They′ll get it. ″Oh, this person is taking an insulin shot every morning before breakfast. He must be diabetic.″ Or, ″The main character is being woken up by his mom opening the shades and telling him to come down for breakfast. He must be a teenager.″ Or, ″This guy is wearing a skin-tight costume, and he′s perched on a rooftop looking down at the dark city landscape for criminals doing wrong. He must be some sort of hero or vigilante.″ Whatever. ′Tell′ in some parts. ′Show′ in other parts. And train yourself to know the difference, and what will be most effective in any given situation. Ok, I′ve babbled on for long enough! Stop reading this and get back to writing! The world needs more of your genius! Hmmm...I wonder if this whole article counts as exposition. Food for thought, I guess. Best of luck! And I hope this helps!
  13. A glimpse into the world of the mysterious Vampire Elders of "Gone From Daylight", this new spinoff is certain to raise an eyebrow or two! Be warned, this DOES tie in directly to the "GFD" series, so there are major SPOILERS in this if you haven't read the original yet! Enjoy! And let me know what you think! https://www.gayauthors.org/story/comicality/gfd-circle-nocturnus/
  14. Comicality

    GFD: Circle Nocturnus 2

    "GFD: Circle Nocturnus 2" It was a level of deafening silence that I had never herd before that took over the other Elders in that conference room. A tension that threatened to crush us all from its building intensity. Julian stood back in the shadows with the others, but I could practically taste the shock in the air around me. Lord Zarius didn't make a comment until the depth of what he was saying had begun to truly sink in with the others. And even then, the skeptic's role was the first to be played by all. Mistress Simone leaned back in her chair, and was the first to speak. "What intelligence do you have to support such a wild assumption?" "I assure you, Simone...the information collected is sound." Zarius informed her. "We received confirmation a few months ago from vampires in our sector that came to believe that the vampire Mimic was a reality, and we sent out scouts to thoroughly research the claims made by each and every single one of them. We began generating lists of potential targets in the area and came up with nothing. A least not at first. But somehow...new rumors resurfaced with frightening accuracy. And they do fit in with the teachings of the Mimic prophecy. We have reason to believe...that our recent findings are true. It IS happening again." Beraad wiped some extra food crumblings from his chin, wheezing and grunting like a fatigued hedgehog, and said, "How many times have we found ourselves, sitting here at this table, having this discussion? Huh? Vampire Mimic? Psh! Many potentials, many mistakes. The prophecy is dead. It no longer applies to the new testaments, the ones we are writing now. I say we ignore these new reports, get back to business, and make ourselves some money out there. Enough of this old world foolishness." "But what if the rumors are true, Beraad?" Zarius replied. "What if we are dealing with the coming of a genuine prophet, beyond our understanding?" Simone added, "Or an angel of darkness, waiting to destroy us all?" The council turned their attention towards her as she continued. "Is that not what many of the vampire scriptures have foretold? Is that not the tragedy and horror that we faced and fought against with the last of his kind?" I had to speak. "There is NO reason to believe that this new vampire is a threat to anyone. He's displayed no harmful or malicious intent at all. Many of the scriptures also described the Vampire Mimic as a being of pure light. The one who can bring balance and peace to everything we know of as a species." "You CAN'T believe in this silliness." Olujimi said. "I, too, have read the many scriptures surrounding the Mimic mythology, both good and evil...and it is a farfetched ideology to think that such a thing is even possible." "How will we know if we never give it a chance?" I said. "EVERY potential Mimic that has been born into darkness over the last six centuries, whether it has been a random rumor or not, has been hunted down and terminated before it was able to reach maturity. Every last one. It's been a series of vile witch hunts with no merit, whatsoever. And now Olujimi is convinced that it is impossible for a true Mimic to even exist? These two ideas don't match at all." Masato put down his pen for a second, and said, "How can such a creature maintain his sanity? How can a soul, born out of such intense suffering, be anything less than a demon himself? How can one so unstable be trusted with this level of power and not be expected to completely lose his mind in the process?" "The legend of the Vampire Mimic says that he was born out of LOVE...not suffering and pain. And it is that love that will keep him balanced until he has discovered the path he needs to take towards his awakening. The path that will, ultimately, save us all." I told them, but I could already see the council turning a deaf ear to my argument. "We can't afford to be this irrational." "The true question is...how do we proceed forward with what we have found out so far?" Navius said, leaning back in his chair and pressing the most negative parts of the issue. Zarius said, "It seems Romero has reason to believe that we should first see what this newblood has to offer before decisions are made on how to carry out his execution." I told the council, "We have to take this opportunity to, perhaps, LEARN from this new arrival in our world. To allow him to spread his teachings. He may be the key to finally awakening the rest of us and bringing about the Vampire Dawn..." "Oh PLEASE!" Navius interrupted with a dismissive wave of his hand. "Vampire Dawn. This is not a circle for discussing fables and folktales. We are concerned with facts and hard hitting evidence." "The Dawn is an honored philosophy that could easily unite both daylight and darkness once and for all. On all levels. Imagine a world where such clarity and acceptance is possible. Maybe even 'common'. If we just give the Mimic an opportunity to mature..." "MATURE???" Navius said. "May I remind the Circle of what happened the LAST time a Mimic was allowed to 'mature'. Hundreds of vampire lives were lost. HUNDREDS! Twenty three highly skilled hunters had to sacrifice themselves, JUST to bring an end to his wave of havoc and bloodshed. And now you want to allow it to happen again?" "We can't base the value of this new Mimic on the mistakes of one born into darkness centuries ago. That's ridiculous." I said. But Navius just smirked, "More often than not...history has a tendency to repeat itself, lest we learn from our mistakes." Then added. "It has been scribbled into the scriptures themselves. Chances are, the boy is already falling from grace. Ready to lay waste to everything that he touches. We cannot wait until he has gone completely insane and pushes forward with a devastating attack before we are able to take the proper precautionary measures to stop him." Lord Zarius attempted to calm the argument by redirecting our attention back to the video screens. "As you can see...with the recent events that have been taking place all over the city in the past 8 months...we definitely have a reason to be concerned. A 'threat' is coming." As he went through the list of incidents, I felt Julian send me a mental message. "What's going on? I thought Mimics were just a story?" "Apparently not. With all of the documented ancient accounts, scriptures, and prophecies, I always had faith that at least ONE of them had to have existed at some point, if not many." "But then...why do they wanna kill him?" He asked. "The same reason anyone would wanna kill anybody...they're afraid of him, Julian." I said. "That's why they want to keep the Vampire Dawn a secret. It's a threat to their control. To their hold over the city itself. Especially to Elders like Navius and Beraad who thrive on their constant manipulation of the people. They don't want anyone in darkness to find out that there is a creature out there more powerful than they are. It would shift the balance of god-like power to the chosen one instead of their cutthroat band of assassins and shadowed puppet politicians. They can't have that." The meeting continued. "The amount of violence displayed in each of these attacks was said to have been committed by a newblood. And a halflife at that." Navius said, noticing that Piotr didn't even blink when the term was used at our table. "Gyms, habitats, clubs...all destroyed. By the same young vampire. Blond hair, blue eyes." Beraad grinned. "Mmmmm, he sounds sexy. Got any nude photos to back up your claim?" Ignoring Beraad's comments, I brought out my paperwork, and put it on the table. "Not quite true. If I may turn the council's attention to these documents, you'll see that many of these new reports describe a newblood teenage boy committing these acts as well...but he had reddish brown hair, and dark green eyes. This is not something that you could mistake for blond hair and blue eyes, even during the violence of a scuffle. In fact, we've had MORE reports of this other boy's actions than the original reports. This is not the same person." Navius shook his head with a chuckle. "Are you so hell-bent on proving your point that you would attempt to sway the Circle with such insignificant details?" "How is the true identity of this menacing attacker considered an insignificant detail?" I asked. "You're attempting to quickly push forth a deadly agenda without knowing all of the facts beforehand. You're talking about murdering an innocent boy for something he didn't do." "And YOU'RE talking about putting the whole of our species in jeopardy by romanticizing over an old forgotten legend that you know nothing about." "That 'old forgotten legend' is detailed, at length, in the same collection of scriptures you seem to be using and twisting around to prove that your plans of extermination are justified, is it not?" I asked. But Navius was persistent. "What I am using...is a collected database of undeniable evidence to determine a pattern of behavior. Or have you forgotten the 'truth' of the situation? That EVERY documented Vampire Mimic in our long reaching recorded history...EVERY one...has gone mad. INSANE with power! Causing an apocalyptic amount of damage before he, himself, was destroyed." "Not all of them." I said. "You forget at least two instances. You forget India. You forget Japan. Where the Mimics were allowed to grow, to find their purpose...and they made huge achievements in our culture and our level of understanding. They advanced our kind far beyond where we were at that point in time. And if we just give this one potential a chance, we may be able to go even further." Olujimi said, "Suicides. Both of the 'successful' Mimics you speak of. I know the legends as well. Individuals who could not handle their positions as prophets and scholars. Pushed to an overwhelming level of stress and fatigue. This is what we have to go on as a righteous example of a true Mimic?" "What is IMPORTANT here, is that these vampires were willing to die for what they believed in. And it is because of their message that we were able to take a giant step forward towards a period of true enlightenment." I said, but Navius, again, dismissed my words. "Abnormalities in an already abnormal cycle of events." Simone raised the question, "If this new anomaly IS the threat we fear him to be, what then? What security measures do we have in place to battle such a thing?" They weren't listening to me. NONE of them! Zarius spoke to us all. "I'm afraid that any measures that we have in place now, and any strategies that we formulate in the future, will be both unpredictable and untested." "Well, what does THAT mean?" Beraad huffed. Lord Zarius took a very grim stance on the matter. "What I am saying...is that none of us in this room have been 'aged' enough to have ever had any experience with the last Mimic to walk in darkness. That part of our history had already been passed down and diluted even before we crossed over. All first hand knowledge of the Mimic, how he was born into darkness, how he was corrupted, and how he was destroyed, is lost forever." Piotr's boyish voice spread out across the table, his heavy Russian accent still evident, even after all these years. "What of the Vampire Versai? It was my understanding that he had survived the assault, and had passed his knowledge on to a powerful reader before the great fire. One who was calling himself, 'Zero'. What of his involvement?" Navius responded. "The Vampire Zero, I'm afraid, is no longer with us. Whatever secrets he held, along with Versai's knowledge of the actual Mimic event...they died with him." "Then we are lost." Simone answered. "Not if we act quickly." Navius assured her. "Our prime objective should be to eliminate the threat before he realizes exactly who and what he really is and what he is capable of. The boy is strong, but he is young. Just now coming into his own. We can strike while he is still confused and unable to fully defend himself." I spoke up, almost in desperation. "Are you hearing yourselves? He's a CHILD, for crying out loud! And here we are, a circle of Elders, plotting his destruction." Piotr spoke again. His voice was always such a rarity at these meetings. "My sire was an Elder when I crossed over long ago. He used to tell me stories of the Vampire Mimic by the fire at night. He told me that he was a despicable and vicious beast. A horror among men and vampire alike. I know of the favorable depictions of the chosen one in the scriptures, I've heard of this being, created by love and light. Destined to bring a message of prosperity and peace to the world when we needed it most. But can we really take that chance?" He turned to me and said, "I graciously accept your argument, Romero. But we will need more proof. This takes more than a matter of blind faith. There can be no mistakes." Olujimi added, "If we are exposed...if this boy causes enough tragedy and destruction to draw attention to the rest of our kind...the humans WILL retaliate. The upset in the balance will cause their governments to break the treaty. They have to. If the population found out that their own government was willingly allowing them to be fed upon by a parasitic race of vampires, there would be anarchy. They will deny all knowledge, and come after us with everything they have got. It will be a slaughter!" Masato spoke up, "No one believes that this boy has anything but pain and suffering to offer the rest of us. And what of the iluminirae? The oldest living vampires among us all? They will not tolerate such negligence." I exchanged a look with Zarius, who unfortunately had to be truthful. "I have spoken with some of the iluminirae...in Washington DC, London, Beijing, Cairo, Rome...all of them are deeply concerned. They want a decision before dawn on how we plan to handle this situation. There can be no further delay." One of Simone's advisers approached the table, and whispered something in her ear before she addressed the council. "And what of the Vampire Comicality?" "What of him?" Navius sneered. "Was he not one of your many chosen safeguards for handling this very situation? He has begun writing his scriptures again. In fact, his newest additions have, reportedly, been coming in faster and more frequently than ever. I doubt there are many vampires who believe in the prophecy more than he does. Is this a possible sign that we should consider in these talks?" "Heh...is that ridiculous man still writing stories about his fairy tale messiah?" Masato asked. "I would say that his vision of the Vampire Mimic is beyond optimistic. A dream that will never come to pass. He is blinded by his unfounded faith." I told them, "He has been of GREAT service to this council over the years. His scriptures and passages have been followed and respected by vampires from every corner of the globe..." "...And yet, he is just as mad and as useless as the degenerates that hear his word." Navius said. "So 'great' is he? A man of service to the Circle Nocturnus? Such a profound misjudgment of character, Romero." Navius turned to Lord Zarius and slid a folder of papers across the table. "While we have been in contact with the Vampire Comicality and asked for his full compliance in investigating these reports...it appears that he has been lying to all of us since the whispers of a Mimic began." Zarius frowned his face slightly. "You have proof of this, Navius?" "Yes. Indeed I do. In fact, not only has he been hiding the existence of the Vampire Mimic from the Elders for quite some time...but we have reason to believe that he has actually been training the boy to fight!" Olujimi asked, "To fight? Fight who?" And Navius answered, "To fight...US." Clearly upset...insulted...Lord Zarius sat back down in his seat and stared down at the table. Attempting to hold his anger at bay. "Have any among you spoken with the Vampire Comicality since this treason was made known to us?" Masato replied, "He is aware of our impending response, Lord Zarius. He knows that his treachery will not go unpunished. And he knows that his betrayal of the Circle's wishes have tagged him for execution." Zarius lowered his head. "And what did he say?" "He has agreed to face his execution with grace, and turn himself in to the council...but first, he says he must finish the scriptures on which he is working..." Zarius pounded the table with his fist. "That is not GOOD enough! There will BE no more scriptures written by Comicality! I want him FOUND, and in our custody!" He said angrily. "Seal off his entire catalogue in the Nifty archives, and any vampire library that carries his message. I want a complete information lockdown, and all of his works withheld from public viewing. If Comicality tries to add anything further, I want hunters there to collect him and bring him in for termination. This is a disgrace! His incompetence led to the maturation of a MONSTER...a creature that threatens to ruin ALL that we have built! He has broken ancient laws that were put into place for our very survival. This will not be tolerated." "Funny you should mention that, Lord Zarius." Navius said with another wicked grin. "It appears that the Nifty Archive in the IceZone has recently been the victim of a sudden attack. It was partially destroyed, and is still under reconstruction at this very moment...the texts within, including Comicality's, are being moved to other libraries until repairs have been made." He looked over at me, slyly. "Same blond halflife...same blue eyes. And on the same evening that many of our psychics within the area claimed to have seen the supposed 'chosen one' with their own eyes. This is no coincidence." Olujimi stated strongly, "The boy must be destroyed. Already the tragic events have begun!" Beraad added, "It's obvious he is already losing control. How much longer can we afford to wait before he's too strong for our hunters to silence?" I stood up at the table, hoping to get them to hear my pleas. "May I please beg for all of you to listen to me. Just this once. To consider what we are talking about." I said. "I realize that you all look at me as though I am a lesser vempirae because of my age...but I have spent a century learning our customs, studying our legends, contemplating the ways of our kind. I understand the fear and concern of those on the council, and it is not without reason that you feel this way. But the legend of the vampire Mimic and the Dawn are, perhaps, the most IMPORTANT and prolific philosophies of our time. Despite what has happened in the past, or even what is happening now, there is no reason to believe that the boy is anything other than confused. Scared. And without proper guidance." Looking around the table, I had their attention...but they didn't seem to be softening at all on their decision. "Don't you see? He could actually BE the chosen one. For centuries, all of his predecessors, any vampires even showing SIGNS of potentially being a Mimic...have been hunted down and slaughtered without any question as to whether or not it was necessary. And what has been the end result? Countless wars, global disasters, holocausts and genocides, riots and uprisings and horrors on a level that could have been prevented if the message was allowed to thrive as it was meant to. Is your faith so fragile? Your reasoning so blind? That you would execute this boy before he has the opportunity to share with us a message that could possibly redeem us from all that we have done?" Simone said, "It is our duty to neutralize threats BEFORE they happen, Romero. If we wait, he will become too powerful for even the best of us to challenge him." "So we slay him? And all who are like him? One after the other? Out of fear? Why?" I asked. "What is there to be so frightened of? We are being given a precious gift. For the first time in 600 years, the fates have provided us with another chance to experience a level of awakening that has been lost since the oldest of us have walked the Earth. Instead of taking advantage of it...we fear and persecute anything and everything different from us. We reject growth, we shun those with radical ideas, we attack new information with skepticism, and mockery, and HATE! Why? So we can maintain control over the population in our tiny little sector of town? Keep them on puppet strings and breed a civilization of virtual sleepwalkers with no goals or desires except for the ones we allow them to have? Have we come so far from daylight that we have forgotten the importance of our individuality, our independence...maybe even our humanity?" I asked them. "If we hunt this innocent boy down, and he truly is the chosen one, then we lose. We ALL suffer from not having heard his message. To do this would not only be an act of ignorance, but of sheer brutality." Navius, as I expected, rejected the idea. "Over and over, we all listen to Romero whine and complain about our treatment of the other potentials. The same argument, again and again. He has no concern for the well being of the MILLIONS of vampires walking in darkness. No. He has let his bleeding heart care more for these random abnormalities than for the whole of our kind, personally feeling the sting of guilt for each one that we destroy. But since you've chosen to take it upon yourself to ask such questions...let me ask YOU one..." He said. "What if you're wrong? Hmmm? If WE'RE wrong, then we lose one newblood vampire, and life goes on. But if you're wrong...we're talking about the unraveling of a foolproof system that has ensured our survival for thousands of years. Are you going to able to carry the burden of thousands of murdered vampires on your conscience? When our kind is being hunted down like dogs in the streets by panicked humans who neither know or care about how particularly 'special' we are...will you still feel the same way about the dangerous entities that you tried to save for 'emotion's' sake?" Navius then looked around the table. "Romero knows the details of the coming prophecy. I'm sure we all do. He's claiming to be the expert here. So ask yourselves...what happens...when the Mimic's sire dies? What happens when he goes all out to protect him? ALREADY he has displayed great acts of rage and violence...but we are talking about a tortured soul who has only ONE anchor left in this life that leads him back to his so-called peace of mind. What happens when that anchor is gone...and there is only fury and suffering left behind?" I paused. A dangerous thing when addressing the members of the Circle Nocturnus on such a solemn evening. I didn't know exactly how to answer at first, but I tried to push forward with a notion that I knew was going to be met with opposition right away. "I am only asking that we embrace the boy for as long as we can. We can bring him here. We can question him, learn about him, offer him some level of advice and guidance...direction and purpose. With the proper teaching, he can lead us all into the Vampire Dawn and we can restore the faith for the future Mimics to come. The vampires at this table are NOT deities. As much as we'd like to believe we are, we are no better and no worse than the other vampires out there, fighting to understand where they belong in the world. This is our opportunity to advance together, as one. Wasn't that the purpose of crossing over into darkness in the first place? There was a time when learning from our differences was what really mattered. Where did that Utopian mentality go to? What will we lose if he turns out to be the one? Our imaginary control? Our money making businesses, our petty politics, our falsely perceived 'greatness'? Maybe all of the above. But isn't it worth it...if it makes the world a better place? Can't we give up the control and the money and the shadows and the secrecy for the chance to elevate to something with greater meaning?" "He talks nonsense." Beraad said. "This council, and many others, are approaching a disgusting and irreversible state of corruption. It has become more of a chess game to maintain order and satisfy egos while keeping up the appearance that we are doing it for the good of the people, than a service for the well being of the people we claim to protect. Keeping our pockets fat while looming over the others who live in sewers and abandoned buildings, or who turn to spice dealing and prostitution, in order to keep themselves in a protective habitat and safe from daylight so they don't PERISH in the poverty stricken areas we allow them to dwell in without escape. I dare any one of you to trade places with them. There are SOME vempirae at this very table that would do anything to keep another source of power from coming into existence. And it is that imaginary threat that keeps us all in this violent circle of chaos and murder." I said. Mistress Simone was outraged. "Hold your tongue, Romero! How DARE a vampire of such unimpressive age address the rest of the council this way." Beraad asked me, "And what are YOU willing to sacrifice, Romero? How much are you willing to give up, for a fabled message that may never come?" And I answered, quite simply, "Everything." Lord Zarius looked at me, and gave me a gracious nod. Finally, at last, someone heard me. "Perhaps Romero has a point. Until we have reason to think the Mimic is unstable...we should be able to reach out to the child and assess his mental state before giving him a death sentence." Navius, still attempting to protect his position of power, stood up at the table, and sent his adviser to the conference room door. "You want a reason, Lord Zarius? I can provide you with one." Navius looked back at me and gave me a wink. "You see, MY information, unlike Romero's, doesn't come from dusty old books and vampire pseudo-religious dogma. It comes from current events, and spectators to the horror that is soon to come crashing down upon us. You see...I have a witness." He said, and the doors opened behind us. In walked a young vampire. Perhaps 25 years of age, but with a significant number of years in darkness. He approached the table, and everyone turned to see him. "Ladies and gentlemen of the council...let me introduce to you one of our most productive promoters in the fighting arena circuit. This...is Soren." Soren bowed to one knee in front of the Circle, and Zarius was first to address him. "Vampire Soren...Navius here tells us that you were an eye witness to the Mimic's capabilities. Is this accurate?" "Yes, sir. I have seen him with my own eyes. And I have seen the damage that he can do." Soren answered. Navius asked him, "Go on, Soren. Tell them what you told me." Soren seemed a bit shaky in front of the council, but I listened with great interest. "I first encountered the Mimic at my arena. He participated in the tournaments under the name 'Renegade'. I assume, to gather more extras from my fighters and become even stronger than he already was. I saw him again at the IceZone, after my fighters had been brutally attacked to the point of not being able to enter and perform their scheduled competitions. We were forced to forfeit all of our matches for the weekend. I confronted the boy about the matter, and requested that he help me rebuild me business, to pay tribute to Vampire Elder Beraad as expected..." He said, getting a nod from Beraad for being the obedient lapdog that he was. "Then...the boy instantly threatened me with violence when I merely asked for his assistance." Piotr spoke. "Threatened you? Threatened you how?" "He said...if the council will pardon the expression...that he would 'Fucking KILL me', sir." Soren replied. "He was quite serious." Navius turned to the table. "He would 'Fucking KILL him'. Those were his words. This is the 'stable' creature that Romero wants us to embrace." Masato asked, "What provoked this particular threat, Soren?" "Nothing, sir. I mentioned his sire, and he went ballistic." He said. "He was blond, with blue eyes. His name is Justin. And his sire's name is Taryn. This I know for certain." Again, Navius was pleased. "Is this not the behavior we have come to expect from a demon on the brink of madness? This attack was only the beginning. Soren...please continue." Soren told us, "After the IceZone incident, I attempted to restore my business from scratch while my fighters healed themselves. I only wanted to generate more funds to make up for what I lost. And then...the Mimic suddenly appeared out of nowhere. He had returned to carry out the details of his threat. Complete, unprovoked, hostility. He destroyed everything he came into contact with, and took my best warriors down with it." Zarius seemed suspicious. "This hardly sounds plausible, Soren. You expect us to believe that this halflife boy attacked you for no considerable reason, whatsoever?" "I would not lie to the council, sir. What I witnessed was an unprecedented level of uncontrolled rage. The things that boy could do...words cannot explain." I spoke up, "This is ridiculous. Why would he threaten this man and then lead a full blown attack on a fighting arena promoter if he didn't have a definitive reason to do so?" But Soren kept going, "He was INSANE! My entire warehouse and everything in the surrounding area was torn to pieces! I lost MANY of my best officers, including my own personal bodyguard, in a single night. He was a monster!!!" He said. "I saw...with my own eyes...a beast rise up from within him. An evil creature made PURELY of shadows and darkness grew out of his intense anger and consumed him. Giant black wings, fangs...unimaginable power! Never before had I seen such destruction. He tore through that place like a whirlwind, my soldiers savagely torn to shreds by this creature's level of unrestrained madness. I was lucky to escape that place with my life." Navius said, "Do we need any more proof? Do we need to wait for more destructive evidence to appear before we agree on what needs to be done?" Just then, I got another mental message from Julian who was trying his best to remain silent during the meeting, but was forced to let me know his current thoughts on what was happening. "He's lying." He said. "What?" "That Soren guy...he's lying. Or at least HALF lying! I can sense it." "JULIAN! I WARNED you not to read anyone's mind!" I snapped. "You said not to read an ELDER'S mind." "I said NOBODY'S but mine!" I scolded him, but he stood firm on his discovery. "Doesn't mean he's not lying about this. He's not being honest. Romey, you've GOT to tell them! You've got to make them believe." He said, and I struggled with trying to find an opening to even accuse this 'Soren' vampire of any untruths. "Just...SHHHH! Ok?" I told Julian. And then I turned to address the council. "Lord Zarius, I have reason to believe that Navius' so-called witness is not telling us the whole truth about his encounters with alleged Mimic." Zarius gave me a look. "On what grounds do you make this accusation, Romero?" I didn't have much of an answer for that, unfortunately. I couldn't tell them that I brought a reader to the Circle. Instead, I turned to Soren. "You said the Mimic attacked you out of pure rage. Madness. What could have gotten him so angry, in your opinion?" "I don't know." Soren answered. "He was...simply out of control." "Did he demonstrate this loss of control in your arena?" "What?" I repeated. "I am asking you...if at any time...this 'insane monster' demonstrated a loss of control in your 'Stronghold' fighting arena? It seems that a vampire with that level of immense power would have somehow revealed these unbalanced tendencies while fighting in the ring. Right? Maybe something that could have alerted you to some level of instability long before his...unprovoked attack on your warehouse. It's doubtful that he would be able to hide his malice and mean-spirited abilities from you. Especially in a place where fighting and aggression is pushed to such high extremes." "He...he simply wanted to gain more power. That's why he was in the arena. He must have been trying to hide it, like you said. But, even then, from the moment I met him, I knew that there was something evil brewing inside of him..." "And yet, upon seeing him at the IceZone, you approached him again. A second time. Is this right? You made him an offer to help you generate some much needed revenue for your arena. Are we to believe that you wanted, or needed, assistance from an unpredictable vampire psychopath that you claimed not to trust in the first place?" I said, but Navius swiftly moved in to interfere with my questioning. "A beast with large black wings and fangs. A destroyed warehouse! MORE vampire lives lost! An outright threat, when mention of his sire was made, a threat that was carried out with great cruelty. A merciless vampire with nothing on his mind other than how to protect his own sire from a prophecy that is inevitably going to come true no matter WHAT he does to try and prevent it." Navius looked towards Lord Zarius and said, "Sir...if we do not act now, we risk losing the opportunity to act at ALL. The child grows stronger each and every night. The last vampire Mimic nearly destroyed our entire civilization, and that was without the technological advances in communication and surveillance that we have in this day and age. Not to mention that the last Mimic had a MUCH smaller population of vampire extras to draw from back then. In this city, alone, there are enough extra abilities to make this new demon nearly invincible in a very short amount time! It is CRUCIAL that we take a stand and settle this now. Or there may be no time left for any of us." The table, again, went silent...and despite Lord Zarius truly giving my opinion its equal weight among the others...I could tell from his expression that it might not be enough to sway the others. "To all of the Circle Nocturnus, who vote to have the Mimic targeted for execution...please say so now." Navius was the first to place his palms on the table, and say, "Aye." Piotr was next. "Aye. It must be done." Then Simone. "Aye." Olujimi. "Aye." Beraad. "Aye." And Masato. "Aye." Zarius met eyes with me, and even though I knew my vote wouldn't count at all, I stood my ground, and I told them, "Nay." Zarius didn't even have to say anything. It had been decided, and that means the boy didn't have much longer to live. Zarius spoke to Masato. "Green light hunter deployment immediately. I want the boy taken care of as soon as possible. Reroute all of our best sources to targeting the threat...and taking it out as quickly as possible." I stood up. "Lord Zarius, with all due respect, I feel that you are making a terrible mistake. I beg you to reconsider." "I am deeply sorry, Romero. But in light of this new evidence, it appears that the Mimic is already heading down the path to darkness and feeding his psychosis instead of rising above it. It is simply a chance that we cannot afford to take." I desperately tried to fight for him. "I officially approach the council to ask for more time." "There can be no further time given. The iluminirae want an answer by dawn." "Then I demand to speak to them directly..." Zarius gave me a signal to sit back down. And he said, "As always Romero, your fight is commendable. But, I am sorry. We have to do what must be done. Before it is too late. It is our duty, as well as our burden." Angry, I sat back down, and clenched my fists as I heard the usual death sentence given out to yet another innocent. The way it always has been. And the cycle of fear and death continues. "Masato...what are the chances of getting a task force of hunters ready for action within the next 72 hours?" Masato put down his pen, and cleared his throat. "We...seem to be having a slight 'problem' with the best of our agents, Lord Zarius." "What kind of problem?" "I have recently gotten word from Adviser Elias Sneed...and it appears that Mistress Katrina has had bit of an upheaval in her own facility. The hunter, 'Exile', has recently left her employ. And he was one of the best." Masato said quietly. "It also appears that he has taken her recent crossover, Orion, with him. Neither of them have been found." "Has the whole world gone insane?" Zarius grunted. "We can definitely acquire some quality hunters for this particular objective, but our most experienced problem solvers are tied up at the moment. Not a problem that can't be solved though. We're looking into the matter as we speak." "Good. I want this Mimic found and dealt with. Quickly. And as soon as the Vampire Comicality's location is confirmed...I want you to take care of the execution personally, Masato. There can be no further mistakes. He MUST be held accountable for his betrayal of this council and to all of vampire kind." Zarius spoke the words, and I felt my spirit dying with ever second that passed by me. Another potential that I couldn't save. Another life lost...senselessly tossed into the abyss, while the powers that be stay in control. Not even Zarius could stand up for me. "This meeting is adjourned. I will inform the iluminirae of our plans." And it was just over. All of it. There was nothing more that I could do. As the Elders got up from the table, Navius looked me in the eye, and gave me a wicked smirk. "Perhaps when you're older, you'll understand, Romero. Power never fades. Only a weak morality does that." The Elders left the room, and Zarius came to comfort me. "We're doing the right thing." "No, Zarius. We're not." I said defiantly. "The Circle Nocturnus hasn't just failed me...it has failed us all." And with that, I took Julian and walked out. Julian was right on my heels, a worried look on his beautiful face, and an angry look on mine. He finally began to speak out loud as we approached the limo. "So what's gonna happen now??? Can't they change they're minds?" "It's not likely. It's out of my hands." "So they're gonna kill him?" I looked back into Julian's eyes, and I said, "Unfortunately, this is how things are done. My hands are tied. Let's just hope that this Mimic has learned what he needs to know to defend himself. And to keep the hunters at bay until he is able to overcome the demons in his past. If not...then he is lost." I said, almost tearing up at the thought of it. "Hopefully, Julian, the fates will be with us all..."

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