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    Chapter 12.2

    Since you all said roughly the same thing, I thought one answer for you all would be better than repeating myself. My first thought on reading these is don't count your chickens until they're hatched. As anyone who has read my other stories will tell you, anything can happen and usually does in my tales. There is a reason Carl cut himself off when talking about mates and that will become clearer soon. As for Kit knowing if knowing/explaining about mates? There is a reason that he has avoided all talk of them - at least thinks it's a good reason. I don't agree, but then I'm just the writer and I write what they tell me to write. Of course, I already have the beginning of the next chapter written so the rest of my answer will be and "You'll have to wait and see". Thank you all for reading and commenting.
  2. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 12.2

    Carl glared at Kitryn when Simon turned his back. He knew the pesky cat was trying to goad him into doing something embarrassing and that was never going to happen. He clapped his hands together, relishing the fact it made Kitryn jerk suddenly and waited for Simon to turn to him. “Right, I think first I should take you through some vampire history and make sure you are aware of all the law governing our kind. “History first. The first vampires were created when a witch cursed a family for a perceived offense. No one is really sure what the offense was or if the cursed family actually did anything or not. Before they realized what was happening to them and how to control it they had turned enough people that the change kept going. It spread through an entire village it is said in just a week. At first vampires used their strength to rule their villages and home estates. There are rumors that one of the kings of France was a vampire at one point. Of curse, he was assassinated and replaced fairly quickly. “There was the great purge when weres and humans banded together and tried to wipe out vampires entirely. When they thought they’d accomplished their goal, humans then turned onto their were allies. Some weres sought out the vampire survivors and we join together to go into hiding. “Now the law from the high council says that no human is to ever find out about us unless they are the mate to a paranormal creature.” Simon held up a hand. “High Council? Mate? What do they mean?” Carl cast an incredulous glance at a stone-faced Kitryn before answering. “The high council is made up of two members from each paranormal species. They only deal with things affect all species together or could cause us to be exposed to the humans.” “Why aren’t hey involved with this current situation?” “Because there is no proof yet that anything is happening. Yes, Seers are going missing. But all their clothes and personal things are gone with them. It could be argued they left voluntarily or just didn’t like where they were living and decided to move. As soon as we have concrete proof of what is going on we can go to the council and request investigators.” “Now, enough talking for now. I should run you through some exercises Simon. That way I’ll know how far along you are and I wont be teaching you things you already know. Let’s head for the training room and start by testing your physical capabilities.” Carl led the way to the training room and was glad to see it empty. “We’ll start with running. Five times around the perimeter as fast as you can.” Simon blinked then sped off. Carl was impressed, the vampling was fast and knew how to pace himself. Carl turned to Kitryn. “What are you waiting for? How is he supposed to measure his speed unless he has someone to race and compare to?” Kitryn looked like he was going to argue but changed his mind and sped off after Simon. Carl let them run for a while then grinning he called out. “Change of exercise. Kitryn is now the prey and Simon you have to catch and subdue him.” Kitryn came to a screeching halt but only for a moment because Simon had done a one hundred and eighty degree turn and was heading straight for him. Kitryn scrambled and managed to dodge the first grasp that Simon made for him. His cat reflexes got used to the fullest as he dodged and jumped to avoid being caught. Simon, on the other hand, was relying solely on his speed. That was something Carl would need to change. Speed—and in the case of a vampire strength as well—were all well and good, but only if you knew how to use them to their fullest advantage. Round and round, and back and forth they went until finally Kitryn made a mistake, he dodged left instead of right and Simon caught him by the wrist. Kitryn tried to pull away and they both went crashing to the ground. Simon had ended up on top and Carl was pleased to see him immediately move to pin Kitryn down so he couldn’t escape. Carl was about to make a comment but then see saw they wouldn’t hear him if he dropped a bomb on the pair of them. Silently he exited the room trying to contain his amusement so as not to spoil the moment.
  3. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 12.1

    But does he realize it? That is the hundred dollar question. Yep, Kitryn should learn to check what he's poking when he wakes up and yes I think Carl is under a lot of pressure, but I think he can handle Kit. I think in some ways Simon may know what is happening, but he has a preconceived idea of how people react to vampires. He probably thinks no one would want to permanently be with someone who drinks blood to survive or some similar silly notion. Thank you all for reading, reacting, and commenting.
  4. Caz Pedroso

    Remembering Dennis 191

    Dennis will be missed, he always knew how to make me smile (even if i was rolling my eyes at the same time). I'm glad he had you, Bob, and that you were able to stay in contact and give him the friendship he so obviously needed.
  5. Caz Pedroso

    Life Happenings

    Hi Val, I too missed this. Just wanted to send you from me and @Ali Pedroso
  6. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 12.1

    Kitryn woke up warm and comfortable. He frowned. His pillow was softer than he remembered and a different shape. He patted it down trying to even out the stuffing. “If you keep poking me I’ll start returning the favor.” Kitryn let out a very unmanly yelp and sat up so fast he nearly fell off the side of the bed. He was only saved by Simon wrapping an arm around his waist to stabilize him. “Where? How?” Kitryn looked at Simon in confusion. Simon laughed. “You’re in my room—and bed I might add. You fell asleep after I fed from you. Does that cover all your questions?” “Um.” Kitryn rubbed his eyes and tried to get his brain functioning fully. “I think so.” “Good ‘cause food is waiting for you in the living room.” Kitryn made it to the food with Simon’s help. He tries to ignore Meg’s knowing looks while he ate and fielded questions from the kits. “So what else is planned for tonight?” Simon asked. “You have a lesson with Elder Carl in about two hours,” Meg answered from her perch on one of the couches. Kitryn let out a low hiss. That male was asking to be used as a scratching post. If the vamp wasn’t careful Kitryn would set the kits on him and then stand back and laugh. “You okay there?” Simon’s voice brought Kitryn out of his fantasy and back to the present. “Yep, just thinking, maybe I could come with you to your lesson? I would like to find out if what I was taught about vamps is true or whether I need to teach the kits other things.” He saw Meg smirking out the corner of his eye but she didn’t comment and Simon didn’t seem to notice anything amiss. “I don’t mind. I can’t speak for Elder Carl though, of course.” “Oh, I’m sure he won’t mind.” Kitryn mentally rubbed his hands together, let the games begin. *** Carl dropped his head to the desk. It never rained but it poured. He’d only been away from his clan for a week and some damn idiot had already nearly started a clan war with his nearest neighbor. His council was calling for him to come back and sort out the mess and weren’t happy when told them he was staying and they would have to pull up their big pants and sort it out themselves. Why him? Why had he decided to become an elder? Why couldn’t he be happy living as a lone vampire? He gave himself a shake. No use looking backwards, best to look to the future and deal with what came along as it happened. He had a new vampire to train, a group of seers to find, a rogue shifter to find, and through all that he had to keep his sanity as well. At least he was meeting with Simon soon. He had taught a lot of young vamps in his time and found teaching both interesting and rewarding. Watching someone learn about themselves and discover their talents was a wondrous thing to watch. A knock on the door made him glance at the time. “Come in Simon,” he called. He smiled as his newest student entered the room, then had to fix the smile in place when he was who was with him. He was so not in the mood for this. “Hi, I thought I’d tag along to make sure my knowledge was up to date for when I need to teach the kits.” Kitryn sounded overly happy and cheery and Carl felt a new headache gaining force by the second.
  7. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 11.2

    Simon does seem to be learning fast. I'm wondering what is going to happen when Kitryn wakes up and works out where he is Maybe, or maybe Kitryn will end up clawing Carl first, Who knows Thanks, Gary A dinner date where you don't even have to leave the bedroom I too love hugs, Lizzy. As for the dream, we'll have to wait and see what happens together Thanks, Puppilull, I wanted to add a bit more personal time for them into the story. Thank you all for reading and commenting, it means a lot to me to read your thoughts.
  8. Caz Pedroso

    Happy 74th Birthday, Palantir

    Happy Birthday, hope you have a great day
  9. Caz Pedroso

    New Members Welcome-Introduce Yourself!

    Welcome to GA
  10. Caz Pedroso

    Ali at Hastings Pride 2018

    From the album: Pride Pics

    Ali found a couple of lovely gents to pose with for this years Pride :)
  11. Caz Pedroso

    Pride Pics

    2016 was my first visit to a pride parade and I was in it. I was a rainbow flag bearer. It was a great experience and one I hope to repeat next year.
  12. Caz Pedroso

    Happy Birthday Page Scrawler!

    Hope you had a great day
  13. I stole this off a friend on FB...thought my friends on here would think it was funny and typical of a child :P 



    This is what happens when your child is exposed to too many commercials on TV. A Baptist pastor was presenting a children's sermon.
    During the sermon, he asked the children if they knew what the resurrection was. Now, asking questions during children's sermons is crucial, but at the same time, asking children questions in front of a congregation can also be very dangerous.Having asked the children if they knew the meaning of the resurrection,
    a little boy raised his hand........
    The pastor called on him and the little boy said, "I know that if you have a resurrection that lasts more than four hours you are supposed to call the doctor." It took over ten minutes for the congregation to settle down enough for the service to continue.



    1. Headstall


      OMG!  :rofl: 

  14. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 11.2

    Simon came awake with a start. What had he been dreaming about? Whatever it was had left him with a feeling of dread. He shook off the feeling and stretched. He headed out to the main room and found Kitryn reading a book by the fire with the kits playing around his feet in human form. “You okay?” Kitryn asked when he looked up. “Yeah, just a weird dream. I can’t even remember what it was about, just the feeling it left behind when I woke up.” Fran stopped playing and came over to hug his legs. Bending down Simon pulled her into his arms before turning her back towards the boys. “Thank you sweet girl, now go play.” Meg came through the door as Simon was about to sit. “Don’t get comfortable. It’s Kit’s turn to feed you and since I’m here to watch the little ones you may as well use the time now.” Simon and Kitryn shared a look that said they both knew they may as well do as she said, they’d never get any peace until hey did. Simon grinned when Kitryn rose and offered his arm. “Your room or mine,” he asked with an exaggerated leer. Simon took the offered arm and laughed. “Mine is nearest.” *** “Wrist or are you brave enough to try for my neck this time?” Simon froze halfway to sitting on the bed beside Kitryn. Neck? Kitryn and Meg had always offered him an arm and he’d never thought there was another way. Now he felt a bit like a fool, of course, the donor's throat was a possibility. But did he trust himself enough? “Um, I don’t know. What if I lose control?” Kitryn just smiled at him. “Si, you’ve never lost control. Even when I first started feeding you and you’d never fed from a living sentient source before. You need to trust in your instincts. Now come here.” Kitryn held his arms open and Simon moved without thought to accept the hug, it seemed it was his evening for getting hugs. Kitryn’s breath tickled his ear. “Just trust yourself and bite.” Kitryn guided Simon’s head to his neck and pushed lightly. The smell of the blood pumping through Kitryn’s vein so near to him was enough for Simon to open his mouth and bite down automatically. The blood seemed to be thicker and stronger. The taste went straight to Simon’s head and made him groan. This was a taste he could get used to. He wanted more. The feel of two sharp tugs on his hair brought him out of his bloodlust and he responded to the signal to let go. Swiping across the bite marks with his tongue he pulled back. “See no problem,” Kitryn said, but his words were slurred. “Now it’s your turn to hold me. I need a nap.” With those words, Simon found his arms full and Kitryn was soon snoring with his head resting on Simon’s bicep. Simon ran his fingers through Kitryn’s hair and wondered if he should go and get Meg. “He’s fine.” Simon jumped at Meg’s voice coming from the doorway. “He was up during the day with the kits, but he wanted to wait for you to wake up. Give him a couple of hours and then wake him. The kits are fine with me.” She closed the door as she left and Simon relaxed to watch Kitryn sleep.
  15. Caz Pedroso

    Getting ready to walk in the Brighton Pride Parade

    Yep. The only one shorter than me now is my mum, she's 4ft 11in
  16. From the album: Pride Pics

    We'd just got our t-shirts and were waiting for the others to arrive to help with collecting money during the parade.

    © Caz Pedroso 2018

  17. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 1.2

    People assumed the cat is a shifter because of what's said at the end. All will be revealed. Thank you for reading and commenting
  18. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 3.2

    I am trying to add extra chapters but something seems to get in the way each time. I'll keep trying Thank you for reading and commenting
  19. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 4.1

    I agree Simon and Kitryn make a very good team Thank you for reading and commenting
  20. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 4.2

    Oh trust me...this most likely won't be the last time you write this statement Thanks for reading and commenting
  21. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 5.1

    I think Grandma has seen it all in her lifetime Thank you for reading and commenting
  22. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 6.1

    Each week the Wednesday Brief leader sends out a list of prompts for the writers to use how they see fit. Some weeks she's very busy with her day job nd so we have free weeks. Hope this helps
  23. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 6.2

    We'll have to wait and see how things sort themselves out At least he is harder to kill than he was. I think that will be a good thing when the fighting starts. Thank you both for reading and commenting
  24. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 7.1

    Fran may be young, but she knows how to get her way and I think David can be trusted. Thank you for reading and commenting
  25. Caz Pedroso

    Chapter 7.2

    At least they have another adult in the group now Thank you for reading and commenting

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