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  1. pvtguy

    ATGB X

    A beautiful, charming, joyful chapter filled with authentic CJ and Owen. You've done quite well with this one!!! Tony
  2. pvtguy

    Chapter 28

    Thank you for posting this chapter. I was in serious need of a Makarovia injection! Tony
  3. pvtguy

    Dec Chapter 7

    This is the second story I've read involving the Kokoda Trail hike. This was done with much greater detail - so much so that I am tired too! Great job! Tony
  4. pvtguy


    A great way to start today and the month of June. That's, Carlos. Tony
  5. pvtguy

    Dec Chapter 3

    In true Quokka fashion, I am looking forward to a compelling, yet educational, journey. Intrigue is already starting. Keep the chapters coming! Tony
  6. pvtguy


    So well done! As I don't live far from any of these places in Orlando, I could picture the visit well. Glad to see you were also a part of the story. What a great way to kick off my Friday! Tony
  7. pvtguy


    Owen summed up the best approach to mourning: be thankful for having been able to have that person in your life for the time they were. Death is a reality, as CJ points out, even though we always want it for others. Thanks Carlos...well done chapter. Tony
  8. pvtguy

    YD Chapter 3

    And now where does this go? I do hope there's a follow-up.
  9. pvtguy

    YD Chapter 1

    You definitely have extraordinary story telling skills. Another Silverton? Going to be interesting. Tony
  10. Please don't keep us hanging a long time to see how this is resolved. Great chapter. Lots of smiles but also depth. Thanks. Tony
  11. pvtguy

    Chapter 30

    Pat may well take a step or two backwards just confirm his security, but with the love and support he has from Adam and Ian will allow him to come back and move forward with surety. There are many instances of adoptees finding siblings raised in different families. Great chapter, Joh. Tony F
  12. pvtguy

    ATGB I

    I, too, did not see an announcement about this chapter, but sure am glad to see the family back. I certainly admire Spikey's analysis and explanation. I do bristle when the word "patriot" is applied to only those who "respect the flag", etc. Standing is not the only way to show patriotism: when statements and actions serve to stand in contrast to the ideals on which this nation was built, that fails to be patriotic but rather just the opposite. We have work to do to bring about unity through diversity. I certainly appreciate your using these issues to point out the attitudes which divide. Now on to the next chapter! (BTW, I do believe you still need to write 24 more volumes after this. We need to follow CJ into retirement!)
  13. pvtguy

    OBC Chapter 21

    And on now to the next volume of this family...
  14. pvtguy

    Chapter 79

    Sounds just like I grew up! It's home to me! Love this story. Tony
  15. pvtguy

    Chapter 26

    Peter and Eric aren't the only ones feeling "at home" - it's good to be back with these guys! Thanks for posting! Tony

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