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  1. Chapter 11

    Thanks for returning to this story. I was having Makarovia withdrawal! So much is conveyed through this story: education about the Holocaust, understanding and tolerance of others who live differently from others, questions about religion, the nature of love. I can also see the process of working through grief and I can only offer my admiration for the love and life you have been blessed with. Tony
  2. Chapter 89 The Invincibles

    There is a depth to this chapter that shows a growing maturity in Robbie. Maybe we could see an adoption celebration after all. Tony
  3. Damaged

    What a wonderful story! R. Eric is truly a gifted writer.
  4. Chapter 24 - Adam

    I agree with all the above and am eager to see what happens with Stephen. Will he become another member of the family? Thanks for continuing this story!!! I love all the characters.
  5. Chapter 8

    If a guy hadn't liked doing "that" with a female, none of us would be here to say "ewww"! Just sayin'...
  6. Georgetown: Roar

    Another excellent tome of the CJ saga. It is so well written. One can imagine being almost physically present in every scene. Can't wait for the next volume. Thanks Carlos.
  7. Chapter 88 Throwing Your Life Away

    In his own way, Don is trying to protect Robbie even though his thinking is not totally accurate or supportive. Robbie will face obstacles born of ignorance and prejudice, but pretending to be other than he is will prove far more destructive. I am worried about his drug overdose.
  8. Chapter 2

    Ok. The plot is thickening. Intrigue...excitement.
  9. Chapter 1

    Great start! You are so colorful in your writing that I can picture myself right there with them.
  10. Chapter 22 - Ian

    Why do I have the feeling that all will not go smoothly? Yet, all will work out.
  11. Chapter 45

    Thanks for continuing this story. I'm eager to see it's development.
  12. BF Chapter 24

    While apparently quite savvy business wise and intelligent as far as academics, Anton is still quite immature and downright rude in his relationships. I have enjoyed following the story as I have learned a lot about Australia. It certainly whets my appetite to visit! You are an amazing story teller, Quokka!
  13. Chapter 21 - Adam

    There is no feeling like the first time you hold your child. Guess it's the second or third time! Instant love! I definitely await each chapter.
  14. AS Chapter 25

    With your wonderful descriptions of all things Australian, I have learned much. It has helped that I have friends who have been on a 30-day charter all around Australia currently and have been posting pictures of many of the cities you mention. I am impressed with the in-depth knowledge of boating. The story was entertaining and educational. As a former teacher, I had to overlook grammatical errors, but the story allowed me to move on. Thanks for all your wonderful stories.
  15. NB Chapter 24

    This story just stops. I agree...you really should consider a few more chapters to bring closure. The Rev and Kyle need to visit FI, Huon needs to heal and get settled in life, and we readers need some finality. You are a gifted writer, Quokka. Please complete this story. Tony

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