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  1. Over The Rainbow • Part VII

    Thank you for allowing me to visit and experience vicariously through CJ a place I will never have the chance to visit in my lifetime. The history you teach through the conversations and narratives are so exciting. Now on to the drama of life's injection into plans. Thanks for sharing your talent once again. Tony
  2. NB ND Chapter 9

    The most important healing is in the mind an attitude. Huon seems more at peace, though time will tell.
  3. NB ND Chapter 8

    A Tibetan healing retreat....very interesting!!! Tony
  4. NB ND Chapter 7

    Huon's health seems very precarious. I do hope he regains strength and is able to live a long and productive life. However, I do see the possibility of an early demise... Tony
  5. Chapter 12

    Such a powerful chapter!! Thanks for sharing. Tony
  6. Over The Rainbow • Part V

    What you have done is to create such a compelling story. I have terrible separation anxiety when stories end...
  7. Over The Rainbow • Part V

    As I look forward to the next 25 volumes of the CJ saga, I certainly appreciate and enjoy each chapter. Such excellent writing! Tony
  8. Chapter 28 - Adam

    Great chapter. The setups for upcoming chapters only serve to keep me eagerly anticipating future postings. Your talent for telling a great story is most impressive!!! Tony
  9. Chapter 24

    Unfortunately, greed and other evils will surface their ugly heads with "progress". When people have little but each other and have to work hard to survive, good memories are made. I hope lost innocence doesn't ruin the good that exists now, but I'm afraid history proves otherwise. Thanks for continuing this story. Tony
  10. Over The Rainbow • Part IV

    Your writing is exceptional. I feel as though I am in the midst of each scene, observing and participating. You give life to each character. Thanks so much. Tony
  11. OBC Chapter 6

    All I can say to the last sentence is "Wanna' bet?" I'm still amazed at the stories where someone so young is so rich, so knowledgeable in business, and so out of touch with their own nature. But that's what keeps me reading. Keep the chapters coming! Tony
  12. WSD Chapter 1

    I thought I was familiar with the story. It still amazes me that an eleven year old has such a business acumen. It certainly doesn't apply to any eleven year old people I have known in my lifetime, but perhaps they are more advanced where you are. Otherwise, I always enjoy your stories.
  13. Chapter 23

    Lots of smiles and warm feelings. Loved the snowball fight. However, I do believe Eric "exerted" himself rather than "excreted" himself, that is unless e dirtied his pants! Love this story. Tony
  14. Matters of the heart

    I'm so glad you're continuing the story. It's very well done. Hope the next chapters appear more quickly.
  15. Chapter 11

    Thanks for returning to this story. I was having Makarovia withdrawal! So much is conveyed through this story: education about the Holocaust, understanding and tolerance of others who live differently from others, questions about religion, the nature of love. I can also see the process of working through grief and I can only offer my admiration for the love and life you have been blessed with. Tony

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