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  1. quokka

    DSS Chapter 12

    After a lot of deliberations, the locations suggested by the USA were rejected, because there would be the same issues regarding US visa’s, which has been a major issue in the past few years, so this left the locations on Bermuda. The British government has already guaranteed that all staff visiting the UN would be granted a visa, so now it was just a matter of which site. With the issue of safety and security for all that work at the United Nations, and with the new design, provided by Sahndrol, both locations would be ideal. The site closest to the Capital is 14 kilometres by road to the Airport terminal, while the Paget Island site is a short boat ride and 7 kilometres to the Airport terminal. In the end it was Paget Island that was chosen for the new site, because it was an island, and also reasonably close to the Airport. At 36 acres in area, the island had a centre area, that is approximately 12 acres in area, that is already mostly cleared, and would be the location of the new United Nations Complex, as it has been designed by Sahndrol Architects. The remaining 24 acres will remain parklands for the UN staff to enjoy, and the jetty on the south west side of the island near the middle, will be made bigger and stronger, and a fence will be built around the island, just 20 metres in from the waters edge to provide additional security. All but one large house and one cottage on the western end of the island will be demolished to make way for the new building, while the heritage listed Fort Cunningham, will not be affected by the new building, and will later be fully restored. With the decision for a new location made, a copy of what the complex will look like and its outside layout, was delivered to the Bermuda government, so they had an idea on what the new complex would look like, and this was made available to the residents of Bermuda, for them to make any comments or criticisms before construction begins. Once again, most of the construction will take place in New Zealand, and then a Sahndrol Cargo ship will travel to Earth to assist with transporting all the sections and assisting with putting them together, and it was estimated that it would take 9 months to complete the construction of the new compound. A report done by a committee put in charge of coordinating the move to the new Headquarters, has stated that it would take a total of three weeks to have everything and everyone relocated. It was decided that for two weeks, all business in the United Nations Headquarters would be suspended, so as to allow for the move, and to allow all the staff to settle into their new apartments. At 1240 kilometres South East of New York, it was decided that all United Nations staff would be transported to Bermuda on a chartered Cruise ship, which will take all of them in one go, and it would take 1 day and 11 hours for the journey, arriving at 0700 hours local time, which is an hour ahead of New York. Four days after that is to happen, all office furniture, office equipment and documentation that has been packed up and loaded into shipping containers, will be loaded onto a cargo ship, and will take all of that to Bermuda, where the containers will be off loaded, and the crates inside are transported to Paget Island by barge. This will give the UN staff a chance to settle into their new accommodation, and have a look around the islands, before getting back to work, and getting settled into the new UN complex. With the new complex being built from Sahndrol materials, it is guaranteed to be able to withstand any sized hurricane that may hit the region, because the building materials are so much stronger than conventional building materials on Earth. When the new complex was completed, with the main building in the centre, now being the tallest in the whole of Bermuda, it can be seen from quite a long distance, and as the UN staff began to settle into their new surrounds, they began to get back into a routine and were soon applauding the Sahndrol people for a magnificent complex, and a wonderful location. Although the Untied States government was not too pleased about the UN being relocated away from New York and the United States, it is still reasonably close by, so as not to be too much of an inconvenience for them, and the rest of the member countries were saying that they are extremely happy with the new complex, especially with the quality of accommodation for everyone. In a way Martin Lenegan was also happy with the location, as it meant that the Sahndrol Earth base is not that far away either, with the distance being just over 1100 kilometres away to the South West of the Sahndrol Islands, which is just a short journey in the mini shuttles. With the Earth Base and now the UN Headquarters relocated, the Sahndrol High Council wanted to concentrate on maters within the United Republic of Planets, and with a large metals mine located on one of the smaller planets around Jupiter, now providing all of the building materials for any new building projects, there is plenty to do, with expanding the Sahndrol Colonies, and the enlarging the space station that circles Mars, and expanding the Space Research and Training Academy on Mars. The End
  2. quokka

    DSS Chapter 6

    You may be interested in the next story - Aquaria in that case
  3. quokka

    DSS Chapter 11

    A few days later, Lucas received a message from the Capital, to inform him that he is being summoned to Ganymede to meet with the High Council, and so he packed a bag, and the shuttle was ready and waiting for him when he stepped on board and they set off for Jupiter, three days of travelling away. When Lucas stepped out of the shuttle, once it had arrived at Ganymede, Quinn was there to greet him. “My Lord, it is god to see you again, do you have any idea what this summons is about?” Lucas said to his good friend. “No Lucas I don’t, I too have been summoned, so we better get it over and done with, so we all know what it is all about” Quinn replied, with a hint of a smile. “We are aware of your involvement with the establishing of a new Earth Base on some remote islands in the North Atlantic Ocean of Earth, and we commend you for all of your hard work Mr Durham, and of your proposals to the United Nations for a more central and independent location of the United Nations. We the High Council have come to a decision that affects what has been proposed, and that is that we will no longer have any involvement, in any way with the United Nations of Earth. We will keep our Earth Base on the Sahndrol Islands as you call them, but from now on you will remain based at the Space Academy on Mars, and we will have a new representative located at Earth Base, that being Dr Martin Lenegan. We will be concentrating on our own settlements on the outer planets of this solar system, and your point of contact will be with here at the Capital, is that understood Mr Durham?” the High Council Chairperson announced. “Yes Ma’am, I understand, and I am greatly disappointed that we are not trying to mend any disagreements with the people of Earth, instead of just running away from them” Lucas responded. “If you are not careful, Mr Durham, you will find yourself without an official posting, and you will have to be relocated to another position” the Chairperson said. “With due respect Ma’am, I think it stinks, and I hereby resign from any posting with the United Republic of Planets, and I request transportation back to Earth, so that I may find another form of employment in my home country of New Zealand” Lucas replied. Quinn looked over to his friend, shocked at hearing what Lucas had just announced. Are you really sure, this is what you want to do?” Quinn as softly, “Yes, it is mate, my decision is final” Lucas replied. “Very well Mr Durham, we shall transport you back to New Zealand on Earth, you will have no claim to the Sahndrol Islands, and are to have nothing to do with the United Republic of Planets from this day forth, good luck” the High Council Chairperson stated, and the council meeting was closed. After just two hours at the Capital, the shuttle left Ganymede, with just the crew and Lucas onboard, and after a very long and lonely three days of travel, the shuttle landed at Royal New Zealand Airforce Base, just north west of Auckland, having contacted them four hours before arrival, to give them some warning. Once Lucas had stepped off the shuttle and walked towards the waiting Airforce Jeep, the shuttle took off and headed straight out into space, and Lucas sadly looked up, realising now that this was probably the last time that he would be travelling into space. “Mr Durham, I believe?” one of the airmen asked Lucas, as he watched the shuttle disappear out of sight. “Yes, that is me, and I am a citizen of New Zealand, and a former crewman of the Deep Space Project” Lucas responded, “Our commanding officer wishes to speak to you” one of the Air crewmen replied, as they stepped into the jeep. An hour later, Lucas Durham walked out of the office a little stunned, with a new job, as Deputy Director of Operations at the International Space Federation Headquarters in Geneva, which meant that he may be able to travel into space, up to the Luna Base on occasions after all, which he was very happy about. Meanwhile at the Earth base in the Atlantic Ocean, Martin Lenegan had settled into his new home, and new position on the Sahndrol Islands, and he had just received word from the International Space Federation, on the appointment of Lucas as the new Deputy Director of Operations, which he transmitted up to the capital at Ganymede, so they are aware of the situation. The United Nations were about to vote on the proposal brought to them by Lucas Durham, when they were notified by the New Zealand Representative to the United Nations, that the proposal was now rescinded. As Mr Lucas Durham was no longer a representative of the United Republic of Planets, and the High Council has now terminated all future projects that were being proposed. They were also informed, that with Mr Durham now back on Earth, he has accepted a position with the International Space Federation, based in Geneva. The United Nations went ahead with their vote in regards to the relocation of the UN Headquarters, no matter, where it will be located, and with a 2/3rd of the General Assembly, that being 129 members, required to pass the motion, the final count of votes, was 145 for the motion for the UN Headquarters to relocate, which was 3/4’s of the 193 members, a resounding yes for the move. It was also decided to request the United Republic of Planets to reconsider their decision to cancel their offer of building a new UN Headquarters, using the plans that had been submitted, with the sale of the current UN Property in New York, to assist with all moving costs involved. When this request arrived at Earth Base, Martin Lenegan reluctantly forwarded the request to the capital in Ganymede, and waited for a response from the High Council. Much to his surprise, when the response came back from the high council, it was to say that they had decided to continue with the promise made by a former representative of the United Republic of Planets, with assistance with building materials and construction of the new UN Headquarters building, and all they needed was a location. Lucas was in his new office in Geneva, when his administration assistant buzzed him, “Sir I have a priority call for you, he would not give me his name, only that it was on an urgent mater” the admin assistant said through the intercom, “Put them through thanks Anna” Lucas responded with a frown, wondering who it may be. “Lucas Durham speaking” Lucas said after picking up his phone, “Hello Lucas it is good to hear your voice again” the voice that he knew very well said. “Lord Lenegan, this is quite a surprise” Lucas responded, “Not really considering that the United Nations voted to go ahead with relocating the UN headquarters, and putting a request to us to rethink the decision to cancel the offer to build a new UN headquarters. I have just had word that the High Council has agreed to keep the promise to assist with providing building materials and construction teams to build it, and they are now the UN is asking what are the locations that are available” Quinn said. “Well sir, there are only two locations that are immediately available, that being Sahndrol Islands in the North Atlantic that are part of Sahndrol, and patrolled by the Canadian Airforce, and Bermuda, just south of there, which you know as part of the United Kingdom, unless the Australian government makes an offer to make land available on the Cocos Keeling Islands” Lucas replied. “Very well, I will ask them and see, can you send a copy of the land that you had acquired on behalf of Sahndrol on Bermuda, to Director Lenegan at Earth Base, so we can look at the land area, and we will have a look at all of the locations to find the best one that is suitable for the new UN Headquarters” Quinn said, “Yes sir, I will do that for you right away, goodbye” Lucas said and he ended the call, not wanting to chat any more than was necessary. Quinn was a little put off by the sudden ending of the call, but he decided to let the matter pass, and he sent a communication to his father at the Earth Base, to let him know that if the Australian government allows it, that the Cocos Keeling Islands is one of three proposed locations for the UN Headquarters, with the other two being the Sahndrol Islands and Bermuda. When news came that Australia refused to offer some land on the Cocos Keeling Islands for a new UN Headquarters, the United States offeredWake Atoll, as a new alternative, with the islands to be handed over to the United Nations, as its on free Territory, if the site is accepted, with operational long runway, and plenty of locations available for a new building site. When that offer was made, the local Bermuda Government said that they had rejected the two proposed sites at Morgan Point and Cross Island, but it did suggest two alternative locations, one at Paget Islandnear the airport and the other at Pembroke Park, close to the capital of Hamilton.
  4. quokka

    DSS Chapter 10

    Later that afternoon, the Air Commodore received a message from its Embassy in New York. “US has given written guarantee that it will not interfere with Canadian Airforce base on Durham Island, in the North Atlantic, and will remain out of the exclusion zone. Please ensure that the US aircraft and its crew are safely returned to their home country”. Fifteen minutes later, with the US fighter jet fully fuelled, the two US pilots were escorted to their aircraft, minus their side arms, which were confiscated, and watched them start up and taxi to the runway and takeoff, heading directly South West, no doubt to the waiting Aircraft Carrier. In addition to the building material for the Airport Terminal, there was also material to build an additional 6 more bungalows, with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and 2 more officer’s bungalows with 2 bedrooms and one bathroom, to allow for a small increase of Airforce personnel on the island, of which the Canadian Airforce had been notified of the increase of accommodation available. By the time the Airport terminal and the extra bungalows had been built, there has been no more incidences, with the US Airforce or Navy, and so just the one Navy Patrol boat remained in the area, to do regular patrols. A week after that the next group of Airforce personnel arrived on the island, to take up their new posting on the island, just as work was beginning to build the Earth Base on Horseshoe Island. With everything that had been happening with the islands, and the US defence playing games, Lucas had not had time to work on the next big project, once the Earth Base has been relocated, and that was in regards to the relocation of the UN Headquarters proposal, that he asked the 4 Commonwealth nations to present to the UN General Assembly. Lucas had gained a nice tan, from all the time he was spending on the islands in the North Pacific, and he was enjoying spending time on the islands, even though it has had its problems of late, but now with the Earth Base being relocated, he was looking forward to spending more time there, when he is not needed to fly back to the academy on Mars, or to Ganymede. Taking just three short weeks, the new Earth Base on Horseshoe Island was now completed, along with the additional accommodation for the Sahndrol staff to be based at the new Earth Base, which has room for a large cargo shuttle plus 4 mini shuttles, for short distance travel around Earth. Just a week earlier, Lucas had received news from the United Nations, that the proposal to relocate the United Nations to a more neutral location, had be received and was under consideration by all the members of the General Assembly, with a request for other alternative locations apart from Bermuda. Lucas wrote a submission to the United Nations, suggesting Sahndrol Island in the North Atlantic, as a more neutral and central location, with the distance from New York and Montreal, being between 1750 and 1900 km’s West and South West from the islands. With Bermuda Islandbeing 1150 km’s South West of the Islands, Ponta Delgada, the capital of the Azores Islands being 2130 kms East of the Islands, and Ponta Delgada being 2500 kilometres South West of Heathrow, London as an ideal midway stop over. Lucas also had another location in mind, and that was the Cocos Keeling Islands, in the Indian Ocean, a Territory of Australia, as it is more central to all countries, with Diego Garcia as another possible location. Once Lucas had sent the email to the Secretary General of the UN, Lucas headed over to the Airforce base, for his weekly meeting with the Air Commodore, to discuss any issues, and also to inform him of the possibility of the UN moving to the Sahndrol Islands. When Lucas told the Air Commodore the plans for the UN to move to the islands, he nearly choked on the coffee that he was drinking,spraying coffee all over his desk, and just missing Lucas. After a big more of a discussion on other matters, Lucas left the Air Commodore to think about the proposal, and discuss it with his superiors, to see their response on the idea.
  5. quokka

    DSS Chapter 9

    “This is Ambassador Lucas Durham, of the United Republic of Planets, as you will see on your radar, my space shuttle is heading straight for you, and unless you want to cause a diplomatic incident, I suggest you break away and return from where you came from… Group Leader return to your station, I will deal with these idiots, over” Lucas said sternly. As the two Canadian aircraft turned to return back to base, the USAF aircraft continued to come straight at the shuttle, and Lucas was getting sick of this. “Ok, lets’ play a game of Cat caught the mouse, shall we” Lucas said to the pilot beside him, and the pilot grinned broadly, “Yes sir, with pleasure, I have always wanted to try out this manoeuvre” the pilot replied, as he opened the front doors of the cargo bay, and increased altitude then increased speed, until they passed the USAF aircraft then did a loop so they came up behind them. Carefully and skilfully, they approached one aircraft, and it entered the cargo bay and the doors slid shut, before the USAF pilot and co-pilot knew what was happening, and as they continued to fly inside the shuttle cargo bay they lowered their wheels and decreased their speed until they dropped to the floor of the cargo bay, trapped inside with nowhere to go. Once the engines were off, and the brakes set, they opened their canopy, “Stay inside your aircraft, we will be landing shortly” they heard a voice say over a PA system, and so the two pilots sat back down. Meanwhile the remaining three USAF aircraft, having seen what happened to their colleague, turned around, to return from where they came, which is presumed to be a nearby aircraft carrier. When the shuttle landed at the same place as before, 12 armed Canadian Airmen appeared, and were ready to detain the two USAF pilots. The shuttle pilot opened the rear cargo hatch, and the Armed airmen raced in with guns up and aimed at the two pilots, and ordered them to slowly climb down and raise their hands. One the co-pilot tried to reach for his side arm, a volley of shots aimed around his feet were fired, and the co-pilot raised his hands, in surrender. “We are US Airforce pilots, you cannot do this” the Pilot said angrily, as they were marched out of the shuttle cargo bay, and taken to the main building. From there, up to the security centre, where there are two detention cells. “Oh, yes we can, it was you that broke the rules Mr, not us. You ignored the warnings, so now you have to deal with the consequences”, one of the Canadian airmen replied, as the men were searched, the side arms removed, and they were placed in the cells. Lucas and Franklin asked the Air Commodore to meet them in the Communications centre, where they contacted the Canadian Air Command in Ontario, Canada, to brief them on the incident, and Lucas let the Air Commodore speak to them first. “…and technically we did not detain the USAF aircraft and its crew, Ambassador Durham did in his Space shuttle, by flying behind one of the US fighter jets, until it was inside their cargo hold and shut the doors” the Air Commodore explained to his superior, who laughed. “Oh, I wish I had seen that, I am so glad that we are on the right side with the United Republic” the Air Marshall in Ontario responded. “I am glad you are to Air Marshall, this is Ambassador Durham speaking. I wish to ensure you that with me taking the action that I did, it dissolves the Canadian Airforce and Canada of any direct action, from capturing the USAF aircraft and its crew, even they are being detained in the Canadian Airforce Base Brig, a temporary measure until we have the airport terminal built, which will have its own detention centre.” Lucas said. “Well thankyou for your assistance with this matter Ambassador, now maybe the United States will stop pushing their weight around where it isn’t wanted. By the way, I have heard that you have presented a proposal for the relocation of the United Nations Headquarters, from what I have heard so far, there are many who are for this to happen. Now what about these to Air Rats and their aircraft?” the Air Marshall said to Lucas. “A good name for them sir, I will contact the New Zealand Ambassador in New York, and he will forward a message from me to the US Ambassador for the UN, and we will see where that takes us with this incident” Lucas said “Yes we shall” the Air Marshal said, and shortly after the call ended. “To the United States of America, as you were informed a few weeks ago, the United Republic of Planets claimed the five new islands located in the North Atlantic Ocean, North East of Bermuda, as its own, and has recently allowed the Canadian Airforce to establish base on one of the islands. On a number of times, you have sent a single military aircraft to fly over the islands, and on two occasions that this has happened the Canadian and United Republic of Planets flags have been flying, clearly indicating who the islands belong to. Now that the Canadian Airforce base has been established and is fully operational, when four of your Airforce planes approached the islands it was warned off, with these warnings being ignored. When your flight leader did decide to respond, it was in an arrogant manner, with no interest in obeying our warning, and after a few more warnings, it was the United Republic of Planets space craft that intercepted and captured one of your aircraft, less than 50 miles from the Canadian Airforce base on Durham Island. The aircraft and its two pilots are currently detained and are being well cared for, by the United Republic of Planets authority based at the nearby islands. They will be release only when the United States of America, agrees to abide my United Nations laws, to not invade other countries territories. Also, all US military aircraft and shipping and any other crafts, are to remain outside of the 200-mile exclusion zone of the Canadian Airforce base on Durham Island, and it’s four neighbouring islands. Signed L Durham, Earth Base Ambassador of the United Republic of Planets of Sahndrol”. Lucas hoped that this clear letter would put an end to this incident, and the US will keep well away, especially with the Earth Base soon to be relocated to the area. The following morning, I was called to go and speak to the Air Commodore on Durham Island, and he was directed to the Commodore’s office on the first floor. “Ah good you are still here, I wasn’t sure if you were heading back to New Zealand or not” Air Commodore Rankin said when Lucas entered his office. “No sir, after yesterday’s incident, I thought it best to stay around for a while, and see what the response is from my letter” Lucas responded. “Since yesterday’s incident, the Navy has dispatched some ships as extra protection of the islands, they have gone a bit over the top, as they are sending the Submarine - Windsor, which is the one that visited here before, the Frigate - Halifax, which also has been here before, and a Coastal Patrol Ship – Kingston, with the Coastal Patrol Ship - Moncton, alternating one month patrols around the islands” the Air Commodore said to Lucas. “I think any assistance will be helpful, just so we let them know, that we do mean business, and don’t forget, the cargo ship will be arriving today, so the sight of that should scare them away” Lucas repliedsmiling. "I have been informed that the submarine will be doing sweeps just inside, the South Western end of the exclusion zone, and the Coastal Patrol Ship will do the rest, with the Frigate making periodical visits” the Air Commodore said. Lucas was still on Durham Island when the warning came that the Shuttle was arriving, and moments later, it slowly came down, and landed near the edge of the parking apron, on the runway, for easier off-loading of all the building materials. The Air Commodore had already suspended patrol flights until the ship is unloaded and it moves off the runway, with Lucas deciding to keep the ship close by for a short while, with it to be sitting on Arrow Island for that time. After two days, of solid work, the ship was completely empty, and right away it was moved over to Arrow island, so that air patrols could resume, even thou the Frigate and Coastal Patrol Ship had arrived earlier in the day, with the submarine also in the area, already doing patrols. The construction of the Airport terminal would take two weeks to complete, with it having been built in sections, so all there is needed to do, is put it all together. The terminal consists of a Departures and Arrivals Ramp, like most standard International Airports have, which leads to a Customs and Quarantine Centre. Beyond that, there is a large open lounge area, with plenty of lounge seating, plus tables and chairs, with two café’s and a restaurant, that can be opened when required, plus two lots of Men’s and Women’s bathrooms. Downstairs, which is restricted, and not open for any passengers or crew temporarily stopping on the island, there is a Detention Centre, anAnimal Holding Centre, in case there are any animals in transit on an aircraft that needs to land on the island, the Airport Administration Centre, and the Luggage Holding Storage Area. It was decided that the current Airforce personnel on the island would be able to handle the running of the airport terminal, when needed. A few days after the arrival of the Cargo ship, once it had moved to Arrow Island, the Canadian Submarine reported that a US Aircraft Carrier, was heading directly towards the boundary of the exclusion zone, and looked like, that it was not going to stop. The Frigate, was on its way back to home base, so it was of no use, so the Coastal Patrol Ship headed in that direction, even thou it is very small compared to the Aircraft Carrier. Just 2 miles before the US ship reached the boundary, it turned sharply, and followed a course almost along side the boundary, obviously testing the response that it may get from being there. “US Aircraft Carrier, this is the Canadian Submarine Windsor, 5 nautical miles inside the boundary, and following your same course, this is a warning, do not, I repeat, do not cross over the exclusion zone boundary”. This is your first and final warning” the submarine Captain said via radio to the Aircraft Carrier, and moments later the Carrier changed direction and headed away from the area, and the Captain radioed the Airforce base to inform them that the Aircraft Carrier was no longer a threat to the Airforce base.
  6. quokka

    Chapter 21: Date

    Hello Acedias i hope you are well will you be posting stories on GA again? regards Preston, aka Quokka
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    Acedias, sorry, I got the spelling wrong
  8. quokka

    DSS Chapter 8

    “My goodness, you do get around, and just to think that only a few years ago, we were still talking about establishing our first Lunar base on the Moon in ten or so years’ time” the Commodore said, and Lucas chuckled at this comment. “How long is the runway please Ambassador?” the Air Commodore asked, “It is 5,260 metres, Sir. With a taxiway and parking apron, near the maintenance bunker, which is the nearest bunker to the Air Traffic Control Tower” Lucas replied. “Well, that is a lot longer than I expected, and probibly one of the longest in the world, not including the NASA runways, that were built to accommodate the Space shuttles” the Air Commodore remarked. “I think our neighbours to the south will get a bit jealous, that we will be having an Airforce base in the middle of the North Atlantic” the Navy Commodore said, “They even may request access to it” the Air Commodore added. “To give you some idea of its proximity to places, the nearest mainland is Nova Scotia, at 1204 kilometres to the North West, New York is 1780 kilometres to the West, Bermuda is 1140 kilometres to the South West, and Flores Island, which is part of Portugal is 1542 kilometres East and mainland Africa is 3070 kilometres to the East South East of these islands” Lucas said. “Sir, my only concern is the lack of an airport terminal, if it happens that a commercial aircraft calls and emergency, this island maybe the nearest place to land, because of its location and distance from any mainland, and a place to keep crew and passengers temporarily would be useful” the Air Commodore said to Lucas, “I will look into doing that as soon as possible. Now I hope you agreeable with the conditions that I mentioned for the lease of this island. 1; that all waste, whether it be sewerage, fuel, rubbish or any other kind is the Royal Canadian Airforce’s responsibility to be safely stored and have it transported to the mainland at your own cost, and within a period of 60 days. 2; that only the Royal Canadian Airforce is to be stationed on the island, with visits from the Royal Canadian Navy permitted, and no other Defence personnel from any other country on Earth are to set foot on any of the islands. 3; that the islands are to be used for peace time activities, and only with permission gained by myself or my representative is the island to be used at the time of war” Lucas said, “Yes I am agreeable to those conditions, and I have the authority to sign the lease agreement right away” the Air Commodore responded. In the conference room on the first floor of the Control tower building, the lease agreement was signed and witnessed, to make it all official. “Sorry, I don’t have a key to hand over as part of the lease handover” Lucas said, which made the men gathered laugh. “We have on the Frigate, two helicopters with 3 crew each, plus 8 administration staff, and four catering staff, with myself as the Commanding Officer, ready to settle in right away” the Air Commodore announced to Lucas. “Very well, then I need to show you and your second in command about the security protocols that are in place for all doors, as you saw I used a key card and my hand print to gain access to this building, the elevator and the lobby to this level, so let’s head up to the security centre, one floor up, so I can show you how it is all set up. Once that is done, you can arrange who you want to have access to the building and what parts of the building, this also applies to the accommodation bungalows, for personal security” Lucas announced. While Lucas was organising the security system, Commodore Hartley returned to his ship, to coordinate the moving of the two helicopters, Airforce personnel, their luggage, and all the supplies that had come with them, to get them settled into their new base. “Now that we know that the base is fully operational, we will have some fighter aircraft flown over here in a day or two, and a cargo plane will bring some more supplies” the Air Commodore said, once they had toured around the building again, with the Air Commodore, and his second in Command, Wing Commander Chris Ferngate, practicing using the access pads to scan their newly issues key cards and scanning their palms. Once the Wing Commander had a full understanding of the security system, he had all of his personnel’s details entered into the computer, and their palm prints scanned and stored, before they were issued a security key card, each one individually set for the one person. When everything had been unloaded from the frigate, it set sail westwards back to home port, and Lucas left the new residents to get settled in, while he flew back to the Earth Base, so he could report back to Quinn on what has happened on the islands, and to request building material for an Airport terminal to be built near the parking apron of the airport. A week later, when the cargo ship arrived on Earth with all the building materials for the new Airport terminal, Lucas flew back to the islands from the Earth base, which is in the process of packing up, and preparing for the dismantling and relocation of the Earth base to the island in the North Atlantic. In the centre section of the horseshoe shaped island, where the greatest amount of land is located, the new Earth base will be located, with the Earth Base terminal and landing pad on its roof. The current settlement on the northern arm of the island will remain, and will be expanded to accommodate an extra 90 Sahndrol personnel, that will be based there, and the settlement on Arrow Island will be relocated to the north arm of Horseshoe Island, so that they are all located on one island. One of the two-bedroom bungalows on Horseshoe Island, is reserved for just Lucas to use, and next door is the Superintendent’s Bungalow, with Franklin Traer accepting that role, and he was enjoying the new challenge, and the beautiful surroundings where he is now living. Franklin reported that the Canadian Airforce now has a full compliment of 16 fighter aircraft stationed on Durham Island, plus the two helicopters. He informed Lucas that every few days, they would go out on patrols, within a 320-kilometre or 200-mile radius of the islands, and that a weekly supply cargo plane would come from the Canadian mainland, plus Air Commodore Rankin, was keeping him informed of the Air operations, as a courtesy. After a brief discussion, Lucas and Franklin boarded a mini shuttle and travelled the short distance to Durham Island, informing Air traffic Control that they were coming before leaving Horseshoe Island. “Ambassador and Superintendent, it is good to see you both, Air Commodore Rankin said as they exited the shuttle, which was parked on one of the helicopter pads, away from the main runway. “I have come to inform you that the building supplies and crew will be arriving at first light tomorrow, to begin building the new airport terminal for you, I have plans on what it will look like if you wish to have a look” Lucas announced. “Lets’ adjourn to the conference room shall we” the Air Commodore suggested and he lead the way indoors, and up to the 3rd floor conference room, where Lucas rolled out the plans, just as an airman barged in. “Sorry for the interruption sir, we have 4 USAF jet aircraft that haveignored our warnings to stay away” the airman announced, “Get two aircraft to intercept them and warn them off, but no firing of live ammunition, just warn them off” the Air Marshall responded, as he stood up and followed the airman out the door. Lucas decided to remain where he was, as it was now their base, and the Republic only owned the land, nothing more. The airman returned moments later, “Sorry sir, but the Air Marshall requests your presence in the control tower” he said before leaving the room. Lucas made his way up to the 4th floor control tower, where there were 4 staff on duty, and he saw the two CF-18 Hornet fighter aircraft taxied out of the hangers and headed for the end of the runway, and quickly take off. A few minutes later, “This is the Canadian Airforce from Durham Island Airbase, you have entered a restricted area, turn back now, over” the staff and Lucas in the control tower heard over the speakers. “I repeat, this is the Canadian Airforce from Durham Island Airbase, you have entered a restricted area, turn back now, over…”, “This is the USAF on Atlantic Patrols, we are entitled to fly over general airspace in this region” came a reply eventually. “Negative on that, the Canadian Airforce has a base on Durham Island, 182 miles from your current location, turn back immediately, this is your last warning” the Canadian Flight Leader said, and there was no more response from the USAF, so Lucas rushed down the stairs and out to the shuttle, where the pilot was already, and took off as soon as Lucas had secured the hatch. “This is Durham Island Airforce base to USAF aircraft, this is your last warning, do not approach this airbase, turnback now, this is your final warning, Air Commodore Rankin said into the mic at the control base, having seen the shuttle take off and head south west towards the aircraft. Within moments, the shuttle was flying along side the two Canadian hornets, and they wobbled their wings in recognition.
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    DSS Chapter 7

    Each settlement has a central community area, that includes the kitchen and store rooms, a dining room, and recreational lounge, at each end there are two separate living areas, with 12 - twin bed cabins, and there are two ablutions areas, with storage tanks to store all waste, so it can be removed and treated. Another building contains the power station and the desalination plant, with water storage tanks outside. Everything was quickly set up and operational by the time the sun was setting, and even the Canadian submariners were impressed at how fast it all came together. With 18 Sahndrol personnel at each settlement, there was plenty of space to accommodate the 6 Canadian Navy personnel who were being assigned to stay, and with the ok from Commander Adamson, three would go over to Horseshoe Island and three will remain on Arrow Island. Although I was using the mini shuttle as my work base, I did take up using one of the cabins for accommodation as it was much more comfortable, and before turning in for the night, I called the other settlement, to check that everything was alright, before calling the Earth base near New Zealand. “I am glad that you called sir, I have Lord Lenegan on hold, and he wishes to speak to you” the officer on duty in the communications centre said, and Lucas groaned before asking to be connected. ‘Good evening My Lord, how are things on Ganymede” Lucas said. “Very well thankyou my friend, and I heard you make that groan, is everything ok?” Quinn asked. “Sorry about that sir, I am just tired that is all. As you have probably been informed, we discovered a new group of islands, appearing out of the water after a large ocean earthquake, located just over 1000 kilometres east- north east of Bermuda, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. A Canadian submarine arrived early this afternoon, and about an hour later a USAF plane flew over us for the second time today, but this time we had the Canadian flag flying up a flag pole, and we now have the Sahndrol flag also flying, since then, we have two settlement established, and we have done a full survey of each of the five islands, which all have been named” Lucas reported. “That is good to hear, now what are your thoughts about use for this island, and what other resources do you need?” Quinn asked, “Well sir, as you know, I was preparing to have the Earth base relocated to Bermuda, and possibly the United Nations Headquarters too, but I have a slight snag on that one, as the area I thought would be ideal, has some environmental issues, left from when the US Navy had a base on that site. Now I am considering having it here on this group of islands, the northern island has a long flat area on top of hill, about 6 metres above sea level, that would be ideal for an airport, with a 5,260-metre long runway, which is more than enough for any large aircraft to land on, including the largest cargo planes they have here on Earth” Lucas replied. “Very well, we have a new material here that will be ideal for that, it is sort of a rubber and asphalt combined compound, that is strong and flexible, able to withstand any weight and pressures, and any heat up to 400 degrees Celsius. The good thing about it, is that it can be made into long lengths rolled up for easier transportation, what is the width of that area?” Quinn asked, “720 metres sir, but I think that just half of that width, at 360 metres will be sufficient for the main runway, and the taxiway, can be half of that width again, at 180 metres Lucas replied. “Very well, expect a large cargo ship to arrive there in about 4 days’ time, allowing for some time to have it cut to size and loaded onboard the ship” Quinn announced, “Thankyou sir, that will make a big difference” Lucas said, and after a short chat on other matters the call ended, and Lucas headed over to the settlement to get some sleep. For the next two days, both teams of Sahndrol settlers were kept busy with planting all the seedlings that they had brought with them, plus the next lot that arrived the next day, with most of the planting being done on Arrow and Horseshoe Islands. When all of it was completed, an early evening shower of rain helped to water the 3000 new trees, shrubs and ferns that had been planted. AS the submarine crew were preparing to leave, the Commander stepped towards Lucas. “Sir, I recently received a message from our Embassy in New York, apparently the North Asia Space Consortium’s attempt to establish a Luna base on the Moon has failed, and what they have built there so far has been abandoned” the Commander said to Lucas who smiled. “Thank-you Commander, that has made my day, safe journey to where ever you are heading” Lucas replied, as he watched the dinghy make itsway back to the submarine. An hour later, Lucas was relaying the news to the Academy on Mars, so it could be passed onto Ganymede, as the mini shuttle didn’t have a strong enough signal to reach as far as Jupiter. Over the next two weeks, activity on the islands was full on, with the laying of the runway, taxiways and parking apron on Durham Island, the construction of a permanent Air Traffic Control tower, that is only four levels high, with administration offices on the ground and first floor, plus a security centre, staff lounge facilities and a gymnasium on the second floor, and the air traffic control centre on the top floor. Other buildings constructed on the island, include 12 bungalows, that have 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms each, plus 4 bungalows, with two bedroom and one bathroom, for accommodating staff, a bungalow that contains kitchen and dining facilities, a recreational lounge and food and supplies stores, plus four large aircraft bunkers, each able to hold three fighter aircraft and one helicopter, and a maintenance bunker and store rooms. There is also a Power and Desalination Plant and water storage tanks behind the control tower, to keep everything operational on that island, and a 200-metre long jetty to allow for smaller boats to moor there.Lucas had given Commander Adamson a letter to be forwarded to Canadian Air Command, offering the Royal Canadian Airforce the chance to establish a small base on Durham Island, with a no cost lease of 12 years, with a number of conditions. On Arrow and Horseshoe Islands, the temporary accommodation was replaced with two bungalows, identical to the four-bedroom bungalows on Durham Island, along with a lounge and dining bungalow with kitchen and store rooms, and another bungalow for general use, for meetings and planning, along with a bunker hanger for the three mini shuttles to be stored in, on Horseshoe Island. When the day came for the return of the submarine, everyone was surprised when a Frigate flying the Canadian flag arrived, shortly after 0900 hours. Lucas had returned to the island two days earlier, after spending 6 days back at Earth base near New Zealand, and he was on the main beach of Durham Island when two boats arrived full of Canadian Officers’ and men, with some being Naval and others being Airforce. “Ambassador, Commander Adamson sends his best wishes, I am Commodore Hartley and this is beside me is Air Commodore Rankin. We have come in response to the message that you sent back with Commander Adamson, may we have a tour of your facilities please” the Naval Officer said to Lucas. “Certainly gentlemen, please follow me. The jetty is to allow ships and boats with a draft of no more than 3 metres to come in, which I believe is too shallow for your Frigate” Lucas began. “We now have a full-size airport, with a control tower that contains an administration centre, Communications centre, security facilities, and staff lounge and gymnasium, a solar power station, and fresh water desalination plant with storage tanks, as well as 4 Officer bungalows to accommodate 8, and 12 general crew accommodation bungalows to accommodate 48. Also, on Durham Island, is 4 aircraft bunkers, a maintenance bunker and fuel storage tanks. This is the only island for defence use, the other islands, Arrow to the west, Horseshoe to the east, have small settlements for the United Republic of Planets staff, they have their own accommodation and facilities. The last two islands to the south, Tsunami and Quake Islands are to remain out of bounds to be kept as a nature reserve, for local sea and bird life, that may choose to nest there” Lucas said. “Well, this is far more than we expected to find, and we were expecting us to build our own facilities” the Air Commodore responded, “No sir, it is all that you need, no additional buildings are to be built on the islands, and if you want more buildings, they will be built from Sahndrolmaterials and building crews. Just make a request to the Island Superintendent over on Horseshoe island, and I will be notified, no matter where I am, which could be either at the current Earth base near New Zealand, the Space Academy on Mars or at the Capital City of Ganymede near Jupiter” Lucas replied.
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    Hi just wondering if anyone knows if Acedias is still around on GA thanks Q
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    DSS Chapter 6

    “Sir, you are correct in assuming that Canada is the closest mainland, with a distance of 1204 kilometres to Halifax, Canada, and it is 1542 kilometres to the Flores Island, Portugal and 1680 kilometres to New York” one of the pilots called out. “Has the United Nations received our message yet, and do we have any signal beacons onboard?” Lucas replied. “The message is being delivered as we speak, and yes we have 6 beacons onboard” the pilot replied. “Good, I want one placed at the outer tip of each of the five islands, to warn any shipping in the area of the islands location, and send a message to all ships in the Atlantic, giving the coordinates of the new islands, and tell them to steer clear” Lucas said as he returned to the shuttle and headed to the cargo bay, where two smaller shuttles are stored. Each of them can hold two people, plus a small amount of cargo, and as well as flying, it can also go underwater to a depth of over 300 metres. Once he had started it up and let the engines warm up, he asked the crew to lower the rear hatch, so he can do some mapping of the area. After 3 hours, Lucas had scanned the area within 500 metres around each of the 5 islands, and he had transmitted the information back to the main shuttle, before heading back, so see what it looked like as a topographical map. Once back at main shuttle, Lucas headed to the main flight deck, where the map was now on the computer display, and it was giving information about the area of each island, its maximum heights and that all of the islands are solid rock. The northern most island, is the biggest island, which faces North – South, is 26 kilometres long and 4 kilometres wide, with the top of it being quite flat, ideal for an airport runway, and the islands are spaced apart from between 32 to 96 kilometres. After viewing the map on the screen for a few minutes, Lucas had it transferred over to his laptop computer, and he collected some supplies, for an overnight stay on the islands. Once he was packed and ready, Lucas stored it all into the Mini Shuttle and once again left the main shuttle and landed this time on the most Western Island, before the main shuttle set off back to the Earth Base near New Zealand, where it will collect lots of supplies, and some personnel, to assist with establishing a small settlement, to establish ownership of the islands. The mini shuttle has space for a camp stretcher, and some basic cooking facilities, which is enough to get by until the main shuttle returns later the next day. Once the main shuttle had left, Lucas explored the Western Island on foot, which is an arrow shape, and that is what he named it – Arrow Island. When he returned, he received a message from Earth Base, that the tsunami was only ½ a metre high when it reached the East coast of North America, causing only minor damage, from Cape May in New Jersey, up to the top of Nova Scotia, because of the early warning that was given. Bermuda being closer, was hit by the tsunami affecting mostly just St Georges and St David’s Islands, including the airport, with minor damage, and minimal injuries. Before settling down for the night, Lucas had one more look at the map that had been generated from his work earlier in the day, and the far eastern island resembled a horse shoe, so he named that one Horseshoe Island. The other two islands to the south, had now real shape to them so he named the western one – Tsunami Island, and the eastern one – Quake Island, and the northern island he named after himself, Durham Island, because he couldn’t think of any other name for it. After checking in with Earth base one last time, and checking that the warning beacons were working, now that it is dark, Lucas settled down to get some sleep, and see what a new day brings, after making the announcement to the UN about the new islands. When Lucas woke up the next morning, he checked his messages, and found one from the International Space Station, via NASA, which was a satellite photograph of the five islands, and it showed the tiny shuttle on the island also. A second message was from Earth base, “Royal Canadian Navy is sending a submarine to assist with protecting the island, ETA 1300 hours your time. Shuttle with supplies and people is due to arrive there at 1600 hours your time”. Lucas smiled when he read this, pleased that this discovery was being taken seriously. Lucas smiled when he read the second message, pleased that he was getting some military support, and after a breakfast of rations, he set off in the mini shuttle to explore the other islands. While on Horseshoe Island, a plane flew over at low altitude, before turning and heading west in the direction that it came from, and what Lucas could make out, it was a US fighter jet, probably checking out the claim of new islands. It was just after 1200 hours when Lucas had complete exploring the five islands, and he was on Arrow Island, having an early lunch, when suddenly a submarine appeared just a few hundred metres from the island, and Lucas was pleased to see the Canadian Oak leaf symbol on the conning tower, indicating that it was a Canadian Navy submarine, and ten minutes later a dinghy with twelve men onboard landed on the island. “Good afternoon, and welcome to Arrow Island, I am Ambassador Lucas Denham, of the United Republic of Planets of Sahndrol” Lucas said as the officers approached him. “Good afternoon, greetings from Her Majesties Royal Canadian Navy, I am Commander George Adamson, and this is my XO, Lieutenant Owen Tucker, and Petty Officer Kyle Andrews” the senior officer replied, making the introductions. “Nice to meet you all, I had received word this morning, that you would be visiting, I have a shuttle arriving in about 4 hours’ time with more supplies and some people to set up a basic settlement on the island. As I mentioned, this is Arrow Island, the island East of here is Horseshoe Island, the one to the north is Durham Island, the island to the south west is Tsunami Island, and the one to the south east is Quake Island. If you wish we can take a ride in my mini shuttle so you can get a quicker aerial view of all the islands, but there is only two seats” Lucas said to the officers. “If you don’t mind, I will send my XO to travel with you, I am not a very keen flyer myself” the senior officer said to Lucas. When Lucas and the XO returned to Arrow Island, a flag pole had been erected, and a Canadian flag was flying from it, and Lucas looked at it for a few moments. “When the main shuttle returns, we will be adding our Sahndrol flag to the mast” Luas said to no one in particular. “Our orders are to obey your directions Ambassador, so that is fine by us” the Captain responded. “Sir, the flight in the mini Shuttle was truly amazing, it was like floating in mid-air, and the islands are all very much the same, bare hard rock, but there are a lot of cracks and still a lot of moisture on them, and as the Ambassador said when we left, Durham Island has a long flat area at the top, that we measured to be over 5,260 metres long, and 720 metres wide, so well above what is required for a airport runway” the XO said, as we hear a distant sound getting closer. “If that is the US Airforce, this is their second time they have flown out here today” Lucas commented as they heard the aircraft approaching at very low altitude, and it zoomed past turned and did a circle around the islands, before heading back the way it came from. “Now that he has seen our flag, and the submarine, I highly doubt that they will return” the senior officer said. “You never know, these bloody Americans would like to get their hands on anything that is available, I recently learnt that a site that I was looking at for a building project on Bermuda, is an ex US Naval Base, and they have left behind a huge environmental mess” Lucas responded, “Sadly, I agree with you there sir, they seem to spoil the environment where ever they go” the XO said. “Mr Durham, with your permission, we would like to stay a few days until your team is fully set up, then we will leave you 6 personnel with you and collect them in two weeks’ time, by then the US should have received the message loud and clear to stay away” the Commander said, “Thankyou Commander Adamson, that would be appreciated” Lucas replied. Later in the afternoon, not one but two shuttles arrived, and work began to unload the large amount of supplies, everything from food, water, to crates of lightweight panels, that when put together form a series of shelters, from accommodation to dining and recreation space. One of the shuttles moved over to Horseshoe Island, to set up a second settlement over there, and on Arrow Island the Sahndrol Flag was raised next to the Canadian Flag. One of the interesting items that was brought along was 24 trays of a dozen seedlings from 8 different New Zealand trees and ferns, to be planted where suitable places can be found, and other items include a portable desalination plant and water storage containers, which were put to work right away, so as to water the seedlings and supply water for the settlers. When everything had been unloaded from the two shuttles, including two more mini shuttles, the two cargo shuttles headed back to New Zealand, leaving behind two groups of 18 men and women from the Earth base, who had volunteered for this expedition.
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    DSS Chapter 5

    Yes, just wait a few chapters and you will have the answer...
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    DSS Chapter 5

    There has been real discussions regarding relocating the UN headquarters, because of the US visa restrictions...
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    DSS Chapter 5

    Yes and I'm still writing chapters for this story, on chapter 10 atm plenty of drama to come...
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    DSS Chapter 5

    “Good afternoon Ambassador, we believe it is you that we have to thank for these magnificent new facilities that we have here, we are very grateful for them, as it makes life a lot easier for us all, especially with the security systems, which I believe originate off planet” the New Zealand Ambassador stated, as the greeted me. “Good afternoon gentlemen, I am glad that you are happy with the facilities, and for this unexpected high-level greeting, shall we adjourn indoors, so we can chat more privately?” Lucas replied, and the followed the four ambassadors to the roof lobby and the elevator. “If it is alright with you Mr Durham, we have all scheduled two hours to talk with you, in the small meeting room on level 3, as we have made it into a less formal space, with a casual feel to it” the UK Ambassador said, as we stepped into the elevator, and less than a minute later, we stepped into the meeting room, which looked more like a large lounge room. “Well this is a nice surprise” Lucas said as he looked around the room before taking a seat. “We have an Ambassadors meeting once a month in here, to discuss any issues, that can be tackled in a more joint effort” the Canadian ambassador said. “Well that is what I was hoping would happen to benefit your commonwealth countries, and in a way that is why I am here today, with a proposal to put to you, that will be more beneficial to all. As the UK Ambassador may already know, very recently, the United Republic of Planets of Sahndrol purchased three lots of land on Bermuda Island. “Gentlemen, as you may be aware, the United Nations Headquarters in New York, sits on just 18 acres of land. I have a proposal that I wish you to present jointly to the United Nations General Assembly, to take up a very beneficial offer by the United Republic of Planets of Sahndrol. That is that we own a 74-acre plot of land at Bermuda, and we are prepared to build at our cost and resources a complex that will benefit all members of the United Nations. At just over 4 times bigger in area, than the current United Nations land. I have a preliminary design for a new United Nations building at Bermuda, where we will cover all land rates, water, power and waste costs, for a period of 49 years, and at that time the United Nations would take full control of ownership and any associated costs” Lucas announced to the stunned ambassadors. “Well if was up to me, I would accept the offer right away, not only because of the free land and build, but also the beautiful location, and that it being in a more independent location, away from risks like what happened to New York in 9/11” the Canadian Ambassador said, and the other three ambassadors voiced the same feelings. “Well that is good to see I have four votes in favour, just 125 more to go for a 2/3’s majority in agreement” Lucas said smiling. “Tell us, what other things do you have planned?” the New Zealand Ambassador asked. “Well sir, I am working on an alternative location to the one at Morgan’s point, which is 27 kilometres away from the airport, while the alternative will be only 7 kilometres away, and although only 61 acres in size, it is still over three times larger than the current UN land at New York. I have a visual presentation that you can present to the general assembly, but just for your viewing, I have a copy of the draft plans for the United Nations Compound, which I call it at the moment” Lucas announced, as he pulled the plans out of a tube, and unrolled it, so the others can see it. “As you can see all the buildings are octagonal in shape, mainly to assist with less wind resistance with Bermuda being in a hurricane zone. The main central building holds the General Assembly Chamber and Secretariat offices, and it has 16 levels, with it being lower than the current United Nations building, because it is a lot bigger in area. As you see there are two slightly smaller towers, on the East and West ends, the East tower is 4 levels high, and it is the main entry into the Complex, with the UN Library, security offices and security control centre, located in this tower. The West tower contains the Security Council Chamber, and associated offices, and all of the conference and meeting rooms, and this is 6 levels high. The 22 smaller towers that are in groups of three and four contain the accommodation for all United Nations staff. Each tower has a total of 12 levels, with the bottom two levels and top two levels in each group of towers, having sport and recreational facilities, including a swimming pool, gymnasium, tennis courts, squash courts, a cinema, a number of cafés and restaurants. Each tower has a total of 384 general staff apartments, with each apartment being 2,400 square feet or 204 square metres in area. Finally, the two towers on either side of the main central tower, is the Executive accommodation towers, with apartments for the representatives and foreign ministers of all the members nations. Each of these towers are 8 levels high, and has 280 executive apartments, that are 3,000 square feet or 278 square metres in area” Lucas announced. “Well, those are very generous spaces for each of the apartments, is that really necessary?” the UK Ambassador asked, “Yes sir, I do, I think that it is important to have very happy staff than miserable staff, so giving them a lot more space, will make them happier, but just give them more housework to do” Lucas replied with a huge grin, and the Ambassadors laughed at the little bit of humour. As you see on the plan, there is a large paved area between the executive towers and the central tower, with surrounding lawn and landscaped gardens. Above the paved area, will be an arch of frosted glass resign, that will provide all weather protection, including during hurricanes, as well as protection from the harsh sunlight. On the four groups of accommodation towers in each corner, and the central tower, there will be solar panels to provide environmentally friendly power supply to the whole complex all year round, a desalination plant and holding tanks, will provide all the water requirements” Lucas said. “If my maths is correct, that makes a total of just under 8,850 apartments, are they all one bedroom or more?” the Australian Ambassador asked. “Yes sir, that is a correct figure, and the general staff apartments are two-bedroom apartments, while the Executive Apartments are all one-bedroom apartments” Lucas responded. “That is a very generous amount of space for just one person, should we reduce the size of the apartments, so there is more space for something else?” the New Zealand Ambassador said. “We could do that sir, but everything is included, as I had mentioned before, each group of apartments has its own sports and recreation facilities, with that number of apartments, it gives each member country a total of 42 apartments, to accommodate their staff, so they can choose how many can stay in each general apartment” Lucas replied. Once the meeting was over, Lucas returned to the shuttle and they flew the short distance to Bermuda, landing on the vacant lot of Morgan’s Point, were there is plenty of room for the shuttle, as Cross Island needed some clearing to be done. After having a second look at the alternative site, Lucas decided against that location, and instead stumbled across another site, that is 47 acres in area, right next to the airport, in an area known as Cave Island. The only problem was that it was a narrow site, so alterations would have to be made to the plans to accommodate the width of the land, and after some more thought on it, he also dropped that site as well. After half a day at Bermuda, Lucas decided that it was time to head back to the Earth Base near New Zealand, but as they left, Lucas asked the pilots to do a low sweep around the islands, so he could get a good look at the islands of Bermuda. “Sir, we have just received information of an Earthquake and Tsunami warning, they say the epicentre of the quake is 1086 kilometres East – North East of Bermuda” one of the pilots said to Lucas. “Let’s go and take a look shall we” Lucas replied, and few minutes laterthey came across a stretch of new land, that has risen out of the ocean, due to the earthquake. The shuttle circled the five newly formed islands a number of times, before landing on one of them. “Pilot, can you please contact the New Zealand Embassy in New York, and have them notify the United Nations, that as a result of that earthquake, five new islands have risen from the ocean, and that we claim these islands as the Territory of the United Republic of Planets of Sahndrol. If they don’t accept that, then we claim it as an Outer Territory of Canada, since it will probably be the closest mainland, and give them the exact coordinates, and distance from Bermuda” Lucas said before stepping out of the shuttle and onto the island.

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