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  1. Four White Walls

    Haha, feel just like Ryder, I waited all day for my story fix. Great chapter, thanks .
  2. I forget if I remembered correctly or not. Did you say you played in the Out For Kicks league?

  3. Seed of Harmony

    Wow, great so far. The characters have started to fill out and I'm hooked. The world you're creating is so unique I has taken me until now to feel that I have some sort of overview. Definitely has been worth it.
  4. Act 2 – Prelude to War Part 1

    Just read all you stories to date. I was totally caught up in the alternate universe you created - history, technology and characters. Your portrait of Aeris as a moral compassionate , personalable, multi-dimensional 'dark' agent is unique. Can't wait for the next chapters . Thank you .
  5. If This Were My Last Day

    Thanks Red Flight. Kind of a modern morality tale. Ben has the courage to do what's right regardless of his doubts and the consequences. Fire forms the gold . What's next for the boys?
  6. Happy Birthday Wolfwriter

    Yes, happy birthday
  7. A Guide Through the Woods

    Truely epic Bill. Im gong to miss these guys. Thanks for a great story.

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