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  1. Chapter 70

    I'm glad you enjoyed it I'm working on several new ones at the mo, i just need to decide which one to use.
  2. Chapter 70

    Thank you, I'm so glad you enjoyed it
  3. Chapter 9 Beautiful Day

    Wonderful, I love how you keep the focus on their love and conection, even in the midst of the love scene.
  4. Chapter 8 Take My Breath Away

    A lovely chapter, you paint a wonderful, full image with your words that makes the reader feel as though they are experiencing everything along with the characters.
  5. Chapter 7 Bridge Over Troubled Water

    And all is well again
  6. Chapter 2 All Shook Up

    Note to self, check back before hitting post All joking aside though, its a great chapter
  7. Chapter 4 I Can See Clearly Now

    I have one suggestion for Chet, 'give Ian a boot up the backside'. Preferably, kicking him into the next millennium.
  8. Chapter 3 Strangers In The Night

    Awww, I love these two characters, they're so sweet.
  9. Chapter 2 All Shook Up

    They should have exchanged numbers instead of Chet only getting Arrons. That way Arron could have rung before he thought of leaving. But, at least it works out alright in end.

    Happy Birthday
  11. Chapter 1

    Loved it
  12. Dear Universe

    Beautiful moggy
  13. Chapter 70

    Thank you all for your comments and your continued support. It means the world to me and helps me to keep writing. New story coming soon
  14. Chapter 69

    Toby and his brothers haven't exactly lead a normal life, so they don't always understand behavior we would recognize immediately. I'm sure the boys will regret the wine the next day Maybe, maybe I might skip that part Sounds like there's a story there...do tell us sometime Thank you all for your continued support and comments, they mean a lot to me
  15. Chapter 70

    Daniel Today was the day. Today he was legally joining with the man he loved. His lover. His master. His soon to be husband, not only that, but he got to... “Tell me again why I agreed to this?” Toby demanded from in front of the mirror. His bow tie was hanging on either side of his neck and if looks could kill the tie would be ashes. After glaring for a few more seconds he threw his hands up. “I give up. I can’t get this tie to look right.” Tsking lightly, Daniel moved in front of his pouting brother and efficiently tied the cursed tie. Tweaking the ends so it sat to his satisfaction he moved back and raised an eyebrow. Toby looked at the offending item and then pointedly turned his head away. “Hadn’t we better get going?” “Everything will be fine, Bro,” Daniel reassured him. “We’ve planned everything, and you’ve triple checked it all several times as well. Now, stop worrying.” “Can’t you at least pretend to be nervous?” Daniel grinned, “I’m not. I’m excited. We’re finally—” The door banged open. “So, everyone ready for this?” Silas yelled as he entered. He was resplendent in a rainbow-colored suit and even brighter hair. “As ready as I’ll ever be,” Toby muttered before heading out the door to get into position. “Shall we?” Silas held his arm out and Daniel wrapped a hand round it with a smile. They met up with Tara outside the door and Daniel caught his breath. “You look beautiful,” Daniel told her and received a blush as a reward. The red cheeks looked good on the usually stern Mistress. “And you both look very handsome. Silas, are there any colors you missed when you had that suit made?” “No, ma’am, I’m fairly sure the tailor managed to get all the colors I asked for into it.” Tara shook her head. “Don’t think that because I’m dressed like this I won’t report you to Oliver. I’m sure he knows exactly what punishment to use to curb your wayward tongue.” The flush that stained Silas’ cheeks told the entire story and had all of them laughing. Tara moved around Silas and took his other arm. “Come on, let’s not leave the others waiting too long.” They moved together to the entrance of the hotel and followed their designated path. The wedding was being held in the expansive hotel grounds. Decorations were strung up to mark their route and as they rounded the corner Daniel caught his breath. This was his first time seeing the full effect of all their planning. Two rows of chairs were set-up leaving a wide aisle in between for them to walk down. The chairs were covered in colorful fabric and had contrasting ribbons tied around them. The seats were filled with friends and family. Carlos’ family had flown in and had fallen in love with Daniel in seconds. Similarly, Tara’s family had driven into town and had told Toby if he could tame their daughter he was a better person than they were. Moving slowly towards the front of the crowd Daniel watched Carlos, Oliver, and Toby turn to watch their progress. Every step brought them closer to their goal. Finally, they met their men and hugs were exchanged before they all turned to face the celebrant. “Welcome everyone. We’re gathered together today to celebrate the joining of Daniel to Carlos and of Tara to Toby. Who of you stands in witness to this joining?” Daniel felt tears welling up as the entire crowd stood yelling their agreement. This was the start of the rest of his life, and that life looked more than good. It looked Fucking Fantastic.

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